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245+ Best Red Ribbon Week Slogans, Sayings, And Quotes

Red ribbon week is one of the largest drug prevention awareness programs which is reaching billions of young hearts each year.

It was started after the death of Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena, who was murdered in 1985 by a drug dealer while investigating in Mexico.

In honor of ‘Kiki’s sacrifice, people started wearing a red ribbon and started participating in anti-drugs events, and pledging to live drug-free lives.

Best Red Ribbon Week Slogans

  • The drug is Useless; Life is Priceless
  • Start good deeds by eliminating Drugs
  • Drug causes tension 
  • The drug kills your soul
  • Because life is important.
  • Weed is not conclusive. 

With time this red ribbon week turned into a variety of activities implemented throughout the month of October. These activities aim a demonstration the importance of making the world a healthy and drug-free place.

It was started as a tribute, but now it has become a campaign of million people. People stand against bullying, drugs, and tobacco use and encourage others to do so.

This campaign is trending across several platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, and others.

Red Ribbon Week Slogans

The drug is a curse

No drug means life in full

The drug kills your soul

Your habit will be problematic for your family

You make your family suffer

Your hallucination is suffering from your parents

Hallucination makes you overlook your ‘parent’s misery

Make friends with books not drugs

The drug is not an activity; ‘it’s as useless as a dead person

Hate drug

Alcohol is not at all cool

‘Don’t give pain to your loved ones

Drug in a cage in disguise

The drug doesn’t provide relief, it captivates

Toxicants are toxic; as simple as that

Fight for a drug-free community

Let the future breath, no drugs, please

Learn to fight your problems; drugs will not solve it

Bonded together with the red ribbon

Stand firm for a Drug-Free Land 

I’m unreasonably useful for drugs

I have the ability to be without hallucination

iTune out alcohol

My future issue, I’m without toxicants! 

Weed is not conclusive 

Yoga is Weed for me

Example of bad deed is Weed

Spread hugs not drugs

Your drug poisons your family

To refuse is to achieve the glory

Glory is in refusing

Start good deeds by eliminating weeds

No friends call without alcohol

Lead to leave Weed

State no weed, express yes to life 

Weed isn’t a need 

Weed is expensive; it costs you your life 

Sing melodies and keep away from Weed 

Weed is destructive for your memory 

Be a decent deeder, not a weeder 

Weed causes tension 

You ‘don’t look hot when smoking the pot

red ribbon week slogans

Finding the right slogan for your drug prevention campaign is hard but seemingly necessary. Do check out the Superb Drug Prevention Campaign Slogans.

Red Ribbon Week Sayings

Weed is a terrible thing 

We need you to dodge drugs

Hello, Weed is a terrible deed! 

I cherish embraces however not drugs! 


Improve your fertility; Weed depletes it

Try not to need a revolting mug? Remain off the medication 

Set away from the alcohol before alcohol takes care of you 

need more money, quit purchasing hash 

In the event that you smoke weed, you’ll cause my heart to drain 

You’ll never prevail with medications 

Smoking weed is an awful deed 

You can’t turn into sportsmen, on the off chance that you take drugs 

Just goofy take drugs 

Weed isn’t an issue solver 

Weed client is a loser 

Disapproval of drug, express it to all 

Drug client is a loser 

Medication misuse is of no utilization 

One life – One-shot – Avoid Drugs 

Settle on solid decisions.

It can cost you a life

Because life is important.

Get a life without any drug type

Drugs are never cool

Drugs will make your mom live with you.

Show your swag with a rug with a drug.

It will land you in trouble.

Be drug-free, be happy

Because the drug is injurious to the soul

Stand against Drug land

Be too good for drugs

Stop spoiling your mental health, stop spoiling your physical health

Because drugs can cost your life

A drug a day keeps happiness away

Give your life what it deserves and not drugs

Because your life has nothing to do with harmful drugs

Be drugs free, be tension free

Smoking pot will never make you hot

Because Weed never counts in the good deed

A drug addict is a friend of no one

‘It’s difficult to stop but not impossible

‘We’ve got better things to do than drugs

Stop abusing your mental health with drugs

Because life is a precious gift, let not this gift taken away

Control your drug addiction, before it starts controlling you

There is no old age drug addict, as they die young

Stop disturbing your mental peace, stop using drugs

Because dope is for dumb

Abolish Weed from life, welcome peace in life

Stay away from drugs, stay close to life

Stop using coke, or life will end up as a joke

Because a healthy mind provides a happy mind

Share hugs and not drugs

If you lead you would never take Weed

Kill yourself with drug or kill the drugs, the choice is yours

Drugs drugs go away, never come another day

Go for red, go for life

Be too smart to start

If you are addicted to drugs, you are addicted to death

Say no to drug and yes to life

‘It’s never too late to stop

Weed is never a need

Stop being a life loser, stop being a drug user

‘It’s much better to read before you start Weed

The drug is a poison of your dreams and ambition

Fly but never get high

Because drugs can end all your dreams

Drugs hurt so always stay alert

Stop wasting your life by being wasted

The drug is never an answer to any question

If you are insane, then only you will use cocaine

Tune out of drugs, tune into life

‘Don’t get higher in drugs, get higher in life

Never allow drugs to destroy you

The other name of drugs is a death trap

Be a hero and stop using heroin

Stop being retarded by using drugs

Drug abuse is of no use

The drug will drag you down

Transform drug into good, or it will transform you into bad

The more you will use, the more you will lose

red ribbon week slogans

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