Spelling Bee Team Names: 600+ Catchy and Cool Names

A Spelling Bee is a competition where children compete against each other to spell the longest word possible. This is done in front of judges and audience members. There are many different types of Spelling Bees, including Scripps National Spelling Bee, International Spelling Bee, and World Cup Spelling Bee.

We have all taken part in Spelling Bees in our school days. Spelling Bee contests are the most loved contests back in school. Every time Spelling Bee contests were conducted, we would be the first to list our names. It is one fun stuff to take part in:

Creative Spelling Bee Team Names

If you are looking for some creative Spelling Bee team names, we got you. Usually, people think only nerds and smart kids participate in Spelling Bee contests, but it is not true! Spelling Bees are huge learning platforms. If you are wondering what a creative name is like, we got loads for you.


Get Geeky

Sherlock Impersonators

The Letter Right-ers

Dumb as Chimps

Indy Earth

A Play on Words

Bear or Beer

Mad Axis Theory

Beyonce Know’Alls

Shining Stars

Artful Spellerz

Quizzie Rascals

Hakuna Matata

Back Door Geniuses

Landon Tropicana

You are a Quizzard Harry!

Earth Nicole

Conquering the Bee

Inner Voice Aliens

Boozy Head Buzz

The Homeboys

We are the Blond Nerds


Google United

The Upper Grenades

Hung by Cliffhangers

Aurora Aces

Fake News Facts

Don’t Judge a book by its covers

Yoga Got Us Here

Therefore I am

Flights of Facts

The Spellers

Do we get Lifelines here?

The Quizikipedia

Team Name


The Lucky Guessers


The Guessers are Here!

Geeky mite

Jabba the Hutt’s Apprentice

Trivia By Combat

Board of Ed Buzz

Smart Scrantanites

Sus Nerdy

Worker’s Beesers

Ryan’s Million Dollar Idea

Michaelina Nerdy

The Phrase Nerds

Quizengamat’s Chief Warlocks

Landon snap

Billie Jean Is Not My Trivia Partner

Merry Quizmas

The things I do for Trivia


Champions for Wife

Masters of Trivia Town

Hand Raise Hermione

On the Hero’s Journey

Bug Geeky

Better Than Autocorrect

Bee Witched

Diva College Dropouts

Sage Matic Illusion

Holly Jolly’s

668 – Next Door Neighbour To The Beast


Beyonce Know Alls

Lonely Trivia Nights

Thought Evacuate



Mind Trust Monarchs

Chaos is a Ladder

The Skywalker

Super Spellrz

Hettie Earth

Single Ladies

Kapoor and Kadesperate

Nerd Stop

And in First place is Team A

Optimists Under Seige

Landon Fish

Jorah the Explorer

Lettuce Win!!


Slice of Pi

Pubs Made Us Smarter

A Lannister always pays his Tab

The Wise Quacks

Dream Catch Invasion

Stockholm Nerdy

Augusta Nerdy

Simple Minds

Camilla Nerdy

Alien Quiz Quacks

The Beenevolent Bees

The Band of QuestionHeirs

Spelling Bee Team Names

Best Spelling Bee Team Names

Acing a Spelling Bee contest makes you the best! And if you have a team for the Spelling Bee, go for the best name. The name is the identity of a team, so having the best name will give you enough confidence and skill to win the contest!

Trivia of the Clones

Mind Martians

Weak Her Pedias

Beer Today, Gone Tomorrow

The BEEtles

Nerdy in

Enlightened Our Souls

Addicted to Socializing


Psychoanalysts who play Trivia

The Rehab Reunion

Neville Wears Prada

Studios ones

Only The Drunk

Masters of Trivia

The In-quiz-ition committee

A Little Bit Physics

Les Quizerables

The Smart-ians Army

Letter Righters

The Calm Yetis

The Mighty Quaratinians

Villas Landon

Road Kill Amnesiacs

To Trivia or to not trivia

Yellow PubMarine

The night is dark and full of Trivia

Breaking the Spell

Intense book fans

Your Facts are just Opinions

Hilarious Spell Loehrs

Quizzee Bee Buzz

Drunk Art Goonies

Sus Geeky

A Minor Problem

The Spellicans


Obi-wan Quinobi

Uncivilized Fools

Forrest Grump

Forrest Grumpy Bags

The Spelling Affiliation

Kevin’s Chili

And The Winners Are…

Village Idiots

Joey Trivianni

Stand by chance

Dumb Dumbledore Dummy

Juliana Nerdy

The Trivia Heads

Crisp Shirts and Beach Shorts

We Spell Krazy Good

Quizzards of Oz

I drink and I know things

Quick Geeky

Trivials and Trivialites

Did I Stutter?

Slytherin to the Trivia Night

Taking Care of Quizness

Spelling Combat


How dare you, Ryan?

Mind Light Mobsters

Accio Facts

Shut Up Mind

May the Force be with you

Down the Hodor


Saga Muffin’

Nerdy Varna

The Whiz Luna Ticks

Nine Inch Matters

That Big Thing

Mind Floss Zombies


The Phantom Luke

Let’s play Quizzitch!

Meth Lab Martyrs

Quiztopher Quiztoffersen

The Champs

Sir Charles

Let’s Quiz Quizzical / Trivial


You Know Nothing

Let’s get Locked Down

The King of the Nerds

Lunk Complex

Broke Philosophers

The School of Quizzards

The Sting

The Fellowship of useless Facts

Spiol Spell


Picked By the Hosts

The Warehouse Workers

Nerdy domestic

Quizzly Beers

litchi Nerdy

Lit Up There

Quizmaster and Associates

Trending Spelling Bee Team Names

Awesome Spelling Bee Team Names

Spelling is one of the most basic skills that we learn at school, but many people struggle to remember their spelling. The Spelling Bee is also important for those who want to improve their vocabulary. So, if you have a team for the Spelling Bee, here are some names you might like:

Nerdy Charlotte

Smarty Pints

Literacy Heroes


Indy Guy

The Voice Up There


The Allstars

Need better Teammates

Smart Upper Thing

Demolishing Self Esteem since 1990

The Sisterhood of Travelling Smartypants

The Nerd Folks

Tequila Mockingbird

The Middle Monsters

Excessive Melanin Rocks

The BEEch Bums

The Vodka Douchebags

Wooze Mindscape

The Whiz Craft

Spelling Sensations


Spelling Bee Warrior

Agatha Quiztie

Professor Trivialawney


Witty Minds

The Three Musketeers

Corn Pop


Maggy the Frog

E=MC Hammer


Worker’s Bees

Smarty Pants

The Wise Men

John Trivia-Olta and Trivia Newton John

Passive Aggressive Quizzers

Mental Hack

Superior Beings

And In Last Place..


Beeyond Beelief

Alien Authority

Snitch the Snitch

Mind Lab Einsteins

Celestial Mind Fire

Edison’s Medicine

The Wikipedias

The Grinch’s

Buzz Phrases

Trivia Masters

The A-Team

Brain Rant Extremists

The Winning Team


Quizzy McQuizface

The Alphabetizers

John Triviaolta

Eddie Quizzard

Let’s have some Hufflepuffs

The Slush Braniacs

Brain Witch Brew


Ping Lords

Be Her Nation


Educated Minions

Make Quizzing Great Again

Winterfell and now it can’t get up

Thin Quizzie

Liana Landon

Quiz Tarrant

Mary Earthe


Googling through life

Trivia Junkies

Maester Quizburn

Here to Speed Date

Trivia Newton John

Sherlock’s Homies

99 Problems but this Trivia ain’t one

Dunkin’ Tonic


Quiztopher Quiztopherson

50 points to Ravenclaw

I am Smarticus

Highway to Spell

Beer Pong Brains

The Quiz Masters

Cleverbot Coalition


The Winners

Nerds with Moves

Crimbo Bimbos

ACE Space

Sugar Plum Fairies

Takin’ Care of Buzz’ness

Death Before Dishonor

Amazing Spelling Bee Team Names

A name is one of the first things someone sees you in a contest. If you want to stand out from the crowd, then you need to choose a unique name. This means avoiding names that are too generic or common. Here are some amazing names to get you going.

Swaggy P

Systematic Drool Brains

Ex Boy Band

Quizteama Aguilera

Designated Quizzers

Spell Masters

Trying out Quarantine Trends

Sirius Loves You


Spellers Inc.

Bee Colony


Here Come Trebles

You win or You die

Hamlet of Quizzical Masters

Wise Med Meat


Mighty Narcissists

Han Duo

The Floozie Young Guns

We Don’t Do Hugs

Nerdy Man

Oil Checkers


Princess Leia Banana hammock

No Brians

Fizzy Quizzians

Partners in Chaos

Indian Earth

Holy Ramrods

Maestro Alcoholism

The Brainy Bunch

Last Mind Numb

The Prince of Alderaan

Family Buzzers

Earth Rose

Fancy Monroe

DCMXVI – Roman Numerals Of The Beast

I’ve Got A Brand New Combine Harvester

Flight by Falcon

Whatever’s spotless

Gatorade Milkshake

We Missed Prom

I am smarter than a five-year-old

Menace to Sensibility

Bee-Wildered & Bee-Fuddled

Wi Spel Gud

Don’t Stop Beelievin!

Game of Phones

The Hip Bees



Hunky Brains

We’re Out of Bitcoins

I’m Like Simply Red – Too Tight To Mention

Hotel Triviago!

Trial By Trivia

The Quizzard of Oz

Quick Landon

Crack Muppets

Crouching Woman Hidden Cucumber

The Beyonce of Trivia


The BEEched whales

Survivors of Titanic

Trivial Solutions

The Zoomy Zealots

Wisdom Bend Over

Valentina Nerdy

Tropical Four Play

The Normalists

Webster and the Spelltones

Spelling School

Rehab Is for Quitters

Underpaid Coders


Ex-quiz me?

Better Bees

We can Quiz and Dance

Winners of Quiz World

Razz Newtons

Rev Geeky

Upscale Nitwits


Sleazy Smarties

No Men Wisdom

Quiztina Millian

Cast a Spell

Phonetic Phoenix

Fly drip

Quizzical Karma

Red Hot Trivia Peppers

The Extreme Beeings

Absolute Brainlogists

The A Team

Muggle Quizzers

The Noel-it-alls

Agents of Socialization

The Banter Panther

Them In the Corner

Catchy Spelling Bee Team Names

Playing with words is very catchy and fun. Playing with words, guessing words, and so much more make the Spelling Bee a power-packed contest! So, if you want your team to ace the spelling contest, you must have a catchy name! Here are some for you:

The Couch Has a Hole

The Brainier Bunch

Freeway to Spell

The Word Nerds

Reka Nerdy

Clue Pagans

Mighty Mafia

Hang Out There

1-second answers

Quiztopher Cross

Straight Outta Scranton

BBC Trained

Harry Potter and the Trivia Night

Quiz Pro Quo

The Wizards of Quiz

The Goode Spellerz

Norfolk And Chance

Nerd Immunity


Spelling Match

Mess Quizerables

Never Gonna Quiz You Up

Blood, Sweat and Beers

Clanger Quacks

Maricela Nerdy

Shot Clock n’ Balls

The Triviophiles

Sorted for E’s and Quiz


Buzz Words

Burn them All

Mind Seek Drill

Ignorant but Psychic

Pub Demons

Bunch of Detectives

Mindscape Ego

Quizee Rascals

You’re a Quizzard Harry

Couch Quizzers

Nerdy Galli

Mind Scribble

I Got 99 Problems And This Trivia Is One

Closet Bots

Dwight’s Beet Farm

Memory Nomads

The Mind Fix

Kevin and Zits


Bananas Made Us Wise

Academics, Inc.

Clue Demons

Les Quizerablesbest 

Aguilera Magic

Drunk Stable Geniuses

Geeky Bomb

Thought Rattle

Geeky snap

Pandora’s Plot Twists

Spoon Feed Theory

Word Busters

Here for Beer

Donald’s Silky Blonde Locks

I’m the One

Game of Inches, Ask Her

There’s always a bigger Quiz

We Need Memory

Blunder Junkies

Rant O Holics

Soul Triviera


Mortal Swell Cyborgs

Pretend Sherlocks

Free Think Crusaders


Queen Quizzie

I like this Name

The Know-It-Alls

Risky Quizness

Whiskying Wolverine

The Strangler’s


So you think you can quiz?

Thirst Optimists

Boozy Bookworms

The Back Benchers

No Eye Dear

Hyper Active Wizards

Odd Thought Extremists

Universally Challenged

Mind Speak Divas

Quizader Mindbend

Bunny Earth

Thought Soul Poets

63% Of The Time We Win Every Time!

The Spell Society

Spell Casters

Dead Sirius

Everyone is mine to Torment

Trump Hoofs

To Bee or Not to Bee

The Bees Knees

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