191+ Superb Save Flames Slogans

The place where we live,  the place where way, the place where we sleep is no other than the earth. To use the resources in such a way that it won’t hamper nature or the surface of the earth. 

The earth’s surface needs to protect in today’s era from harmful chemicals, toxins, etc. The exploitation of the resources and due to industrialization, the surface of the earth adversely affected.

Best Save Flames Slogans

  • Save resources
  • Fight for a better tomorrow
  • Every effort counts
  • You are in this too
  • Save flames, save lives
  • Future lies in our hands
  • It’s time to take proper actions
  • Think about the consequences
  • Everything comes to an end, use with care

The surface of the earth needs to be protected and sustainable development is in need so that the future generation could also take the benefits of natural resources. 

Nature provides us with these resources so to use it not to misuse them. It is our prime duty to save the surface of the earth and return the earth as it was given to us.

It is our responsibility to take measures to keep intact our earth and its surface.  ‘

List of Best Save Flames Slogans

Start campaign to save the earth 

Participate in the campaign to save the surface 

Need to save the earth. 

Place where we eat 

The place with a lot of space 

Place where we sleep 

Introduce many policies and schemes to save flames 

Take measures to save the earth 

Grow with nature 

Growth and development with nature 

Nature and nurture

Don’t destroy nature 

Works with nature 

Protect nature by saving the earth 

Only earth has water 

Only on earth, life is possible 

Maintain the ecosystem and nature 

Survival of the fittest 

Maintain the balance between nature and nurture 

Leave some space for nature 

Need space to live, save the earth 

Save water,  save the life

Work with organisation to save the earth 

Establish organisation and institution 

Active participation to save your life too 

No more danger to earth resources 

Natural resources with earth surface 

Take action to save flames

Need protection of flames 

Launch projects to save the earth 

Human beings are responsible for damage of earth 

Work selflessly to save flames 

We must save flames 

It’s our responsibility to save flames 

Take the responsibility of saving the surface 

Protect our flames with your names 

Development did not hamper the earth 

No more damage 

Don’t exploit resources 

Don’t abuse the surface 

Take preventive measures 

Aware of your duty.

Duty towards flames 

Duty towards nature. 

Don’t destroy the resources. 

Optimum use of resources 

Earth gives you survival 

Don’t create an imbalance 

Grow and develop with nature 

Learn together, grow together 

Rise and shine with nature 

Don’t damage nature, nature is a creature 

Keep nature intact, and then act 

Government take preventive measures 

Say no to exploitation 

Say yes to save flames 

Say yes to save the earth. 

Don’t play with nature 

Nourish your development via nature 

Nature learn many things 

No more assault to nature 

Find the solution

Call the organisation to save the earth 

Save a tree, save flames 

Save nature, save flames. 

Save animals, save flames 

Not support the destruction of flames 

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Take some time and support 

Support the campaign to save flames 

save flames slogans

Let realise people and aware to save 

Realization and satisfaction is the ultimate goal 

Don’t destruct the nature 

Don’t think, just act. 

Don’t listen, take action.

Contribute for saving of flames 

Say yes to policy, “save flames”

Spread the awareness to save flames

Optimum use, don’t misuse 

Think about your nature. 

Think about your life 

Help the organization to save flames 

Spent time to spread awareness 

Work for saving flames

Frame rules and regulations to save flames 

Save the flames with bright lames 

Support the government in its policies 

Give your views and options to save flames 

Present your views to save flames 

Don’t worry, just do it hurry 

Don’t  think about the result, just work to save flames 

No more restriction and have some sentiments 

Flames saving gives many benefits 

Take responsibility for saving flames 

Introduce certain laws to save flames. 

Found all over the world. 

Why play with nature? 

Restricted use and cut of forest 

Conserve and preserve gases

Do Not neglect you can suspect and inspect 

Fire Prevention Is Self Protection for your life 

The burning house is burning shame, save flames 

Safety is in your hands 

Safety first, then anything 

Safety Ever, Fires Never

Common Sense Saves many lives 

“Sowing matches with ashes 

Safely Reaping Ashes.

Careless Hands Are firebrands and in trend 

No more selfishness 

Don’t break the rules 

Don’t take rest, work to save 

Have some fear of flames 

Jump to the long-distance and destroy everything 

Feel the presence and heat 

Heat can beat your life 

Grab its prey from long distance 

Fond of oil and diesel 

No leakage, no harm 

No harm to your body 

No harm to your property 

No harm at your place 

Don’t play with fire 

Don’t play with your life. 

Fire with safety 

Flames bright the light but with safety. 

It ignites and bright 

No more person use 

Most violent and lead to silence 

No one can win from flames 

No more flames 

Everything destroys with flames

Children And Lighters Don’t Go Together

No combination of children and lighters 

When Flames Go Up everything goes down 

Nations Go Down, flames up 

A match may be down but not out 

Safety Slogans with Images 

Lark Your Matches In A Safety Zone.

Don’t get overexcited, it fire ignites 

Don’t play with flames it takes you to god lane 

Don’t flirt with fire

Don’t lit the fire 

Save flames, save the life 

Save flames,  save a forest 

Save flames,  save property 

Safety is in your hand 

Safety is at your part 

Safety is at your part 

Maintain your safety 

Protect your life with safety 

Flames give you fear 

Free from fear but safe with flames 

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The accident went if your safety on 

No more accident, save flames 

Do it with precaution, save flames 

Precaution is better than cure 

Be safe with flames 

Fire prevention is the ultimate intention 

Have the intention but with precaution 

Certain precaution and safety with flames 

Adopt precaution to stop the destruction 

No more restriction and cause destruction 

Save flames and save your life 

save flames slogans
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