600+ Shaved Ice Business Names Ideas And Domains (Generator + Guide)

So, you’re launching a shaved ice shop and aren’t sure what to call it? That is a difficult decision to make. Don’t worry. We are here to assist you. 

However, despite its simplicity and universal appeal, coming up with an effective business name might be difficult. 

The name you choose for your company is crucial to its success. So, once you’ve decided to set up a shaved ice business, the next job is to develop the ideal name for your business. The name should pique the audience’s curiosity from the first time they hear it.

Cool Shaved Ice Business Names

As a shaved ice business, your main item of business will be serving different flavored shaved ice desserts. Shaved ice treats make one feel cool and refreshing, especially during the hot months of summer.

To represent this refreshing property of your business, you could give it a similar cool name that draws customers to your brand.

Thus we present a list of cool shaved ice business names for this purpose:

Bay Ice

Cool Breeze Ice Company

Glaciers Ice Company

Arctic Ice Experts

Be an Ice Cutter

Cool Store

Big Chill Ice Company Inc

Ice Cool Ice Co

Water-Ice Solutions

Arctic Coolers Inc

Frozen Water Corp

Ice Angels


Easy Does It Ice Co Ltd

Frozen Profits

Icy Tots LLC

Thin Ice

Cold Coolers

Arctic Blast

Cut Ice Pty Ltd

Arctic Pure Ice

Iceberg Marketing

Glacier Ice

Frozen Dreams

Frosty Knolls Ice Factories

A Litte Ice

Arctic Brews

Siberian Ice Company

Polish Ice House Incorporated

Chilly Willy’s Ice Cream

Arctic Glacier Ltd.

Frosty Businesses

Chill Factor Inc

All About Ice!

Cool as Ice

Freezer Burn

Ice Madam

Frosty Business

On the Rocks Ice

Ice Oasis

Ice Man

Ritz Ice

Glacier Ice House

Never Frost Ice Company

Frozen Palm Inc.

Cold Pressed Cube Ice Company

Round Trip Ice & Water Co Ltd

Frozen Ice Cubes

Glacier Ice

Cooler of Dreams Inc.

North Star Ice Company

Quality Ice Company

Frozen Water

Ice City Ltd

South Pole Partners LLC

The Frozen Truth

Cool Cubes

Cold Water Corp.

Arctic Ice Mining

Deep Freeze Ice

Seal Beach Ice and Water Co.

Ice Cubes from The Heart

Winter Wonderland Inc

Ice Font

Astro Ice Company

Catchy Shaved Ice Business Names

Your name will be your identification and how people remember you, not to mention how they discover you online for a shaved ice business.

A name usually has a meaning that corresponds to the primary messaging of the brand identity you select. A catchy name assists in imprinting the brand identity into the customer’s minds.

This said, here are a few catchy shaved ice business names:

Iceberg Enterprises

Arctic Ice

Frozen Over

Ice Fog

Northern Chill Ice Company

Chilly Palms Ice Company

Ice & Fire

Ice Shape

Lakes Ice

Blue Ice

Ice Water

Dynamo Ice

Arctic Light

Frigid Embrace Ice

Iceberg Water Company

A Lil’ Sweetness

Snowflake Ice

Snow Pros

Sucrose For You!

Amazing Shaved Ice

Mango Magnifico

Vault on Ice

Glacier Ice Co

Arctic Ice

Quadrant Ice Company

Cold One’s Ice

Go Pucker Up

Winter Ice Co., Inc.

Strawberry-kiwi Shaved Ice

Chilltastic Shave-ice

Arctic Ice Company

Jim’s Snow Cones

Imperial Ice Co.

Blast of Coolness

Chilly Ice

Cold Frozen Water

Fresh Flavors Ice

Slush on Ice

Chilled Thoughts

Cutesicle Shack

Pop Shaved Ice

Shaved Madness

Fast Ice Solutions

Polar Bear Ice

Cool, Cold, and Shaved

Frosty Paws Ice Company

Cool Ice Trays

Sweet Slice of Paradise

Nice Ice

Icy Nimbus

Frozen Mind

Addicted to Ice

Ice Express

Polar Cubed Inc

Winter Treat

Frosty Boys

Ice Box

Frozen Paradise Inc

Blue Ocean Wave

New Age Water Icers

Taste Of The Tropics

Snowflake Ice

Fruitful Flavors

Cones on You

Glossy Ice Blasts

North Pole Enterprises Ltd

Polar Ice House

Icy Cones and Snowy Spoons

Icebox’s and Chillers

So Shaved Ice

Frostbites Ltd.

Snow and Ice

Snow Bowl

Blue Ice

Manice Creamery

Icee Cool

Imagine That! Shaved Ice

Chilling Thoughts

Shave it!

Polar Bliss Ice Blocks

Awesome Shaved Ice Business Names

If you want to make sure that your shaved ice business stands out, consider calling it after something awesome that people will recognize.

An awesome name is a must-have for a shaved ice business. It can be an attractive aspect, leave a long-lasting pleasant impression on clients, and increase profits.

Here are some awesome shaved ice business names for your show:

Ice Delight

Ice and Marble

Icicles Ice

Snow Hut

Cool Dip Frozen Delights

Slush Stop

Mass Freezing Gaze LLC

Cold Pressed Inc.

Cold Energy Ice

Melty Mango Shaved Ice Co

Shiver Me Timbers

Frozen Wave


Snow Fido’s Ice House

Ices on Fire

Shaved Ice Palace

Glacial Guards

Hawaiian Snow Babies

The Shaved Ice Experience

Cold Rush

Arctic Ice

Orange Cream Shaved Ice

Berry Cool

Snow White Inc.

Rockin’ Ice

Xo Ice

Winter Chill Ice

Ice Knight

White Out

Ice and Wow!

Chill Zone

Fat Snowman

3rd Degree Shave Ice

Refreshing Ice Cubes

Cold Blast Company Inc

Ice Cubed

Banana-nut Shaved Ice

Icecube Juice

Icicles Work

Heavenly Shivers

Shaved Ice Paradise

Ice Cold Company

Snow What?

Ice Time

Ice Works

Icy Cone

Cold as Ice


Mennonite Madness

Tasty Slurps

H2O, Inc.

Scrumptious Sips

Iceberg Lounge

Crystal Clear Pure

Kona Kone Express

Ice Cube On A Stick

A Little Squeezed

All Shaved Ice

Lickety Split Shaved Ice Co

Alien Ice Company

Frigid Ice

Amazing Frozen Treats

Shaved Dreams

Freeze Me

Amazing Shaved Ice Business Names

A bowl of multi-flavored ice is one of the few delicacies which might make you close your eyes and feel the sweat dry up from your body, and make you think that life is amazing. For such an amazing treat, an amazing name is a necessity.

So, below is some amazing shaved ice businesses for you to pick from:

Ice Off!

Just Chilly


Icy Entrepreneurial Ideas

Frozen Snacks Hut

Ice Factory

Iceberg Ice Company Ltd

Arctic Frozen Beverages

Polar Chill

Shaved Ice Shop

Ice Miners

Cold Itch Ice Company

Frozen Zone

Arctic Blast Ice Company

Naughty Snow

Coldest Treats On Earth (CTOE)


3 D IciclesIncc.

North Pole Ice Co.

Ice Solutions

I-Slice Ice Co

Frosty Treats Crush Inc

The Only Ice in Town (TOIT)

Lake Shore Ice

Arctic Ease Ice

Pure Ice Company LLC

Cool as Ice

Mounds of Ice

Icicle Tricks and Treats

Ice Dummies

Wintergreen Ice Inc.

King of Ice

Arctic Refrigerators

Below Zero Ice and Supply

Acme Ice

Melty Snowball

Arctic Ice Company

Ice Age

Arctic Freeze Co.’s

Frosty’s Sno Cone Shack

Frozen Fortune

Big Chill Inc.

Wishing Star

Cool Business

Cool Fusion Ice

Cool Ice Factory

Swizzle Stick

Tasty Snow Cones

Crystal Ice

Blueberry Blizzard

Ice Ape Good

Kool Korn Ice Co

Frosty Balls of Fury Ice

Ice Cubes Ice

Ice Storm Inc

Snowball on the Beach

Magnum on Ice

Blizzard Ice Company

Cold Ice

Snow N Soda

Ice Mania

Arctic Cooler Co. Inc.

Fusion Ice

Ice & Snow

Frozen Reverb Ice

Hurlbut Water Ice

Frosty Toppings

Slushy Ice

Frozen Fate

Big Freeze Treats

Cryo Ice Company

Nucleus Ice

Seafoam Ice

Glacier Ice Company

Double Ice

Ice Land Inc.

Icy Industries

Wicked Cool Slush

Hell Frozen Delights

Snow Day

Arctic Freeze

Frosty Buddy Ice

Glycogen Incorporated

Crystallized Ice

Full Ice Media

Lab Slushie

The Island Snow Factory

Coconut Crush

Windy City Shaved Ice

Arctic Ice

Ice Pop

Chill N Drip Bar

Swig Ice

Beach Ice

Blaze Ice

Frosty’s Shaved Ice Truck

Love Me Ice

Juneau Ice Co

Diamond Ice

Latest Shaving Ice Names

Have trouble coming up with the latest name for your shaved ice business? It can be difficult to develop unique name ideas for your company as the competition grows.

Regarding this speedily growing industry, here are some of the latest shaving ice names to give your business the extra edge.

Crystal Clear Ice

Fresh Breeze

Ice Castle

Crystal Ice

Ace Ice Company

Ice Cold Inc.

Frosty Boy Ice Shaver

Northern Lights Ice Co

Aurora Ice Works

Antarctic Ice

Chill Manic

Top Dollar Ice House

Cool Cube

Snowflake Ice

Cold Calling Inc.

Frozen Assets

No Melting Vodka LLC

Frosty Ice Cubes

Ice Minerals

Fresh Ice Daily

All Natural Ice

Glacier Ice Wines

Cool Cubed

Frosted Flakes

Cold Crush Ice

Frosty Ice


Ice Ventures

Frosty Paws

Frostbite Ltd.

Crystal Clear Ice Company

Frosty Freezers

The Polar Ice Merchants

Lakeside Ice

Frosty Products Corp

Ice in The Summer

Cool Freeze Ltd.

Subzero Ice Co.

All Natural Ice

Patch of Ice

Frosty Brews Ice

Cool Dude Ltd

Ice Factory

Ice Popsicles

Coastal Ice

Holiday Ice Company

Hollars’ Ice House

Polar Ice Co

Freezin’ Cold Ice Co.

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