Secret Santa Team Names: 600+ Catchy and Cool Names - (Guide + Generator)

Secret Santa Team Names: 600+ Catchy and Cool Names

Christmas is loved by all of us and is celebrated all over the world. One interesting aspect of Christmas is Santa! Remember how we used to get so excited about getting gifts from Santa in childhood!

Secret Santa is a holiday tradition where people give each other gifts without knowing who they’re giving them to. You get to choose what kind of gift you want to receive, and then you must send someone else a gift of equal value.

You are on the right page if you are wondering what name you should keep for your secret Santa team.

Cool Secret Santa Team Names

Christmas is the time we all eagerly wait for the whole year. We receive gifts! That is something we all love, and when it comes to secret Santa, we are even more eager to know who is giving and what gift we are getting. Here are some cool names for your team:

You want gifts? HO HO HO

Snow Place Like Home

Operation Yuletree.

Sleigh My Name, Sleigh My Name

Roasted Chestnuts

Holly Jolly Heroes

The Sleigh Team

Stocking Stuffers

A Giftin’ Mood

Santa’s $8/ Hour Helpers

A Jolly Good Time

The Nice List

The Mistletoe Jockstraps

Donner’s Honors

The Pregnant Virgins

The Holidaze

Frosty’s Drive

A Not-So-Silent Night

Team Naughty

The Ho Ho Hoes.

Christmas Cookie Stans

Rudolf’s Rockin’ Reindeer Bash

The Red Nose Reindeers

Dreaming Of Secret Santa

Eggnog Nation

The Maids A Milkin’


The Balls of Holly

Tinsel And Tequila

Frosty Fest 2022

Jingle Ballers

Sweet Cane Collective

Tidings & Tinsel

Purple-Nosed Country

Creation Aces

Ugly Sweater Union

Candy Cane Cuties

Just Pine

Crew of Carolers

Jingle Jangles

Garland Guild

My Reindeer Friends

Aboard The Polar Express

Snow Angels

For The Festivi-teas

All The Jingle Ladies

Frosty’s Force

The Stocking Stuffers

Festivus For the Rest of Us

The Quiz Kringles

Mistletoe & Win

Always Sleighin’

Always Merry And Right

Wreath It And Weep

Holidaze 2022

Jingle Bell Rockout

Berry Good Friends

Christmas Stars

Santa’s Little Helpers

Myrrh Friend Hangs

Candy Cane Cordial

Merry & Brilliant

Tree-mendous Friends

Special Snowflakes

Blitzen’s Brazens

Extra SANTAmental

Feeling Santa-mental

Jingle Ball 2022

The Ultimate Sleighs

ELFmade Males

Vixen’s Pixies

Jingle Ball (Current Year)

Sugar Plum Angels

Christmas Carrolls

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells

All Of The Other Reindeer

Mistle-toast To My Friends

The Fruitcakes

We Sleigh


Secret Santa Team Names

Catchy Secret Santa Team Names

A catchy team name is always the most interesting. The person who will receive the gift will keep thinking about who has given them and will try to recognize you by the team’s name! If the name is catchy, the person will be intrigued. It can be a great start to Christmas! 

Who’s Getting Coal?

Not-So-Silent Chat

Holiday Ho-Ho-Hoedown

Rudolph’s Rebels

Flying Santas

Wrap Artists

Santa’s $8/ Hour Helpers

Tiffany’s Always Works

The Naughty Or Nice List


Tinsel Troupe

Yule Be Surprised

You Bake Life Better


Santa Soiree

Lil’ Drummer Dudes

Jolly Raunchers

The Roasting Chestnuts


Love Actually

The Chimney Crashers

Mistletoe Kisses

Team Krampus

Ready, Set, Glow



Yule Love These Gifts

“So Much Humbug” Holiday Party

Blitzen’s Brazens

Silent Night… Never

Santa’s Sweet Cookies

Grinch Gang

Merry Little Christmas Party

Holiday Hoopla


Advent Aces

Orna-meant To Be

Blitzen’s Ball

Makin’ Spirits Brighter

Dancer’s Lancers

Let’s Spruce It Up

My Merry Mates

No Coal Zone

It’s Snow-time

Yule to be Kind

The Whos

Santa’s Sidekicks

Fir-ever Friends

Sports Blog Names

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen…

Plaid Posse

Drinking Reinbeer

Santa’s Helpers

Jack Frost Jubilee

A Penny Fir Your Thoughts

The Jingle Belles

Icy What You Did There

Red-y For It

Sugar Plum Fairies

1st Annual Snow Ball

Fir Real Crew

There’s Snow Place Like Here

Can’t Help Our Elves

Three Wise Men

Candy Canes

Most Wine-derful Crew

Donner’s Honours

My Xmas Cookies

That’s A Wrap

Tinsel Toes

A Bunch Of Whos

Silent Knights

The Jingle Balls

The Noel-It-Alls

Pinin’ Fir You

Silver Bells

Family Nicknames

Love You From Head To Mistletoe

Eggnog Country

Lumps of Coal

Trending Secret Santa Team Names

Best Secret Santa Team Names

Christmas is the best time of the year. We receive the most unexpected gifts ever. A secret Santa gift exchange is a fun way to get gifts for people who may not know what they want. So, to make your team name the best, we have some names for you.

A Very Tipsy Christmas

ELFmade Men

Prancer’s Enhancers

Santas Little Trotters

Chillin’ Holiday Hangout

Winter Warlocks

Ho’s and Bro’s

Winter Wonderland

Christmas Crew

Don’t Open Your Gifts Early

Yule Love Us

Scrum Team Name Generator

Santa Paws

Ho Ho Ho Heroes

The Three Wise Men (and Women).

Santa’s Secret Squad

Naughty & Great

Rudolph’s Red-Noses

Never Fir-get You

The Mistletoe Wonderers

Don’t Get Caroled Away

Ho Ho Ho’s

Gingerbread House Party

The Parumpapapums

Retail-Slave Elves

Snow Mates For Life

Sugarplum Celebration

Kwanza Kolleagues

We Are Peppermint To Be

The Naughty List

My Friends Are Snow Joke

Tinsel Tangles

Peppermint To Be

Lights Of My Life

X-mas X-citement

Jolly Saint Hicks

Wrappin’ It Up

The Jingle Bells

Merry Zoomas

The Abominable Snow Girls

Team Santa

Jolly Saint Dicks

Best In Snow

The Roaring Chestnuts

Your Presents Is Requested

I Glove You

Toy Makers

December To Remember

Pigs in Blankets

Resting Grinch Faces

Chained Reindeer

Festive Fiesta

Jolly Jamboree

Jingle Bell Bros

Mulled Wine Militia

Polar Specific Celebration

Check Your Elf

Smart Cookies

Sleigh What?

Make It Rein

Enjoying The Festivi-teas

All Aboard The Polar Express

Lit Friends

Sleigh Ride Rebels

Jingle Belles

Lit AF

The Silent Knights

A Christmas Party (Don’t Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid!)

Birch, Please

Scrooge’s Little Helpers

Winter Wonderland (Current Year)

My Grinches

Santa’s Secretaries

1st Annual Goodwill Gala

The Jolly Hollies

Elves On Shelves

Snow Way

Holly Jolly Holiday Party

Scrooge-Free Zone

We will deck your halls!

Amazing Secret Santa Team Names

Getting secret gifts from our friends and family makes us happy. Talking about Christmas, Secret Santa is a great way to give secret gifts to your loved ones, and they will never know who! If you are planning to surprise them this Christmas, here are some names for you!


We Believe!

Festivus Freaks

We Noel It All

Dachshund Through The Snow

This Twas Us

Holly Jollys

Jingle Ballers The Roasting Chestnuts

Cocktails and Candy Canes

Three Kings Tribe

Merrily Missin’ You

Miracle on [Host Street Address]

Rebels Without A Claus

Just Go Along Wreath It

Solstice StarFighters

Wrap It Up

Love You Deerly

Jolly Holly Killers

The Lil’ Drumma Boyz


The Holy Rollers

Football Nicknames

Naughty But Nice

1st Annual “Naughty or Nice” Party

Stinky Stalkings

Sleigh All Day

The Final Sleighs

Fir Sure Friends

Lighting & Ice

Meowy Christmas

The Demented Elves

Prancer’s Enhancers

Say It Ain’t Snow

The Wise Men

Snow Matter What

Band of Snowmen

Catty Canes

Nutcracker Bash

The Holly Berries

Mistletoe Mania

Jolly Saint Pricks

Santa’s Helpers

We Snow The Drill

Here For You 100 Present


The Promise Keepers

Santa’s Sugar Cookies

Whole Lot Of Glove

Lil’ Drumma boyz

Cheeses of Nazareth

The Gingerbread Fam

Chimney Climbers

Rudolph’s Drinking Buddies

Elves Belles

Merry Quizmas

Winter Wonderland 2022

Sprucing Things Up

Tinsel Troop

Lights & Ice

Yule Log League

Santa’s Babies

Wrap Stars

Winter Wingding

Making Spirits Bright

Watts Up

Love At Frost Sight

Angels on Horseback

Gangster Wrappers

Jingle Junkies

Polar Express Party

Rudolphis asleep

License To Chill


A December to Remember

Be Claus I Love You

Jolly Saint Tricks

Taking Elfies

Stocking Squad

Bah Humbug Gang

Great Chemis-tree

Awesome Secret Santa Names

Making our loved ones special on special occasions is overwhelming. An awesome name will add to the overwhelming charm of the festival. We are here for you if you are looking for some awesome names. Here are some awesome names for your secret Santa team.

Santa’s squadron

A rawly jolly Christmas

Hanukah Haus

Santa Babies

Car Names for Girls

Dashing Throw The Bros

Jolly Good Fellows

What’s Your Poinsettia?

Squad Sleighs Together

Rogue Reindeer

What’s The Zoom Link Again?

Three Kings

Scrooge Society

The Grinch Faces

Tinsel Bells

Gingerbread Fairies

Team Red & Green


Say It Ain’t Snow

Getting Caroled Away

Jingle Ladies

The Little Elves That Could

Marshmallow Kisses


Rudolph’s Red-Noses

High Elf-esteem

Dak the Rawls

Team Nice

Dashing Through the Hoes

Red Nose Reindeers

Snow One More Important

Sleigh Experience Rebels

Up To Snow Good

Santa Claws

Hipppie Girls

Rooftop Rebels

Hot Toddies

Yuletide Magic

Rein Dears

The Claus Family

Distance Makes The Heart Grow Merrier

Ice To Have Some Friends

Lil’ Drummer Boyz

We Are The Elves

Fa La La Family

Donner’s Honours

We’re FabYULEous

Peppermint Twists

The Ho Ho Hoes

We see flakes

Cotton-Headed Ninny Muggins

Sleigh Belles

Dancer’s Lancers

Having A Jingle Ball

Naughty & Nice

The Holiday Hangout


The Stuff In My Stocking

3 Kings Tribe

Takes One To Snow One

Buddy The Elf Would Approve

Un-fir-gettable Friends

The Santa Clauses

Snow Sisters

Further SANTAmental

Rudolph And Co.

Santa Says hi

ELFabet Soup

Xmas Mischief

Naughty Nutcrackers

Holidaze (Current Year)

My Presents

Snow Much Fun

An Evening of Merrymaking

Naughty List

Don and the Gay Apparels

Frosty Fest (Current Year)

Joyous Tidings

The White Elephant In The Room

The Gingerbread Men

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