Top 42+ Best Soju Brands in the World

Soju is a Korean brand of rice wine, which undergoes the distillation process to obtain pure transparent, uncolored alcoholic beverages.

The presence of the alcohol contained in soju alters from between 16.8% to 53%, based on volume percentage. In Korea, it is considered as the finest liquor around worldwide.

Soju Brands in the World

Lotte Liquor

Country: South Korea

It is a brand of liquor, developed through the process of distillation. It is one of the topmost manufacturers of soju. It is popular by its trade name Chumchurum, which dictates “pure”. It is derived from alkali water and contains alcohol by a volume of 19.5%, providing a unique tang.


Country: South Korea

It is a luxurious brand of liquor preferred by mostly, high-class people of great intelligence. Due to the presence of a high amount of alcohol in volume, it makes Andong, an irresistible drink. It involves an old process of fermentation by steeping the starch contents of rice and wheat.


Country: South Korea

It is a well-known liquor brand in worldwide, produced by HiteJinro in 1998. Chamisun denotes “dew”. It is the best brand of soju with a good amount of alcohol presence by volume. It comes in soju fresh and original. It is fourfold filtered using charcoal to obtain a smooth tang.

C1 Blue

Country: Korea

It is a popular brand, derived from the bedrock water. It is widely identified as Korean vodka. It undergoes distillation using rice contents. It was found during the 14th century. It has an inkling of plant products to produce a smoother tang. It contains fewer calories as compared to vodka.


Country: South Korea

It is a brand of moderate sweet flavor in taste which is made from plant products of usually starch contents. It is uncolored and transparent with an alcoholic presence by a volume of 16.9%. It is an amazing liquor to drink, also found in many different types of fruits savor.


Country: Korea

Saan is one of the most preferred brands of soju liquor by most people of Korea and amidst some foreigners. It is brewed with green tea to provide a mild refreshing savor. It contains strong alcoholic elements but due to the presence of green tea, it undertakes the alcoholic flavor.

Lee Gang Ju

Country: Korea

It is a brand of soju that comes in a variety of flavors made with the best ingredients of spices. The alcoholic properties are present in large quantities which gives a sturdy savor. The beautiful blend of Korean palate along with some smooth infusion is a great combination for any bite.

Good Day

Country: Korea

It is a brand of Soju produced from the alkali of organic bamboo charcoal that usually involves the process of filtration through the patented technology. The liquor is steeped and sourced from pure spring water through distillation to provide a clean and neat taste.


Country: South Korea

It is a liquor brand obtained from underground bedrock water. It uses natural preservatives from plants and plant products to give a neat and sweet savor. Its alcoholic content is 19% by volume. It does not contain any sugar particles or sodium substances. It involves a 5 times filtration process.

TY KU Soju

Country: Japan

It is a brand of liquor unlike other Soju, manufactured from barley using a distillation process. It changes the traditional concept of soju that used rice. It started developing using grains when there was a shortage of rice stocks. Soon, it garnered the attention of other market seekers as an alternative method.

Tombo Shochu

Country: Japan, North America

It is a high-end brand of Soju, produced from barley through distillation usually designed by the Japanese family. It is stored for six months in steel tanks before distribution of sale. It is a more concentrated liquor than other soju. It constitutes a relaxing and neat savor.

Harmoni Shochu

Country: Japan, America

It is a kind of Japanese liquor, produced from the starch grain and introduced to the American market by James Key Lim and Joanne Woo Lim to create harmony, by comprising high-end liquors along with a reduction in calorie. It is the third top-most and a well-known brand around the world.

Fukiage Mugi Shochu

Country: Japan

It is a brand that contains a mild refreshing flavor of the sweetness of the high quality of barley. It provides a beautiful flavor of oak along with the smooth texture of barley.

It is filtered through distillation under lower pressure. It is mixed with a moderately aged oak liquor.

Ginrei Shiro

Country: Japan

This liquor is fermented and steeped down using rice grains and from the purest form of waters. It undergoes distillation process in reduced temperature by the usage of Ginjo Yeast, to provide a flowery smell with the mellowest texture. It is gold rewarded for its quality by Monde selection.

Hakushika Naka Naka Nai

Country: Japan

It is a brand of high-end Soju, with a distinctive flavor of cedar that is served at a temperature of 45°F. It gives relaxation while drinking. It was last available in the market during June 2019. 

Jougo Kokuto

Country: Japan

It is made from brown sugar using distillation under low pressure. It could be aged for 2 years with a consistency of alcohol by a volume of 25%. It is a mild fruity flavor with a clean taste. It is best recommended while consuming food. It is awarded by Monde selection.


Country: Japan

It is made from the 50% usage of bucket wheat with some quantities of barley and rice. It contains alcoholic content by 25% of volume. It is the cheapest liquor that can be made available in any marketplace. It is filled with flavor with an amazing taste to drink.

Kuro Kirishima

Country: Japan

It is a brand of soju made from sweet potato and rice with an alcoholic content of 25%. It contains a mild smoky flavor of sweetness. It is a premium drink with a soft gentleness. It also refreshes the mouth with a hint of watermelon flavor after a sip.

Satsuma Godai

Country: Japan

It is a brand of liquor produced using sweet potato and rice sources through distillation with an alcoholic presence of 24% by volume. It contains a delicious flavor in taste. It is a classic type of liquor that is best recommended to store at home for consuming at moments of relaxation.

Yachiyoden Sengatobu

Country: Japan

After the closure of shochu using the distillation process, Eikichi Yagi, the CEO reestablish the family business of shochu once again in the market in 2004. They used sweet potato for the brand liquor. Now, it has already garnered huge attention and so, it became a popular worldwide soju drink.

Toki No Kokuin

Country: Japan

It is a soju brand made from pure Japonica rice with 23% of alcoholic content. It is also awarded by World Wine Championship. It is an impartial drink that soothes the taste buds. It is stored in an oak cask for about 3 years. It provides a moderate flavor of sweetness.


Country: Japan

It is a liquor brand that is produced from pure barley and undergoes a vacuum distillation process under reduced temperature with an alcohol presence of 24% by volume. It is traded as a “popular neighborhood” in Japan. It is stored in a village by a distillery. It contains a mild flavor in taste.

Aka Oni Red Devil

Country: Japan

It is a brand of liquor of flowery smell made from pure barley grains with an alcoholic content of 20%. It is packaged in a frosting container impeded with a silver cover and a red ticket on it. It is stored in a distillery to give a mild softness with sweetness.

Aka Kirishima

Country: Japan

It is a brand of soju with an impartial clear look and a mellow texture when consumed. It has an ultra-fine sweetness flavor in the smell that comes from the usage of citrus fruits. It involves distillation using barley.


 Country: Korea

It is a brand of soju which is widely traded as “Oxygen Soju”. It contains a great amount of oxygen in large quantities as compared to any soju or liquor drinks. It uses an environment-friendly method of the distillation process to highlight the importance of nature. It is more popular among females.


Country: New York, USA

It was first prepared at home that later went on to become commercially available in the market for sale. It is made using pure naturally harvested Californian rice. It is a gentle mellow texture with a clear taste surprisingly. It contains strong rice and floral fragrance.

Tokki Soju Black

Country: USA

It is a brand of Tokki that uses Black labeling on its package. It is usually made to produce cocktails. It has a high consistency of alcohol on and about 80%, quite similar to vodkas. It is dried with bitterness and provides mildness in texture with an aroma of wet stone.

West 32 Soju

Country: USA

It is a brand of soju made from the natural ingredients and is free of gluten. It has a very lower concentration of alcoholic presence which is why it is best considered for drinking during traditional occasions. It could be used to increase the level of cocktails exceptionally.

Awa no Kaori Sudachi Shochu

Country: Japan

This soju is prepared from citrus fruit using distillation. It contains a gentle sweetness in citrus flavor and texture of fresh lime. It is a pleasant liquor to drink. It could be used except with a blend of soda, a refreshing mint flavor, or a rich syrup on the rocks.

Chiran Bukeyashiki Samurai Village Sweet Potato Shochu

Country: Japan

It is produced by Chiran distillery containing 25% of alcohol content. It is made from rich quality of sweet potato and slight starch content of rice through the process of distillation to produce fine quality of soju. It gives a mellow sweetish texture from the village of Samurai.


Country: China

It is the most preferred liquor in worldwide. It is made from stone fruit, grains, and some European elderflowers through distillation. Recently, it is sold as liquor in America. It has been developed since, about 600 years old. It is China’s national liquor and traded as white spirit.

Gankutsuoh Honkaku Shochu

Country: Japan

It is a brand of soju that is produced by fermentation of rice. It undergoes a distinctive distillation process that involves cascading in a large ceramic container and then kept for storage purposes. It provides an extraordinary mellow savor with an attractive flavor. It has an alcohol of 25% by volume.

Kai Lemongrass Ginger Shochu

Country: Vietnam

It is a brand of soju possessing the flavor of lemon and the cozy texture of ginger. It is provided with carbonated water on the rocks. It is inundated with a thin piece of the lemon ring over the Kai Lemongrass Ginger Chu-hi. 

Kakushigura Mugi

Country: Japan

It is made from Barley and Barley Koji which is processed using distillation under lower pressure. It is stored for about a year in an oak cask and contains an alcoholic content of 24%. It is carefully grown and possesses a sweet scent of vanilla.  

Nadeshiko True Beauty Barley Shochu

Country: Japan

It is constituted from barley and rice contents with cherry flower yeast. It has a flowery smell along with the flavor of cherry. It contains more daring savor as compared to Island Dreams. It is consumed as a seasoned alcohol mid appetite.

Takara Jun Shochu

Country: Japan

It is collected carefully from a great variety of grains which involves maize, barley, and black treacle. It has to go through several distillation processes to obtain a clear and purified base. Takara is the final product of a mixture of spirits.

Shiro Hakutake Shochu Kome

Country: Japan

It is a brand of shochu made from refined Japanese rice grains that involve 70% polished grains. It is originated in the Kuma River valley which provides a favorable climate along with clear and fresh water required for the growing of rice grains that is used to create “Komajochu”.

Best Soju Brands In The World
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