Top 53+ Best Sportswear Brands in the World

Sportswear is referred to as athletic wear or a comfortable clothing style that is compatible with sports or other exercises. It is worn for the security and comforts of any particular task specifically for practical or physical activities.

It restraints from injury and provides support to withstand with confidence in sports.

Sportswear Brands in the World


Country: Germany

It is an international brand of sportswear founded in 1949 by Adolf Dassler. It is the biggest producer of activewear in Europe and ranks second in worldwide.

The brand uses a three stripes logo as a trademark which indicates a mountainous structure that is actually the risks taken by the sportspersons.


Country: U.S

It is a global sportswear brand established in 1964 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight. It ranks as the second renowned sportswear brand worldwide. Its trademark contains a Swoosh logo and concerns with the invention, production of crafting and styling, and distribution of clothing, sport shoes, and other related assemblies of accessories.

Under Armour

Country: China, Jordan, Vietnam and Malaysia

It is an international brand with its global operational units. It is the biggest digital Health and Fitness House on the planet. The quality of extended garments of Under Armour is usually light weighted and recommended good for outdoor recreations with easiness. 


Country: U.S

It was introduced by Joe and Jeff Foster in 1895. Reebok is a subsidiary of Adidas since, 2005 with its distributions taking place across worldwide. 

It is engaged with the manufacturing and supplying of athletic wear, footwear, and clothing brands. It has the sponsorship of UFC, CrossFit and Spartan race.


Country: U.S

It was produced in the late 1908s by Marquis Mills Converse. In 2003, it was acquired by Nike, Inc. It concerns the crafts and style along with the distribution of certified footwear, clothing, and related assemblies.

It is an influential brand due to its exceptional style. It possesses a universal easiness.


Country: Japan

The brand is engaged with the development of athletic wear for about 50 years or more. One of the key factors of ASICS lies in the innovation of styled philosophies that have transformed the athletic lives.

ASICS works in partnership with many other athletes to create comfortable sportswear for customers.


Country: France

Rene Lacoste and Andre Gillier introduced Lacoste in 1933. It distributes sportswear, shoes, leathers, and accessories. The brand uses a logo of the green crocodile as a trademark.

In 2012, it was acquired by Maus Freres. It aspires on creating a rich quality of exotic and typical sportswear of French origin.

Ralph Lauren Corporation

Country: America

Ralph Lauren Corporation was introduced by Ralph Lauren, in 1967, and involved in the designing, marketing, and supplying of sportswear and other accessories from a moderate to an expensive range.

Its products are globally distributed. The brand influences towards a desirable and a healthier life genuinely with its eternal designs.


Country: America

It is a brand that engaged specifically in the production of sportswear and casual wear. It is a holding company of Hanesbrands. 

Champion is trending as one of the pioneers in sportswear since, its marketing strategy upheld by its huge fan base. 

Puma SE

Country: Germany

It is an international brand that deals with the styling, crafting, and production of clothing, casual and sports shoes, and assemblies.

Puma ranks as the world’s third-highest producer of athletic wear, introduced by Rudolf Dassler in 1948. It is a renowned brand known for its trending, quality, and reasonably valued price.

Columbia Sportswear

Country: U.S

The brand predominantly concerns the lives of enthusiast or simply an adventurer passionate for outdoor activities or recreations. The products are supplied across the world.

It is registered in the Pacific Northwest of the volcanic rocks surrounded by forest with a rocky coastline that’s great and amusing for outdoor recreations.


Country: Italy, Germany, China and U.S

The international brand concerns the production of sports eyewear along with its small operational units in India and Japan. It gained huge popularity as a worldwide brand in sports.

Luxottica has acquired Oakley, Inc. and engaged in styling, producing and supplying of trending clothes, and rich quality of sports eyewear.

Oakley, Inc.

Country: U.S

It was founded in 1975 by Jim Jannard and engaged in the development, production, and styling of sports instruments and fashion goods. It is the holding company of Luxottica. 

Oakley is implemented in the U.S but some are manufactured outdoor. It is considered as one of the optimal brands in sports.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Country: US

It established in 1948 by Dick Stack in New York. In the prevailing long run at Pittsburgh and Ed Stack as CEO, Dick with his companion supplies the exceptional quality of sports materials at market price.

 It is an influential brand to sportsperson and outdoor activists for providing the optimal product.

Mizuno Corporation

Country: Japan

The brand is known to reinforce athletic activities by presenting with the availability of optimal sports materials and overall initiation and dealing with the services of making the best usage of sports into regular life.

 It deliberates to make the world a healthier and happier place through the potential of athletics.


Country: England

It is predominantly, a sportswear and sports instruments company of Iconix Brand Group. It was previously, founded in 1924 by Harold & Wallace Humphreys in Cheadle. 

It is a worldwide popular brand that specifically crafts, sources, sport and casual shoes, football kits and instruments, and supplies sportswear and casual wear.


Country: U.S

Hanes is an ethically superintend producer and supplier of the essential and basic garments in collaboration of the greatest clothing brands in the six continents. It was established in 1901, for innovative clothing style.

It is the biggest and foremost distributor of essential clothing worldwide such as innerwear and other sportswear.


Country: America

It is the pioneer in trending fashion goods with wide varieties for every generation worldwide. It was initiated in 1983 by David Chu along with his companion. It is first-class athletic wear and the most globally well-known brand of America.

Nautica signifies seamanship and water that provokes people to rejoice.


Country: U.S

It was introduced in 1898 by Saucony Athlete, from the legacy of running. It emerged into a worldwide brand from a small unit.

It usually focuses on creativity, style, and crafting of products that inspire to cross beyond the limits. It is the pioneer in fulfillment racing shoes, garments, and supplements.

The Timberland Company

Country: America

Timberland LLC is a brand engaged in the creation and retailing of countryside wears alongside outdoor shoes. The company is possessed by VF Corporation. It is meant for outdoor recreational activities.

It is also focused on the distribution of garments, leather products, and accessories. It creates endurable leather walking shoes.


Country: U.S

It is a popular and successful endeavor of men’s brand in athletic wear. It has its unique way of creating a style of fashion goods and accessories.

TravisMathew was more concerned about creating an outfit that was suitable and compatible for sportswear simultaneously, trending as fashion wear along with fulfillment.

Jack Wolfskin

Country: Germany

It is an international eco-efficiency brand of garments. It was developed in 1981. The products are based on endurably, practicality, and quality assurance.

It is concerned with the distribution of countryside products with a diversified portfolio throughout the world. It is manufactured using advanced and sustainable technologies alongside the Texapore group.

Callaway Golf Company

Country: America

It is a worldwide sports brand that is concerned with the aesthetic and style, production, marketing, and distribution of sports kits specifically golf-related products.

The company was founded by Ely Reeves Callaway and Jr. in California and is the parent company of most of the popular global brands such as Odyssey.

Fruit of the Loom

Country: U.S

It was introduced in 1851 by siblings namely, Benjamin and Robert Knight in Rhode Island. The Fruit of the Loom® was the initial logo or symbol of the brand and because of which it becomes one of the several oldest brands of the world back to the era of Edison.

Gold’s Gym

Country: U.S

The brand is exclusively made for the fitness extremist since 1965. The products are imported from the biggest assemblies of European’s original Gold’s Gym garments and accessories through e-commerce. It is assembled from the real American and European Gold’s Gym makers.

It is now a globally influential brand in active wear.

Academy Sports + Outdoors

Country: U.S

It was taken over by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, an international investor. It is an online business house originally held at Twiggs County.

The brand is engaged with the activities of supplying and delivering essential commodities under CISA, right from food, water, animal food, security services, fitness, wellness, clothing, and many more.

Foot Locker

Country: USA

The brand is in New York and primarily deals with the festive footwear and youth’s lifestyle throughout worldwide including diversified footwear brands.

Its purpose is to motivate the young generation across the globe by steering up towards self-assertion and innovation of great circumstances at the core of a worldwide footwear company. 

Champ Sports

Country: America

The brand is a holding company of Foot Locker and primarily functions as a sports retail chain house with its entire distribution held in the U.S. It was founded in 1984 by Bill Robinson. 

It has a wide variety of sports products with its retail house predominantly in large departmental stores.


Country: America

The brand of Brooks Sports, Inc., is primarily engaged in the crafts and style and distribution of high-fulfillment running shoes, garments, and accessories for everyone. 

Brooks is made using BioMogo DNA automation and is reasonably priced.

Life is Good

Country: U.S

It was founded in 1994 by Bert and John Jacobs. It was made as an optimistic brand to enrich the lives of the people with the introduction of their first T-shirt and soon started gaining recognition.

Subsequently, with the ever-increasing love and demand from the customers, the brand got flourished.

New Era

Country: USA

The brand is involved in the manufacturing of headwear, garments, and accessories in New York. It was established in 1920 by Ehrhardt Koch. It is a brand authorized with 500 distinct portfolios. It is specifically and exclusively deals with the baseball cap for Major League Baseball and other sports headwear.

Russell Athletic 

Country: U.S

It is an instrumental sports brand. It is the holding company of the popular Fruit of the Loom. It was introduced in 1902 by Benjamin Russell. 

The brand engages in sportswear for an array of athletics and supplies the jersey to many of the prominent American and Canadian professional sports teams.


Country: USA

The brand surpasses all other brands in a distinguished manner since, its establishment in 1910. It is the global pioneer in production, marketing, and authorized distribution of sports kits for boxing, Mixed Martial Arts and fitness.

Everlast is regarded as the best choice for the legacy of global champions professional sportsperson.

American Sports

Country: America

It was established in 1999 and indulged itself as a producer and importer of quality products, sports kits, garments, and accessories. It was primarily engaged as an import merchandiser of soccer balls.

It is optimistic for offering an array of diversified sports products as a one-stop solution for everyone’s needs.

REI Outdoor Sportswear

Country: U.S

The brand lies in the concept of real life is lived in the countryside. Unless the world isn’t experiencing recreational activities, lives are not well-lived. To live a healthy life one has to be wild and love nature to inspire others towards recreational by owing the quality of REI outdoor activewear.

Fila Korea

Country: Italy, South Korea

Fila is a brand of Italy since 1911, later acquired by South Korea. It deals with the production of sportswear and sports shoes. It garnered extended popularity after shifting from the production of innerwear to sportswear.  

Fila is a low-tier entity that concerns with an assembly of reasonable sports shoes.

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