Top 31+ Best Snowboard Brands in the World

Snowboards are equipment which is specifically designed for the adventure sport “Snowboarding”. It was started in Michigan, United States of America in 1965 and has been getting wide popularity across the globe. The popularity of this sport was well recognised when it made its debut in 1998 at Winter Olympics at Nagano and more recently at Winter Paralympics at Sochi in 2014.

  Since then this game is growing and inspiring many people to develop and manufacture new quality snowboards which gave rise to a new sporting brand of the industry.

   Here are some of the top snowboard brands in the world in no particular order.

Snowboard Brands in the World


County: United States of America 

It is one of the best manufactures snowboards in the world and was founded by Jake Burton Carpenter in 1977 and still holds the ownership of the company. Apart from snowboards this company also manufactures high-quality bindings, boots, footwear and accessories.


Country: United States of America 

This company was started by Four Star Distribution along with pro snowboarder Peter Line and a bunch of people. Along with the snowboard, the company is famous for bindings and outwears. The company is currently owned by Burton along with its outwear subsidiaries  Foursquare and Special Blend.


Country: United States of America 

It is a company which is known for its snowboards, bindings and accessories. It was founded by Jeremy Jones in 2010. The company also focuses on nature and effort to prevent it by manufacturing environment-friendly boards and strive  to  enhance avalanche safety.


Country: United States of America 

The company was founded by Bill Kirschner in 1962. The company made its name by delivering  the best fibreglass in the past and now is known as one of the top 5 manufacturers of snowboards in the United States and sponsors professional snowboarders. 


Country: United States of America 

Kemper was first officially handmade by David Kemper in 1983 and later was integrated in 1987. They are known for manufacturing a wide variety of snowboards such as freestyle, park, powder and split boards.

Lib Technologies

Country: United States of America 

The company was started by Mike Olson in 1977. Since then it has garnered fame by introducing new technologies such as Magnetic-Traction and Banana Technology along with long time commitment to environmental sustainability. Currently, it is under the parent company Mervin Manufacturing.

Mervin Manufacturing

Country: United States of America 

It is one of the most dominant manufacturers of a snowboard in the United States and is the parent company for Lib Technologies, GNU Snowboards, Roxy Snowboards and Bent Metal Bindings. Currently, it is purchased by Altamont Capital.


Country: United States of America 

It was founded by David Tran in 2001. Initially, it was a shop that later emerged into a brand with its own team by 2003. They have participated in numerous events which comprise TransWorld Snowboarding Team Challenge along with multiple times in the SuperPark tournament.

Never Summer

Country: United States of America 

Tim and Tracey Canaday are the founders of this company which was established in 1991 and is known for its precisely handmade snowboard,  longboard, wakeboard and apparel manufacturing.


Country: United States of America 

It was started in 1995. They are known for producing high-quality snowboards which have the greatest sustainable mentality in the form of manufacturing by using wood from sustainable sources like bamboo, or by providing donations to preserve the Hawaiian koa forests.


Country: United States of AmeRica 

They pump-out the broadest ranges of snowboards product in the game along with a huge team of riders.

It was founded in the year 1990. They also make boards, boots, bindings, outerwear, bags and a bunch of accessories.


Country: United States of America 

It was founded in the year 1997 and is one of the original female-only snowboard brands. The brands boast of some of the well-known athletes such as Torah Bright, Brits Katie Ormerod and Aimee Fuller which can be hailed as one of the best girl teams in snowboarding. 


Country: United States of America 

It was established in 1977. They are regarded as one of the weirdest, open-minded and experimental brands by producing progressive boards with respect to the environment. All the boards are handmade with master deep, carving side cuts and bold graphics.

Big Air Bag

Country: Netherlands

This company was founded by Dutch snowboarders in 2004. The company is famous for its fall cushion concept which enables snowboarders for soft, smooth and secure landing impacts. It is used by professionals for stunts, training and entertainment. They also support various snowboarding events in the Netherlands and worldwide.


Continent: Europe

The company was founded by a group of riders David Carrier-Porcheron, Romain De Marchi, JP Solberg and Tadashi Fuse in collaboration with Nidecker in 2009. The company has received awards such as EUROSima’s Breakthrough Brand of the year 2010 and ISPO’s Gold Award.


Country: France 

It is the subsidiary of the Solomon Group and was founded in 1995 and started its journey with  famous Daniel Frank. It produces hardgoods for men, women and children which include products like snowboards, bindings and boots.


Country: United States of America 

It was founded by Blue Montgomery and Jason Brown in 2000. They are a company which engineers board with power and stability along with dedicated efficiency and sustainability and emerged as one of the front runners of snowboarding manufacturers on the planet.

Rome SDS

Country: United States of America 

It was founded by Josh Reid and Paul Maravetz in 2001. It is a brand which is known for its technical, durable construction and awesome graphics. They embrace each and every rider and their riding style which has defined their values for snowboarding counterculture.


Country: Canada

It was founded in 2001 by professional snowboarder Max Jenke with a view to design and create products focusing on the rider and its riding capabilities.


Country: Canada

It was founded by Perry Gladstone and Ricardo Camargo in 1993 and is known as the largest Canadian brand of the snowboard with worldwide distributors.


Country: United States of America 

It was founded in 2010. It is one of the most eco-friendly companies that produce some really good quality variety of boards and covers a good number of categories.


Country: Switzerland 

It was founded in 1984. It is a family company in Rolle and known for high-quality snowboards with asymmetrical board innovation.


Country: France 

It was founded in 1987. It may be a French brand but has been owned by various companies.


Country: Switzerland 

It was founded in 2012 and comes under Nidecker and currently in partnership with Spacecraft Collective.


Country: Netherlands

It was founded by biophysicist Jorgen Karlson in 2000 when he came with an idea of 3BT- triple base technology which would make turning smoother with few edges catch more stability during high speed and better flow which would eventually make it a big company.


Country: Germany 

It is a handmade snowboard manufacturing company which was founded by Yogi Maerz and Martin Sammet in 1983. They use the best material for the long term perfect construction of each board which are backed by environmentally sustainable practices.


Country: Canada

It was started in 1994 by a group of kids who innovated a new kind of binding which later came to be recognized as baseless which helped them to form a company and later emerged as an urban snowboarding company.


Country: United States of America 

It was founded in 1995. They are known throughout the industry for their artistry and craftsmanship. They produce the finest hand-built snowboards with great durability, performance and creative direction.

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