208+ Clever Save Tigers Slogans

The tiger is not only an animal but one of the unique animals which play a vital role in the terms of health and diversity of the ecosystem.

It is considered as the predator on the food chain and placed at the top position in the same. Not only does this tiger also keep the population of wild animals in check, but it is very important to save the tiger.

As in today’s era, the extinction of the tiger is at a high pace.

Best Save Tiger Slogans

  • Save these majestic creatures
  • Let them live
  • Their life matters
  • Don’t kill the tiger
  • Preserve wildlife
  • Don’t let them go extinct
  • Don’t disrupt the eco-system
  • The days of hunting is over
  • It’s our responsibility
  • Save them while you can

The purpose of saving the tiger is to maintain the balance between herbivores and vegetation fields. 

However, the existence of the tiger is an indication of well-being in the ecosystem and its extinction from the forest indicates that the ecosystem is not protected and exist for a long period.

Thus many organizations and intuition have been running for years for the protection of tigers. Schemes and policies also introduced 

List of Best Save Tiger Slogans

Save the tiger 

Protect tiger from extinction 

Start a campaign to protect the tiger 

Participate in the campaign to save the tiger 

Introduce many policies and schemes to save the tiger 

Take measures to save the tiger 

Tiger is at extinction. 

Grow with nature 

Nature and nurture. 

Don’t destroy nature 

Protect nature by saving the tiger 

Maintain the ecosystem 

Maintain the balance 

Predator of the food chain 

Charismatic wild animal 

Need to keep in a cage 

Leave some space for tigers 

Need space to live 

It’s pride if the world 

Don’t take the life of a tiger. 

Work with organisation to save the tiger 

Establish organisation and institution 

Active participation to save the tiger 

No more danger to tiger 

Take action to save the tiger 

Tiger is at extinction period 

No use of entertainment. 

Stop using tiger for personal use

Stop  making fur or clothes 

No can take tiger life 

Also has a right to life. 

Don’t kill tigers for your joy 

Tiger preserve the wildlife treasure

Tigers are a treasure. 

Don’t lose tigers

Don’t use tiger skin and bones 

Time to save the tiger 

Tigers are endangered species 

Don’t make tigers endangered 

Introduce projects to save the tiger 

Declared as endangered species 

Need protection of tigers 

Launch projects to save tigers 

Human beings are responsible for tigers extinction 

Work selflessly to save tigers 

We must save the tiger 

It’s our responsibility to save tigers. 

Take the responsibility 

Preserve our wildlife 

Development does not hamper wildlife 

It’s illegal, it’s crime to kill tigers 

No more extinction. 

No more illegal entertainment 

Increase in the number of killings 

Take steps to protect the tiger 

Take preventive measures 

Aware of your duty.

Duty towards animals protection 

Duty towards nature. 

Don’t destroy the wildlife 

Don’t create an imbalance in the food chain 

Grow and develop with nature 

Learn together, grow together 

Rise and shine with nature 

Don’t damage nature. 

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Keep nature intact 

Government take preventive measures 

Say no to Roger products

Say yes to save tigers 

Restrict the use of tiger products

save tiger slogans

Prohibit the products made up of tiger skin. 

Take legal action against the killing of a tiger 

Treat tiger equal 

Equal treatment needed 

Tiger is not just animal 

Tiger also has a family 

Built strong laws to save the tiger 

Strict laws to save the tiger 

Do not kill the tiger 

Don’t cut the house of tigers,  forest 

Don’t take tigers livelihood 

Human responsible to destroy wildlife 

Human responsible to destroy the forest 

Don’t play with nature 

Nourish your development via nature 

Nature learn many things 

Find the solution 

Don’t support the illegal trade of tiger product

Report the police. 

Call the organisation to report 

Not support the destruction of tigers. 

Take some time and support 

Support the campaign to save the tiger.

Let realise people and aware to save 

Realization and satisfaction is the ultimate goal 

Gift tigers their life 

Don’t destruct the habitat. 

Don’t think, just act. 

Don’t listen, take action.

Contribute for saving of tiger 

Say yes to policy, “save tiger” 

Spread the awareness to save the tiger 

Think about your nature. 

Help the organization to save the tiger 

Spent time to spread awareness 

Work for tigers livelihood. 

Work for tigers safety 

Frame rules and regulations to save the tiger 

Support the government in its policies 

Give your views and options. 

Present your views it saves tigers 

Don’t worry, just do it hurry 

Don’t  think about the result, just work 

The population of tigers decreases 

Healthy life of a tiger

No more bullying or killing

No more torturing or cheating

No more restriction and have some sentiments 

Tigers saving gives many benefits 

Take responsibility for the existence 

Introduce certain laws 

Don’t cut the forest and take tigers home. 

Let the tiger freely move in the forest.

Don’t hunt, just to satisfy 

Cover or Panthera tigris. 

Carnivorous animal, a mammal 

Let live mammal and animal both 

Found all over the world. 

white, blue and orange with black stripes.

Hide from hunting 

No more hunting 

It looks royal and pride 

Tiger is so strong 

Known for its power, grace and agility 

Several species of a tiger on earth 

Why play with nature? 

Restricted use and cut of forest 

Conserve and preserve tiger 

Maintain the number of Tiger 

The larger animal in the cat family 

Know about tigers species 

Different black stripes.

Black stripes to hide from hunting 

Vary in size and weight

Giant in size 

Control the condition of extinction. 

Control the use of tiger skin products 

No more selfishness 

Don’t be cruel with tiger 

Don’t take the life of a tiger 

Don’t break the rules 

Don’t take rest, work to save 

Have some fear of the tiger 

Jump to the long distance. 

Tiger is so calm and clever. 

Feel the presence 

Grab its prey from long distance 

Fond of blood and flesh 

Maintain the food web 

Tigers are lord of 

the jungle

Wealth of wildlife 

Combination of strength with power 

Don’t be clever with tiger 

Respect Tiger and it’s esteem

Make it national animal

Need heavy food 

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Don’t play with tiger 

Tiger is more clever than you 

Save tiger, don’t use it for hunting 

No more person use 

Most violent animal 

No one can win from tiger 

Asiatic carnivorous animal 

Lives in dense forest 

save tiger slogans

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