149+ Great SK Slavia Prague Football Team Slogans

Salvia club is a football club is a global leader that serves the world’s charismatic football, founded in 1892 by medical students and it is one of the best football clubs in the Czech Republic. SK Slavia Prague won many crowns in several tournaments, the world in awe of it.

Best SK Slavia Prague Team Slogans

  • Lukas Musopust, here to save the day
  • Slavia Prague rules the football world
  • Slavia Prague is where dedication meets determination
  • Slavia Prague rise as one
  • There is no backing down with Slavia Prague
  • Slavia Prague, a team above all
  • All hearts for the Prague
  • All wins for Slavia Prague
  • Prague for the win
  • The club of the beasts

Besides this the club intrigues the better club football for three centuries and bring excellence in league football over the years which is not just a matter of joke.

The club is owned by China International Trust Investment Corporation, which is a state-owned investment company of the People’s Republic of China.

List of best SK Slavia Prague Team Slogans

SK ACOS Praha rocks the football world

SK Slavia Praha shining players

Sokol Slavia Praha, yes it’s in the name

ZSJ Dynamo Slavia Praha, synonymous with class

DSO Dynamo plays with class 

TJ Dynamo Praha, team of heroes and the shore line

SK Slavia Praha, lions are plays in the best team

TJ Slavia Praha, new heaven of the football

TJ Slavia IPS Praha, blow out in the flaw of football

SK Slavia IPS Praha, through the football in nest

 SK Slavia Praha, nest of the dreams

Communist money saves the jewel club

The dying club again revitalized by the Chinese

A timeline of the best football

Josef “Pepi” Bican, is king of the kingdom

Antonín Puč, plays like lion

František Veselý, eminent player heals the football

Karel Karolin, jewel of the grape field

Ivo Knoflíček, deems like dream 

Vladimir Šmicer, seems to the best dream ever 

Karel Poborský plays the cluster

 Patrik Berger crystals of vision

Czech Republic Milan Skoda

David Hauberk rocks the class

Milan Skoda lord of the football

David Hauberk, born king, born player

Radek Černý living lion of football

Jaromír Zmrhal always increases the inflame

Karel Piták, shiny moments created in the ground 

Jiri Lerch, the team player and the dream player

Martin Vantruba, the God of Football

Lukas’ Pokorný, flaw in the field, bylaws in the goal

You’re goalie, Jakub Jugas is the winner

Jan Matoušek you’re is the winner

Come to play with Jan Sýkora 

Marko Alvir, awesome on the bunch goalie peer 

Petar Musa, we are here to play

Ondřej Kolář, is the best for the rest

David Hovorka, zest, plays with chest

Why Jaroslav Zelený best, plays with chest

Lukáš Proved win the game

Win, win, win, only one word

Play, goal and Win

Mick van Buren, play with the fame

Tomáš Holeš, The anchor of best football

Vladimir Coufal, the player out of the world

sk slavia prague slogans

 Who rocks, Nicolae Stanciu the rock star

Peter Olayinka, big cat enthralls the football

Josef Hušbauer squeezes the foe

Stanislav Tecl, conquers the folks

Enemy always fear  Enery Milan Skoda,

Omáš Souček, plays with rocky evening

Don’t rest, play with the cheer, Petr Ševčík is here 

Once there is Ladislav Takács, no one won here

Michal Frydrych, you are the cause of happiness 

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Jakub Hromada plays, however best is to boost

Ivory Coast, let us play, ground is hunting for us

Ibrahim Traoré, plays here, yes place to fun share

Czech Republic, never repeat the mistakes

Lukáš Masopust, God made factory to victory 

BahrainFW, let’s play with world

Abdulla Yusuf Helal, we love you

Czech Republic, you are ours’

Jakub Markovič never miss any goal

Czech Republic, molds in the charms of football

Přemysl Kovář, never ever lose the hope

Czech Republic, we will win in the bay of ray

Jakub Hora, no one can beat us

Jan Kuchta, living legends allures the pavilion

Oscar Dorley, plays with football wit

Alexandru Băluță, sealing place to heal the circle

Michael Hönig led the team like a boss

Tomáš Vlček is the big shot can smash enemy

Enemy is sliced by the trick of Matěj Valenta 

Martin Otáhal, club need players like you

Libor Drozda, cleverly player beats the opponents

Ondřej Žežulka aroused with the power of football

The player finds the ways is Vetch Mares 

Vaclav Pardubský sashes the watches of keeper

Jan Vejvar play with heart, play with the feet

Tomas Freit, give the winning street 

Lukas Veselý, never forget to dream, never forget to win 

Where is the Slavia, which is the team!

We are awaiting to see you the Slavian

Footballs charms us, when the team is Prague

It’s the time for white and red

While and red solo is like ocean and water

While and red is bloomy and gloomy

Wear the white and red jersey

White and red jersey, here to erase the fear

 Prague, is the one team to dream

Team inspire to dream

Believe in yourself, push yourself, and play with zeal

Only zeal to win can best zest

Goals are the feet, run on it

Charming and shining Prague is here just to won

Feel the twinkles of the game and conquer the enemy

Going to the Eden Arena, let’s play with the dazzling team

Let’s win and dance Sinobo Stadium 

Sinobo Stadium always facilitates the winner

We have to play, we have to win

SK Slavia Prague, is here only to win and bliss

SK Slavia Prague, we have to dance after victory

Let’s dance after the joyous victory

Rest, heal but never forget to win

SK Slavia Prague flats the foes

Football is in the sky, when SK Slavia Prague flies

Feet’s heading to goal, ground is a heading to win

Top cats are in SK Slavia Prague

Once upon a time someone bit SK Slavia Prague

A squad of winners, its SK Slavia Prague

SK Slavia Prague, never quits, always win

Merely not the quieter, shines like the winner

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SK Slavia Prague, a new hope of the joy

 Sagacity and the SK Slavia Prague

Who can forget the classics of SK Slavia Prague!

Feet out the goal into the goal post

Cherish every moment of field, blemish the enemy

Scoop the match and hoop the opponents

Relish the moments of club league, dress with white-red

Play with SK Slavia Prague, bet you can’t forget

No one can ever forget Slavia Prague

sk slavia prague slogans

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