Top 50 Shopify Flower Stores for Web Design Inspiration

“Where beauty and business collide”- and this quote is increasingly popular in the flower industry. Flowers and plants significantly impact people’s lives, and don’t undervalue the power of flowers to brighten someone’s day.

Shopify Flower stores are the greatest online service, whether you are sending a bouquet to commemorate a special occasion, celebrate a milestone, make amends after a disagreement, or just for yourself.

Its trendy arrangements are the most gorgeous, freshest, well-packed, and simplest to purchase among all others.

The flowers here are undoubtedly the best you could receive, especially given their affordable cost and ease of ordering. It’s just a sign-up away.

Top Shopify stores for flowers have been identified and listed below. We hope you find this information useful.

Shopify Flower Stores’ inspiration

1. Tree Leaf Market

Shopify flower stores

An independent seed provider, they’ve been ecstatic to hear from their clients about their outstanding seed achievements.

They have offered high-quality seeds to households and professional gardeners since 1974. The Utah State University Cooperative Extension Service recommends several of their seed kinds. They are committed to developing solid partnerships with both suppliers and customers.

2. FastGrowing Trees

Shopify floral shop

They started with a simple goal: to provide exceptional trees and plants right to your door. Quality and convenience are inextricably linked, making it possible for you to get top-notch plants at your doorstep at no extra convenience. You can be confident that your plants will arrive in fantastic shape, ready to thrive.

3. eFavormart

Shopify flower mart

Their tale began in the year 2002 when the internet was in a significantly different condition than it’s now. It’s a wedding and party decor center where you can discover everything you need in one location.

They’ve grown to become one of the top online suppliers of event decor goods in the United States. They provide the items directly to your home.

4. Nearly Natural

Shopify blossom shop

The name says it all. You can shop with confidence knowing their floral collection appears so real. They’re almost Natural. It has been for 75 years and is the only artificial flower firm to recruit heads. They aim to deliver great items that exceed our client’s expectations at a fair and reasonable price. 

5. Fifty Flowers

Shopify the little flower shop

Liza Roeser created FiftyFlowers in the year 2003. Liza became acquainted with the flower industry and became aware of importing wholesale flowers into the United States.

Liza was able to see the possibilities for the future and was able to bridge the gap between the farmers and their increasingly growing flower-wanting clients.

6. Le Jardin Infini

Shopify the blossom shop

The rose symbolizes everything from innocence to intrigue, purity to passion, and friendship to attraction. Rose bouquets also conveyed signals of love, desire, and devotion in nineteenth-century Europe.

The rose is a symbol in the world’s finest love poetry and works of art. Until now, though, the bloom has been short and delicate.

7. AFloral

Shopify flower boutique

Artificial flowers provide a constant and long-lasting source of beauty. A small, female-led crew handpicks each bloom, always at your service.

Their goods are tested in their homes and priced inexpensively, from everlasting flowers to the ideal pampas. You deserve to be able to appreciate nature all year, and they’re there to assist you.

8. Brighter Blooms

Shopify places to buy flowers

The brand is dedicated to providing high-quality plants and a one-of-a-kind selection that you won’t find anywhere else – all delivered to you with the touch of a button.

They have a huge selection of plants that are one-of-a-kind, unrivaled, and right at your fingertips. This outstanding assortment will not be found at your local nursery or large box shop.

9. Ogee

Shopify floral stores

The highest-quality selection of certified organic beauty products at no extra cost. Their tagline says “Beyond Clean Beauty.”

Their brand is 100% committed to creating the highest quality organic products with no side effects. They pledge to provide true organic products through their website.

10. Harris Seeds

Shopify flower mart

Since 1879, Harris Seeds has served farmers and gardeners across the United States with the highest quality vegetable seeds, flower seeds, plants, and supplies.

Their high-quality requirements are reached on every batch of seed, and the demands of both large and small growers are fulfilled. Organic seed handler approved by NOFA New York, providing for more than 140 years. 

11. Kraft Seeds

Shopify floral store

It is a one-stop online store with over 100000 satisfied clients, the most comprehensive selection of gardening supplies that bring joy, health, and sunshine into their clients’ gardens and lives.

Now they can provide a wider range of seeds, manures, pots, planters, and creative and useful gadgets for a relaxing gardening experience.

12. Leilani Wholesale

Shopify flower shop scarborough

It is a family-owned company that sells the greatest items at the lowest prices. Through exceptional customer service and high-quality accessories, their company has grown to be successful throughout the United States and overseas.

Their clients entrust them with creative ideas and high-quality work, and they strive to exceed your expectations in terms of service and style.

13. Kenny Flowers

Shopify the flower mart

Kenny Flowers is owned and operated by Kenny Haisfield, who established the company in 2015.

Kenny Flowers is a high-end tropical apparel and lifestyle business that reinvents Hawaiian shirts, resort wear, and men’s and women’s swimwear. Kenny Flowers is all about living life like a daily vacation.

14. Ferry Morse

Shopify manchester flower shop

Ferry-Morse seeds have been sold continually in the United States since 1856. They take pleasure in providing you with high-quality items and the inspiration to bring your garden ideas to reality.

They are presently based in Norton, Massachusetts. Now includes several Organic and Heirloom types to meet your quality and sustainability needs.

15. BloomsyBox

Shopify dried flowers shop

They believe that receiving and enjoying fresh, beautiful blossoms is simple for everyone, whether at home, work, or anywhere in between.

They’re not like everyone else in a good way! They’ve devised a more efficient method of delivering fresh flowers. They’ve tested their blossoms against the best flower shops in town to ensure they’re the best!

16. Manly Man Co

Shopify brooklyn flower shop

Why is it that there isn’t a present for males that’s comparable to flowers? Yes, you can buy flowers for males.

The pair reasoned that a jerky beef bouquet would be a good substitute. Jerky sticks and sheets sliced into the shape of flowers and roses and placed within a pint glass or beer mug “vase.”

 17. Aurabora

Shopify shop for flowers

One-of-a-kind varieties, real herbs, heavenly tastes, all in one. Aura Bora employs plant-based elements to herb up (like spice up HAH) your sparkling water experience.

The taste profile of Aura Bora is unlike anything other – it’s rich, invigorating, and, dare we say, full-bodied with a gentle flowery finish.

 18. Flower Chimp

Shopify dierberg florist

Flowers are one of the most effective methods to communicate personal sentiments – quick, simple, and only a few clicks away. You may send stunning, elegant, thoughtful floral gifts within seconds.

Flower Chimp is more than just an online flower shop; it aspires to be the most sophisticated, with the best value for money given with every order.

19. Bloomsvilla

Shopify flower outlet

A store created with a lot of love providing fresh and exquisite flowers from nature, as well as delectable pastries throughout India, namely Bangalore, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Pune, Baroda, Kolkata, Mangalore, and many other cities in India, is among the places where they send flowers and cakes online.

 20. Sow True Seed

Shopify orchid store

This brand operates with a small team of dirt aficionados dedicated to supplying high-quality, open-pollinated seeds to support sustainable food production and regenerative agriculture founded in 2008. They pledge to deliver the best quality product to their customers.

21. The Living Urn

shopify my flower shop

This brand offers a practical, long-term, and ecologically friendly solution to an inevitable stage of life.

It allows you to give back to nature while also creating a living memory that helps you preserve your loved ones after they have passed away.

22. Fresh Sends

Shopify jasmine flower shop

They’ve changed the term from giving to sending. It began in 2019 to regain genuine connection via gifting by creating a list of modern, relevant presents.

They’re dedicated to becoming your go-to gifting company, delivering things you and your recipient will appreciate while providing an unparalleled experience.

23. Marshalls Garden

Shopify cheapest place to buy flowers

Marshalls’ tradition and ultimate skill offer grow-your-own gardeners vegetable seeds and plants such as seed potatoes, onion sets, fruit plants, and trees.

They’ve been steadily expanding their selection of beautiful flowers, shrubs, and trees in recent years, and they’re thrilled to be able to offer their biggest selection yet this year.

24. Root Bridges

Shopify rose flower shop

Root Bridges was born from the understanding that our cities failed to provide us with what we needed: cleaner air and greener living environments.

Root Bridges aspires to give every urban dweller a unique encounter with nature. They cultivate and offer hand-picked potted house plants that we are proud of.

25. Ling’s Moment

Shopify flower factor

In 2008, the company was established with the motive of designing wedding decorations that are basic yet attractive and striking.

Their extensive collection of DIY flower arrangements, wedding decorations, and bridal accessories has something for every bride. Ling’s moment is here to style your wedding how you want it. Make the most of your opportunity.

26. The Flower Rooms

Shopify dorchester flower shop

Primarily based in the UK, they offer a variety of flowers at your doorstep with plenty of delivery options to choose from. You will get various flowers to choose from, which are all stunning in look.

They also offer bouquets for any special occasion. They promise next-day delivery to their customers if ordered before 1 pm.

27. Renee’s Garden

Shopify flower and gift shop

Renee’s Garden exclusively sells non-GMO types that are fantastic for home gardeners in terms of flavor, ease of cultivation, and garden performance.

It is a company managed by gardeners, for gardeners, and it’s their way of spreading the joy of gardening. Their weekly newsletter includes helpful gardening tips, entertaining tales, and seasonal recipes.

28. Enjoy Flowers

Shopify flower boutique detroit

Enjoy Flowers offer free shipping, easy and affordable, and unrivaled freshness. They know flowers commemorate every one of life’s important occasions as a family-owned business with over five decades in the floral industry. They’re dedicated to bringing joy into your home regularly, not just on special occasions.

29. Flowers To Remember

Shopify flowers in store

The name suggests they want to create a brand that people will remember forever. The company is primarily based in GTA and Mississauga area, and its mission is to deliver unique products to its customers at a very love cost.

They do the packaging in a very attractive manner. They also promise same-day delivery to their customers if ordered before 11 am. 

30. Eternal Fleur

Shopify holland flower shop

Their goal is to develop cost-effective genuine flower arrangements that endure 365 days or more without water or sunshine.

Over 947.5 gallons of water will be saved by purchasing a dozen Eternal Fleur flowers instead of regular roses. They aim to develop cost-effective genuine flower arrangements that can endure a year or more without water or sunshine.

31. Fast Growing Trees

Shopify blossom shop florist

They are one of America’s leading flower-delivering services that provide one year of warranty along with their product.

They also promise to deliver healthy plants and offer free shipping for products that are more than $129. They currently have more than 1.5 million happy customers.

32. Secret Nature CBD

Shopify brownsville flower shop

They promise to deliver their customers 100% organic products with ultra-premium plant spirits.

They have also mentioned in their store that the FDA does not approve their products for the diagnostic and treatment of any individual. They have displayed their products very beautifully as per categories.

33. Margot Elena

Shopify the dried flower shop

They have been operating in the flower industry for more than 20 years now, and their customers have no complaints.

Their most popular and wanted brand libraries include Lollia, Infinite She, and The Cottage Greenhouse. They also sell luxury bath and beauty products on their Shopify website. 

34. Dutch Grown

Shopify black's flower shop

This brand sells top-quality flower bulbs from their family farm, which is situated in Holland. They have a rich history in the flower industry, where they have been operating since the year 1882. They are among the oldest and most successful wholesale flower bulbs exported in the Netherlands. The names of their founders are Ben Rotteveel and Pete Rotteveel.

35. Flower Moxie

Shopify flower gift shop

Flower Moxie was established in 2013 when an American wedding veteran named Army McCord realized she could not afford good quality flowers for her wedding. The company is situated in Silicon Valley and mostly operates in the region of Oklahoma City


36. Root Bridges

Shopify store flowers

This is an Indian flower-delivering company that realized that cities of the country are not doing enough to keep the environment clean and green.

The company’s founders are plant lovers, so they invented a nursery and delivered plants in plastic bags. 

37. Sola Wood Flowers

Shopify flower and plant shops

Sola Wood Flowers have already sold to over 50 million customers nationwide. They are presently a team of 50 hard-working members operating in the Utah region. They promote female entrepreneurs through their brand and also encourage women’s empowerment.

38. Leilani’s Leis

Shopify 24 hour flower shop

Leilani’s Leis is a close-knit family business that runs because of its Aloha Spirit. The entire family believes in Aloha Matters. Thus, they’ve strived to deliver the best hand-crafted materials to their customers to enrich their beliefs.

39. Noah Garden Center

Shopify flower shop north york

Their company’s mission is- “A plant for everyone at their fingertips.” Through this line, they want to convey that plants are made for everyone and that all of us should have easy access to them. Noah Garden Center is proud to deliver greeneries from indoor to outdoor, which are made for every occasion.

40. The Only Roses

Shopify the flowerstore

As the name suggests, they are one of the largest rose sellers in the country. They offer roses through unique products starting from keychains to glass domes.

They escalated their business after the rise of COVID-19, and from then on, they never looked back. They mostly operate in the region of California, United States.

41. High Camp

Shopify best place to buy flowers

High Camp is a premium flower-delivering business that aims to offer its customers fresh products.

They primarily opened the door for customers in the region of California but later spread to the whole country. Their most selling product is Candle Box, which people often order as luxury gifts.

42. The Hemp Collect

Shopify boutique flower shop

The USP of this brand is delivering cannabis products to its customers through online delivery.

They also sell various types of flowers, from indoor to outdoor. The Hemp Collect also promises free shipping of products above $75.

43. Chhajed Garden

Shopify royal oak flower shop

Chhajed Garden is an Indian plant and bulb-delivering brand which has been operating in this industry for a long time.

They also offer artificial plants along with pumps and sprayers at a very low cost. They started their business in Pune but are now delivering nationwide.

44. Edie Parker Flower

Shopify flower shop manhattan

This brand was officially founded in the year 2010 by its founder Brett Heyman. They primarily operated in New York City.

Their flower products are created with high-quality materials, and the customer service is also top-notch. Their artisan’s hail from Italy, so you can imagine the quality and design of the work.

45. Rosaholics

Shopify bridal boutique flowers

Rosaholics is a popular flower and rose-creating brand that operates in the United States. They have custom-made products for all your family members, starting from wife to friends. They also sell unique types of flowers, such as Alstroemerias and Sunflowers. 

46. Glam Fleur

Shopify columbia flower shop

The brand promises to pick only 100% real roses, which remain fresh throughout the day. They also choose only the most beautiful and scented flowers for their customers. Glam Fleur uses an all-natural process to keep their roses fresh for 12 months.

 47. H.Bloom

Shopify livingston flower shop

This brand was founded in 2010 and later became one of the world’s largest and leading luxury flower brands.

They offer premium service to their customers, which is 100% reliable and trustworthy. They have a team of skilled individuals with whom you can consult before placing any order. 

48. EDN Tech

Shopify daisy's flower shop

EDN Tech made the world’s smartest garden. Their primary mission is to bring the benefits of nature indoors and grow flowers and vegetables in a house with ease.

Their high-tech technology enables your home to host flowers in a cool environment. They believe technology will play a vital role in growing plants and flowers in the coming ages.

49. Florese

Shopify the flower outlet

Their most popular item is a waterless diffuser, which is rare. They are one of the leading brands in the aromatherapy world that use atomization technology to make its products. Florese is an American company but delivers in other countries as well.

50. Bellissimo Roses

Shopify best place to buy fresh flowers

This American brand is one of the leading rose-selling brands in the country that delivers high-quality roses to your doorstep at a very minimal cost.

They promise to maintain the quantity and deliver the product on time to their loyal customers. They have been operating in this industry for more than three years now. 

We hope you were able to gain motivation from the stores mentioned above, which are all mastering in the flower delivery field. Do visit our page for more such articles related to Shopify stores.

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