115+ Great Shakhter Donetsk Team Slogans

The short nickname for the Football Club Shakter Donasc is “miners”. It is a Ukrainian professional football club from the city of Donetsk.

Shakhtar has appeared in a number of European competitions and is often a participant in the UEFA Champions League. This club has become the first-ever club in independent Ukraine to win the UEFA Cup in 2009.

It was just the year before the competition was revamped as the Europa League. FC Shakhtar Donetsk is one of two Ukrainian clubs. The other one was Dynamo Kyiv, which has won a major UEFA competition.

Best Shakhter Donetsk Team Slogans

  • Don’t fear, the miners are here
  • The king of football
  • A team tough to compete
  • The game is on
  • The miners don’t take sh#t
  • The pride of Ukraine
  • Hit the ball and hit it hard
  • We play like we mean it
  • Victory resides with us
  • Forget the rest, we are the best

Some catchy cheer-up slogans can actually motivate a football team to play the game with full enthusiasm and also help in boosting up their confidence level. It is always nice to know that your fans have always got your back.

Cheering up a football team can be done in many ways, like holding a placard with a great message on it, or by shouting out loud some motivating words.

List of catchy slogans on Shakter Donasc Football team:

Go shakter go. Win that big prize.

It is the call of Ukraine, you cannot refrain!

Go Shakter, get us high. You can make us fly!

Bleed orange. Bring a change!

You are here for a cause. 

Football is your game. You are hard to tame!

East or west, feel this unrest!

It is the call of the Nation. Time for football celebration.

 Bring home the UEFA trophy. Play like Sophy!

Cheers to the Miners. You are the victory definers!

Your kick is perfecto, we love Luis Castro!

Play as one, get the team won!

All or none! Let us play as one.

Together we stand fall. Let us rejoice the football’s call!

Never look back. Bleed orange and black!

Go get set play. Today is your day!

You are the reason for Ukraine’s fame. Let us rock the Football game!

It now of never, we have gotcha Football fever!

No time to rest. Show the nation that you can be the best!

Come right here, let’s play fair!

Football is on hike. Just hit it with a strike!

Get set go. No time to say a no!

Raise your score! We want more!

Shine bright. Let us rejoice the football night!

shakter donetsk team slogans

Go champions fight. Time to shine bright.

We have got your back, our colour is orange and black.

Winning is our dream. We play as a team.

Come on black and orange. Play beyond the range!

Go shakhter fight! Make us shine bright!

Shakhter is the heart of Soccer. We are the true rocker.

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Let us play the game of soccer. Time to slay the blockers.

Ear another goal. Let us just rock and roll.

Kick that ball. It is the sportsmanship’s call.

Go get us high on Football

We are on Shakhtar’s side, we shout in pride!

Play smart and kick hard.

Let the losers complain. Let us cheer for Ukraine.

Hit the ball. It is your call.

Today is Ukraine’s call, do not let the score fall.

Shakhtar has got the best player. Kick the ball like a slayer.

Hit the ground. Hear our heart’s sound.

Shakhtar is in our blood. 

Show us you have got what it takes.

Add the victory feather. Make your path smoother.

You are true rocker. Castro is the Heart of Soccer.

We are hard to tame. We know our game.

You are the pride of Ukraine. Play for a gain.

Come on Shakhter fly high. Fly high to touch the sky!

One two three! Time for your flee!

It is the call for thee. Win big and go easy!

Play hard. Kick smart. Win big.

Go get that trophy. Shop us you can be sophie.

Get us shout out loud.

Make us proud. This is what for we shout.

Hear us out. Make that victory stout!

Three two one. The fear to lose is gone!

Come on bring us that victory.

Louis Castro –the name that we chant all day long.

No time to rest. You are the best!

You have got the whole crowd. You got to make us proud.

We are loud. Cuz we are proud!

Your football spirit is true, my heart goes to you.

Get the football fever. It is either now or never!

Ready set go. We are here for you.

We are here to cheer. You have got no fear.

The victory is near. No reason to fear.

Live for Ukraine. Get us the fame!

Tighten your feet. You are the one no one can ever beat.

We want more. Victory is on the door.

Two three four. Give us more.

Keep the good play on. Your fears will be gone.

Feed our expectation. Give us a reason for celebration.

Enjoy the game. Do not play lame!

Go get set and hit it. Show the Ukraine your spirit.

You are the best fir. We appreciate your spirit.

We are here for a sake. The opponent’s victory is on stake.

Play it fair and pure. Victory will be yours for sure.

Come one Shakhtar. Show us the true spirit of yours.

Shakhtar is the reason we live and die for.

We are one. It is always all or none.

Your victory is ours. We rely on your powers.

We play as one. We win as one.

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Let us play together. Let us add the victory feather.

Bring out that fire. Take Ukraine higher.

Show the true team’s spirit. Breathe deep and kick it!

You are the champions to be. We live for thee.

Play like lions today. Make us happy and gay.

You are not alone. Go and get us won.

You are big in size. Go and grab the prize.

Your victory is our dream. This is what for we scream.

Just play. It is your day.

Your kick is on flick!

Leave it all on the field. You have got our shield.

It is the victory hour. Show us your true power!

shakter donetsk team slogans

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