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100+ Top Sewing blogs and Pages name Ideas

Crafting a beautiful embroidery or a design is a great hobby to be showcased. Hence many of the tailors create blogs to guide people on how to sew and update them with the newer designs.A blog is a webpage which allows users to share their hobby or opinion among people. Blogging has evolved as a great profession these days.

Top 15 Sewing Blogs of the World

Cotton + Curls This is a true inspiration for all those who have newly taken interest in sewing, the blogger keeps showering you with the ideas to transform your old garments into a fabulous outfit with that tinge of coolness. This particular blog also has a You-Tube channel which is nothing short of fascination.

The Food Line This blog may interest you with the new ideas of trending fashion and all the latest news on sewing which can take you to the sewing paradise within just minutes after visiting the blog. This online sewing community posts various experiments, adventures, success which help the readers to get a complete experience of sewing.

Sew Over It The blog published in back 2011 have one mantra that is to teach and train the people in every way possible whether its varieties of fabrics or patterns, the blog has it all. The blog will guide you through all the tips and ideas that make fashion a part of yourself. This blog is a must-read if you want to experience the best of all.

Tilly And The Buttons Tilly, the blogger never compromises on the quality of the blog posts keeping in mind to engage all the readers whether beginner or a professional. The blog mainly focuses on simple yet elegant designs, easy to learn sewing patterns, latest news. The blog gives you new ideas to refashion your old garments.

Curvy Sewing Collective This online sewing community is there for your help if you want to make garments for healthy people, it has a huge range that addresses people of all shapes  and most importantly they discuss and make posts on all kind of issues for the readers. This blog is a definite bookmark with all the juicy ideas of sewing.

The Crafty PinupThe ever-evolving style tutorial blog that has all the juicy sewing news that may inspire you beyond expectation was started in 2016. This blog can provide you all the vintage sewing ideas and the retro style that you can think of adding in your fashion. 

The Thrifty Teacher This free tutorial blog can be of great help if you are looking for average size video classes that can enhance your knowledge and make your time more productive. This blog can be an inspiration that can make sewing more than just a hobby. This blog also posts articles that cover a wide range of topics. 

The Crafty Sew & So This blog is run by Freya and Sarah since 2014, these sewing fanatics create contents out of the box. The blog offers workshop, tutorials and owns a shop which covers a wide range of patterns and crafts inspiration which may help you to improve your experience in sewing.

Burda StyleThis blog is an ever-growing collection of ideas and tutorials through trending patterns, projects, articles, breaking news which makes the blog an exception and probably the last stop for your search for the best blog in the space. This blog gives you ideas about tailoring techniques to fill your wardrobe with handcrafted garments.

Randomly HappyAs the name suggests the content is excellent to start with your new hobby, this UK-based blogger fills you with a go-to guide, to the point information and easy tutorials that give you the perfect homemade wardrobe you could only dream of. The blog is a must-visit blog as it offers articles with average reading time and thought-provoked sewing ideas.

Cashmerette – This blog is for the one who has more interested in plus-sized garments, the exclusive sewing ideas with timeless techniques make it easy for people to catch up with. The sewing resource includes everything, from articles, tutorials to books that can enhance your knowledge in sewing making it hard to leave the website once you visit the blog.

Meghan Nielson Design DiaryThis blog helps you to create and learn patterns that are trendy and stylish yet elegant and timeless making it a unique blog to make wonders in your wardrobe. The blog offers free tutorials, sewing ideas, free workshops which can help to improve your skills and making your incredible hobby your side business.

SewisfactionThis blog offers out of the box ideas for inspirational patterns and crafts along with tips and tricks to improve your skill from the very minute you visit the site. The tutorials and articles of the blog can make your sewing experience more interesting. This sewing studio should be on your list if you have recently taken interest in sewing.

Indiesew This independent online sewing community will teach you how to turn a moderately priced dressmaking fabric into a gorgeous garment with high-quality sewing patterns and other tips you need to enhance your sewing skill. One can find everything in this blog whether it is about fabrics or modern sewing techniques, this blog has a lot in its tore to offer their members.

Sew Caroline This blog was first published in 2010 whose main purpose was to make your people happy with handmade crafts. The aim was to play with all the fabrics available before-hand and create a stylish wardrobe which makes you feel confident in your skin. For all the styling ideas and free tutorials, this blog can be resourceful making its place in top sewing blogs.

Many individuals create blogs not just to guide others but to get some handsome income for themselves. Companies also take advantage of these blogs by promoting their services through them. A blog is updated frequently which is why we always get newer information from blogs. A blog name is as important as its contents. A catchy blog name can attract more readers to it.

Catchy, good sewing blog names for your sewing interest.

Fit Sewing

Design Fashion

Retro Sewing

Fashion Fit

Design Wear

Fit Style

Design Vintage

Fit Class

Style Express

Fashion Mode

Style Apparel

Vintage Line

Chic Design

Retro Fit

Style Mode

Express Cut

Wear Design

Retro Fashion

Line Wear

Model Cut

Model Line

Trend Express

Fabric Design

Model Apparel

Line Apparel

Chic Dash

Trend Couture

Tailor Design

Wear Clothing

Weave Wind

Theme Strings

Creative Web

Team Creative

Dream Art

Fashion Dream

Find Fashion

Pioneer Design

Talent Think

Model Display

Create Form

Genius Display

Creative Makers

Wear Zip

Look Guild

Artists Designs

Mode Zap

Verve Mix

Style Thread

Shape Style

Adaptive Tune

These days, sewing is not only for making money, but it is beyond that. The sewing can be made by hand or machine, they will décor a home, they enhance the look of people, quilting, crafting, and so many other areas need sewing. Sewing is a skill which is worth learning. Sewing is a practical and creative hobby.

Top Sewing Pages Names

While you sew, it becomes a yoga posture which leads to great satisfaction. Sewing can be a quick work for fitting the too long or loose clothing, replacing a button or mending the broken zip, updating a garment with different designs on the side or on the garment.

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