Top 42+ Best Scooter brands in the World

Scooters are one of the primary modes of transfer for most of the people throughout the world. Scooters are light, very easy to use, and can be easily parked with respect to other vehicles. Earlier there were scooters that needed kick start but now most of them are motorized and have self starts.

Due to such features, scooters are always experiencing a great demand in the market and many new companies are trying to introduce better models in the near future.

Scooter brands in the World

Genuine Scooter Company

Country: United States of America

It was founded in 2002. They are a well-known company for producing various models of scooters. The company is popular for its Stella and Buddy model series. Their current model line includes scooters such as Buddy 50, Rattler 50, Roughhouse 50, Venture 50, Hooligan 170i to name a few.

Z Electric Vehicle

Country: United States of America

It is one of the famous brands in electrical scooters around the world.

It was founded by Darus H. Zehrbach Jr in 2006. They mainly produce electrical scooters. They have markets in 24 countries globally. They have produced many models but among them, Zev 3600 is the most notable one.

Adly Moto

Country: Taiwan

The company came into existence in 1978. They make motorcycles, petrol and electric scooters to name a few. Her Chee Industrial Company Ltd runs this brand. Adly GTA 50 is one of their notable models.

Aeon Motor

Country: Taiwan

The company came into existence in 1998. They produce ATVs, scooters, mini bikes to name a few. Some of their scooter models are Aero, Nox, Argon, CO-IN 125, Echo, etc.


Country: Italy

It was founded in 1945. They mainly produce world-class two-wheelers. Currently, it is under Piaggio & Co. SpA. Some of its scooter models are SR 50 R, SR 50 Street, SR 150 Race, Storm 125 to name a few. The brand also takes part in various races such as MotoGP, Motocross, and Supermoto.


Country: Iran

It was founded in 1974. It was formed by the combined efforts of the IDRO Group and the Ministry of Energy of Iran. They produce electric motorcycles, scooters, transmission towers to name a few.


Country: China

It was founded in 1994. They produce motorcycles and scooters. They have various models such as Baotian BT49QT-9, Baotian Eagle 50, Baotian Falcon 50, Baotian Tanco 125, Baotian Citibike 125 to name a few.


Country: South Korea

It was established in 1962. It is a division of Daelim Group that produces motor scooters, ATV, motorcycles to name a few. They have scooter models such as Besbi 125, Delfino 125, B-Bone 125, S-Five 50, A-Four 50 to name a few. The brand has left a mark with its products in many countries that include Germany, Italy, Australia, etc.


Country: Spain

It was founded by Simeo Rabasa I Singla in 1922. They produce scooters, mopeds, vehicles, motorcycles, etc. Currently, it is under Piaggio. They have current models of scooters such as Atlantis, Boulevard, GP1, Bullet to name a few.


Country: Germany/ Poland

It was founded by Thomas Grubel and Nicholas Holdcraft in 2009. They produce various types of electric vehicles.  They are also known for their various innovations such as belt drive, lithium-ion accumulator, etc. They have scooter models such as The Go! S series for people with personal use and The Go! T series for the people with the delivery use.


Country: Italy

It was founded by Giuseppe Gilera in 1909. They produce motorcycles and scooters. They have scooter models such as the Runner series. The brand has its roots in racing history as they have won the European Championships and Grand Prix motorcycle racing several times. Currently, it is a part of the Piaggio Group.


Country: Taiwan

The company came into existence in 2011 by Horace Luke and Matt Taylor. They produce scooters and energy networks. They mainly produce smart scooters that are equipped with all modern amenities and innovations. Magnet Synchronous Motors are used with exchangeable Panasonic lithium-ion batteries. The scooters can even be controlled with the help of mobile applications.


Country: Japan

The brand was founded by Hamamatsu in 1948. Since then this brand has been associated with the manufacturing of motorcycles, scooters along with commercial vehicles, luxury vehicles, and many teams in both Formula One and Motorcycle Grand Prix. They have various scooter models such as Honda Activa, Honda Cliq, Honda Grazia, Honda Dio to name a few.

KR Motors

Country: South Korea

It was founded in 1978. They produce Sportbikes, cruisers, motorcycles, scooters, ATVs, off-road bikes, etc. They have several scooter models such as Exceed, Rapid, Megajet to name a few. Currently, it is under Kolao Holdings.


Country: Taiwan

KYMCO stands for Kwang Yang Motor Co, Ltd. It was founded in 1963. They mainly produce motorcycles, scooters, and ATV’s. They have many scooter models such as Kymco Activ, Kymco Filly 50, Kymco G3, Kymco Like 125 to name a few.


Country: Italy

It was established by Antonio Malaguti in 1930. They make scooters, motorcycles, etc. They produce many scooter models such as F15 Firefox, F10 Jet Line, F12 Phantom, F18 Warrior to name a few. Currently, it is under KSR- Group GmbH.


Country: France

They are a very famous brand in France. It was founded in 1984. They mainly produce scooters and components. They are known for their iconic model MBK Booster. They form a part of Yamaha Motor Company Ltd.


Country: France

It was founded by Armand Peugeot in 1898. They mainly produce various kinds of two-wheelers. They have scooter models such as Peugeot Rapido, Peugeot Speedfight, Peugeot Ludix to name a few. They are also a big name in Motorsports.

PGO Scooters

Country: Taiwan

It was founded in 1964. They manufacture scooters, ATVs, and motorcycles. Some of their models are Hooligan, Blur, Buddy( under Genuine Scooters), Bubu, G-Max(on its own) to name a few. Currently, it is under the Motive Power Industry.


Country: Japan

This brand has been associated with not only motorcycles but also with four-wheel-drive vehicles, all-terrain drive vehicles, outboard marine engines, etc. Founded by Michio Suzuki in 1909 it is now well known for its quality engines and racing teams. They have various scooter models such as Burgman Street, Access to name a few.


Country: Italy

It was founded in 1884 by Rinaldo Piaggio. They produce motor vehicles such as motorcycles, scooters, etc. It is a very big conglomerate that has many famous brands under its wing. Some of its models are Piaggio MP3 three-wheel scooter, Piaggio X8, Piaggio NRG to name a few.


Country: United Kingdom

It was founded in 2005 by Frank Sanderson and Paul Melici. They mainly produce scooters. They have models such as Turismo Leggera, Turismo Technica to name a few.


Country: Japan

One of the best motorcycle companies in the world founded by Genichi Kawakami in 1955. They also manufacture scooters, boats, personal watercraft, etc. They are also a powerhouse in various racing events and competitions. They have various scooter models such as Yamaha Ray ZR 125, Yamaha Ray ZR 113 CC, Yamaha Fascino, Yamaha Xmax to name a few.


Country: Italy

It was founded in 1946. It is a brand that comes under Piaggio and is known for producing world-class scooters. Their models include Vespa Rally 180, VBB Standard 150, 90 Racer to name a few. Apart from this, they are also a very big name in the racing industry.

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