Top 41+ Best Tea Brands of the World

Nothing beats relaxing with a soothing and hot cup of tea after a long day. Tea is a favorite luxury for many people. Given below is a list of the world’s top brands of tea.

Best Tea Brands of the World


Country: United Kingdom

It is a retailer of tea and other drinks, including malt drinks, hot chocolate, and coffee. It is located in Andover, Hampshire. Associated British Foods owns this brand. Their varieties of tea include herbal, green, and black teas.

Harney & Sons

Country: United States

It is a tea brand of the United States, established in 1983. Presently it is situated in Millerton, New York. They mainly focus on herbal teas and high-quality loose teas and provide several stocks that are certified kosher and organic. They supply their products to specialty stores, hotels, and restaurants. 

Yogi Tea

Country: United States

It is a brand of Oregon-based herbal tea. Yogi Bhajan, who is a Kundalini yoga guide founded this tea brand in 1984. 


Country: United States

It is a brand of herbal tea and tea distributor and blender. Portland, Oregon, was the area of establishment of this brand. Presently, the brand is a department of Unilever situated in Kent, Washington. Steven Smith established this brand in 1994.


Country: United States

It was previously known as R.C. Bigelow, Inc. It is a company of dried teas located in Fairfield, Connecticut. Ruth C established this brand. The brand retails more than 50 different types of tea, including herbal, green, and black. The brand has other manufacturers in Louisville, Kentucky, Idaho, and Boise.

Stash Tea

Country: USA

This company is a non-governmental specialty herbal tea and tea firm that has head offices located in Tigard. Stash Tea was established in 1972.

Yorkshire Tea

Country: United Kingdom

It is a black tea variety manufactured by the Taylors and Bettys association since 1977. Yorkshire Tea is the most well-known conventional black tea company traded in the United Kingdom. It is one of the exceptional remaining household coffee and tea traders in the UK. 

The Republic of Tea

Country: USA

It is a secretly owned tea brand of America, located in Larkspur, California that prepares and retails over 300 varieties of teas in North America. They were one of the first brands to provide variations such as tea seed oil, white tea, and rooibos red tea in America.


Country: United States

It is a tea firm of the United States, which formerly had settings throughout the Middle East, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Canada, and the United States. In 2012, Teavana was acquired by Starbucks in a contract with an approximate price of $620 million.

Celestial Seasonings

Country: United States

It is a manufacturer of tea, located in Boulder, Colorado, the United States that mainly focuses on black, white, green, and herbal teas. The total annual deals are nearly $100,000,000.

Numi Tea

Country: United States

This brand of tea is popular for its herbal “reasons” and a variety of fair and organic marketing certified teas. Ahmed and Reem Rahim established this brand in 1999. A minority stake in Numi is held by the J.M Smucker Company.


Country: United Kingdom

It is a manufacturer of beverages established in 1837 and based In Yorkshire, England. Tetley is the biggest tea firm in Canada and the United Kingdom and the second biggest in the UK by distribution.

Traditional Medicinals

Country: Canada

It is a tea firm in Canada that produces an expanse of herbal teas with some conceivable health purposes. It is an autonomous firm that encompasses environmental and social activism, ingredient purity, and sustainability.

Mighty Leaf Tea

Country: United States

It is a specialty tea distributor and factory established in Emeryville, California. Spouse team Jill Portman and Gary Shinner established this tea brand in 1996.

Rishi Tea

Country: United States 

It was established in the agreement to establish the standard for excellence and broaden the knowledge of tea and its inspirational, rich tradition. Superb teas are offered by them. They bring the idea from historical artisanal methods that utilize modern culinary innovation and organic cultivation techniques.

Pukka Tea

Country: United Kingdom

It is a company of organic herbal supplements and tea. Sebastian Pole established this company in 2001.

Tea Forté

Country: United States

It is a tea company in the United States, founded in Concord, Massachusetts. Peter Hewitt, a commodity designer of America founded this tea brand in 2003. Tea Forté manufactures a highly stylized commodity chain encouraged by the Japanese tea tradition.


Country: Sri Lanka

It is a tea brand of Sri Lanka, traded internationally. Merrill J Fernando established this company in 1988. They run their business in more than 100 countries, including New Zealand, Switzerland, Canada, the United States, Russia, and many more. As of 2009 it was ranked as the sixth-largest brand of tea in the globe.


Country: United Kingdom

It is a tea brand of the United King held by Unilever. It was also a supermarket business in England before the company was traded to Argyll Foods, to ensure the corporation to concentrate fully on tea. The corporation is titled after the creator of this company Thomas Lipton.

PG Tips

Country: United Kingdom

It is a tea company in the United Kingdom. Unilever UK manufactured this company. PG Tips was first introduced in 1930. Gamble and Brooke Bond Procter are the previous owners of this company.

Mariage Frères

Country: France

It is a brand of gourmet tea in France, established in Paris. Brothers Edouard and Edouard Mariage established this company on 1st June 1854.

Ahmad Tea

Country: United Kingdom

It is a brand of tea, founded in London, England. They trade an expanse of specialty teas, tea bags, and gifts including herbal tea, flavored tea, green tea, and black tea. The firm shifted to a new office in Hampshire in 2010.

Taylors of Harrogate

Country: United Kingdom

Taylors of Harrogate was a household coffee and tea trader firm, established in 1886, which combined Taylors of Harrogate Coffee and Yorkshire Tea; the holders of Bettys developed Taylors in 1962. Clare Morrow, a retired journalist is the new chairman of this company.


Country: Singapore

It is an extravagance teahouse line and artisanal tea brand of Singapore. The company was founded in 2007 as an associate of The Wellness Group, Singaporean lifestyle corporation, from which the TWG, acronym, was emerged.

Le Palais des Thés

Country: France

It is a tea firm established in 1987 in Paris. The brand has 45 specialty tea stores in Germany, Belgium, Norway, Ireland, Israel, Japan, and France. The firm mainly focuses on direct tea commercialization and sourcing of over 200 tea gifts, teas, and accessories.

David`s Tea

Country: Canada

It is a tea accessory and specialty tea trader of Canada, founded in Montreal, Quebec. David’s tea is the biggest specialty tea boutique in Canada. Pursuing the preliminary public offering of the company, popular products started marketing on the NASDAQ International Market in 2015.


Country: United Kingdom

It is a British line of stores retailing tea, coffee, and related stocks. Walter Whittard started this chain in 1886 and continued in his household until 1973. The line has one store in Taiwan and over fifty stores in England.


Country: United States

It is the trademark for a chain of packaged food and Southern drinks, of which Luzianne iced tea and coffee products are the most popular. Stocks holding the Luzianne trademark are produced by the Reily Foods Corporation, which has its head offices situated in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Barry’s Tea

Country: Ireland

It is a Cork tea firm in Ireland. James J. Barry established this tea brand in 1901 in Cork City. Until 1960 their tea was traded from a store in Prince’s Street, but later the firm broadened its distribution and wholesaling operations.

Choice Tea

Country: United States

It is a special label brand of tea in the United States. Cott Beverages created this brand for Walmart shops. In 1991 the company was launched as “Sam’s American Choice” and has since been reduced to just “Sam’s Choice”.

Zhena’s Gypsy Tea

Country: USA

It is a brand of tea, situated in Ojai, California, that retails only fair-trade certified and 100% organic teas. The corporation was begun as a cart trading teas on the road and evolved and developed into a larger industry that presently retails teas online.


Country: Indonesia

It is a tea brand in Indonesia. Presently Unilever owns the brand. It was the first tea brand of Indonesia that offered packaged in bags. This logical way of presenting tea caught on with Unilever’s accession of the company and with Indonesian customers in 1989, it stayed as the biggest brand of tea in Indonesia.


Country: France

It is a luxury sweets maker and bakery house of France, established in 1862. Ladurée is one of the most popular deluxe merchants in the world. It has its headquarters located in Marcq-en-Barœul, France.

Argo Tea

Country: United States 

It is a line of tea bistros, established in Chicago, Illinois, in 2003. Presently, it has it’s head offices located in Chicago’s Loop neighborhood area. In 2011, the line had 26 distribution and areas in more than 3,000 grocery shops. 


Country: Switzerland

It is a Swiss brand of cold drink solutions and iced tea acquired by Nestlé,  produced by The Coca-Cola corporation and publicized by Nestlé’s drink headquarters in America. The drink comes in many flavors, relying on the nation.

Upton Tea

Country: USA

It is a tea company of America, founded in Holliston, Massachusetts, that mainly trades specialty teas. Tom Eck established this company in 1989 and The Republic of Tea owned the brand in August 2016. The company retails only loose tea.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Country: USA

It is a coffee line of America, established in 1963. Jollibee Food Corp. owns and operates this chain, which has its associated head offices located in Pasig, Philippines. In 2017, the line has more than 1,000 franchised and self-owned shops in America and 31 other nations.


Country: China

It is a brand of green tea in China. It is prepared from new thinly rolled leaves to have a twisted, lengthy, formation. This brand is known for the amazing and top-quality tea taste. 

Sabah Tea

Country: Malaysia

Since 1973, it is the primary tea firm in the nation of Sabah, Malaysia. The brand is mainly acquired by Desa Tea Sdn Bhd and Sabah Tea Sdn Bhd, Subah Tea is the biggest tea manufacturer in Borneo, with both global and domestic distribution.

Waitrose & Partners

Country: United Kingdom

It is a brand supermarket in the United Kingdom that retails groceries. The headquarters of this company is situated in Victoria and Bracknell, England. Products are also exported by them to 52 nations and have spaces in the Middle East.

Shanti Tea Importers Canada

Country: Canada

It originated from simple origins in 2009 as a neat home-based industry trading handful of teas. It has evolved and developed as a household acquired industry with a constant enthusiasm for social responsibility, sustainability, and healthy living. Presently, they are carrying one of the largest choices of certified herbs, spices, and organic teas, in North America.


Country: India

It is a tea brand of India that retails tea-based stocks and teas sourced from Nepal, Nilgiris, Assam, and Darjeeling. Established in 2012, it has its headquarters located in Bangalore and Siliguri, West Bengal. As of 2015, the firm establishes the first cold-storage capability for tea in the country.

Tapal Tea

Country: Pakistan

It is a tea firm in Pakistan, founded in Karachi, Pakistan. The firm is popular for its household Variety brand. Adam Ali Tapal established this brand in 1947. Tapal tea is the biggest brand of tea in Pakistan. Lipton Tea is the biggest competitor of this brand. Tapal tea is also recognized for its prominent advertisements.

Wissotzky Tea

Country: Russia

It Is a global, household-owned tea brand, established in Israel with headquarters located in the United States and London. Wissotzky tea is the top distributor of tea in Israel. It was established in 1849 Russia. Wissotzky tea is one of the ancient tea firms in the globe.

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