Sad Playlist Names: 600+ Catchy and Cool Names

Playlists are something we all make for ourselves. It may contain videos or audio. A playlist helps us organize the songs or videos in one place, so we don’t need to find them when we need to listen to songs or search for a particular theme or video.

You can make playlists for every mood, even one for sadness. So, you can listen to the playlist when you are sad.

Are you looking for some good names for your sad playlists and cannot find one? We will help you search for an appropriate one on this page. 

Sad Playlist Names for Spotify

Spotify is one of the most-used apps for listening to music. It has diverse playlists of every kind, artist, and genre. You can make your playlist too. Here are some names for a sad Spotify playlist that you can tune in to according to your mood.

All Blues, All the Time

Not a true lover

I’m Laughing ‘Til I’m Crying

Songs that hit hard

‘indie r&b’ primer

Wild, barefoot and free

Whose fault

The Night We Met

Love Essentials

Beautiful Love


In My Mood

Street of wonders

Mood Enhancers

My Secret Keeper

The Quirkiest Dance Party In The World


High Tech Harmony

Sweet K-Pop

Country Music Blast


Agonizing Times

Come meet me

Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Away from me

Slow Dance

Long dry days

Every Mood Imaginable

Journey to the mountains

Six to Midnight

He was everything

fire and ashes

Girls got girls

Glitch Hop Playlist

How could you

Sparkling eyes

Girls Nights

Floating in Space

Tears for you

Breathing Easy at the Beach

Journey through life

Power of Love

Pumping hard

No trust no love

Broke up with you

Forever and ever

Cold nights, great vibes

Exciting K-Pop Beats

where do i start, where do you end?

Summer vacation

Top Country Hits

We are Men

Sounds Like Summer

A Trip Through Classic Jazz

What is even Techno

K-Pop Soul Power

songs that make great alarm tunes

Entering a Parallel Dimension

normal notes

Energetic Songs

That Popular Girl

bros and woes

Time travel

Classical Ambience

bad breath blondes

K-Pop Picks

Days we enjoyed

wild shakers

Blues Diva

Sexy Dance Night Boosters

soul music that heals

Female Rage

waltz of the spring

Autumn Afternoons

Escape the ordinary

For the One who Likes a Slow Jam

Bros before Hoes

Listen don’t Read

My prince left

Sleepy Walk

Stardust Orbit

Country Crushes

Text me back

Paint It Black


My Teddy

Awfully Wrecked

Never Enough babe

Jazzy House

Songs to listen to after a long day at work

Sassy Lover

Waiting forever

Not enough for you

We stay close

romanticizing life

Close Friend


Glued on the past

Baby I’m Yours

Chillout Monday

We rocking

Love Can Fail

Always Be My Baby

Did me Dirty

Daydreaming in The Cascades

Rock N Roll

Sunglasses and night

Man will be man

Leave, I’m sad

Concrete Expressionism

Earth, Wind & Fire

Soul food

Ocean Goddess


Songs I could dance to

naruto theme song playlist

The Rise and Fall

Moving on

the lazarus missions.

Electropop Inspiration

Sugar Honey

Music That’ll Defrost Your Heart

Open up for me

The Angry Playlist If You’re Having a Bad Day

Blinding Eyes

Faded Love

mellow mornings

Make the Most of Your Morning Commute

a clear conscience

Personal Notes in form of songs

Exam time

Authentic Jazz

Sunset on my island

Save Me Now

Wet hair and tan lines

Car ride

Love is lost

Acoustics Version

Feel Good Hits

Finished last

Felt Good

Connected Through Music

I’m Your Man, Baby

Jazzing The Day Away

Feeling my Fictional Heartbreak

Work life

Smooth Lover

the mirror says “blah”

Relight My Fire

dreadful season

There’s No Way Out

Screwed over you

Breathe deeper

catch the rhythm

Pillow fights

Jazzy Bossa

My Kind of Country

Little Things

If My Heart Had a Voice

Demon’s laugh

First Kiss

sugary euphoria

Pop Psychos Music

All About Us

Fiesta de la Tarde

Classic K-Pop

Easy Going Jazzy Funk

back in the days

Jazzy Jazz Pitstop!


Torturous Music here

First Love

Got to Pay the Price

Miss me

Love Letter

You were there for me

Love Sick

Just Listen To The World Around You

Stepping out

rhythm romantics

I wish I Knew

You’re the Answer

Midnight highway

Maybe next time

Hard work

Together is a Promise

Feed Your Soul

Something between us

Love no more

I’m drowning

Wired to the world

back in the day

Vibing with Chai

Blue Line

sonic textures

paranoiac music

Unforgettable Nights

Lover’s Secret

Seeing you wither

Dance to These If You Want To Get Fir

My Juliet

The Warmth

Endless Heartbreak

Sweety Pie

Songs with nothing but beat drops

Ill take a bullet for you

Someone like you

More than A Feeling

I Really Don’t Want to Know

Contemporary Jazz

Sad Playlist Names for Reddit

Reddit is a diverse app, and you can do a lot of fun activities on Reddit. Are you wondering what name to give to your Reddit playlist? We will help you with some playlist name ideas for your Reddit playlist. 

Alarm Tones disguised as Songs

Feel Good Jams! ‘Bout Time, Right

Criminally Overlooked Tracks

Sit down with me

roots of the suffering

Whisper in Ears

Magical Love

Remember that Day?

Pump up The Jams

Burst of Energy

Underrated Gems

Companions for life

Bury Me

Scenes in bed

Friends for Life

Songs about Journeys

Broken Pieces

Boxes of mind

i love pizza

Mentally on the beach.

Unfiltered and Unapologetic

My Muse

Wonderful Tonight

Hold me Forever

Got your back

Over & Over

Head over Heels

Over the bridge

punters of party

Can’t forget

Date Night

She wore moonlight like lingerie

Lost love

War within

Kept me in the dark

Holding hands


In it together

Childhood Favourites

Secret of Happiness

Soft Piano Tunes

Love Vibes

This senorita needs a margarita

Love & Happiness

Black & White

Chapel Jazz

Shower of life

Friends’ Memoir

Songs about Space

Love Lost & Found

Begging and clinging

Born to express, not to impress

Meet you Again

Mixing It Up

Lemonade Days

Not Ashamed of My Love for These Songs

street meat graffiti

Saturday Night

Breaking as you sleep

soft as silk

After a Long Day of School

Gun Powder

Melting kisses

Make It Perfect

Bottle of kindness

2000s Love Songs

Romantic Notes

Chase the Sun

Songs to play at Funeral

Wasted on Champagne

act towards your dreams.

All Night Long

Trapped in you

Thank you

Mornings with You

shake dynamics

Now You’re Gone

eye to my haw

Jazz Reimagined

On the Hunt

Songs that make me question my life

Kiss and Make out

After Glow

The Broken Hearted

My Shitty Friend

Where do i lie

Guitars, Cadillacs and You

Building Castles

Cowboy Attitude

The Blues of the Chorus

Funny Rap Songs On Repeat

The Chillest Songs to Listen to While Doing Homework

better naked

Trench of life

A Thousand Miles

cold and frosty

Weekend Buddies

Today’s Jazz Today

road trip sing-along songs

Broken Mirror

mega hit crash

Music is cheaper than therapy

Memory lane

Angel energy

Meaning of life


High Impact Jazz

workout wonders

Party hard

Bohemian Rhapsody

Barefoot and Lonely

My lifeline

I’ll miss you

Warm Hugs

Anything for Love

Past Memories

Waiting and Waiting

I love you

Dancing in the dark

The World Becomes A Fantasy

Blowin’ in The Wind

Our love Fading

Stargazing into early mornings

Chill to The Max

Gem Life Jazz Party

Sick Beats

Yaaasssss Girl Yaaassss

Close Your Eyes

Better feelings

When It’s Just Me And My Friends

back to radio

Bad Days

Rumble together

the real me is something else

Caught in Love

Distorted Reality

Jazz Jam Session

Boosted to moon

Rolling Hills

Sad Playlist Names for Apple Music

Apple Music is quite famous just because of the Apple iPhone. All Apple phones have an inbuilt music player called apple music. Here too, you can make diverse playlists. What name should you give to your sad playlist? Here are some ideas.

Rhythmic Existentialism

Lounge Jazz

hip electric

Tripping Triad

songs that sound cold

Will we meet again?

Getting nails done


Blues Power Chords

Again & Again

Grave of mine

Beauty Awakened

Don’t Worry Be Happy

Lost in the Wind

Aesthetically Flawless

Cowboy Country

sounds of [insert place/idea]

Sweet Classic Tunes

Endless Summer

Beat Drop at 1,2,3

spin spirals

Jazzy Lover

Ladder of faith

The Real Thing!

steampunk extropy

Loved You First

growing pains

Grow old with you

Discooooo Baby

Naked to my bone

Sabrina Claudio’s eternal need to make me Sad

Dizzy mind

Silent Snow

Serial Killer Favourites

Rainbow Love

What happened to us?

Growing & Glowing


You left me

My heart aches

Slumber Party

Don’t Worry Baby, We’ll Be Alright

I make pour ​ decisions

Auditory Hallucination

Rainy hours

Old Happy Times

Oh My Love

Jazz Party

Party Anthem

Jazzed Out Music

I’m a K-Pop Fan

The Best of K-Pop

Don’t listen to this at night

50 Shades of Twilight

It hurts to miss

Magnificent views

My blood

Upbeat Pop Songs

My love

You fall, I’ll pick you up

Bad Romance

Teenage Friends


Broken soul

Never Seeing you again

Please don’t break my heart

neighbor awakening in c major

Laid Back All Night

Sleepover Music

Rain + Rainbow

Good Time Groovers

Kiss Me

Kids in our heart

Casual Nights

Not enough memory

Teenage dreams


Bias Crush

Letting Go Of Exes

Shopping hatred

Emo days

Growing old

Muddy Waters

cypher bass

Friends forever

Good as Gold

Ocean of tears

Singles feeling Heartbreak

Never Enough Love


Songs called ‘Happy’ that are extremely sad


What about Feelings?

wip hip skip

A Ride Back Home

Love Fading

Closer to You

Crank the Heat and Chill with These Summer Songs

Heartbreak bed

This flippity dippity-hippity hip-hop

You were my everything

The Cure

The Current

hip shaker sting


tuck fantastic

See You in Hell

The Ex Girlfriends Club

Jazz Club

Kiss Me in The Rain

Your friend loves you

Faults in my stars

My Valentine

Nails in the coffin

burn up lifeless habits

In my bed alone

I know I left my sanity around here somewhere

Let me help

Race course

Oh My Song

Adorable Picture

Stolen lips

Country Roads

joji stop

My emergency contact

Guys Trip

Goodbye Dear Friend


Brother from another Mother

Another Lonely Day in Paradise

For Those Special Sunrise Moments

Getting lost in what I love.

Friends Are family

Friends? No, brothers

Just Trying to Chill Out Here



i wake up with drool

can’t talk rn, doing hot girl things

Lost without You

Downbeat Blues

Coated with salt

Crying Songs

Gloomy Day

Super Friends

My Heart Stealer

Easy Listening

could die for you

At My Front Door

Sad Music for Sad Souls

Make over

Picnic Time

Counting Stars

fairytale divorce

Easy Going Blues

Come Back to Me

Creative Playlist Names

Creativity is the key to creating something good, even if it is a playlist. You can name your playlist according to the type of songs and genres you have combined in your sad playlist. Here are some creative ideas for a playlist.

Lips Like Sugar

Deep Roots

Till the end

Thank goodness

The Art of Life

The Last Thumbs Up

prince cheesburger

The Coming of Age

Grateful for You

Flowers in my heart

Unexpected love

Pool Party

Spotless Mind

heaven doors

Soft Piano Melodies

Vibrant Secrets

Drifted apart

Smooth Love


Honky Tonk Heroes

Love is in the air

Broken Heart

Make It Blue, Baby

Big Heart

Reverb Jazz

Crazy Night

Dream Catcher

Back to Work

Feelings of life

Songs for First Dates

Don’t Die on me

No second Chance

alien allegro


Every Song is You

Dope days, chill nights, good company, and mellow vibes

Deep Nostalgia

Too Quick for Love

Forever never

Mood Boosting Playlist

so chill

My better Half

Time for goodbyes

K-Pop Power Hours

keep moving

Love Mood

Songs that make no sense

All the Colours of My Dreams

Timeless Love

Drinks on me

Beer and Friends

Magical Attraction

The Last Goodbye

Drink and die

You and not me


Grills of my mind

Fake Love

Love and Chill

Warm Kisses

Sisters before misters

Feelings and other stupid things

straining for expression

Songs that sound like Static Noise

Wolves In The Night

The Moment I knew

Being a MisfitI’m a child of the 80s

Drenched in you

The best of the worst

Bye Bye love


Relaxing Classical Music for Quiet Nights In

Songs to play at my Wedding

My Energy


It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I Wanna

Vacations with Buddies

Unfortunately Yours

Blame Myself

Rule the World

School life

Painful Breakup

poetry in motion

Songs to Dance

Just a Sadboi

Songs With Meanings

rebel with a cause

life is a succession of lessons

We Shall meet again

Beauty in Simplicity

Baptizing of Brandi

Study Tunes

shimmering light

Rockin’ in Red Dirt

Signs of love

Rock And Pop Hits

Fire and smoke


Winter Carrols

The teens

mouth wide shut

Purple Haze

The golden daze of summer

Fumes of despair

Hottie but Saddie

Let me down

Boys Nights

My very bad deeds

Country Clubbing

Arcade Fire

Jazz Anyway

Songs for lovers

Songs that will make you go WTF


loud for cloud

Walking in LA

Last Shake

Stay with me

Fuzzy bed

The Rolling Stones

idk what to call this playlist

The Greatest All-Cast K-Pop

Hard Bop Jazz

Baby fruit cake

Sorry not Sorry


Chill out

An Incomplete List of Songs I Love That You Probably Hate

United We Die

All-American Heartbreak

stumbling is not falling

Crazy in Love

Tap Tap Rains

Down the Honky Tonk Highway

404 not found

Don’t be fancy, just get dancy

Plate filled of hope

All for you

Party Playlist

Somebody else to love

Inspiring K-Pop

Almost Over You

My sad pillow

My boo gone

Baby Can I?

Well, oh well


Our first little touch

Midnight Blue

Bonds of Love

Soothing Music

psycho deh lick

Fluffy Breakups

Songs about food

Flower garden

Friends Together

Where is my peace

School time

My pieces

Somewhere Over the Rainbow


Petrol to my fire

no-sense feel-good

Gray Life

Oracle of life

Stay Strong bro

Junk of my heart

Gigantic Heart

We’re made of stardust

Tonight, I’m Loving

Sunday Beers

Sweet Heart

there is rhythm in emptiness

lana del ray of sunshine

Long Drive Playlist

Smooth Jazz Grooves

Fight for you

Smooth flow

Past romance

Partner in Crime

cosmic scoot

Listen With Caution

funky by seven

My Angel

If you like anxiety, you should try depression

Songs that make me go Swoosh

totally white thoughts

Summer Time

Season of love

Magic of love

Dear Friend

Relaxing Songs to Help You Sleep 😴

Feel Good Mixtape

Beneath the stars

2000s Break up songs

Heart Jump

The Soundtrack to Your Summer

Special Person.

Forgotten Me

House Party

K-Pop With a Twist

Top Love Songs

folk songs

Happiness comes in waves

Pit of Darkness

My Favorite Trashy Pop Songs for When I’m Feeling Basic

More of you

Adventures Together

Deep Night

Orange Caramel

Bad Buddies

Peaceful Nights

shorthand of emotion

Switch down

Beautiful Tunes

Tap to feel Despair

There is no angry way to say bubbles

Billboard Mashup

find all anti’s here

Outrageous Gypsy Jazz

Groove Zone

musical ideas

Serene Satisfaction

Another Day

Lowkey Indie



Extreme heat

wop fleck

Americana Glory

Symphony of The Soul

Broken by you

Summer broke me

Gifted from above

My Romeo

Yesterday’s Gone

Teen days

bamboleo bootcamp

Get Your Hank On Tonight

Text Me

Walking down

My Devil

The lost love

More Jazzy Stuff

Lips touch

nerds with beards

Lovers Playlist

You lied

Silence Hurt Babe

Bruised not Broken

Helpless Line

Love is Dangerous


Last Ride

To an old friend

Songs to cry on

Bedroom Time

Something in Common

Candle Light

Fly Me to The Moon

Sad Playlist Name Generator

Sad Playlist Name Generator

Explore our Sad Playlist Name Generator for creative, unique name ideas instantly!

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