Tea House Names: 600+ Catchy and Cool Names

Are you a tea lover? Well, you are not the only one. You know there are more than millions of tea lovers globally, and all of them are very fond of tea. Well, tea is not just a refreshment. It’s an addiction, and the best part about tea is that it comes in variations. There are many types of tea. Camomile tea, Jasmine tea, green tea, English breakfast tea, Earl Grey tea, peppermint tea, etc. 

Tea is the most famous beverage worldwide, and it surely needs no introduction. Therefore, including ourselves, we can witness more than millions of tea lovers. 

tea house names:

Keeping all the vices and virtues in mind, we can witness many business persons coming up with tea houses ideas. Therefore, there are more than a thousand tea houses in the same city. 

This article is about the list of tea house names that will lead you toward the most suitable name for your tea house.

The Drink Station

Sparkling Over

Special Tea Company

Garam Chai

The Boba Spot

Treasure Green Tea

LOL! I Am SO! Sweet!

Masters Milk Tea

Dragon Leaf Teas

Mrs. Green Tea

Brew Splash

Rain Check Tea Room

Mint Tea Company

Rising Sun Tea


Starbuzz World Cup

Tappy Tea

The Garden Gate Tea Room

MyBless Tea

Brew Tea Company Earl Grey

Bring Blissy

Ice Valley Cafe

Shop For Tea Lovers

Laughing Rabbit Tea

Spot Of Tea

Green Tea Warehouse

Happy Bubble Tea

Morning Dew

Lion’s tea

Assam Secret

The Chinese Tea Room

Principal Teas

Real Fruit Bubble

Grace Tea Company

The Cupcakery

Cool Tea House Names

Forget about the rest of the drinks, and just hold a cup of tea in your hand. You’ll be considered as cool. And, why not? Tea is the coolest refreshing beverage. Hey, tea house owners, for the cool beverage, here’s the list of the cool tea house names:

A Ching’s Taste

All Things Tea

Everest Teafood

Tea N’ Things

Sugarmee Cafe

Miss New One


For the Nerves

Hot Kettle

Sweetheart Cafe

Grace Tea Company

Happy Evening

Kung Fu Tea

Aroma Coffee & Tea Co

Teaseful Teafro

Mystic Burst

D Bubble AuthoriTea

Tea with Grandma

Tempt Tree Tea

Cups of Calm

Bejeweled Tea Shoppe

Yogi Tea

Thin Teaspoon

Beeswax Tea House

Artisan Tea

Lady in Paris

So Good Milk Tea

Rosevear Tea

Thinking Cup

In Nature Teas

Tasty Time Pot

Teach Your Teaspoons

The Cove Tea

Té Company

Tea Authority

Maxi Blitz

Thinking Cup Of Tea

Sweet TEAchnology


The Coffee Bean

Sidamo Coffee and Tea


Brew Tea

Windy City Tea

Afternoon Tea

Milky Lavender

Capital Tea House

Select Morning Teas

Splendid Sips

Ecco Tea Lounge

Zero Proof Brew

Petit Fours

T2 Tea SoHo

Sidamo Coffee and Tea

Tea on Queen

Perfect Herbs

Mighty Leaf Tea

The Superia Sip

Holidayz Dots

Owl Milk Tea House

Baked and Wired

Select Batch Teas


The Hooker Tea

Morning Fizz

Amazing Tea House Names

You can get many beverages, but why not get something amazing. And, almost everyone knows that nothing is equally amazing as tea. Hence, we have many amazing tea houses nearby. But do they have an amazing name as well? Here’s the list of the amazing tea house names:

Alfa Milk Tea

Caffeine Free Teas

Dulce Tapioca

Vanille Patisserie

Que herbal Tea

Mark T Wendell Tea 

Better Brews

Shing Wang Bubble Tea Cafe

That Split Bean


Tea Glory In Each Sip

Foam Tea House

Yours Brewly

Stash Tea

Imperial Tea Court

Lavender Leaf Tea Lounge

Teacup Collection

Roasting Works

Coffee and Tea Lovers

Empire Tea & Coffee

MrDream Tea

Cuppa Joe Tea

Your Cup of Tea

Sidamo Coffee and Tea

Good Earth Tea

First Sip Cafe

Sip Matcha

Milk Tease

Royal David

Honest Tea

Invigorate Tea Company

My Cup of Tea

Rooibos Tea Company

Hoo and Coo


The Milk Tea Vault



Flying Leaf Tea

Nature Close Tea

Royal Tea Cafe

La Jolla Teashop

Sparkling Star

Heaven Delight

Roqberry teas

24 Hours Tea

Red Rose Tea

Black Pearl Cafe

Nothing But Tea

Premium Teas

Aventto Tea

Heritage Teas

Tea Time

Royal Queen

Lavazza Tea & More

Artisan Tea

Mamma Bean’s

Pressed Teas

A Ching’s Chp Taste

Red Diamond

Hometown Teas

Panda Tea

Hot Cup Café

Tea Tree

BeBe Bloom tea


A Spoon of Honey

Pour Pure Tea

Pearly Pop Tea

Tea Shop Dixmont

Awesome Tea House Names

Almost everyone has the same review about tea. It’s an awesome beverage. And, if you are the owner of the tea house, you are equally awesome. But do you have an awesome name for your tea house? Here’s the list of the awesome tea house names:

Forest Moves

Tea Notch Teas

So Fresh Tea

PG tips


Majestic Tea Cafe

The Stirring Spoon

Tea Time

Aravalli Aromas

About The Brew

L’Expressions Tea

Tea O’Clock

Blossom Tea Leaf

Cleveland N’ Cream

BeBe Bloom tea

Pink wave Cup

Forest Castle

DrinkabiliTea Cafe

Tea Sense

Dream About Tea


Le Bongai Tea

Charleston Tea


EliteFloat Teas

Cocoa Brew

Sentimental Sips

Black Tea

Sweet a Little

Wild Tea Company

Caraway Tea Company

Bakrye Tea Tea Room

Blue scene tea

Bubble Shine Tea

Tea Fancilla

Float Teas

Whittard of Chelsea

Uncle Bill

Rich Aroma

Mexico Brand

A1 Milk Tea Company

Coco Fresh Taste

Dulce Tapioca

Tea City

Kilogram Tea

Jing Tea Shop

Netherlands Tea Room

Tea Plus

LuckyCharm Tea

Brewed Aromas

Well Clique Tea

Eclectic Tea Company

Tappy Tappy Tea

Bubble Smilez

Miss Golden

Refreshiya Sip

Assam Secret

Bubble Smilez

Clipper Coffee & Tea

Macha Tea Company

5 o’clock tea

Peet’s Coffee

Lovely Darling

Drive Thru Boba

Au Bon Pain

Float Teas US

A Little Something

Select Batch Teas

Hubble Tea

Grateful Cup

Lush the Tea

Tealicious Drinks

Glengettie tea

Choi Time

Mystic Burst

Primo Tea

Cantalope Tea

Mamma’s Milk Tea

Cuty Tea house

Cafe Bonaparte

Unique Tea House Names

Tea is not a unique beverage. It’s the most common one. However, tea houses are coming with various variations as they know that uniqueness is a must. But do they also looking for a unique name? Here’s the list of unique tea house names:

Black Ossum Tea

Morn Brew

Tea Time Out

Ancient Art Boba

Perfect Herbs

Essence Of Tea

World of Tea

Blend Blue Brews

One more Cup

A Ching’s Taste

Vellon Breakfast

Sugar Cube

ViVi Bubble Tea

Invigorate Tea Company

Lola Milk Tea Spot

The tea-liciois brand

Green Breakfast

Tea Turban

Tea Sip Treat

Orga Tea

Milk Me Right

Native Taste

Shanghai Teahouse

Little Teacup

Chai and Cheesecake

Tea Paradise


Truly Yours Tea Room

Golden Tea Shop

Daily Teaspresses

Organic Leaves

Brewed Aromas

Good & Proper Tea Brockley

Green Dinner

Secret Garden


Tea Republic

Sakura Teatoo

Lovely Darling


Best Friends Tea

Capital Teas

Trusting Tea

Teapigs Peppermint Tea

Bubble Nuzzles

Bubbles and Boba

Coco Fresh Tea

Happy Cup

Tea In Greens

Feel Good With A Cup Of Tea

Catchy Tea House Names

There’s undoubtedly some magic in a cup of tea. Because it smells always catches our attention. Well, there’s nothing wrong if we declare tea as the most catchy beverage. If you are a tea house owner, just like the tea, you must also have a catchy tea house name. So, here’s the list of the catchy tea house names:

Brewstar Tea

Bigelow Tea Company

Red Blossom Tea Company

The Calm Cove

Teach Tea Sip

Glengettie tea

Canton Tea Co

Pearly Pop Tea

Subtle Tea

Green Spot Of Tea

Heaven Pulse

Momiji Milk Tea Cafe

Mc Teavin

Boston Tea Company

Hope & Glory Tea

Real Leaves

Laughter of the Leaves

Lake Missoula Tea Company

Palm Tea Place

Hope & Glory Tea

Boba Tea Cafe

Tea N Me

Hometown Teas

All Natural Tea Shop

Saffron Sip

The Roast Sip Teazy

Pouring Tea

Chewy Boba Tea House Company

Tea On My Mind

The Incredible Hulk Green Tea

Taste The Tea Bean

Tea House Name Generator

Tea House Name Generator

Explore our Tea House Name Generator for creative, unique name ideas instantly!

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