212+ Catchy Supernatural Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Halloween is here to rule the next weeks, and what is the festival without being a bit supernatural! Decorate your homes, bake cakes and biscuits, put on a supernatural gown, and blaze the woofers with spooky music! And then, have you run out of captions for your social media? Here are a few ‘supernatural’ captions to let you through. 

Halloween Supernatural Captions for Instagram 

Never be afraid of the dark, they said. #neverbe

Today is the day I get to be supernatural! #supernaturalday 

Showing off my supernatural suit! #showingoff

Howling all night. #allnight

With my fangs on, you should be scared! #fangson 

Fangs on! #time

Halloween, until death, do us apart. #until 

And the best costume award goes to …! #bestcostumeaward 

My mom asked me to come home before midnight, but I am the strongest at midnight. #strongest 

Do supernatural beings have parents who ask them to come home before night? #noman 

How do supernatural beings spend their time? #byflying 

Are supernatural beings scared of humans too? #surely 

The best supernatural being is a human! #humanity 

Dressed up as a supernatural and then got attacked by the humans! #haha

Imagine the pain that supernatural beings go through during the Halloween hours! #painful 

I am sure the supernatural beings are laughing at us! #galatime 

Halloween is like the Venice Film Festival for the actual supernatural beings. #venicefilmfestival 

Its like a show of supernatural beings here! #showdown 

Here’s presenting my family feat X-men. #xmen 

Who are supernatural beings? Extraordinary humans who can make things happen. #makeithappen 

What’s up on Halloween? #whatsup 

Didn’t you dress up as Nina Dobrev last year too? #ninadobrev 

Slutty nurse and his sidekick. #alwaysthesidekick 

Which supernatural being is your soul supernatural? #isthatevenathing 

We are dressed up as the Mikaelson siblings! #mikaelsons 

He’s trapped in his own den! #supernaturalitygonewrong 

Once upon a time, there was a supernatural being … #notaking 

What is your superpower? #tomagnify 

Supernatural activities have been planned. #plannednature 

This doesn’t feel like our planned supernatural activities. #horror 

Baked all supernatural stuff known to me. #baked 

Decorated our home together on our first Halloween! #decorations 

Decorations in progress. #inprogress 

Let’s get baked! #whatishalloweenfor 

Do you think supernatural beings laugh at us on Halloween? #laughoutloud 

What do you think supernatural beings do on Halloween? #watchoverus 

May all supernatural beings watch over us. #praisebe 

The very purpose of Halloween is to drive away supernatural beings. #drivethemaway 

Who are you supposed to be? Dean Winchester from Supernatural. #deanwinchester 

If you were supernatural, what would be your supernatural quality? #readminds 

Is dragon a supernatural being? #animal 

Dressed up as a vampire, but I look more like Nosferatu than the Salvatore’s! #salvatores 

More like Nosferatu, less like me. #cinemaholic 

All men are supernatural beings. And all women are supernatural beings. Damon Salvatore laughs from far away. #shutup 

What is your Halloween watch? #nosferatu 

Rewatched the entire eight seasons of The Vampire Diaries in 2 days! #introverts 

All dark and negative beings for Supernatural but have you ever wondered that God is also a supernatural being? No, you only think of yourself. #godiflit 

Halloween bloc party but do not be a saint. #blockparty 

Why do we need to dress up as supernatural beings when being a human is enough? #beinghuman 

My four-year-old said that she wanted to be a Benett witch for Halloween. #benettwitch 

I am a witch that shall save the entire world! #savethenentireworld 

Who needs a supernatural partner? #mehere 

“I am getting real mixed signals.” #mixedsignals 

Let’s go haunting! #haunting 

Who shall be responsible for the stolen candy? #notme 

Eat, drink and scare people off! #eatdrinkrepeat 

Have you got it all to haunt it? #flauntit 

Haunt it before you flaunt it. #haha 

If you have got it, haunt it! #haunting 

We look better as demons than humans. #betteraf 

Who else is here to ‘boo’! #booing 

Judging costumes since 1999. #judging 

Work or twerk, do it with a costume on. #workortwerk 

Keep calm and wear your costume. #keepcalm 

Keep calm and drink some blood. #drinksomeblood 

What a spooktacular night it was! #spooktacular 

Hisses all around but no treats. #hisses 

Funny Halloween Supernatural Captions  

Did you put any spell on me? Because I am all yours. #allyours 

Did you cast any spell on me? I am constantly attracted to you! #constantly 

Can you teleport me? I am a vampire, not an anywhere door! #teleport 

Hello-weenie! #shhh 

Telling stories through costumes! #storytelling 

Makeover’s gone wrong! #madeover 

They ain’t elephant tusks; they are fangs! #fangs 

Are you going to bite me with those fangs of yours? #bitemeplease 

Halloween is dark for me! I am afraid of the dark. #afraidofthedark 

My teeth shall shine in the dark! #shiny 

Cristy, the vampire slayer! #vampireslayer 

People get all kinds of crazy on Halloween! They want to be doctors and nurses covered in blood! #crazy

Crazy spirits all over the place! #crazyspirits 

Well, I was scared, at the least. #attheleast 

My daughter shall be scared of me, and that’s the goal. #confident 

It’s your time to be yourself, geeks! #begeeky 

Will women still be attracted to this costume of mine? #sureman 

It’s everyone’s day to be a weirdo today! #weirdo 

Am I looking fang-tastic or not? #fangtastic 

Please, be scared. #pleasebe 

What would be the purpose if people didn’t get scared? #purposeless 

You are entitled to one good scare. #onegoodscare 

All gone wrong while trying to scare our little nephew! #scaredsuccess 

My son pulled a prank on me, and it’s my turn for some hot revenge game! #revengegame 

Singing carols in demon uniforms. #demonuniforms 

Get demons, ghosts, witches, and ex-partners away! #away 

I get to be the cool kid today, at least! #coolkid 

When are the festivities beginning? #beginthemalready 

Did you trap him in your den? #trapped 

Horrorendous! #everythingis 

What’s in your pumpkin patch? #pumpkinpatch 

Orange is the new black! #halloweenspecials 

Haunting for more candies? #hunting 

Trick or treat to supernatural beings this Halloween! 

Eerie-sistible costumes! #irresistible 

Halloween spirits all around! #halloween 

What are this year’s Halloween specials? #specials 

Only for the boos but the booze, first! #boozefirst 

Ghouls! Magneto! Witches! Ex-partners! All around! #shouldntbe

You say Halloween like it’s a bad thing! #badthing  

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