185+ Best Roentgenium Slogans and Quotes

Roentgenium was first synthesized on the 8th of December, 1994. It was created at the GSI Helmholtz center for Heavy ion Research, situated near Darmstadt in Germany. The synthesized Roentgen (symbol Rg) is named after the physicist who discovered X-rays, Wilhelm Rontgen.

The element Roentgenium has the most stable isotope as roentgenium 282 which has 100 seconds as its half-life.

According to Mendeleev’s nomenclature system back in 1979, Roentgenium was called ‘Eka gold’. Roentgenium’s atomic number is 111 and it belongs in the d group 11. It is also the ninth element in the periodic table’s 6d metal series. 

Slogans on the element Roentgenium

Why get mad when you can get roentgenium instead

Get some roentgenium today

Get your research going with roentgenium

Nothing works like roentgenium

Do you need some roentgenium today?

Few wonderful creations exist in the lab!

Roentgenium calls for handling with care

The 111 might prove fatal

Rg is the name

The member of the group 11

It lasts for exactly 100 seconds

We are here for the roentgenium

Get you some roentgenium

Know roentgenium closely

Know your element better

Have some roentgenium

How about some roentgenium

Keep a safe distance from the roentgenium

The roentgenium makes a difference

Let the roentgenium prevail

The infamous 111

How about the roentgenium

Have you heard of copernicium

Roentgenium, not something to play with 

It won’t be worth the risk

Roentgenium, definitely not a natural occurrence

Roentgenium, not to be found in nature’s lap

Roentgenium, not really closer to nature

The heaviest but the fastest

Roentgenium won’t stay for long

Expect some high reactions

Will be gone before you notice

Roentgenium, gone within the blink of an eye

There is more than what meets the eye

Roentgenium, it is so reactive that it hardly stays

1994 was the year of Roentgenium

The chemistry made it happen

For the chemistry fanatics

roentgenium slogans

In the name of chemistry

For the love of chemistry 

One for the  man-made synthetic 

Roentgenium, belonging to the 7th period 

Here, take the roentgenium

Address it with whatever you want

It is more than you see

Roentgenium: something more than what meets the eyes

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The roentgenium is the ultimate one

The 111 is here to make a difference

Roentgenium? Might just call it Rg

The Rg every lab needs

Roentgenium has a nickname, it is Rg

Call it Rg maybe

You know what they say about the roentgenium

Roentgenium, making changes since 1994

A real product of synthesizing

Maybe you really need it today

Roentgenium made it possible

The 111 has taken over

The d group has the 111

111 making the d group complete

100 seconds and it is gone

Rg is a matter of 100 seconds, really

Let the roentgenium be with you

It is really a matter of roentgenium

The reactions are real high

Do you think you are heavy? You must know about the roentgenium

Did you know about the roentgenium

Do not expect less than high reactions

Only here for the high reactions

A true noble one: Roentgenium

Do you think you know Roentgenium best?

I think the roentgenium might be highly reactive

You won’t like the reaction

Get a hold of the roentgenium

Can you get over the roentgenium

It is like a need for labs

The year was 1994

The chemistry is strong here

Know the bond

The mystery remains unsolved

How about some roentgenium

One for Wilhelm Rontgen

In the name of Wilhelm Rontgen 

Straight out of Germany 

Germany made it possible 

Just call it Rg

The roentgenium, more like the quickest decaying one

It will decay in the blink of an eye

Watch it before it is gone

Have you imagined what it looks like?

The roentgenium is the real deal

You should really try some roentgenium

Get on with some roentgenium

The roentgenium is not something you wanna get close too

Stay away. It is roentgenium

Can the roentgenium get any better?

Roentgenium is just the right thing you need

You can see nothing faster than this

A dose of the roentgenium can really take you away

Haven’t you known roentgenium?

The high reaction you never expected

You need nothing but the roentgenium

Leave the other elements behind

The roentgenium shows all the hard work

It was not a production of the overnight

Took days but worth it

It spells roentgenium but it reads fatal

Few reactions are really unexpected, like roentgenium

Roentgenium, it belongs in the lab

The lab is where it belongs

Roentgenium, not to be taken out of the lab

Highly reactive and synthetic, roentgenium

It has no connection to nature

Straight out of synthesizing 

Never take the ununpentium or the moscovium lightly

It is not something to be taken lightly

Do you know how heavy it is?

The mysteries in the world of chemistry

December 8, 1994, was the date

Remember the date

The date was the 8th of December, 1994

Roentgenium or eka gold?

Call it whatever you want

Roentgenium? Also known as Eka gold

Call it Eka gold maybe 

A noble member of the d block 

E111 or 111, all the same

The roentgenium or Eka gold goes hard and extreme

You will find the eka gold beyond the extremities 

The lab needs the roentgenium 

You need to synthesize if you need some Rg

Let people know about the Rg

Are you really informed about the Rg?

Eka gold or roentgenium, here to make wonders 

Synthesizing made it happen 

What is in the name

The roots go back to 1979

It all started in 1994

You know the drill 

Let there be synthesizing 

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Maintain a safe distance 

Roentgenium for 100 seconds 

Mendeleev says it is Eka gold

Respect the noble one

The d group knows better

Spot the 111

Element 111 in Group 11

The 9th member of the 6d series 

Roentgenium owns it 

Reactions are all you are about to get 

In the name of the man who discovered X-rays 

Get to know Roentgenium

roentgenium slogans

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