Record Label Names: 600+ Catchy and Cool Names

A record label may be a brand, company, or trademark that creates music and music videos. This company may also coordinate the product, manufacture, distribution, marketing, promotions, and enforcing copyright to protect the originality. 

Here is some marketing strategy that we could follow to grow your record label business. Releasing downloads for songs can enhance the public reach and attract them. Making music videos forms an integral part. 

Record Label Names

With the correct knowledge of the exact audience you want to attract, it becomes easier to reach them and gather them at your record label brand.

Brilliant Music


Music Bee

Big Yellow Apples Music Label

Matched Music Production

Music for Tots

Tut Arias

Music Label Scholars

Music Group

In the Woods Music Label

Ace Music Production

The Internet Genius

Dream work Studioz

Accelerated Music Production

Cliché Films

Music With Me

Redflag Music

Stage Right Music Label

Spanish Music

KarateEdge Music

Music Production Inc

Elite Music Center Inc.

Music Boot

Black Sheep Studios

Digital Production Company

Tinted Glass Music Label

On Point Music Music

City Loud Music

Crazy Pictures

Lumberjack Music Label

Actors Pleasures

Billowing Bass

Golden Studios

Red Light Music Label

Karate Root

Half Moon Entertainment

Accord Records

Enclave Music Label

Factory Films

Acorn Music Label

Acorn Film works

Green Goat Films

Kora Entertainment

LENSitive Studio

GoldFox Music

Music Online

Concrete Film works

Animals Music Label

Studio Sessions

Music Production

Upward Bound Films

Loft Entertainment

Nickel City Pictures

De Artsy Lens

Urban Epic Music

Himalayan Music

VioMusic Label

Baker Street Music

A Crooked Production


Music Club

Green Production House

Strategic Space Studio

Music With Me

Flobbo Music

Music From The Soul

Royal Raw Music

Bookman Music Label

High Powered Music Label

Athenaeum Theatre

Services Wizard

Big Screen Pictures

Best Musics House

American Film Academy

Brooklyn Bridge Films

Clap Trig Music Label and Lighting

Gemini Production

Accelerate Music

Trebbox Sounds

Rock Solid Films

FeetWave Music

A Boy and His Dog Production

Small Time Shooters

Platinum Vocals

Rocking Horse Music Label

Alice in Wonderland Films

Source Interlink

Little Music Label

Compulsive Video Production

Trusted Voices

Solomon and Peres


Smith Production

Services Angel

Brick house Music

Code Music

Music Star

Dark River Studios

Speed Music Label

Quran Music

Cool Record Label Names

Cool record label names form a category to which kind of label names you want to choose and promote your business. It must be cool and popular, which would attract your target audience to check your music.

If you are a start-up and unsure of names to use, you could take our help and follow us through all the names below:

Syracuse Boom Sounds

The Records Workroom

Veneration Record Inc.

In Colour Records

Snowflake Music Group

Tec Records New York

Gemini Production Group

Sparks and Stars

Third Dimension Records

Power Chord Records

Exceptional Enterprises

Grandma’s House Audio

Imperial Records

Mixed Blood Theatre

Dream Sound Arts

CSP Record Group

Black Label Records

Medical Music

Right Brain Label

Super Brainy

Music Production

Black Box Music Label

YingYang Music

Best Musics Music

The Harmony Production Company

Trippin Track

Hair Education Station

Maestro Production

Ace Music

The Good Music

Just Right Music

Physics Music

Auda Vibe

Open Music

Remote Music

Music Serve

The Minds Maker

Full Moon Records, Inc.

Memento International

Virgin Records India

Drumbeat Music

Crown Record Label

Jazz Jives Music

Everlasting Sounds

Animation Music

Sound Boost Music Label

Summer Aria Recording

Decaydance Records

Sparrow Music

Indie Nation Music Label

Unconventional Records

A&B Records

Bring It On Music

Wilconson Tracks

Catchy Record Label Names

Catchy record label names, as the name suggests, must include catchy, popular, and attractive names. The names should attract the audience you choose to attract for your music and music videos.

Do not worry if you are confused about what names you could use for your business, as we have collected the best names for you to give your business a trendy name.

Oceanview Records, Inc.

Majors and Minors

Sound City Records

A Perfect Record

Mama Bear Music Group

Dragonfire Music

Lucky Streak Music

Snowflake Music Group

My Own Music

Song Cry Records

First Dance Management

90Degrees Record Label

Harmony Record

Magic of Music

Pink Fantasy Records

Art In Vinyl Records

Music Labs Studios

Lil Ditty Records

Dark River Studios

Strom Music Group

Black Earth Music

Heavy Vibes Music

Aces High Records

Red Lightning Records

Hypnotize Music Group

Lazio Record Studio

Spark Music Group

Track International

Moto-Teed Recording

The Recording Spot

The Sound Lounge

Elegance Music

Bach Up Records


Deluge Music

First Dance Management



Retro Mix Records

Echo Records

Hit Mixer

Full Moon Records, Inc.

Love Music Records


Sound Blast!

Impulse Records

Sparkle Recordings

Sweet16 Music Group

Platinum Music Label



Studio Supply

Little Light Records

Under Radar Records

Happy Harmony Records

Tuned in Records

Sheet Music Enterprises


Royal Descendant Records

Renowned Record Co.

Mega Beats


Lil Ditty Records

Blessing Music

Driven Music Group

The Music Machine

Summertime Soundtrack Group

Sound Boost Music Label

Beatnik Records

Fortune Music

Power Beats


Latest Record Label Names

Latest record label names can be based on recently updated names which will reach the target audience for its marketing. It should be easy to remember so that people come back with just some simple searches.

Below are some record label names you may use while opening your own business, which is latest, catchy, and trendy and is more likely to attract a good reach for your music.

Blue Town Syndicate

Summer Aria Recording

Rap Rock Rules Music

Soundbird Records

Red Poppy Recording

RetroMix Records

Sweet16 Music Group

Lucky Streak Music

Turnt Up Music

Fiddlestick Records

Genius Music House

We Make Music Records

Deep Shag Records

Spot On Records

Classic Music Group

Red Zone Entertainment

All Starr Music

Epic Record Studio

Platinum Music Label

Black Panther Music

360Degree Music

Discovery Records

Blue Water Records

Low Voice Hi Heart

Echo Star Music

Piece By Peace Music

Chess Music

Better Music Anywhere

Super Stars Music Inc

Tots to Teens Music

Moby Multimedia

Music Search

English Music

Music House

Lending Help with Services

Kaleidoscope Pictures

Early Childhood Education

Music Online

Music Star

Hairbrush Music Label

Audibly Music

Creation Music Label

Little Music Production

Roc Nation


Strada Music House

Music Magic

Hype Studios Out

Self-Inflicted Groove

Third Dimension Records

Wicker Music Notes

Acoustic Music

Record Head Music

New Leaf Records

Turnt Up Music

Archaeological Register Group

Starboiz Records

Big Treble Publishing

Long Book

SingFace Management

Discovery Records

Midnight Records

Genius Music House

Magic of Music

Loud House Music Studios

Music’S Master

Deep Cut Music

Deconstruction Records

New Century

Awesome Record Label Names

It is important to develop some awesome record label names that will attract the target audience and convince them to stay after listening to the music or after watching the videos.

Knowing your audience is necessary, so we have sorted out some names which you may use to name your record label business name.

Red Poppy Recording

Folks Love Music

White Feather Records

Hummingbird Music

Black Metal Music

Crystals Music Group

Platinum Music Label

Sound Roost Music Label

Smile Entertainment

Mystical Music Label

Blue Rider Record

Exquisite Music Label

Beatservice Records

Epic Music Worldwide

Looking Glass Studios

White Rabbit Music

Artist Alliance Recording

Springer Opera House

Oceanview Records, Inc.

Sound Blends Masters

Play Me Records

Bearsville Records

This Song is Sick

Record Player Label

Mind’s Eye Music Label

Renowned Record Co.

Marsten House Recording

Bass & Piano Records

Record and Play

Record Studio Records

Happy Melody Publishing

Sly Fox Multimedia Group

Good Company Records

Driving Music

Aardvark Music

Excel at Education

Hybron Music

Tech Music


Blue Sky Films Solutions

Appleone Music Label

The Music Solution

Brianna’s Business of Music

Upsiedown Music Label

Services Scholar Kids

Cowboy Monkey Films

Shaolin Monk

Lesson One

Quick Results

Allison’s Music Production

Smart as Bricks Music

Music Lab

Musicching Success

On Point Music Music

Music Dude

Love Jones Studio

Music Production

Music Production

Moonlight Pictures

Music House of Robots

Full Moon Records, Inc.

Daily Sound Dose

Music Mastery Unlimited

Empire Records

Prodigy Music Label

Sad Harmonica Records

Amazing Record Label Names

Record label names should be based on the trendy market and must include names that are easy to remember. They could be unique, popular, and well-suited for your music genre.

You can find some illustration names which may be used to name a record label business and attract the perfect audience for promotion. Below is a list of names:

Prism Music Group

Little Record Press

No Slack Music Label

Land of Music

Studio Center Total Production

Label of the Dead

Fretting Guitar Records

Fatcat Record Shop

Love Music Records

Ace of Good Music

Sound Blends Masters

Pro-Logic Records

Lil Ditty Records

Corner Stone Cues

SingFace Management

Drowned in Sound

Independent Star Records

Play Me Record Music

Mascot Label Group

Adoration Entertainment

The New School Music

Disc-Over Records

Sparkling Sessions

Record Player Label

Nemo Music Lab

Trusted Tunes

Loud House Music Studios

Big Break Music

Mastery Of Music

No Slack Music Label

Deep Elm Records

Studio Center Total Production

King Street Records

Hear Your Echoes

More Magic Music

A-Z & Music Label

Independent Star Record

Big Dreams Records

Monolith Distribution

Record Player Label

Musica Blends

Beatify the Sound

Big Dreams Music

Lightbulb Records

Chariot Music

Well Recorded

Relish Music

The Proven

Basic Replay

Penny Lane Music

The Year

Red Poppy Recording

Spot On Records

Selling Tape Group

Morbid Sounds

Polygon Records

Sound Roost Music Label

Sound Blends Masters

Sound Systems

Music Machinery

Everlasting Sounds

Nightingale Music

Monolith Music

Modern Modes Music

Spark Music Group

The Logical Immortalize International

The Patient Best International

Music Labs Studios


Impulse Records


Chart Toppers


Somersault Music Group

Augustine Record Co.

Real Music Now

Fretting Guitar Records

Güd Muzic Management


Echo Records

Radio Daze Records

Awakening Records

Real Music

Public Record Co.

Smart as Bricks Music

All-star Music

America’s Music Service

Wonderful World Films

Think Smart

Music Music Music

Action Pictures USA

Medical Music

Action Music House

All-Nite Images

Awesome Sports Music

Columbia Coast

21st Century Music

Veneration Music

Music Superstar

The Music Agency

Drury Lane

Abacus Music Label

Deck Music

Services and Physics Guru’s

Mountain Monk Music

Guitar Music

Black Shoe Entertainment

Worldwide Pants

Piggies Music Label

At-Music Production

Turned Up

Pinnacle Music Label

Animation Music


Current Commemorate


Top Charts

Pinnacle Records

Aired Out Music

Enter Pro

More Magic Music


Daily Sound Dose

The Better

Universal Records

Adoration Entertainment

Record Label Name Generator

Record Label Name Generator

Explore our Record Label Name Generator for creative, unique name ideas instantly!

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