165+ Best Pulses Company Slogans and Taglines

Pulses are basically the edible seeds of plants in the legume family. Pulses have been grown in pods and come in many types of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Pulses are healthy, nutritious, and easy to cook. Pulses are mainly rich in proteins. To make your diet healthy and complete you must add pulses to it.

Growing pulses also encourages sustainable agriculture, as pulse crops help reduce greenhouse gases, increase soil health, and use minimum water than other crops.

Best Pulses Slogans

  • Affordable pulses
  • Unbeatable price
  • Best in quality
  • The perfect quantity
  • For your everyday need
  • Just try us out
  • Pulses for life
  • Your healthy partner
  • The pulse you should be eating
  • Mother’s choice

Here we provide numerous eye-catchy slogans for your business on pulses which will help your business to promote your quality pulses more and more.

These slogans and taglines remind you of making choices towards better pulses for the motive of staying healthy and strong.

List of Catchy Pulses Company Slogans and Taglines

The healthy pulses, The healthy body.

A complete New Way to Take Your proteins.

Always been wishing for healthy proteins.

Always eat a complete healthy diet.  

Always eat pulses.

Pulses a day keeps the doctor away.

Eat pulses to be strong be healthy.

Pulses, it’s not just what’s for dinner.

Pulses, help reduce health worries and scares.

But eating pulses is like eating hungry pills.

Celebrate Nutrition Month – with pulses.

Making healthier lives with pulses.

Pulses -Provide Life-Long Health and Happiness.

Don’t become fat, stay away from artificial protein.

Don’t be vicious be proteinitious.

Don’t eat anything incapable of rotting.

Don’t give up on your favorite pulses, make it healthier.

Drop the fries and have the pulses!

Eat clean and protein.

Eat pulses to be cute.

Eat healthy pulses, be protein wealthy.

Eat lots of pulses to always keep you on the go!

Eat pulses only when hungry.

Eat Right and Light pulses.

Eat Right and Light. These pulses For You.

Eat pulses! Move more!

Eat pulses, Future Bright.

Eat pulses, Live strong.

pulses slogans

Eat pulses to live, not live to eat pulses.

Eat pulses, Be well.

Eat pulses, feel healthier, and look well!

Eat healthily, move more, live longer.

Eat pulses, play fast, make it balance.

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Eat pulses… to be well!

Eat Your pulses for healthy body.

Eat your pulses to fit into your jeans.

Eat, Sleep and pulse it up.

Eating nutritious pulses for a Good Family.

Enjoy the taste of right pulses.

Everything your body needs, right amount of pulses.

Eat pulses to be strong and your life live long.

For good health’s sake, eat pulses.

Get a flavor of nutrition.

Get up and eat pulses.

Good pulses, Good Mood.

Good pulses are our Mission.

Good pulses will have you feeling your energy all the time!

Got pulses?

Nourished by Nature.

Having balanced nutrition is healthier.

Health is a bonding between you and your body.

Healthy pulses for a strong heart beating.

Healthy pulses and Healthy people.

I live my Life by the protein of pulses.

If gaining health is your goal, add pulses to your meal.

Investing in pulses is a surefire strategy. 

The benefits are incredibly high.

Protein, it’s mighty fine.

Pulses can save your life!

Pulses are fun to run.

It’s never too early or too late for Pulses.

Eat pulses for Joy.

Jump and eat and feel the protein.

Keep in routine by eating protein.

Know Your Health, Know Your Food

Let pulses be the medicine 

Let medicine be the pulses.

Pulses is a tragedy of nutrition.

Life is not eating pulses, but pulses eating is health.

Eat pulses or lose it!

Next time when you cook, have pulses.

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Remember you wanna stay healthy.

No protein no gain.

Pulses are cool, if you don’t have it, you’re a fool.

Pulses are needed to prevent sickness.

Pulses are so important. It can’t be stressed much.

Pulses month the healthiest month of the year.

Pulses: It can save your life!

Healthier and Delicious.

One nutrition, many pulses.

Our health in our hands.

Primates need good pulses, to begin.

The proper amount of pulses and good diet.

Right to pulses and Nutrition watch.

Eat a bit to be fit.

Eating pulses will be worthwhile.

Pulses, it’s suspicious!

Have pulses in the Plate and Change Your Life.

Take care of your body, eat sufficient pulses.

Tell me what you eat, and I will advise you to eat pulses.

The first wealth is health.

The New Tradition is Good pulses.

To achieve your dream, eat pulses.

To eat pulses is a necessity.

Eating pulses intelligently is an art.

Turn pulses into Fit.

Unlock your potential with good pulses.

Pulses don’t cause wedges.

Eat pulses. Think Hard. Eat Right.

You are what you eat.

Your body is a temple, but only if you eat pulses.

Eat pulses-Your health is your wealth.

Eat pulses, Live strong.

Protein is needed to prevent sickness

Pulses don’t cause illness.

Eat Right and Light. This pulse For You

Eat pulse or Die unhealthy

Good quality fuel for your car….then why not for yourself?

Your health is your wealth.

Proper exercise and good pulses.

Unlock your potential with good pulses.

The New Tradition is Good Nutrition

Eat pulses to live well.

Celebrate nutrition month with pulses.

Devour pulses when you want

Healthy pulses for a strong.

Go to bed after 2 hours of eating pulses 

You are what you eat, so start eating pulses

Take a bite with pulses!

Eat healthily, Eat pulses

If it tastes good, eat more

I recommend pulses

Your health in our hand

Love your body? Have pulses.

Be strong have pulses and be happy.

Pulses are expected to forestall disorder.

Eat right and light. These current pulses for you.

Quality pulses and a great eating routine.

Eat pulses. Consider every option.

Good pulses will make you feel best.

Pulses are the ruler. Food is queen. Together they become complete.

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We are the best for pulses.

Have fun with the food with our pulses.

The happiness of getting superior pulses.

Have tasty food with pulses.

All varieties of pulses available here.

Pulses for a quality life.

Superior health came from superior pulses.

pulses company slogans
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