Rocket League Team Names: 600+ Catchy and Cool Names

Have you ever heard about rocket league? Do you know what it is? There might be a possibility that most of us don’t know about it, and few of us even mixed it up with rocket science. However, it has no relation to rocket science.

Rocket League is a vehicular soccer video game. Psyonix is behind the development and publication of the game. When the game was introduced, it was available only on Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4, and now, it’s available on Nintendo Switch and Xbox as well.

Rocket league team names:

The popularity of this game needs no introduction, and hence, the game has millions of followers across the globe.

Rocket League Team Names

If you are a fan or team member of one of the Rocket League teams, this article is for you.

This article is all about the list of Rocket League team names that will help you to get the best name for your team.


Retirement Home

Taaffeite Miners

Levitate The Game

Moon Pies

Hidden Dragons

Look What You Turned to

Pale Horse eSports

Coco melon Lovers

Make You Move

Team Dignitas



Not Fast, Just Furious

The Rats

Like A River

Core Chaos

Tiny Beards

Galaxy Guardian

Blast And Past

Compassionate Killers


Siege of the Age

Road Rash Assassins

Fight For Our Way!

The Untouchables


The Leftovers

The Potato Players


Troop of Death

A Team of Pros

Revved Up

Permission To Win

Hot Rollers

The Savage Gorillas

Gale Force eSports

Revved Up

UK Wing Chun Kung Fu Clan

The Crashers

Kings of the Compound

The Masters of Gaming


Karate Of Kings


Flight Forward

Crashlanding On You

Lucky Bounce

Gameroos XD

Goblin Delights

The Other Team

Iris Kickoff

Donkey Kong Clubhouse

You Are Blankspace


The Rocket Lovers

The Needles

Nordic Warriors

Son of Pitch

The Undead Flame

Rocket League Team Names

Cool Rocket League Team Names

Rocket League follows the arcade-style soccer concept that makes the game cool. Hence, many cool people are playing this game and forming their teams.

If you have a Rocket League team, don’t you think you should have a cool name? Here’s the list of the cool rocket league team names:

Politicians Anonymous



The Wolf Pack

Rocket League is Life

Descendants Of Sun

Guardians Of The Galaxy

compLexity Gaming

Out of Control

Mock-It eSports

Noobs with keyboards


The Fast Rovers

Vehicular Mayhem

The Asteroids

Assault of Alchemy

The Juicy Kids


Cyborgs Raging

The Explorers

Low Riders

Ninja Bums

Dizzy Diamonds

Fix-It Break It

Descendants Of Sun

Togetherness Of Family

The Nuclear Winterclaps

Gone Mad

Spongebob Squarepants

Didcot Karate Kings

Karate Group

Not Toxic

Creepy Crawlers

vQ Untethered

Master Of All Teams

The Boomers

Sparkle And Glaze

NRG Esports

The Blazing Fury

V8 Super Team

Rocket Power

Karate Kickers


Renault Vitality

Martial Arts Alliance

Speed Boost

Speedy Legends

Blood Thirsty

Mindful Karate

The Black Sharks

Geeks on Pc

Karate Venom

The Ravagers

UFC Fitness Calgary

The Hand Association

Do You Even Lift Bro?

Kunzite Crystals

The Flying Dutchman


The Other Team

Trending Rocket League Team Names

Amazing Rocket League Team Names

We have millions of game choices, but amazing gamers always go with amazing choices like Rocket League. If you have a rocket league team, it’s amazing.

So, don’t you think you should have an equally amazing rocket league team name? Here’s the list of the amazing rocket league team names:

Spin Cycle

Instinct Kills

Karate Monsters

The Burning Path

Hotshots In One

The Mighty Poopers

Pocket Aces

Elite Bureau

Ruthless Killers


Hot Rollers

Damage Mode

True Kicks

Exes And Oh’s

Wild Card


Beer Bellies


Lights Out!

Comedy is Hard, and Dying is Easy

The Fallen Angels


Germanic Guild

Chiefs Esports Club

Hotshots In One

Black Aces

Upper Echelon



Gobsmacked Goblins

Boiled in Blood

Eagle Eyes

The Ball Slappers

United Nations Team

Evil Geniuses


Fantastic Fighting Clans

Space Station Gaming

Newly Opened Clan


Failure to Launch


Salem Skinnies

The Jasmine Lovers

Like A Boomerang


Sweet But Psycho

Easy Scrum Easy Go

What’s Your Damage?

The Juicy Kids

Balls Deep in Your Face

Pocket Aces

Triple Trouble

Battle Cars

The S.C.A.T Team

Broken Bones

Team EnVyUs

Lazy Dwarfs

Team Secret

Epsilon eSports

Squishy Fishies

The L.A Kings of Rocket league


Derp Squad

Crown & Jewels

The Skeletons



compLexity Gaming


Karate Power

Fight The Right Way

We’re All Short!

Aerial Death Squad


The Scary Eater

The Rocket Games

Barbarian Clan

We Dem Babies

Ducks in a Pond

Latest Rocket League Team Names

Rocket league is surely not the latest game. It’s another thing that the game is introducing many latest teams. But do they have the latest team name? Here’s the list of the latest Rocket League team names:

Randos’ on Internet

JAM Gaming


Lone Star And Moon Clans

Happy Goblins


SK Gaming

We Are Supervitamins

Salem’s Soul

The Fierce Cheetah

The Trashmen

FlipSid3 Tactics

Upper Echelon

Crown Martial Arts

Aesthetic Kills

Supersonic Avengers

Light Like Dynamite

Hajime Karate Clan

Hot Wheels


Team Apple Pie

Berserk Bunch

The Crackerjacks

Swarm Gaming

Eggplant All Day Everyday


Counter Logic Gaming

Northern Gaming

Harrow Shotokan Karate

Clementine Clans

Stand Alone

The Crimson Curse

The Last Army

Crazed Cars

Team Shoop-Da-Whoop

The Trashmen

A Period On Your Career

Horsemen Of Apocalypse

In Utopia

Dragon’s Fire

PSG eSports

The Fearless Tigers

The Flying Dutchmen

Reason Gaming

Stone Bros

The Red Rangers

The Flying Pandas

Berserk Bunch

Ambition Esports

Abyss eSports

Plenty of Twenties

We Need Speed

The Elite Four

Love Decks

The Spectrals

Lasting Impressions

Out of Control

The Night Sharks

Bested On Screen

The Smashers


Myth Gaming


Conspiracy eSports

Evil Geniuses

True Detective

Edge Karates

A Heart Attack

Low Blood Sugar

The Flying Dutchmen

Atari Force

Battle Bunch

The Best in the Clans


The Astonishing Players

The Brave Bears

Blood Riders

Hysterical Ones

Unique Stars

Unique Rocket League Team Names

The Rocket League game has a unique concept, which is why it gets noticed when it was introduced. So don’t you think that you should have a unique team name to get your team noticed? Here’s the list of the unique Rocket League team names:

Crazed Cars

Fight The Right Way

The Crystal Rebel Gang

Optimistic Geeks

The Daemon League

Chaos Alliance

Taiyo Karateka

Sauron’s Eye

esports EU

Oops, my Ball!

Noble esports

Painted Posse


Dystopian Alliance Avenging Souls

Team No Fun Allowed

Dorks of Duadel

We Are Gladiators

Wizards on Wheels

The South-east

Dark Sided

Rumble Rebels


Unafraid to Win

The Big Black Ballers

The Muffin Men

Riveters At Finest

Flight Forward

Golden Hawks

Make You Lose


Dirty But Fuzzy

Speedy Legends

Jabba The Hutt

Shadow Cabinet

Battle Cars

Legally Blonde

The Adventurers

Edging The Race

The Sapphire Pincers

The Heatwaves

Ebony Cape Warriors

The Nameless

Masters Of Sea

Art Of Defensee

Club Sandwich

Earthy Karate

Togetherness Of Family


Rocket Power

FlipSid3 Tactics


Chaos Alliance

Wizards on Wheels

Chaotic Tornadoes

ProStack Gamer

Gamers Gang

Cowards United

Marvel emancipator

The Emerald Eagles

JAM Gaming

Rogue Rockets

Conspiracy eSports

Wild Card

Mock-It eSports EU

Dragon Decimators

Everybody Down

Fibeon eSports

Escape Alert

The Trashmen

NRG Esports

Catchy Rocket League Team Names

We all know that Rocket League is a catchy game. That’s why the game succeeded in catching attention. If you have a Rocket League team, you should have a catchy name to get noticed. Here’s the list of the catchy Rocket League team names:

The Dribblers of Death

In Utopia

Philadelphia Eagles

Sand Castle

Lions on Wheels

Game Changers

The Riot Wings

Breaker of Chains

Daughters of Victory

MVP Gaming Team

Down With Oligarchs

The Orange Guys

The Monk’s Eye

Nevertheless! The Best

Paper Cutters

Killer Bots

Odin’s Army

Denial Esports

Royal Alliance

The Blacklist

I’d Hit That

Scarlet Coven

A Never Wreck

Headshot Kings

Team Infused

Lights Out!

Motor Matrix


Core Chaos

Copenhagen Flames

Honor on the Ground

We Make Other Teams Quit

Woofing Wardogs

At Wits End

Mid-Air Maulers

Billy Fan Club

Order of Phoenix

Men of North

Take 3

The Mercenary Army

The Crashers

Ultimate Koto

The Unstoppables



Chaos Alliance

Northern Gaming

Make You Melt


Legacy Esports

Orbit eSports

Exotic Imports

Masked Heros

exceL Esports

The Red Demons

Never Standard

The Miracle Workers

The Fire Lions

We Dem Babes

Legs are silly

Stand Alone

Frost Byte

Crazed Cars

Mid-Air Maulers

Never Standard

Oh My Dog

Love Decks

Cosmic Aftershock

Exotic Imports

The Unexpected Ones

Blueprints Battalion

Copper Pots

The Aura Clan

Renault Vitality

Karete Riders

Club Sandwich

Tainted Minds

Fuelled with Frenzy

Beep Beep, Guess who’s Coming

One with the Couch


Selfless Gaming

Summer Child


The Kalamazoo Kittens

Peanut Sticks

Resonant Esports

Thunder Manipulator

Flight Forward

The Demon Brotherhood

Gone Mad

Blueprints Battalion

The Blackspace People

The Silent Assassins

PENTA Sports


Spin Cycler

Nitro Nation

Combative Warriors

Phoenix Angels

The Death Bringer

Hell On Wheels


Hit You


Crown & Jewels

League of Broken Toys

Lord of the Zombie

Rumble Rebels

Cheesy Sidekicks

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