275+ Catchy State License Plate Slogans

Each American state has a customized license plate; here are some of the slogans used in each state license plate.

Catchy State License Plate Slogans

Yellowhammer State: Alabama

The Last Frontier is Alaska.

The Grand Canyon State is Arizona.

The Natural State: Arkansas

The Golden State is California.

The Centennial State is Colorado

Constitution State: Connecticut

The First State: Delaware

The Sunshine State is Florida.

The Peach State is Georgia.

The Aloha State is Hawaii.

The Gem State: Idaho

The Prairie State is Illinois.

The Hoosier State: Indiana

The Hawkeye State is Iowa.

The Sunflower State is Kansas.

The Bluegrass State is Kentucky

Pelican State: Louisiana

The Pine Tree State is Maine.

The Old Line State: Maryland

The Bay State is Massachusetts.

The Great Lakes State is Michigan.

North Star State Minnesota

The Magnolia State is Mississippi.

The Show Me State is Missouri.

The Treasure State is Montana.

The Cornhusker State is Nebraska.

The Silver State is Nevada.

Known as The Granite State, New Hampshire

The Garden State is New Jersey.

The Land of Enchantment is New Mexico.

As the Empire State, New York

Known as The Tar Heel State, North Carolina

The Peace Garden State is North Dakota.

The Buckeye State is Ohio.

The Sooner State is Oklahoma.

The Beaver State is Oregon.

Known as The Keystone State, Pennsylvania

The Ocean State is Rhode Island.

Known as The Palmetto State, South Carolina

The Mount Rushmore State is South Dakota.

The Volunteer State: Tennessee

The Lone Star State is Texas.

The Beehive State is Utah.

The Green Mountain State is Vermont.

The Old Dominion State is Virginia.

As the “Evergreen State,” Washington

The Mountain State is West Virginia.

The Badger State is Wisconsin.

The Equality State or The Cowboy State: Wyoming.

Indiana raised Lincoln.

Illinois: Lincoln’s land.

You will find Abe Lincoln’s Museum and Library in Illinois.

Lincoln’s remains rest in Illinois.

Lincoln’s resting place- Illinois.

Illinois or the land of Abraham Lincoln.

The famous potatoes of Idaho.

Idaho, we let it be perpetual.

We have potatoes in Idaho.

Idaho potatoes are the best potatoes.

Welcome to Idaho, have a potato.

Some Idaho spuds, anyone?

You either live free or die when you are in New Hampshire.

Revolution began in New Hampshire.

The vacationland of America: Maine.

The perfect location for a vacation in Maine.

Known for its scenic beauty- Maine.

Mountains, lakes, and ocean shorelines we have it all in Maine.

Where athletes thrive – Louisiana.

Hunting and fishing in Louisiana.

We are the sportsman’s Heaven. We are Louisiana.

The sun shines a little brighter here in Florida.

Oranges and sunshine- Florida.

Bask under the glorious sun a little longer in Florida.

Vacationland- we are coming.

Aloha state? Where is that?

I can’t tell if you are joking, but we are in the Aloha state.

Aviation took birth here in Ohio.

The first in flight and the first in everything – Ohio.

Home to the Wright Brothers – Ohio.

We are the heart of America; we are Ohio.

My favorite state is Aloha state.

Aloha, you have now reached Hawaii.

A Hawaiian welcome.

The Grand Canyon state – Arizona.

Arizona has the greatest natural wonder on Earth; she has the Grand Canyon.

Visit the Grand Canyons in Arizona.

The Colorado river runs through the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

The state where you will find the Grand Canyon: is Arizona.

Look at that lone star that is in Texas.

The lone star state of America: Texas.

A single star that represents centuries of American culture. 

America’s 28th state – Texas.

Rhode Island- the Ocean State.

Where the oceans meet – Rhode Island.

There is corn all year through in Nebraska.

The state of corn and corn huskers is Nebraska.

The oceanfront in Rhode Island.

Coves and beaches, we have them in Rhode Island.

We have the most shorelines in America: Michigan.

The shorelines of Michigan.

Michigan and its great lakes.

Great lakes meet great lands in Michigan.

Enjoy pure Michigan.

Alaska is the last frontier.

Welcome to the last frontier, and welcome to Alaska.

Remote Alaska.

We have not one, not two, but 10,000 lakes in Minnesota.

Minnesota and her 10,000 lakes.

The land of the lakes – Minnesota.

The state that has run out of lakes names – Minnesota.

Find yourself enchanted in New Mexico.

The land of Enchantment – New Mexico.

Enjoy mountains and forests and relax in New Mexico.

For all-around beautiful scenery, visit New Mexico.

We are the Volunteer state.

We fight well in Tennessee.

Tennessee or the volunteer state.

They are proud fighters of Tennessee.

New York or the Empire state.

The seat of the empire is in New York.

The old capital here in New York.

The land where the fathers of the constitution formed the constitution.

The constitution states – New England.

Where the constitution developed.

The first colony with a written constitution – was Connecticut.

Before the federal constitution, there was the Connecticut constitution.

Vermont or the green mountain state.

Home of the green mountains – Vermont.

Home to the green mountain boys – Vermont.

The state of the green mountains.

Massachusetts or the spirit of America.

Experience the spirit of America in Massachusetts.

Home of the early patriots – Massachusetts.

The Boston Tea Party happened here in Massachusetts.

The first state was Delaware.

We accepted the constitution first.

Delaware was the first state of America.

The war of 1812 happened here in Maryland.

Virginia is always open to lovers.

The land of the lovers – Virginia.

Gentle Virginia, home of lovers.

Virginia welcomes lovers.

A great place with all the great faces.

Find the most famous faces in North America in South Dakota.

Mount Rushmore is in South Dakota.

West Virginia demands you to be wild and wonderful.

Be wild and wonderful when you are in West Virginia.

You are almost in Heaven when you are in West Virginia.

One step more, and you will be in Heaven.

Montana or the big sky country.

A big sky above you, welcome to Montana.

Enjoy the glorious vistas of Montana.

The Greatest snow on Earth – Utah.

Skiing in Utah.

When you are in Alabama, you are in the heart of Dixie.

The stars fell on Alabama.

Nevada or the silver state.

Forget gold and get silver in Nevada.

Sounds of coins falling.

Silver Nevada.

Arkansas is a natural state.

Discover the spirit in North Dakota.

The land of the peace garden – North Dakota.

Missouri, you have got to show me.

The show-me state or the state of Missouri.

New Jersey or the Garden State.

Where you can find the bluegrass – Kentucky.

We are not just famous for the chicken – Kentucky.

Witness unbridled spirit in Kentucky.

If you aren’t represented, you are not required to pay tax.

Why pay taxes when you are not represented – Washington D.C.

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