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151+ Catchy Retirement Cake Slogans

One of the biggest moments in someone’s life comes when he gets retired from his professional life. It is a time full of emotions and memories.

One has spent half of his life in the workplace and leaving it at a certain time gets painful sometimes. But it also gives a joy of relief as he does not have a workload anymore. Retirement can be called a new chapter of life.

So why not celebrate this moment of joy and a new beginning with a taste of sweet, cake would always be the best choice for that. 

Best Retirement Cake Slogans

  • Every day is a holiday now
  • Enjoy the moments of leisure
  • Every hour is an after office hours now
  • No more deadlines
  • Make the days count
  • Live with lesser worries
  • Enjoy being old
  • Sit back and relax
  • Love your free time
  • Not too old for a cake

Cutting a cake for every occasion has become a trend nowadays. And on the occasion of the retirement of a person, cake cutting makes that person feel special which is the main motive. The idea of making someone’s last day special with a cake never fails.

Here are some retirement cake slogans

Let’s enjoy less responsibility

Cake with icing called no more work

Remembered for accomplishment

Let’s taste the relief

Embrace your future

Let the new life begin

Lets Rock!!! the second innings

lost freedom found

Work!!! what’s that

Redesigning the life

Adaptation of new life

Enjoy the fruit of hard labor

A new youth

Get retire and start inspiring

Follow the unfulfilled dream

Baking the new cake called retirement

Bake the new cake of life

You are the new boss of your life

Giving retirement a taste of chocolate

The longest break with the sweetest cake

Retirement – Nah!, discovery of one’s authentic self

No more asking for a day off

Who cakes, I am retired

Retirement – A cake without expiry date

Let’s start the weekend which last forever

Retirement tastes as good as truffle cake

No to tension, yes to pension

Throw out the alarm clock

The answer is cake, no matter it’s the beginning of the end

Cake – as unique as you

retirement cake slogans

For that extra hour – here is an extra slice

Making moments a little sweeter

Starts life at retirement

Retire from work, not from life

There should be life in your remaining years, not just the remaining years in your life

Baking your retirement

Let’s get out of the office

Sorry! I can not put this mug back, I’m retired

Here comes your free time

Awakening of new life within you

Not retirement, it’s the retreat

Retirement is as important as having a purpose in life

Stay like a cake, as soft as it can.

Investigating hobbies and revitalizing your dreams makes retirement worth

Retire, Renew and Reinvent

Direct your movie titled – After retirement

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Make future brighter than your past

Taste the festival of retirement

Choose the best flavor for your retirement

Cake sized Freedom

Moving ahead for more dreams

A cake full of good wishes

Let’s get young again

Cake with the cream of memories

Your cake time has come

Making your experience tastier

A special cake for a special personality

Cake with your special flavor

I’m turning to a new page – I’m retired

Retirement = lazy days ahead

Waking up late – Worked hard for this for almost 30 years 

Off the clock!! for definitely good

The only time when you love being unemployed – After retirement

The Permanent time off

Enjoy the seven days weekend

Time to move on new challenges and opportunities

Finally getting rid of the bad habit of working

Retirement with capable years of life is the cherry on the cake

Work years gone, fun years begin

Taste the fun now

Newly retired is as happy as newlywed

Loving the unemployment

Finally escaped this workaholic atmosphere

Task – Relaxation, Deadline – Lifetime

Your Shift is over for life

Don’t confuse retirement with the end of the road, it’s the beginning of the open highway

The only happy person on Mondays – retired

Wake up the child who was sleeping since long inside you

Retirement may hurt sometimes, cakes don’t

Retiring from working hours has more importance than retiring from work itself

Do your best, taste the best

The new life twisting flavor – The Retirement

Be better prepared for retirement

Don’t be retiree sitting on rocking chair, Be a retiree with an active life

Stop living at work, and start working at living

The only advantage of retirement is you got to enjoy all the things you never stopped to notice on your way

Forget about the flaws, get the biggest slice of cake and slay.

Happy freedom from 9 to 5

Don’t be only retired, be admired as well

Don’t get old by stop laughing, but get old by making others laugh

Want to defeat age, so don’t let the fountain of youth die

Best adventure is yet to come

Let the real fun begins

Do not retire even before you start working

Won’t it be an ideal state, if youth comes a little later

It takes money to retire, and not the age

Have something to retire to rather than retiring from something

A proud unemployed person – A retiree

Get only retired and not Expired

The official sleeping time

My job – Having a good time with a piece of cake

The digits suck but hours are good – Retirement

Remember you will never get retired from retirement

Take your body out of the work place but never let work go out of your body.

Before retirement, leave behind a legacy of encouragement and work ethic

Get a wealth of experience and information that can never be replaced

Achievement done, let the freedom have some fun

Make sure your retirement lead to new success in whatever you pursue

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Retiring – putting the new tires in an old car with a superb speed

You may get retired, but your experience will not

Consider your retirement as an extended vacation without getting paid days off

What to do after retirement – whatever you want

Only money and symptoms are consequential in retirement

The one way trip to inconsequence – retirement

In retirement, living is easy but payments are hard

Retirement requires the the invention of new epicurism, and not a return to epicurism of youth

retirement cake slogans

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