Top 45 Shoe Brands to follow on Social Media

Shoes have become an irreplaceable element of a fashion wardrobe, starting in the caves as just an object of utility. Throughout the advent of civilization, footwear companies have provided our feet the comfort it deserves. Here are a few top shoe brands to follow on social media.

Top shoe brands to follow on Instagram


Founded on 25 January 1964 in Oregon, USA, Nike, Inc. is the global leader in athletic shoes. Recognized for its attractive, durable, and stylish casual and sportswear shoes, this billion-dollar international shoe brand is one of the most well-known companies in the world. The company believes in celebrity endorsement and has several names like Ronaldo, Tiger Woods, Rory Mcllroy, etc., associated with them. Make sure to give them a follow on Instagram.


One of the oldest footwear manufacturers in the world, Bata is the brainchild of Tomás Bata, and it was founded in 1894 in Zlin, Czech Republic. The company is aimed at providing everyone with a fresh feel of daily comfort with their line of amazing footwear range. Make sure to give them a follow on Instagram.


Founded in 1825, this American footwear brand is one of the oldest shoe-making companies in the world. Well known for its ageless style and innovation, the company has been manufacturing its products using some of the finest materials and excellent cuts to create a diverse portfolio of lace-ups, boots, slip-on, and shoes. 


The largest producer of outdoor clothing and footwear. This brand is synonymous with premium quality and efficient products TaylorMade for the adventurer in you. Their varied line of footwear products also includes alternate styles for people who are just looking for something casual and not strictly adventure-oriented. Make sure to give them a follow on Instagram.


Adolf Dassler founded the German company in 1924. The brand is synonymous with sponsors like the New York Yankees and the Union of European Football Association and juggernaut names of the sports industry like Sachin Tendulkar, Lionel Messi, Ian Bell, etc. Adidas is one of the biggest names when it comes to lifestyle and sportswear. 

H by Hudson

Founded in 1990 in East London, H by Hudson is one of the premier leather shoe manufacturers in the world. They are primarily focused on the manufacture and retail of high-end formal shoes. They are driven by the idea of creating premium and exclusive footwear products for both men and women. 

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Vans is an American company founded in 1966. The brand was primarily associated with the manufacturing of skateboarding shoes and apparel. Still, it has evolved itself by creating a line of fashionable shoes and clothes which are known for their style and durability. The range of products offered by vans has a following among all ages but especially amongst the youth. 

Johnston and Murphy

This all-American brand was founded in 1850 and is based in Nashville, USA. Catering to both men and women, Johnston and Murphy are associated with the manufacturing and distributing of casual and traditional shoes. The company serves more than one hundred and eighty outlets and online portals with a diverse product range. 

Under Armour

Founded in 1966 by Kevin Plank, this American brand targets clients of men, women, and youth around the globe. This multi-million dollar enterprise is associated with the manufacturing, development, and distribution of performance clothing and footwear, along with training footwear, basketball shoes, and casual footwear. They have some of the biggest names in the industry endorsing their products. 


This Japanese footwear brand was founded in 1949 by Kihachiro Onitsuka. Although they started with the manufacture of basketball shoes, this multinational and billionaire company is currently associated with producing and distributing equipment and footwear for various athletics fields. Their top-notch quality of running shoes is considered worldwide as one of the best. 

Kenneth Cole

Hailed as one of the best producers and manufacturers of formal shoes, Kenneth Cole guarantees an exclusive level of service and quality among its clients. Founded in 1982 by Kenneth Cole and Sam Edelman, this all-American brand is the go-to footwear of choice for all kinds of formal events. They have names from all sectors of the industry backing them. 

Top shoe brands to follow on Twitter


This all-American brand was founded in 1908 and is based in Boston, United States. The brand is celebrated across all entertainment and sports platforms by some of the biggest names in the industry. Known for its simple yet retro look, converse continues to penetrate the market, and it is highly recognizable by its star insignia. 


Founded in 1948 by Rudolf Dassler, this German brand is well known for manufacturing skating shoes, sports, and casual footwear. The products offered by the company are famous for their style and comfort. They have some of the biggest names in sports entertainment, like Diego Maradona, Colin Jackson, Virat Kohli, etc., backing their portfolio. 


The iconic brand of Italian origin was founded in 1895 by Alessandro Berluti. Based in its headquarters in Paris, France, and operated by its parent company LVMH, this brand is known for crafting explicit footwear for high-profile clients. Synonymous with luxury and fashion, they craft shoes exquisitely for men. 


Founded in 2002, this all-American brand is synonymous with safety shoes. Although they started with the manufacturing and distribution of foam shoes, they have come a long way since then and have evolved their product range to produce some of the finest outdoor and lifestyle footwear. They remain one of the largest safety boots and shoe distributors across industries like hospitals, construction, and catering. 

Hush Puppies

This American brand, introduced in 1958, is an internationally acclaimed producer, manufacturer, and distributor of contemporary and casual footwear for men, women, and kids. They are owned by Wolverine Worldwide and are based in Rockford, Michigan. Make sure to give them a follow on Twitter.

Louis Vuitton

Founded in 1854, in Paris, France, by designer Louis Vuitton, this fashion house and the luxury company are associated with some of the most remarkable pieces of high fashion in the world. They are synonyms for opulence and grandeur, and their products are adorned by many of the legendary names of the fashion and entertainment world. Make sure to give them a follow on Twitter.

Top shoe brands to follow on Linkedin

New Balance

This American brand, founded in 1906, is acclaimed as one of the largest producers of sports footwear around the globe. Founded by William J Riley, the brand operates all its functions from its headquarters in Boston, USA. The brand is highly coveted for its fashion meets function portfolio. New Balance meets innovation and technology beautifully and has gone on to sponsor national football teams to promote its brand. 


Founded by Robert Greenberg in 1992, this American company is celebrated across the globe as the third biggest manufacturer of athletic footwear in the United States of America. They offer premium quality products to the mass at very reasonable pricing because they source their raw materials from an economic base. 

Tommy Hilfiger

American heritage resonates with the name Tommy Hilfiger brand. Founded by Tommy Hilfiger in the year 1985 in New York, United States, the brand is associated with the manufacture of timeless designs of footwear, clothing, and accessories. The brand has achieved several awards and accolades for its eye-catching style and celebrities endorsing them. 


Founded in 1952 in Boston, USA, this American manufacturer and distributor of rugged outdoor footwear are known for being the best at what they do. Targeted toward a clientele that focuses on outdoor adventure, this brand produces an array of choices for every adventurous out there. Owing to their diverse wearability, the brand is endorsed by some of the biggest fashion A-listers, including Pharrell, Jennifer Lopez, Lewis Hamilton, etc. 

Calvin Klein

Although the brand is synonymous with the line of luxurious undergarments and apparel, they have made a strong name for themselves in the footwear industry as well. This American fashion house was founded in 1968 in New York and produced some of the finest and highly coveted fashion footwear. They have some of the biggest names in the fashion and entertainment world endorsing their products. 

Top shoe brands to follow on Facebook


This iconic brand of Italian origin was founded by Johan Fila in 1911 and is currently operated by Fila Korea and is based in Seoul, South Korea. The brand is an exceptional amalgamation of craftsmanship, innovation, and excellence. Fila is associated with sponsoring mega events around the world like BMW open, Sony open, etc. They have some of the biggest names in the sports and athletics industry endorsing them. Make sure to give them a follow on Facebook.


Amedeo Testoni founded this Italian brand in 1929; since then, they have made a distinctive name for themselves as one of the largest global footwear companies. All the products manufactured here are produced with exquisite materials, antique techniques, and the knowledge and wisdom of Bolognese craftsmen. 


Hailed as one of the biggest children’s footwear manufacturers, Clarks has been dominating the market for a long time now. Founded in 1825 by Cyrus Clark and James Clark, the company still functions from its headquarters in Somerset, England. They have a diverse range of footwear products for everyone and are backed by some of the biggest names in the fashion and entertainment industry. 

Rip Curl

This Australian designer brand, founded in 1969 in Torquay, Australia, is one of the biggest names in the world of surfing equipment. Their excellent line of sandals and boots is primarily designed for the beach and active surfing. They are one of the major sponsors of athletic activities around the world and are endorsed by some of the major faces in the field of surfing. 


This French fashion house, founded in 1933, is associated with manufacturing and distributing various products apart from footwear. Although primarily known for its range of apparel, the company has continued to make a strong foothold in the shoemaking industry with its exquisite, retro, and peppy designer footwear range. 

Hence, with all the options available, it becomes a task to find the correct pair of shoes, but rest assured as there is always the best fit available for your lifestyle.

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