199+ Clever Save Girl Child Slogans

God creates human beings which include 3 genders as man, women, and transgender. But for many years people are trying to suppress the woman and kill the girl child either before or after their birth.

In almost every country killing of girl child is a punishable crime but still, it is happening.  Humanity itself suppresses and hides somewhere due to which such a genius crime has been committed for years.

Here are Best Slogans on Save Girl Child

  • Don’t understand the power of a girl
  • Children are precious
  • Stop judging by gender
  • Let them to live
  • Don’t be a murderer
  • Gender is not a choice
  • Save life, no matter what
  • Girls are not insignificant
  • They have the right to live
  • We live in a society

This is a punishable crime but what about the life of that innocent girl child. No one can return the life of a girl child, many posters, manifestations, and slogans have been written it stop the killing of the girl child and save it.

Nature where the girl is only going to give the birth of the child and it has been killing so ruthlessly. It is necessary to understand the gravity of the crime and start saving the girl child. 

List of Best Save Girl Child Slogans

Save the girl child 

Girls are also human being 

Gift of god 

The creature made by god 

It’s a crime, takes no time 

Don’t go beyond nature

Learn from nature 

Respect the girl child 

The girl only gives birth 

Girl education, future satisfaction 

It’s your blood, don’t kill it 

The girl has a right to live 

Don’t kill, save her 

Love the girl child 

Care and concern for girl child 

Don’t go beyond limits 

Nourish your girl child 

Nature and nurture the girl child 

Learn together, grow together 

Rise and shine with a girl child 

Girl child gives you happiness 

She comes with her luck. 

Comes with her destiny 

Who you are to kill the girl child 

God sent her,  accept it, save it 

Thanks to God for giving you girl child 

No more bullying

No more sympathy 

Birth of a girl, an auspicious day 

Birth of girl child,  celebrate the moment 

Celebrate the birth of a girl child 

It’s your life, save the girl life 

Don’t misuse the power 

Don’t break the rules 

Follow the rules 

Follow the laws of saving girl child 

Don’t go beyond the laws and rules 

Nourish your daughter 

Let allow your daughter to live 

Let allow your daughter to do

Achieve what you want 

Let your daughter educate 

The girl also has eight to educate 

Girls are the future of the nation 

Have some patience, your girl make you proud 

Patience and succession 

Be passionate, don’t worry 

Don’t worry about the future 

Secure your girl child future 

No more killing 

No more outbreak of laws 

Punishment to outbreaks 

No more restriction on girls 

No more extra sympathy on girls 

Let girl allow to live freely

Feel free and safe in the nation 

Save girl child for betterment 

Aware of the laws 

Don’t commit the heinous crime 

Walk with nature 

Talk to your girl child 

Let her learn everything 

Make her personality like the sun 

Don’t bother about girl and boy 

Don’t create inequality 

Remove inequality and establish equality 

Don’t give up 

Hope for the best, all the best 

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Don’t take tension, girl and boy get the same succession 

Be aware of all the laws. 

Let her make you proud 

Let her accept it.

Let give her one chance to show 

Born not to impress but to express 

Don’t impress anyone 

Do what you want in your life 

Achieve everything that you want 

Say your goal and make the goal 

Don’t take rest, just be the best 

Don’t work to prove, but work to secure 

The girl also has a right fly 

The girl also has a right to achieve its aim 

Achieve your aim with your mains 

Don’t listen to others,  just focus on goal yours 

Don’t let others speak absurd 

God’s creature with nature 

Girls mature faster than boys 

princess of your father 

Don’t take it easy and fun 

It’s a crime against girl 

It’s a crime against humanity 

It possesses no logic to kill a girl child 

Create your world 

Respect girl child 

Celebrate the moment of girl birth 

Organise a party on the girls birth 

Protection of girl child 

Take measure to protect 

No more problems 

No discrimination against girls

Not a burden

No more privileges to the boys

No more restriction 

Don’t confine girls to house

Grab the opportunities to learn and grow 

Contribute to saving the girl child 

Participate in a campaign for saving girl child 

Organise and manage a campaign 

Campaign for saving girl child 

Support the campaign to save girl child 

Important to save 

Important to educate girls

Establish NGO to save 

Work to save girl child 

No more violence against a girl 

Prohibit female infanticide 

Support with participation to save 

Active participation to save 

Increase confidence level 

Develop your thinking level 

Develop analytical power and think 

Need your participation 

Address to save girl child 

Give Independence to a girl child 

Equal treatment to a girl child 

Equal benefits to a girl child 

Women empowerment, first save girl child 

Provide Equality to a girl child 

Freedom and liberty to a girl child 

Provided quality and holistic education

Benefits educating girls the right way

Educated girls, take the right decisions 

Socio-economic progress 

Work for growth of girl child 

Work for progress and development 

Raise voice to save girl child 

Speak for girl child 

Raise your hands to participate 

Participate and anticipate 

Entire generation benefits 

Introduce different scheme to save 

Introduce different policies 

Let the people aware 

Let people realize that girl and boy are equal 

Introduce the best way to save 

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No more sympathy for women 

Take measure to prevent 

Educate the Girl Child

Change the mindset 

Organise rallies for change 

Organise events for change 

Change the patriarchal society 

No more male domination 

No more compulsion. 

No force to kill the girl child 

Don’t compel anyone 

Stop male domination 

Don’t kill humanity 

Protect humanity, save a girl with unity 

Unity in movement

Introduce movements for change 

Revolution for saving girl child 

The girl is the future 

No more killing and Female Infanticide 

Prohibit girl from killing 

Make it punishable 

Make the posters to save girl child 

The girl is the happiness 

A girl brings you happiness

Girl education is needed 

Equal facilities to all 

Right to live a life happy and prosperous life 

save girl child slogans
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