Top 42+ Best Soap Brands in the World

Soaps are a part of our daily life which is used to maintain our hygiene. Many companies have manufactured some of the best soaps all over the world keeping in mind the demand of the soaps. Here is a list of top soap brands in the world.

Soap Brands of the World

Burt’s Bees

Country- United States 

This is a leading soap brand which is owned by Clorox. It is best known for the natural ingredients present in it. Burt’s Bees soap can be found in more than thirty thousand retail stores in Ireland, Germany, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Hong Kong and New Zealand.


Country- United States 

Zest was introduced in the year 1955 by Procter & Gamble Company. In fact Zest is a very old soap brand. They have a huge variety of soaps which is designed according to the preference of customers like revitalizing, moisturizing or cleaning.


Country- United States

Caress is a popular soap brand owned by Unilever. Its soaps are mainly made up of floral extract and Silk essence is infused with it. This soap leaves the skin soft and fragranced.


Country- Texas

Cetaphil has a lot of skin care products in their range. In fact, most of the dermatologists recommend people with skin problems to use the soap by Cetaphil. It has got a high demand and hence, it is available now in many countries such as India, Canada, Singapore, Philippines etc.


Country- United States

Ivory is one of the most iconic products by Procter & Gamble. It has the classic soap bars; liquid soap, hair and body wash in its range. This soap brand is famous mainly for its purity. Now, it has extended its range of products to a great extent.


Country- United States

This is a skin and beauty brand which is owned by Johnson & Johnson. It is known for the natural ingredients used in its products which enhance the quality of the soap bars. 

Irish spring

Country- Germany

This soap brand is mostly used known for manufacturing deodorant soaps which is among the best- selling brands of soap. Irish spring is owned by Colgate-Palmolive. Till today, this soap brand remains one of the leading and popular one which is sold all over the globe.


Country- Chicago

Dial is owned by Henkel Corporation and it is one of the leading soap brands. Dial was the first anti-bacterial soap in the world that was introduced in the year 1953 to the market. Now, dial also manufactures a huge range of skin and personal care products.


Country- South Africa

Owned by Procter & Gamble, Olay is not only a popular and leading brand but it is the largest brand which produces a variety of skin care products. The soap bars are designed according to the taste and preference of the consumers. It is sold in many countries such as China, United States and United Kingdom.


Country- United States

Dove is owned by Unilever and is a popular soap brand which is marketed in more than 80 countries all over the globe. Dove is known to dominate the market of skin and beauty care products. 


Country- Los Angeles, California

This is an American soap brand which also has a lot of other skin care, cosmetics, and hair care products in its range. The best thing about Neutrogena soaps is that they are completely free from harsh chemicals. Instead it helps to remove the extra oiliness from the body, thereby cleaning it gently.


Country- United Kingdom

The soap bars made by this brand was the first translucent soap bar in the world market. They were produced and first sold in the year 1980. Pears was previously owned by lever brothers and then the ownership was taken by Unilever.

Lever 2000

Country- United Kingdom

This is the most trusted soap brand over the past 30 years. They have always believed that maintaining a good hygiene is the secret of maintaining a good health. This soap brand is known for its affordable price and high quality.


Country- United States

Coast is another leading soap brand which was created by Procter & Gamble Company. This brand was launched in the year 1976. Its tagline is “The Eye Opener”.


Country- Chicago

The soaps made by this brand are absolutely cruelty free, free from palm oil and handmade. In fact suave soaps are made from Goat milk. Previously it was owned by Helene Curtis Industries, Inc. but now its owner is Unilever. This brand is known to market its products in Argentina, United States, Canada, Mexico etc.


Country- United State

Safeguard is another popular soap brand that is mainly known for creating anti-bacterial soaps. Its products are marketed by the Procter & Gamble Company. Its soaps are designed to fight odor and germ mainly.

Yardley London

Country- United Kingdom

Yardley London is one of the most leading brands which not only produces soaps, but also tops in producing Cosmetics, toiletry and fragrance products. It is one of the major producers of fragranced soap bars.

Bath & Body works

Country- United States

This is an American brand which was founded in the year 1990 in Ohio. It has become a popular soap brand which has extended its business to various other continents. Bath & Body works became the largest chain of bathing products such as soaps, shower gels, creams etc., in the year 1997.

Dr. Bronner’s

Country- California

Also known as Dr. Bronner’s magic soap, this is an American brand which produces various personal care products and one of them is their organic soaps. This brand is popularly known for its text heavy-labels. During the late 1940, this company was found and now it is run by the Bronner family members.

Johnson & Johnson

Country- New Jersey

This brand operates in at least 60 countries, selling their products in more than 175 nations. This brand is mainly known for producing baby products, Band-Aids and various other skin and beauty care products.

The Body Shop

Country- United Kingdom

The Body Shop is another popular and one of the most leading brands which is known for its skin care products, cosmetics, perfumes etc. It has a huge range of products which is sold internationally in over 65 countries. 


Country- United States

This American brand is owned by Unilever and most known for producing petroleum-jelly based products, skin creams, lotions, soaps, deodorants and cleansers.

Tom’s of Maine

Country- United States

Tom’s of Maine is another leading soap brand which is also known for producing various personal care products which are made using natural ingredients only. Most of the products of this brand are vegan.


Country- United Kingdom

Dettol is a popular brand whose products are mostly known for its anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties. The soaps produced by this brand acts as a disinfectant. Its products are now marketed in almost 124 nations all over the world.


Country- United States

Camay is popular for creating beautifully fragranced body as well as hand soap. Their products are made by Unilever and were introduced in the year 1926. At that time its soaps were advertised as pure white soaps that were specially created for the women.


Country- United Kingdom

Lux is a popular brand known for producing various beauty soap bars, body washes etc. It is owned by Unilever. Their toilet soaps are popular on a world-wide basis.


Country- United States

Another leading American soap brand is the Palmolive. Their products include soaps, hair conditioners, shampoos, hand and body washes. All these products are marketed all over the world.


Country- United States

This is one of the oldest soap maker brands of America. They are mostly known for producing original soaps that made up of pure vegetable glycerin and coconut oil. It contains no harsh chemicals at all.


Country- United Kingdom

Owned by Lever Brothers, this brand of soaps was first introduced in the year 19895. During the initials production, soaps containing Carbolic was produced and later this brand started producing a variety of soaps.

Claus Porto

Country- Portugal

This is one of the most popular luxury soap brand. Its soaps are handcrafted which are created using traditional artisanal technique and known for its beautiful scent and unique packaging that contains real artwork.  


Country- France

It is French brand that leads the market with its high quality luxury soaps. Their raw materials are grown in the local farms. L’Occitane has a resilient biodiversity movement.

Crabtree & Evelyn

Country- Massachusetts

Crabtree & Evelyn is also one of the leading brands of luxury soaps which also produces body lotions, fragrances, hand creams, spa items etc. Their only goal is to create all their products using natural ingredients while blending nature and science together.


Country- France

Mainly known for its accessories such as bags and clothing, this brand also creates luxury soap that is made using natural ingredients and traditional techniques. This brand makes sure that these soaps leave a long lasting mark all over the globe.

Czech & Speake

Country- United Kingdom

This unique and luxury brand of soap is known for its rich heritage that one can find in classic style. Apart from soaps, this brand also produces various grooming products, perfumes, accessories etc.

Oliver Rocket 

Country- United States

Oliver is a fine soap brand that is known to have been made using the finest and natural ingredients like olive oil. After using this soap it leaves the skin soft and healthy. This brand never compromises with the quality of their soaps.

La Toja

Country- Spain

La Toja is a popular Spanish soap brand which uses the mineral salts extracted from the thermal springs and incorporates them into the soaps. These soaps are beneficial for the skin to a great extent.

Heno de Pravia

Country- Spain

This is one of the best and leading soap brands all over the world. Heno de Pravia is known for its soap and other products. Lavender, sandalwood and geranium are some of the ingredients used by this brand in their soap.


Country- Spain

Founded in Barcelona, Spain, this soap brand produces exquisite soaps, perfumes and various personal care products.

Magno Soap

Country- Spain

This brand produces high quality soap with a beautiful fragrance that cannot be described. It is absolutely natural, woodsy and earthy and can be used by kids and adults both.

Agua Lavanda Piug

Country- Spain

Piug is a family business who is popular in making fragranced goods. The soaps made by this brand are highly fragranced and has a classic as well as a classy feeling in it. 

Yves Rocher

Country- France

This is mainly a cosmetics and beauty brand that is popular all over the world. Their soaps are now found in at least 88 countries. The use of natural and ecological ingredients has made their products really the best in the world.

Pre de Provence

Country- France

This brand is known to manufacture their soaps using the traditional French process. The soaps have no impurities which makes it really pure, smooth and long lasting. Also the soaps of this brand are absolutely free from ethyl alcohol, paraben, DEA and phenoxyethanol. 

Le Petit Marseilles

Country- France

Founded by Bernard Lengelle, this soap brand uses the most traditional method for making the soaps. They mostly use olive oil in a high percentage and ingredients that come from the olive groove, citrus orchards and also the lavender fields.

La Maison du Savon de Marseille

Country- France

La Maison du Savon de Marseille always ensures to create soaps that designed according to the preference of the customers. Using traditional methods, they create absolutely pure vegetable soaps.

Moy malysh

Country- Russia

Moy malysh is a soap brand that mainly creates hypoallergenic soaps for the babies. Their soaps are extremely suitable for the new born babies which use a special soap formulation. 

Retsepty chistoty

Country- Russia

This soap brand has a very interesting historical background. Their soaps are the best for those who prefer to use products of traditional quality. 


Country- Russia

This brand produces cosmetic and other body care products which include soaps. Their soaps are aromatic and have glycerin in it. This brand always makes sure to create high quality soaps at an affordable price.

Monpari Provence

Country- Russia

Monpari Provence is a very high quality soap that is popularly used in Russia. The soaps made by this brand contain herbs, fruit and flowers aromas as an active ingredient.

Monpari Aphrodisiac

Country- Russia

The soaps from this brand come with aphrodisiacs. These soaps are extremely aromatic which contains traditional ingredients making it one of the most popular soap brands.

Moy doctor

Country- Russia

This soap brand is popular for its anti-bacterial properties. It is mainly created for those who always prefer to use a safe and effective body care product. The soaps from this brand contain micro flora, antiseptic ingredients and does not use any harsh chemicals.

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