Sushi Names: 600+ Catchy and Cool names

One of the most popular types of Japanese food is sushi. How many different sushi is served in Japan is hard to say with certainty. Although there are many other methods to prepare sushi, this article will focus on six popular forms.

Additionally, there is a huge selection of lesser-known regional sushi available all around the nation.

Sushi restaurants may be found not just in Japan but all around the world due to their widespread appeal. But how wide distinct varieties of sushi are there, and what makes each unique? We’ll introduce you to some of the most well-known and attractive sushi names in this article:

Garden Fisshu Roll

Veggie Quinoa Sushi

Classic California Roll

Kinguzubesuto Spider Roll


Pacific Maguro

California Roll Deluxe

Veggie Tuna Makisushi

Midnight Tuna Makisushi

Kani California Sushi

Cucumber Roll

Exotic Tuna Roll

Dragon Fire Roll

Sumo Salmon Sushi

Spicy Salmon Tempura Roll

Soft-Shell Crab Makisushi

Deluxe Ebi Roll


Deluxe Maguro

Cucumber Rolls

Passion Of Rice

Sesame Tuna Sushi

Supreme Shrimp Makisushi

Sesame Spider Roll

Special Tokubetsu Spider Roll

Agemono Spider Sushi

Special Tobiko Dragon Sushi

O Bachan’s Best Ebi Sushi

Soy Sauce

Veggie Salmon Rocker



Japanese Cali Roll

What The Fish

Tokubetsu Dragon Roll

Simply Oishi California Roll

Coconut Chocolate Sushi


Cauliflower Sushi

Tempura Roll Fusion

Oriental Shrimp Roll

Atlanta Albacore Roll

Vegetarian Sushi Roll

Premium California Roll

Roll Your Own Sushi

Chirasi Sushi

Lump Blue Crab Roll

Ultimate Bluefin Roll

Avocado Nigiri

Classic Salmon Sushi Roll

Raging Samurai Roll

Garden Tuna Roll

Oops! Sushi Roll

Sushi Of The Sea

Scorpion Roll

Cucumber Wrapped Sushi

Rainbow Ebi Sushi

O Bachan’s Best Crab Rolls

Hamachi Nigiri

Sushi Sandwich

Emperor’s Makisushi

Sushi By The Bae

Dora-Gon Sushi Roll

Sake Nigiri

Paradise Sushi Roll

Oriental Tempura Roll

Love, Sushi

Sushi By The Bay

California Roll

Garden Tempura Makisushi

Cool Sushi Names

While some common components, like salmon and tuna, are available all year long, sushi is the ideal representation of Japanese seasonality.

Visitors can check the various eateries that provide the best seafood the season offers, with several sushi counters dishing up fish caught earlier in the day! Here are some cool Sushi names.

Bara Sushi

Crunchy Spider Roll


Kinguzubesuto Dragon Roll

Kyri California Roll

Crunchy California Roll

Surf And Turf Bay Roll

Abokado Dragon Maki Sushi

Kappa Maki

Vegan Spider Sushi

Smoked Salmon Makisushi

Supaishi Spider Roll

Waffle Sushi

For Pete’s Sake

Oritsu Spider Makisushi

Divine Salmon Makisushi

Bigan Spider Roll

Classic Shrimp Roll

Emperor’s Tempura Sushi

Maguro Nigiri Sushi

Rock N’ Sushi

White Tuna Roll

Ichiban Shrimp Roll

Nigiri-Style Vegan Sushi

House Of Bamboo


Tuna By The Bay

Baddest Sushi

O Bachan’s Best Dragon Roll

White Dragon Roll

Ponzu Sauce

Oshinko Roll

Sumo Maguro Roll

Emperor Boss Sush

Shako Nigiri Sushi

Deluxe Salmon Roll


Avocado Cucumber Sushi Roll

Maki King Sushi

Salmon Sushi

Exotic Shrimp Sushi Roll



Baked Lime Shrimp Sushi Roll

Fusion Shrimp Roll

Sea Salmon Makisushi

Royal Salmon Makisushi

Rainbow Tuna Roll

Sunset Shrimp Makisushi

Spider Roll Fusion

Ika Nigiri

Shiitake Mushroom Nigiri

Tobiko Topped Dragon Roll

Dragon Roll Deluxe


Natto Temaki


Caterpillar Eel Roll

Sesame California Roll

Grandma’s Dragon Roll

Royal Tuna Sushi Roll

Doragon Sukeru Sushi Roll

Ebifurai Tempura Sushi

Tengoku No Spider Roll


Sunset Salmon Roll


Avocado & Roasted Red Pepper Sushi

Smashin’ Rice

Gunkan Maki

Catchy Sushi Names

The appearance is sometimes Westernized of sushi rolls, like the California roll or the salmon and avocado roll which is much popular.

Sushi is typically regarded outside of Japan as the ultimate Japanese dish. Beyond what you may be aware, Japan has developed a wide variety of unique shapes, sizes, and flavors since the 8th century. Here are some catchy Sushi names.

Vegetarian Roll

Coconut Sticky Rice Dessert Sushi

Spider Roll

Kotei No Best Tempura Roll

Sushi Experts

Makizushi Sushi Roll

Oshizushi Sushi

Ultimate Salmon Roll


Royal Tiger Roll

Limey Spider Sushi Roll

Garden Spider Sushi

Vegan Ebi Roll

Golden Tempura Roll

Koshihikari Dragon Roll

Red Dragon Roll

Ichiban Maguro

Tempura Roll Deluxe

Atomic Bomb Sushi Spot

Nori Dragon Sushi

Exotic Salmon Sushi


Albacore Tuna Roll

Spicy Shrimp Roll

The Golden State Sushi Roll

Pink Sushi

Maki-Zushi Vegan Sushi

Fusion Tuna Roll

Puremiamu Dragon Roll


Paradaisu Salmon Roll

Sexy Lobster Roll

Washoku Dragon Makisushi

Tako Nigiri

Kyuri Tempura Sushi

Royal Ebi Sushi Roll


Divine Shrimp Roll

Candy Sushi

2 Die For Sushi

Sushi Bowl

Alaskan Delish Roll

Sunset Spider Makisushi

Premium Spider Rolls

Premium Tempura Roll

Classic Tempura Sushi

Oriental Maguro

Abokado Tempura Roru

The Rice-Zilla

Dragon’s Scale Roll

Sea Breeze Tuna Roll

Tengoku No California Sushi


Sea Breeze Tempura Roll

Ikura Gunkan

Vegan Salmon Roll

Raspberry Sushi

Ninjin Tempura Sushi Roll

Age Yasai Tempura Roll

Spicy California Roll

Sea Breeze Shrimp Roll

Kinguzubesuto Cali Roll

Unagi Sauce Dragon Sushi

Takenoko Chirashizushi

Tobiko Boston Roll

Abokado California Roll

Lemony Ebi Makisushi

Cream Cheese Tuna Sushi

Tekka Maki

Dragon Sushi

Best Sushi Names

Nowadays, sushi may be found in Japan in a variety of places, including home-cooked meals, convenience store shelves, supermarkets, standing sushi bars, kaitenzushi restaurants, and upscale specialized sushi restaurants with months-long waiting lists for reservations.

In Japan, eating sushi is a unique experience because of the wide range of local seafood and vegetables. Here are the best Sushi names.

Alaska Sushi Roll

Paradise Ebi Sushi

Dragon Roll

Tuna Roll Crunch

Mac N Cheese Sushi

Golden Ebi Roll


Sesame Ebi Sushi Roll

Sweet Potato Sushi

Nasu Nigiri

Midnight Salmon Sushi

Sushi By Anne

Temaki Sushi

Samurai Sushi Corner

Golden Tuna Makisushi

Rice Boulevard

Grilled Eel Sushi Roll

Sushi Addicts

Emperor’s Spider Roll

Vegan Tempura

Spider Roll Deluxe

Philadelphia Roll

Veggie Shrimp Garden Roll

Avocado Maki

Eel Sauce

O Bachan’s Tuna Sushi

Rainbow Tempura Roll


Sushi Avocado Toast

Retasu Spider Roll

Dragon’s Tuna Sushi


Shogun Roll

Premium Ebi Roll


Tengoku No Dragon Roll

The Sticky Rice

Unagi Sushi

Volcano Lava Roll

Midnight Sushi

Hidekazu’s Sushi Roll

Rainbow Pride Roll

Extra Crunch Roll

Simply Oishi Shrimp Roll

Supaish?Na Maguro

Serori Shrimp Roll

Premium Tuna Sushi Roll

Agemono California Roll

Boston Roll

O Bachan’s Salmon Roll

We Rollin’

Ebi No Tempura Dragon Roll

Sumo Sushi Boulevard

Fruit Sushi

Ichiban Spider Sushi

Brown Rice Veggie Sushi

Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Ichiban Tempura Sushi Roll

Rainbow Roll

Rolls Royce


Ultimate West Coast Roll

Cream Cheese Salmon Roll

Simply Oishi Spider Sushi

Sushi Truffle Balls

Kyuri Dragon Sushi

Special Daikon Spider Roll

Kampyo Maki

Maguro Deluxe

Sweet British Columbia Roll

Amazing Sushi Names

If the restaurant excludes the details, you can be perplexed while looking at a sushi roll menu if you didn’t consume sushi as a child.

To help you decide what to get when you visit a sushi bar or restaurant, this book will explain some basic sushi terminologies and recipes. Here are some amazing Sushi names.

Crispy Tofu Sushi Burrito

Shitake Mushrooms Sushi

Supaishi Doragon Roll

Emperor’s Shrimp Sushi

The El Dorado Roll

Ika Nigiri Sushi

Nitro Roll

Kinoko Tempura Sushi

The Crispy Prawn

Mango Sushi

They See Me Rollin’

Californian Comfort Sushi

West Coast Sushi Roll

Classic Spider Sushi Roll

Shinko Maki/ Takuan Maki


Midnight Spider Roll

Kurimuchizu Tempura Sushi

Chutoro Nigiri

Dragon Roll Fusion

Abokado Spider Makisushi

Spider Roll Paradise

Sesame Salmon Roll Up

Hotate Nigiri

Unagi Sosu Dragon Roll

Garden Salmon Roll

Royal Tempura Roll

Ume, Cucumber Shiso Makizushi

Endless Summer Sushi Roll


Caterpillar Rolls


Special Nori Tempura Roll

Kaiso Tempura Makisushi

Cucumber Sushi Roll

Vegetable Sushi

Oriental Spider Roll

Oishi Salmon Roll

Aspara-Gusto Roll

O Bachan’s Best California Roll

Unagi Sushi Roll

Salmon Roll

Sushi A Go Go




Volcano Roll

Simply Oishi Maguro

Squid Sushi

Scotty Roll

Emperor’s Tuna Roll

Sweet Potato Tempura And Avocado Rolls

Cream Cheese Tempura Roll

Negitoro Roll

O Bachan’s Best Tempura Roru

Ebi Nigiri

Roll Call

Garden Makisushi

Fusion Salmon Makisushi

Kani Kama Roll

Dynamite Sushi

Ebi Roll Crunch


Shifudo Tempura Sushi Roll

Dragon’s Salmon Makisushi

Sushi Next Door

Dragon’s Fave Tempura Sushi


Maguro Nigiri

Dragon Fire Makisushi

Awesome Sushi Names

Sushi rolls come in countless varieties and never let you down. As you browse the extensive menu of sushi roll possibilities, we will make every effort to give you access to all the available sushi variations. Beyond the names of the sushi rolls, there are other sushi taste enhancers. Here are some awesome Sushi names.

Golden Salmon Roll

Singaporean Sushi Roll


Pop-Tart Sushi

Emperor’s Dragon Sushi

Seaweed Gunkanmaki


Smelt Egg Bath Street Roll

Dynamite Roll

Tofu Musubi

Salmon Roll By The Bay

Fried Sushi Roll

Kimono Sushi Corner

Vegetable Garden Roll

Anago Nigiri

Seaweed Gunkan-Maki

Kani Dragon Sushi

Eggplant Sushi

Sumo Shrimp Roll


Shrimp Tempura Roll


Simply Oishi Tempura Sushi

Tamagoyaki Nigiri

Dynamite Bombs Roll


Sumo Spider Roll

Simply Oishi Dragon Roll

Divine Sushi

Sunset Sushi

Best Nori Spider Sushi

Oshinko Rolls

Rainbow Salmon Roll

Emperor’s Salmon Maki Sushi

Doragon’s Ebi Sushi Roll

Sesame Shiitake Sushi


Oriental Salmon Sushi

Shin Tamanegi Sushi Roll

Spicy Shiitake Mushroom

Carrot Lox Avocado Sushi

Marvel Sushiverse

Inari Sushi

Midnight Ebi  Sushi

Cream Cheese Shrimp Roll

Ultimate Shrimp Sushi

Washoku California Roll

Sushi Squad

Premium Salmon Sushi

Spicy Tuna Roll

Spicy Salmon Makisushi

Tuna Roll

Salmon Roll Crunch

Garden Veggie Makisushi

Ichiban Salmon Roll

Wok N’ Sushi Fusion Roll

Tokubetsu California Roll

Burokkori Tempura Sushi

Bluefin Tuna Makisushi

Raw Sushi Rolls

Tiger Roll


Classic Bluefin Roll

Haha No Saiko Tempura Roll

Spicy Mayo Dragon Roll

Sushi Name Generator

Sushi Name Generator

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