258+ Unique Real Estate Business Names Ideas

Real estate is one that deals with properties, land, etc. The name of your real estate brand will play a very big role in the brand’s growth and perception. If the name of your real estate brand can describe your real estate brand thoroughly, then it will surely achieve a lot of success.

How to choose a name for your Real estate Brand

  • The name should not create any controversy.
  • Customers or clients should be able to pronounce and spell the name easily.
  • The name should be able to reflect the identity of the brand.

Importance of name for a Real estate Brand

The important roles played by the name of a brand are as follows.

Name can help to build trust.

Real estate is something where trust plays an important role. This is exactly why your real estate brand name should be such that people will find it trustworthy.

Names can boost future growth.

The name of your real estate brand can bring in a lot of potential clients or business opportunities for you. Once they find your real estate brand name and its services trustworthy, they will show more interest in investing in your real estate brand. 

Names can target the audience.

Your real estate brand name is capable of targeting potential clients. It is because of the fact that the name will reflect the identity of your real estate brand and convey the strategy too. 

Tips for choosing the best names for your Real estate Brand

These tips mentioned below can help you come up with a suitable name for your real estate brand.

The name should not create any controversy.

This is one of the most important tips for you to remember. Whatever name you choose should not become a matter of controversy. Keep in mind that the name should not specify any particular community or religion. 

Describe the brand

A name can be enough to describe or give people an idea of what your real estate brand is about. It will help the target audience to know more about your real estate brand. 

Use interesting words

In order to make your real estate brand name sound interesting and catchy, you need to use interesting words. Play with words but do not use words that will create confusion among the customers. They should be able to pronounce or spell it easily. 

The right formula for creating a perfect name for your Real estate

Here are some simple formulas that can at least help you to take one step ahead in naming your real estate brand.

Using Acronyms 

You may use the short forms of certain words related to your real estate brand. If the name is too long, you may use the acronym. For example- BLR (Brick Lane Realty)

Use Colors names

The name of the colors is really simple and also easy to remember. Therefore, you may name your real estate brand after a color name. For example- Blue Roof Property

This & that

You can use ‘and’ between two words, making it sound more rhythmic and short too. For example- Home & Hearth Realty

Make it a Long statement.

Even long statements can become a great name and help you generate a tagline for your real estate brand. In fact, it would describe your real estate brand better. For example- Building your shelter.

The short statement works well.

If long statements can work, then short statements can definitely work. For example- Fox Run Real Estate

Use Metaphors

You may use a metaphorical statement or a figure of speech that will make your real estate brand sound quite catchy. For example- Equinox Realty Advisors

Personification is great

The name of a renowned person or someone who is related to your real estate brand can become the name of your real estate brand. For example- Your Own Realty Advisors

Numbers are interesting

Adding a meaningful number that is closely related to your real estate brand is also a great idea. For example- Five Star Real Property

Location names

Your current location or names of famous places or subjects can become the name of your real estate brand. For example- Boston Real Estate

Combination of words

Combining two words into one can coin a new term that can become the name of your real estate brand. For example- Picket Fence Real Estate

Existing Real estate brand names

  • Brookfield Asset Management
  • American Tower Corporation
  • Prologis
  • Equinix
  • Simon Property Group
  • Equity Residential
  • Digital Realty Trust
  • Welltower

Creative Names for Real estate

Real estate

Your Haven 

Spike property

Land Buddies 

Culture Town


Andes Network

Diva Estate

Compass Circle

Free Lifestyle

Fortune team

Urban Build

Lady luck 

Rise service

Tropical House

Axial Hour

Corner stone street

Rational place

Empire Pivot

Break away

Invictus Builder

Front page

Last Pelican

Kangaroo Property

Cosmic React

Fire fly

Siren Property

Dream house group

Live Luxury

Ultimate company

Ventures estate

Pick Owning

Red door

Iron fish investment

Money Impression

Grow Evergreen

Trust higher

Partner Property

Workforce Trader

Happy Hour

Double Rock

Golden City

Concrete Canvas



The Top notch

Local Diamond

Gecko Gear



Double Portable

Fair Deal

Blue Stack

Ocean Side Dream

Urban Carousel


Lifetime Bond


Uplift Star

Broadleaf Homes


Arc Deloitte

Pleasant yeadon

Gold Rush Street

Green house colony

Affluent Land

Address For Royals 

Lakeshore Domestic


Allied Designs

Golden Age

Sandbox manegement

Overt property

Apparent Real estate

Highland Global

Cherry creek


Resilient villa 

New house

Blue Park City


Aspect nut

Ivory Land

West tab



Alias virtual

Classy For Classy

Top Singularity 

Realtime house

Oceanic look

Boulder boom

Cyprus Hub

Silver White House

Global first

Free spirit


Genration Cover


Pride life

Rider elite


More premium

Sonoma planet



Think Strategy 

Mist plaza 

Sevan heaven

Red hot

Offset Route

Ship your

Premium place

Reflect eyes

Hill side


Draco building


Smart street

Deep blue

Crown casal

Out back 


Marshall Power

Right now

Range way

Think part


Forever more

Push force

Signature Land


Legion for

Joy Redstart 

High Profile

Casel town


Red Wagon

World point


Fairmont property

A brand will be known by its name, which is the primary requirement of any business to help achieve success. Hence, a lot is dependent on the name of your real estate brand. 

Frequently Asked Questions on naming a real estate brand.

  • Is it necessary to have a logo for my real estate brand?
  • Yes, absolutely! As much as the name is important for the brand having a logo is equally important. It will become the visual identity of your real estate brand.

  • What will happen if I don’t register the name of my real estate brand?
  • If you do not register the name of your real estate brand, then you may face some legal complications later in the future. Other entrepreneurs may start using your real estate brand name, and eventually, there will be confusion among the customers.

  • Is the cost of registering the name of a real estate brand expensive?
  • Not at all. The cost of registering the name of a brand is very much affordable. However, the exact amount depends on each country’s registration rules and regulations.

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