Rap Playlist Names: 675+ Catchy and Cool Names

Rap music is becoming a sensation and the talk of the town worldwide. Although rap has been in existence since the 1970s, it is the recent times when it has become popular, especially by rappers like Eminem, Lil Wayne, Pitbull, Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea, and others.

People claim that rap is quite diverse in nature, resulting in its becoming famous worldwide music. It’s the lyrics that make a rap song so impressive. 

If you are a diehard fan of rap music, what’s a playlist without a good attractive name? Here we are helping you to find a great playlist name.

Cool Rap Playlist Names

Rap music is all about becoming cool and classy. Therefore, you can surely go for choosing a cool name for your rap playlist.

Remember that a cool and unique name will attract more music lovers to your playlist. If you want to make your playlist superb, here’s a list of cool rap playlist names for you!

Cybernetic Ambush

Soulful Sunday

Rap Songs Evergreen Hits

rhythm and poetry

Driving favorites

Vibing with Chai

I’m in the Zone

Love Soundtracks

Fresh New Jams

Rap Slow

Summer Jamz

chillin to some hipster rap.

Blues Guitar

Cuban Song Co

Spices Of Love

The Turbulent Rain Cats And Dogs

Finer than Mist

Escape Monarchs


Artist To The Core

Feel Good Party Time

In the Mood

Don’t listen to this at night

Trap Nation

Tripping on Memories

This Is Spice

Mind Meltdown

Back in the Day Raps

How It’s Done

The best of the worst

Tuesday Tune Out

Laid Back All Night

Songs That Make Me Cry

i got the juice.

Creative Anarchy

Spiral Endzone

Peaceful Nights

Friday Vibes Only Hits

The Golden Era Of Hip Hop

Summit Spotify

I Really Dont Want To Know

Earth, Wind & Fire

Beta Defaults Group

Listen Dont Read

Whisper League

Late Night DJ

Turn Down For What

Rainy Day Playlist

Wednesday Wanderlust

Comforting Cacophony

Chill to The Max

Crush Chroniles

Piano Reflections

It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I Wanna

Words Of Pain

Quantum Creeps

In The Mood

Feel Good Hits

Lunch Break Delight

Mixed Bag Hip Hop

Calming Sounds

Songs that will make you go WTF

Zing Mechanics

Hip Hop Hits

Songs with nothing but beat drops

Timeless Retro Splurge

Code Shamans

Nano Density

I Just Called To Say I Love You

Winter Wonderland Evening Playlist

Unfiltered and Unapologetic

Trap Hits

The Ultimate Party Playlist

The Current


Dedicated to My Crew

Music Of The Night

Rock N Roll

Upcoming Rappers

Easy Listening

Feeling my Fictional Heartbreak

Personal Notes in form of songs

Teleport Ethnology

Golden Era Hip Hop

I’m Laughing ‘Til I’m Crying

50 Shades of Twilight

Indie Chillout

Tropical Paradise Sounds

Crimson Tunes

trap quad

Deep Thoughts

Soft And Sexy

Rock the Night Away

Rock This Club

The Best of British

Electronic Boost

Junction Spotify

Rock The House Party

Throwback Thursday

Catchy Rap Playlist Names

As we mentioned before, the words in rap music matter (even more than the music). Therefore, you can realize the necessity of having good words in the playlist.

You can make your playlist attractive by creating a catchy name. You can take an iconic rap line and choose it as your playlist name.

Zoot Optica

You should try depression

Half good music

I Wanna Dance

money trees

Aesthetically Perfect Music

Party Hardy Anthems

Pop Rap Songs

When You’re Feeling Wild

The Ultimate Motivational Rap Collection

Hoodie Squad

Rain Buckets Group

Current Favorites

Swing to Jazz

We All Want to Dance

Odd Mod Culture

Party Playlist

Essential Rap Playlist

Into Infatuation

Hardest Drill Rap

Fierce Riddims

Playlist X

Fire In The Workplace

Feel Better Mix

Alpha Robotize

Glitch Hop Playlist

Unit Music

Best Of Megamix Fitness

My Happy Place

Energetic Songs

Love Songs

Hip-Hop Hallelujah

Songs that make me question my life

The Underground

Whiz Hippies

Backtop Bling

Songs that sound like Static Noise

Silly Thanksgiving Songs

Anime Theme Songs

Feel Free

Astro Morph

Party Time

Classical Ambience

Listen don’t Read

Unstoppable Energy

Olive Drab App

Sabrina Claudio’s eternal need to make me Sad

Dark Soundscapes

Space Magneto

Dance to These If You Want To Get Fired

Savage Rap


Discooooo Baby

Ancient Telematics

Best Rap Playlist Names

Suppose you want to create a playlist on YouTube. Chances increase of getting more subscribers.

Playlists are an amazing way to increase your viewers as it makes easy for people to access the videos they want to watch. Now, you can attract the audience by having a great name for your rap playlist. 

The Game

Songs that make no sense

Counting Stars

Jazz for studying

Scanning the Influence

Young And Wild

Paint The Town Red

Endless Love

Late Night Jams

Ballad Divas


Songs to play at my Wedding

Bling Language

Dirty Hiphop

Alarm Tones disguised as Songs

Blue Note

Soft Piano Melodies

Singles feeling Heartbreak

Country Clubbing

king kylie inspired.

Gods of Rap

This is How We Jam

Beautiful Tunes

Hip Hop Anthems

Music is cheaper than therapy

You Make Me Happy

The Cocoa Butter Club

The True Blue Soundtrack

Motivation Jam

Remember that Day?

Climax Roots

Songs about food

Recorded Songs Spot

The Ex Girlfriends Club

Geofence Dynamics

Yaaasssss Girl Yaaassss

Rockstar Gorilla

Mixing It Up

Sunny Days

Can’t Stop Tha Funk

Classic Bang

hip-hop & rap

Cybergeek Masquerade

More than A Feeling

Punic Music

Stress Relieving Songs

NWA Straight Outta Compton

Yoga Music For Relaxation

Ultimate Breakdance Showdown

Alternative Valentines Day Sounds

Purple Piste Chill

Beauty Awakened

Drowning In Memories And Tears


Aesthetically Flawless

The Cure

Songs that make me Clown

Slow Swarm

This senorita needs a margarita

Spring Cleaning Music

Dual Dozers

Alien Biocatalysis

Wavy Hip Hop Beats

Feeling Alone

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Bangers for the Beach

Lit AF

This flippity dippity-hippity hip-hop

Endless Love

Fun For Everyone

First Love

I know I left my sanity around here somewhere

Romantic Concerts

Watching The Masters At Work

Mythical Escape

Anti Applications Collective

Mood Boosting Playlist

Gods of Rap

I Will Survive

All I Do is Win

Troubled Youth

Born to express, not to impress

Slow Succession

Workout Anthems

Best of the 90s

The Bright Side Of Life

Rhythmic Existentialism

Virtual Dystopia

Sacred Jazz Trading Co

The Weeknd Experience

Endless Summer

Mile Purple

Deep House

The Warmth

Power Ballads

The Swollen Sweet

Bangers and Mash

The Classics: Revisited

Lights Down Low

Amazing Rap Playlist Names

It would be best if you keep certain facts in mind while making a playlist name. For example, the name should not be an offensive one. If that’s the case, then your playlist shall be removed from the particular portal.

Secondly, if you want to create a good playlist, try putting in the most famous rap songs that everyone likes. 

Make It Perfect

Paint It Black

My Heart Is Broken

My Favorite Songs from My Childhood

Baby Im Yours

Drinks on me

Handmade Playlist

Confluence of Dreams

Single Source

The Best Of You

Torturous Music here

Lifes A Beach

The Ultimate Chill Playlist

Meet The World

Deck The Halls

Blend Playlist

Serene Satisfaction

Trip in Heaven

The Navigable Pour

There is no angry way to say bubbles

Proto Splice

wishing you godspeed

Fall Break Playlist

Gentle Current Group

Rule the World

I’m All Alone

Ghetto Swag

Much Musical

odd future wolf gang.

Exercise Motivation Mix

Strong Enough

Comforting Cacophony

Definitely Moving On

I’m a child of the 80s

Monday Morning Motivation

An Incomplete List of Songs I Love That You Probably Hate

Country Crushes

Work It Out

Cute Spotify Playlist Names

Feel Good Friday Playlist

Passage of Time

Rhythmic Anaphora

Lit Trap Music


Rhyming Overload

Lunch Break Delight

The Clear Torrent

Pump up The Jams

Songs to play at Funeral

Early Morning Moods

Criminally Overlooked Tracks

Beat Drop at 1,2,3

Mellow Street

Hardcore HipHop


Welcome to Our World

Concrete Expressionism

Without Loose

The Unbroken

Funny Rap Songs On Repeat

Songs that sound a bit like other songs

Mellow Vibes

Peaceful Piano Radio 2424 Live Stream

Black Obscura

Motivational Rap Beats

Champagne & Pools

Upbeat and Happy

There’s No Way Out

Smokestack Gene

Bando Chronicles

Dope Anthems

The Angry Playlist If You’re Having a Bad Day

Listen With Caution

The Good Ol Days

Thursday Throwback

Don’t be fancy, just get dancy

Laid Back Beats

Tap to feel Despair

Billboard Mashup

Uberzone Protoclash

Right On The Edge Of My Seat

Common Is Overrated

Music to Cry By

Rap Monsters

Native Concerts

Lofi City Beats

Minor Rap Luv Mix


Serial Killer Favourites


Number Them

Pop hits playlist

Beginnings Through Ends

Mellowest Raps of all Time

Indie Songs that make me look Cool

Chillout Beats

Pop Psychos Music

Martial Songs Pro

Meet the World

Awesome Rap Playlist Names

We believe that rap music will soon take over the world. The intricate music that rap creates (with rhythms) is super attractive.

Hence, we understand your desire to create a fabulous rap playlist and share your favourite songs with other music lovers. Here is a list of awesome names for a rap playlist. We hope you like the list of names!

Perfect For The Beach

I Wanna Dance With Somebody

sleep queen

Friday Night Fever

Soulful Easter Sunday

Main Well Out Collective

Florida Rap

Rap God What?

Falling In Love With The Right One Again

Epic Bangers

Get Pumped!

Glitch Hop Playlist

We Got the Groove

Pop Garbage

We Are Young

Hip Hop Evolution

Deep Nostalgia

Feel Good Tunes

Music For A Bright Day

Unexpected Fantasy

Nature Sounds For Relaxation

Black & White

Hot Tunes

Those Night

HipHop History

It Takes Two

Sad Jazz Spot

Flex Mane Messiahs

New HipHop Playlist

Songs that make me ClowNn

Wish You Were Here

Jogging In The Park

Uniform Rubik Music

Rockin In Red Dirt

Live Euphony Place

Late Night Jams

Gallium Geeks

Beats and Pieces Vol. 1


Classical Music Time

Dance Party

Retro Legends

Music For A Happy Heart

Do Everything Better

Soothing Music

Artist’s that murmur their lyrics

Betcha Bot

Radionic Impact

Happy New Year

Missing You

My Favorite Trashy Pop Songs for When I’m Feeling Basic

Songs that make me go Swoosh

I’m Feeling Retro

Walking In The Park

Global Rap Jams

Kiss Me In The Rain

Failure Is Inevitable, Keep Moving

I Love Being Weird

Bangin Beats

Ultimate Gym Anthems

It’s rude it isn’t Friday

Eskimo: UK Grime Playlist

Cab App

Distant Bands

Country Roads Take Me Home

The party doesn’t start till I walk in

What is even Techno

Childhood Favourites

Your Smiling Eyes

Application Co

The Classics

Right on The Dance Floor

Rock Underground Club

Natural Beauty

Party Starter Squad

New Years Eve Countdown

Breast Electric

Rap Masterpieces

The Music Of Life

Songs called ‘Happy’ that are extremely sad

Shuffle Romantics

Music For Ears, Not Eyes

Daydreaming in The Cascades

Warm Torrent Pro

I make pour ​ decisions

Chillout Monday

I Still Love You But

Sweet Classic Tunes

Songs about Space

Friday Night Fever

Jig Pumpin’

Not Ashamed of My Love for These Songs

Calisthenic Workout Mix

On The Porch With A Glass Of Wine

Deja Vu

Hot Frontal Fire

Lively Acoustic Ballads

The Coolest Chick

Groove Zone

Rap Playlist Name Generator

Rap Playlist Name Generator

Explore our Rap Playlist Name Generator for creative, unique name ideas instantly!

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