Russian Restaurant Names: 800+ Catchy and Cool Names

Here are some high-end and fashionable Russian restaurant names that will make your life much easier. Everyone nowadays prefers to perform work online because it saves them time and enhances their personality. These well-known Russian restaurants will assist you in every aspect of your business.

Russian cuisine is a broad mix of numerous regional cuisines from all around the country. Eastern European, Central Asian, Siberian, and East Asian cuisines have affected flavors over the years. Russian cuisine is based on old peasant staples such as rye, wheat, barley, and millet and contains meat and ancient grains. 

We’ve included hundreds of amusing and unusual restaurant name suggestions in this post to assist you in coming up with the right name for your establishment. Let’s get started!

Cool Russian Restaurant Names

For some people, utilizing the standard Russian script might be perplexing. While many people in the United States of America may be familiar with the script, the best approach is to spell out all the names in English letters.

You may still incorporate Russian terms and names in your company’s subtitle to enhance authenticity. Here are some of the suggestions we managed to come up with.

Cabbage Roll Bar


Forage Restau

Moonlight Eats

The Siberian Chef

Tatiana Restaurant

The Moscow Lunch

Soviet Cuisine and Bar

The Russian Kitchen

Chestnaya Kuhnya

Moscow Caviar

Cafe Pushkinova

Moscow Mule Dinner Club


Art Academiya


Bar Strelka

Coffee and Cake

Full Belly Bellas

Love Shack Foods

Unique Meals


Veganic Corner


Beacon Restaurent

Curated Cuisine

Na Zdorovye!

Quick Restaurent


American Pie

Finest Dining

Delightful Dining

Vigilant Restaurent

Fielder Restaurent

Juicy Restau


Bubala Cafe & Grill

Serious Service

The Rusty Russian

Victory Vodka Bar


Comrades Dining Hall

Taras Bulba Korchma


The Russian Oven

Mongol Buryat

1818 Kafe

Stolovaya No. 57

Stroganoff House

The Russian Takeout

Dime Restaurent

Cooked in California

Curry Leaf

China Cacao

The Honey Crown

Pasta Mama Kitchen

Project Juice

The Brimstone Maple

The Jade Block

The Salty Empress

The Baking Docks

The Waterway Horse

The Underwater Rose

No Wait Diner

The Summer Pig

The Incredible Spices

Roosters Salad Bar

Aroma Salad Bar

Crossroads Kitchen

The Comet Bass

The Silver Grove

Sister’s Tamales

Little Beast Restaurant

Pure Thai Cookhouse

The Caviar Ranch

Next Door

The Central Victory

Lucky restaurant

The Tandoori Dairy

The Crispy Biscuit

Curry Pot

The Dining Room

Superiority Burger

Foodie Boyz Vegas

The Curry Afternoon

The Old Tree

Jaburritos Cafe

Crunchy Bites Hut

Kaleidoscope Kid

The Gallery Catch

Baggio Italian Restaurant

The Lakeside Crown

Graze Kitchen

The French House

Full Service Dining

Taste My Pasta

The Cool Goddess

Glance Restaurant

Roux French Market

The Mountain Brothers

The City Paradise

The Cool Cat Factory

The Minty Pantry

The Ruby Diner

The Gallery Blossom

Real Food Daily

The Little Badger

Rico Steakhouse

The Yummy House

Blue Hill

Little hut restaurant

Echo Singapore

Pita Pan

Juan in a Million

The Moroccan Catch

The City Beehive

The Beach Chimney

Vinegar Hill

The Central Bay

The Baking Pipe

The Dapper Blossom

The Saffron Shack

The Imperial Scarf

The Gourmet Taste

The Boiling Apple

The Vintage Nights

Veg Out Vegans

The Eastern Cloud

Plants On The Hill

The Warm Brothers

The Malt Scarf

The Mammoth Tiger

The Cinnamon Catch


Rustic table

Catchy Russian Restaurant Names:

There is already a substantial percentage of Russian restaurants across the country, ranging from Vermont to Alaska, Minnesota to Texas.

Many sections of the United States, particularly those in the north where descendants of Russian immigrants currently dwell, are familiar with the cuisine. To offer you some Slavic inspiration, here are some of the best Russian restaurant names in the United States right now.

Baatarai Urgöö

Royal fish platter


Ded Pihto

Bar Bulgakov

Buter Brodsky

Buryat Mongolia

Moscow Munchies

Moscow To Go


Siberian Taiga

Cossack Palace

Black Knight

Charts Russian

Paterro’s Kitchen


Vanya Vafe

Russian Tea Room

Smoke Russian

Whispering Bamboo


Studio Russian

Hot Risotto


Genatsvale Arbat

Cheesy Bites

Go Time Russian

Comrades Dining Hall

Busters Russian

That Restaurant

Mediterra Seafood

Chicken Kiev Catering

The Russian Rye

Bosco Bar

Nedalny Vostok

Better Borsch



Sadko Fish House

Mimoza Salad Shop

Advisor Russian

Irina’s Restaurant and Bar

Yummy Yummy

Prism Russian

The Rusty Russian

Calligraphy Restaurent


Morning Bliss

Pelmeni Place

Bacon Babe Burgers


Island Grill


Marksman Restaurent

Food Town

Verdi Across Town

Room Restaurent

The Tropical Flower

The Waterway Boulevard

The Central Taste

Eatmore Fried Chicken

The Sushi Blend

The Pink Brothers

Like Home Restaurant Group

Jem Indian B&B

Gold Star Flavors

Kings and Queens Restaurant


Tropical Expressions

Fulfilled Eatery

The Northern Brewery

Blue sandy

Java Joe Restaurant

The Spiced Chimney

The Forest Salmon

The Comet Courtyard

The Vibrant Cafe

Nin Com Soup

Impact Russian

Rewards Restaurent

Spaghetti House

Better Borsch


Tuck Restaurent

Whisper in Russian

Rye Bread Restaurant

Saint Petersburg Eats

Soviet bloc

Uralskiye Pelmeni

Russian Arctic Seafood

The Raging Russian

Sadko Fish Center



Tips from Marcus

Rocket Restaurants

Zima London


The Bacon Diet

The Russian Oven

Utopia Russian

Russia House

Chakra Russian

Whisper in Russian

Sweet Kissel

Midtown Goodies

Red Tavern

berserka logo domainify

Rasputin Cafe

Epic Russian

Dining Divas

Genesis Restaurent

Russian Vodka Room

Salad Exclusive

Advance Restaurent

Restaurant Resale

Relief Restaurent

A Taste of Russia

Ded Pihto

Super Fat Rice Mart

Firehouse Restaurant

Rice Bowl

Little Fish Market

Roxy Restaurant & Bar

Polly’s Pies Restaurant

Lord of the Fries

Fine Dining

Flour to the People

Calumet Fisheries

Nookies Wells

Food Steam Plant

In-N-Out Burger

Food Ease

Creative Russian Restaurant Names

Whereas many Russian names are somewhat different from all those used by the West, many western names have their origins in the East. Anna and Alexander are only two examples of popular Russian names in the United States. All these can be used as a genuine foundation for your restaurant name.

Mimoza Salad Shop

Romanoff Restaurant

Fish Thursday

White Napkin Restaurants

Pie’S Up

Soviet Cuisine and Bar

Playground Russian

Fine Dining Delivered

At Your Service

Fast-Food Place


Katya Drozdova

Soda Fountain

Sweet Dreams

Masha and the Bear


Records Russian

Dine Fine


Black Knight



Number Restaurent

Captivating Cabbage Rolls

Good Food

Peasant Pelmeni

Café N’ Chill

Bar Strelka

Omsk Restaurant Inc

The Russian Rye

Cuisine Catered

Mysteries of the East

Ukraine Ural

Dinner Club

Villa Madina


The Salty Catch

Lemonade Restaurant

The Copper Avenue

The Urban Brothers

Mad for Chicken

PM Fish & Steak House

The Western Rose

Chai Leaf Roti Shop

Indigo Grill

The Urban Blanket

Las Delicias

The Point Patio Restaurant

Bricks Family Restaurant

The Spice Blend

Great Taste of Asia

Candlelight Kitchen

Triangle Burger

Bengal Barbecue

Dream Cafe

The Fiery Devil

The Habit Burger Grill

Daisy’s Diner

The Hog

The Mammoth Morning

Universal Tastes

Taste of New York

The Modern Garden

The Light Mockingbird

Every Cuisine

The Tandoori Pond

The River Table

Perfect Place

Veggie Grill

Royal Orchid

Lunch Box

Handsome Journeys

The Coriander Clam

Mint Julep Bar

Tasting The World

Cracked Pepper Bistro

The Sizzling Grill

The Marine Room

Rusty Pelican


Safeway Food & Drug

Great Meals

The Bitter Lily

The Violet Angel

The Malt Word

Flame It Burgers

Obama Fried Chicken

Pie’n Burger

Push Russian

Tasty Things

Sunrise Café


Victory Vodka Bar

Stolovaya No 57

Beef Stroganoff


Bistro Builders

Slingshot Restaurent

Cafe Tsar


On The Dime Dining

Insane Russian

Irina’s Restaurant and Bar

The Russian Tea Room


Pines Russian

Guriev kasha

Night Club

Simple Restaurent

Ultra Russian

Fuel Restau

Nerds Eat First

Green House

Moscow on the Hill

Bench Restaurent

Your Cook


Food Addict

Faith Russian

Food Court

Rock and Roll cafe

Oust Restaurent

Eating House

Food Formula

Demon Restaurent

Food Galore

SADKA Dining

Kazan Comfort Foods

Sloppy Eats

Tatiana Restaurant and Nightclub

Eat Your Heart Out

Pashka Cafe and Bakery

Khozyain Taygi

Latest Russian Restaurant Names

Although Russian cuisine has its roots in traditional peasant cuisine, there are a plethora of delicacies that will blow your socks off. Some may be recognized by the ordinary eater, and others will be unfamiliar even to the most ardent fan of Russian cuisine. 

The Thai Barbecue


The Meadow Fence

Cadiz Cafe

The Chili Kitchen

The King’s Petal

Cutters Crabhouse

Butter and Grace

Beachy Eats

Lily’s World Kitchen

Fresh & Away

Restaurant Reel

The Vanilla Walk

The Comet Peasant

The Salty Heart

Planet Restaurent

Drink And Dive

Pine Russian

Before The Bistro

Anna and More

Wild Russian


Table Tops

Reservation Restau

Hot Box


Breakfast House

Buter Brodsky

Radar Restaurent

Food O’Clock

Moscow Caviar



Coffee Shop

Five Star

Formal Performance

Catalog Russian


Carefree Restaurent

The Bitter Blossom

Eat now

Pollo Tropical

The Cocoa Harvest

The Crimson Well

Shake Shack

Bite Me Sandwich

Plant Power Fast Food

The Curry Ranch

The Bear & The Monarch

White Castle

The Rare Taste

Skyline Chili

Red Chilies Restaurant

The Baking Heaven

Food Delight

The Western Bistro

Pret A Manger

Meat U There

The Orientalist

Yummies Food Truck

The Sour Way

The Taste Workshop

WishyWind Restaurant


Super Sandwiches

Famous Lunch

The Malt Shark

The Caramel Street

The Mellow Beehive

Tasty Bites

Downtown Diner

The Big Blossom

The Gallery Tree

Artisan Salads

The Noodle Goddess

Cafe de Carcasse

The Glass Walk

The Flame Broiler

My Dung

The Jazz Blanket

The Juniper Room

The Grand Exhibit

The Lakeside Hook

The Coastal Pizzeria

Fries Chickens

The Harlequin Trumpet


Raging River Fast Food

The Jade Maple

The Charming Boulevard

Palm’s Kitchen

Chicken and Chips 

Fast Food Restaurant Russia

The Southern Table

The Coriander Kitchen


Saucy Harvest Kitchen

L’Oeu Volpato

The Sassy Oyster

The Japanese Tower

Great Eastern Restaurant

Gold Sun Fast Food

Raising Cane’s Chicken

Fish Supreme

101 Fast Food Restaurant

Award Weiners

Phat Phuc Noodle Bar

The Tandoori Fox


Amazing Russian Restaurant Names

You have the option to provide customers with a genuinely unforgettable dining experience by owning a Russian-themed restaurant. The traditional Russian meal is divided into many parts, with the potato or beet salad serving as the first course. Borsch, a soup, is another favorite first dish.

 Saint Petersburg Eats


Food Villa

Caster Restaurent

Tulip Russian

Restaurant Recs


Nedalny Vostok

The Emperor’s Dining Hall



Russian Arctic Seafood

Crablegs Baby

Food Republic

Natural Restaurent

Yummy Delights

Grit And Griddles

Restaurant Resources

Hotdog Stand


Moscow To Go


Steak House

Brownie Bites

The Russian Kitchen

Daily Delight

Reliable Restaurants

All The Lights

Perfect Dish

Daa! Dumplings

Dining Room Ready

Ikra Meal House



Doughtnut Shop

East Meets West

Very Homemade Food

Katyusha Cafe


Momo Tasting

Resourceful Restaurants

Twisted Dove Restaurant

The Russian Takeout


Arkady Novikov

Banshiki Dine


Pelmeni Place

Ukha Seafood House

Russian Vodka Garden

Ukraine Ural

Baatarai Urgöö

The Narrow Fusion

The Hot Canteen

Tippling Club

The Summer Pizzeria

Market Restaurant and Bar

Jyoti Dosa

The Amber Grill

Whitegrass Restaurant

Le St-Sylvester

The Caramel Deer


Salted and Hung

Happi’s Kitchen

Street Fast Food

Positano Risto

Café Hush Pupp

Café Gray Deluxe

The Royal Stranger

Burnt Ends

Healthy Grain Bowls

Fatty’s Restaurant

The White Rabbit

Roast Goose

The Palm Castle

The Island Room

The Sour Bistro

Greenleaf Café

The Big Guys

Sister & Sundry

El Aladdin

The Wall

The Polar Spice

The Fresh Lighthouse

The Nifty Dream

Seafood Taste Lab

The Clear Canteen

Dancing Fish Signature

The Mammoth View

Taste Paradise

Summer Pavilion

Cleveland’s Canteen

The Fantasy Genie

VelvoAngel Restaurant

The RiceTable

En Thai Sing

The Minty Vine

Neon Pigeon

Potato King

Urban Adorna

The Clear Lighthouse

Bare Foot Dining

Waterfall Ristorante

Munch Cubby

Dining Room

Palace of the Bolshoi

Breakfast Champs


Russian Renaissance

Tasty Time

Alpine Meadow

Ukha Seafood House

Food Factory

Sea Breeze

Void Restaurent

Slip Russian

Pashka Meal

Batoni Fishes

Anton’s Dumplings

Masha Fish

Grub And Hud

Cafe Pushkinova

Crown Crest

Food County

Pilaff House

Tea & Caviar

Glare Restaurent


Killer Caviar


Soviet bloc

Superior Russian


Golden Gates

Dedicated Dining


Delish Dishes

Roadside Pickups

Red Tablecloth

Russian Restaurant Name Generator

Russian Restaurant Name Generator

Explore our Russian Restaurant Name Generator for creative, unique name ideas instantly!

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