Squad Names: 650+ Catchy, Good Names

Ever wondered what your squad name should be? You may have a group of friends who like to compete with other teams making your team a squad. Therefore, choosing a fierce and cool squad name for your group is very important. 

The gaming industry is evolving rapidly, and to sync with that, you must adopt the new system that others have already adapted. Now it is high time to gather your friends and be serious with your squad. In this article, we have collected some cool and catchy squad names for you to choose from. We’re sure you won’t be going empty-handed today.

Girls Squad Names

A girls’ gaming squad can prove out to be one of the most competitive and dangerous out of all. So, choosing the name for one such squad becomes a hefty task. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Shopping Thieves

The Ladybugs

The Unicorny Friends

Chicks With Sticks

Family Matters

Main Characters

You Can Do It

Gossips Launch

Gouda Friends

Awesome Blossoms

Screaming Divas

Scarry Styles

Backstreet Girls

Charming Chicks

Lunar Ladies

Eye Candy Chikes

The Gourdgeous Girls

Gemini Girls


Cheetah Chicks

Eggcellent Squad

Space Babes

Boots And Skirts

Go Get ‘Em

Fly Girls


Pink Warriors

Skipping Class

Swifty Thinking

Hot Shots

Heart Catchers

One Time At Band Camp

The Taco Belles


Junk Yard Divas

Shut Up And Bounce

True Beliebers

Fearless And Flawless

The Cowbelles

Talking Angelina

Hot Shots

Hornet Hotties

Kitty Gang


The Public Square

Chamber Of Secrets

Defensive Dolls

Pink Panthers Of Death

Pink Sox

Husband’s Queens


Awesome Blossoms

Golden Memories

Cleats And Cleavage

Doja Kittens

Hail Marys

Flock Together

Queen Bees

The Dreamy Team

Destiny’s Children

The Pawsome Party

Awesome Blossoms

The Fineapples

The American Idols

Slay All Day

Charlie’s Angel

The Taco Belles

Lil Rascals

Classy Dress

The Gilmore Girls

The Three Amigas

Girl Bosses

Girls Who Score

The Squad Ghouls

Swan Goals

Peachy Queens

Pink Hats

The Cover Girls

Open Book

The Rack Pack

Destructive Divas


Woke Women

The Big Dill Crew

The Bumble-Beys

Get It Girls

The Pizza Partners

The Pretty Little Liars

The Bae-Goals

The Gal-Star Team

The Not-So-Shady Beaches


Anchor Clankers


The Bumble-Beys

The Bae-Goals

Cool Cuties

Baby Spice

Luck Be a Lady

Hap-Bey Baes

The Peachy Queens

Crazy Kickers

Lady Lions


Mavens Of Mayhems

Destiny’s Stepchild

Fly Girls

The Gourdgeous Girls

Sugar Mummies

Screaming Divas

Taste The Rainbow

Sisterical Laughter

Silly Eilish

The Dude Girls

Gangnam Style

Poison Ivy

Luck Be a Lady

Awesome Blossoms

Boys Squad Names

We know that boys are born gamers, and they spend most of the day playing video games in front of their PC. Some of them have their group of friends who compete with other groups in competitions. For them, we’ve got a list of boys’ squad names keeping in mind their manliness.

Mean Coyotes

Royal Benchers

Strange Colts

Bakar Point

The Unknowns

Green Generals

Unethical Bloodhounds

Silver Kingsmen

Boring Classes


Recycle Bin

Flawless Spiders

Rambo Killers

Hefty Kings

Punctual Bengals

All Stars

Screaming Catamounts

Life Is a Highway

Smartness Overloaded

Pen Pals

Wet Wombats

Odd Pacers

Punctual Razorbacks

Silent Killers

Simple Colts

Simple Commodores

Thundering Volunteers

Rusting Nails

Wounded Warriors

Little Moons

Unethical Islanders

Grotesque Cubs

Silver Hurricanes

The Jumping Jacks

Non-Veg Friends

Delta Panthers

Unethical Wolverines

Born Strong

Sugar Colonials

Powerful Thunder

Old Titans

Little Coyotes

We Grow Together

X Mate

Powerful Devils

Nonsense Group

Ultimate Devils

Glistening Cadets

Golden Yellowjackets

Demon Highlanders

Bald Express

Designated Drinkers

Weekend Kings

Deranged Friars

Black Wolves

Swift Spartans

The Drifters

Serious Bison

Polar Greyhounds

Bingo Bikers

Rock Stars


Black Devils

Horrible Racers

Seemly Short Griffins

Voodoo Owls

Always On Patrol

Swift Marauders

Life And Music

Jokes That Kill

Casino Style


The Real Thanos

White Pacers

Awkward Pride

Love Is Life

Rock & Roll

Golden Braves

One Direction

Hike & Bike

Big Rangers

Big Bros

Best Dudes

Hot Shots

Orange Hurricanes

Flaming Jimmies

Somber Brewers

Tight And Bright

All In The Mind

Thundering Chargers

Changu Mangus

For Timepass Only

Festive Miners

Gentlemen’s Club

Green Buccaneers

Blue Longhorns

So Called Engineers

Rambo Killers

Star Turns

Don’t Spoil It

Big Cobras

Odd Beavers

Weekend Kings

Remarkable Saints

White Poets

Dear Ones

Horned Defenders

We Are Fakers

Threatening Bees

Postcards From Mars

The Untouchables

Best Brothers

Strange Kingsmen

Wicked Rams

Top Dawgs

Red Llamas

Orange Wolverines

Cajun Wolfpack

Lone Wolfpack

Orange Suns

Demon Pacers

Kick-Ass Boys


X Mate

Casino Style

Bakar Point

Obscene Stars

Atomic Reactors

Ignorant Buddies

We Tie Until We Die


Game Of Phones

Enter At Your Risk

Dreamers Area

Limitless Power

Black Mustangs

Coy Minutemen

Check Mate

Fanatical Blazers

Wondering Minds

The Best Wing

Seemly Short Beavers

Pretty Roses

Blue Bison

Cool Squad Names

Do you think your squad name sounds as cool as the hairstyle of David Beckham? If not, then the names listed below are some of the most fantastic squad names you will ever find. Don’t miss out on these names:

Arsenal Killers

Bubble Buddies

Rough Necks

Golden Eagles

Bad Boys

The Hazardous Benefits


Flame and Grill


Blue Jackets

Christmas Coal

Praise Cheeses

The Friendship Ship

Feline Good Crew

The Relaxin’ Rhinos


Spin The Wheel

Rule Breakers

Brah Brah

Fear Fighters

Demolition Crew


Wild Things


Chosen Ones


Goal Diggers

The Ladybugs

Dream Crushers



Sugar Mummies

The Miracle Workers

No Sympathy

End Game


We Get Degrees

Justice League


Blue Collars


The Untouchables

Brute Force

Brah Brah

Addicted To Cake

Boozy Bunch



Future Presidents


Alpha Team

Staunch Ladies


The Cool Nerds

Power Brokers

A Squad

Thundering Herd

Jaws And Paws

Awesome Blossoms

Awesome Blossoms




The Cover Girls

Bullet For You


1 For U 2


Trouble Makers




Hot Shots

The Cow Tippers


The Storm Bringers

Collective Rampage


Aqua Esports

Teenage Dream



Desert Storm

Red Raiders

Squad Sin Nombre

Not Bad At All

Blue Jackets

Divide And Conquer

One Attack

Daring Dinosaurs


Pretty Roses

The Beacon Lights

Best Fries Forever


Human Targets


Black Widows

The Cowbelles

Soul Spartans


Eliminators Hub

Unique Squad Names

Don’t miss out on this section if you want to choose a unique name for your squad. Ordinary and common names are too boring for this generation. You must choose a unique name so that it grabs everyone’s attention.

The Intimidators

Over Achievers


Backstreet Girls

The Gilmore Girls

The Chamber Of Secrets

Head Hunters

Dolls With Balls

No Rules

Some Bunnies


Titan Pirates


Minions Hub

Chicks With Kicks

Code Black


Rescue Squad

Mud Dogs

Rainbow Unicorns

The Storm Bringers

One Hit Wonders

We Slay All Day


The Circle

Jay Hawks


The Lots Of Lavas

Dolls With Balls

The Firebirds

The Jumping Jacks


The River Vixens

No Chance

The Meme Team

The Unicorny Friends

Heart Throbs

Keys To Ignition

Charlie’s Angels


Grave Diggers


The Lots Of Lavas


High Altitude

Hot Shots

All In The Mind

The Bulldogs

The Bumble-Beys

We Get It Right

Hell’s Angels

Fiery Devils

The Firing Squad

Bad Boys

Across Borders

Rainbow Unicorns


Golden Bulls

Birds Of a Feather

The Fintastic Crew

Sliced Bread

Grave Diggers

Eye Of The Storm


Belly Ups

The Ladybugs


Honey Bees

People I Live With

Raging Bulls

Connect The Dots

No Otter Crew

The Collective

The Peachy Queens

Dream Crushers

Black Buffalos

Bald Eagles

Rangers Angers

Teariffic Friends

Power House

Good Times

Devil’s Eyes

Affirmative Reaction


White Sharks

High Voltage

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