Super Mario Team Names: 600+ Catchy and Cool Names

Do you think the Super Mario game needs any introduction? Obviously, not. Super Mario is the capital of the gaming world, and almost the entire digital world has played this game. There are no parameters to count the love received in the Super Mario game.

As a result, we can witness more than millions of Super Mario users across the globe. But, do you know that it’s also a team game? More than thousands of teams from your city and millions worldwide are playing it as a team.

Super Mario Team Names:

If you are a big Super Mario fan and you are one of the Super Mario team members, you need no introduction to the back and forth of this game. However, this article is very useful to you.

This article is all about the list of Super Mario team names that will assist you towards a suitable name.

Brown Dream


The Elite Team


Livin’ on A Spare

Champions In Brown

Royal Rangers

lavender Town

The Beige Betties

Unbeaten Brown

Lucky Purple Charms

First Up Brown

Cute as Ducks

Purple Every Day


Red Head Gang

Blue Steel

Baby deep blues

Cookie Monsters

Stranger PINS

Bows Clubbing

Straight Line Attack

Bright Brown

Bilbo Baggins

mauve highway

Pocket Pounders

Shall we Golf Then?

Eagle Eyed

Tripping on Balls


Muhammad Ali’s Right Hand

Sandy Toes

3 Balls and a Split

Game of Balls

Optimistic Nihilists

Money Shot

Violet Femmes


Wolf Gang

Stealth Bowlers

Screaming Eagles

Inventors Of Brown

Randomizers Mario

Phantom Strikers

Mr. Face Backpack

Space Browns

Pin Crush

Rainbows 7 

Pin Lugio Terest

Brown Gangster

Purple Caribou

Misfits Brown

Super Mario Team Names

Cool Super Mario Team Names

We all know that Super Mario is one of the coolest games ever, and it’s the choice of cool people. If you have a Super Mario team, no doubt you are cool. But do you have a cool team name? Here’s the list of cool Super Mario team names:

Cerulean MVP

Broken Bones

Brown Supremes

Lucky Strike

Big Shots


Periwinkle Perfection

Goal Diggers

Master Spinners

Snakes on a Lane

Indigo Go

The Purple Patches

Why These Shoes Guys?

Framed for Strikes

Screaming Nimbles

Cereal Bowls

The Squad

Fantastic Brown

Bowlers and Boozers

Rogues Road 

Brown Cardboard Crew



Split Sons


The Justice League


Purple Haze

Greasy Dishes

Earth Negotiators

The Purple Nobility Set

Navy Men

Violet Femmes

Jets of Giants

The Big League Games

Avalanche Bro

Serious Sporties

Juiced Up

Purple Power

Red Bull Wings

Bowling Mates

MVP’s Of Mario

Purple Pain

Blue pirates

Brown Strikers

Blue Stars

Give US Action

Crossed Lines


Power Moves

Attack of Lilac

Deeps Pins

Pin Tickers

Will Run for Wine

Brown Armada

One Hit Wonders

Funky Alligators

Forever Brown


Coffee Crew

Dead Wood

Here for Purple

Heads in Gutter


Beach Balls

wine In Purple

Hips Day Out

Magnificent Brown

Trending Super Mario Team Names

Amazing Super Mario Team Names

We have witnessed millions of games so far, but Super Mario always remains the most amazing choice by amazing gamers. As a result, we can witness plenty of amazing teams. But do they have an equally unique name? Here’s the list of amazing Super Mario team names:

Pin Pushers

Rocket Propelled Strikers

Blue Bombers

Grab my Wig

Beast Bulls

Brown Thunders

Troubleshooters In Brown

Brown Warriors

The Brown Bag Team


Uncivilized Bunch

Brown Bears

Gingerbread Men

Blue Birds

The Color Purple


Purple Ping Pong Balls


Silly Bellies

Blackouts Purple In

Brown Blaze

Blue Legs

The Blue moons

Old School Brown

The Purple Rose Assembly

Glory Bowl

Ninja Bros


Late Night Fun

Bowl Movements

Random Access Memory

Forget Me Nots

Dancing Attacks

Blue Marlins

perse Feel

Twist Waist

Sour Grapes

Pringle Pacers

Blue Angels


Purple wine First

Rey-eye Beast

Balls of Fury


The Teddy Bears

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Gutter

Brown Vanguards

Restless Rockets

The Magenta Mission

Brown Finishers

Purple Fun Options


The Blue hawks

Sky Squad

Blue Lightning

Mystical Purple Sunsets

Ball-istic Pins

Brown Mastermind

The Mauve Storm

The Ball of Glory


Pacific Crest

Mercenaries Of Purple

Lavender Lineup


Unstoppable Force

Tremendous Soil

Illegal Lane Changes

violet wallet

Brown Innovators

Bull fighters

Pro Performers

Brown Gladiators

bluish red

Desert Canyons

Delivery Boys

Conquerors Brown

Wonder Women

Ass Ass In

Ground breakers

Awesome Super Mario Team Names

Super Mario always gives us nostalgia. It always feels awesome while playing Super Mario. If you have a Super Mario team, don’t you think you should have an awesome name? Here’s the list of awesome Super Mario team names:

Swing To The Gutter

Captain Blue Hopes

Brown Explorers

Purple Crusher



United Army

Spare Me

Brown Runnings

The Dementors



Happy Feet

Lightning Legends

Counter Striker

All For Brown

The Orchids

Bunch Of Trolls

Big Blue

Born To Win

Dream Team


Team Blue Of Waters

Velocity Strikers

Charging Hulks

Downtown Alley

Purple Paisley League

Ponytails Of Purple Ponita

The Kings

Blue Bullets

Blue Eagles


Plum Posse


Brown Collective

Billie Eyelash

Brown Commanders


Trident Warriors

Dark Blue Arrows

Noob Power

Violets Are Blue

Blue Star

Splitz Season


Double Impact

Brown Defenders

The Flow Zone

Brown Genesis

Dauntless Browny

Gutter Heads

Brown Situation


Purple Unreal Madrid


Purple Plushies

King Pins

Miracle Makers


Purple Rain Regalia

The Hawkings

Honey Bees On Purple

Are We Purple Yet?

Vigilantes Of Sand


The Purple Grand Slams

Blue Beams

Brokebat Mountain

Practice Makes Purple

That Win Doe


Multiple Scorgasms

Marvelous Brown

The Purple Rose Force

Brown Squad

The Real Beatles

Legends In Brown

Twist, Spin, Strike

Bowl Brown-Ed

Blue Dons

Unique Super Mario Team Names

Super Mario is indeed the best game, but it’s not unique. Super Mario is the most common game. However, if you have a Super Mario team, you can get a unique name for your team. Here’s the list of unique Super Mario team names which will perfectly suit your squad:

Rule Breakers

The blue winners

Blue Moon Beams


Bunny Heads

Brown Kickstarters

Blue Moos

Brown Enforcers

Brown Chicks

Raven Raiders

Champions Wear Purple

Gutterly Ridiculous

Pin(t) of Beer

Alley Splits

heliotrope heaven

Nemesis In Purple

Islanders of Purple

Team Brown

Basic Boys

Lazer Cocoons

Blue & Blue

Lost in Gutter

Elbow Benders

Quads of Fury



Blue Tide

Brow Hustlers


pomegranate turns to Purple

Sand Synergy

Bagged Lunch

Quick Release

Frames Be Damned

Uzi Bowlers

Mortal Pins

Alpha Sand

Clubbing For XXX

amaranthine Kings


Nans Lads

2 Finger MAN

Gutter Gang

Fearless Brown


orchid In Purple

Orchids on the Move

Allies In Brown

Blue Girls


Damn lets Play

The Browns

The Brown Avengers

Brown in Style

Brown Immortals

Blue thieves


Barbarians In Purple

King of Violet Femmes

Bipolar Pins

Men of League

Bluegrass Bandits

Purple Piglets

Going Chestnuts


Bookworm Athletes

amethyst boys


Bowl You Over

6 Men 10 Pins

Catchy Super Mario Team Names

Since the Super Mario game was introduced, from that day till now, it has always caught everyone’s attention. Super Mario is indeed a catchy game.

If you have a Super Mario team, don’t you think you should have a catchy team name as well? Here’s the list of catchy Super Mario team names:

The Roaring Twenties

Ebola Virus 

We Will Smash You

Poop Emojis

Outliers Bulls 

Brown Upside


Lilac Times

Thin Purple Line

Vaporizers Heroes 

The Charlie Brown Club

Corn Dog Hogger

Stealth Bowlers

Fresh Powder

Blue Virtue Citizens

Here 4 The Beer


Midnight Madness


Brown Power

Bowling Stones

Wind Swept Floors

Won Plus Brown


Purple Mountains

Holy Rollers


Scrambled Legs

Ronnie And Team

Mister Maniacs


Head Bangers

Blue Anchors

Split Happens

10 Fingerheads

0% Risk All Purple


The Blue Ringers

Blue Streaks

Coach Man

Reddish Blue

Heartbreakers In Purple

Crew X

Tactical Attacks



Midfield Mavens

Gutter Fingers

Brown The Champions

Bankers Bowling

Purple Cows

Blue Sox

Bi-Polar Rollers

Blue Jackets

Dry Bumpers

Donut Lose

Cheeky Pandas

Better In Purple

Smoothing Sliding To Victory

Ten In Da Pit

Bowl Hair Cuts

Brown Upholders

Bowls Deep


Brown Heads

Turkey Baggers

Brown Chargers

Ragin Cajuns

Unbreakable’s Brown

Dolls With Balls

First-Class Brown

Brown Mvps

Eggplant Emojis


Amethyst Tryst

Contenders In Brown

Mr. Mcbownalds

The Blue Bellies

Sand Masters

Royal Blues

Blue Diamonds

Here For Booze

The Shooting Stars

Plum Market

Lost In The Purple

Wild n Brown

Purple Hornets

Men Not Boys

Fun Options

The Bowling Stones


Greek Gods


Ice Cold Huskies

High On Victory

Blue Tornado

Ultimate Brown

Purple Rain


Brown Bosses


Shiny Oily Balls

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