Thai Restaurant Names: 600+ Catchy and Cool Names

Are you opening up your native restaurant in the Thai colony? Or is it your favorite cuisine that you are opening a restaurant for? Whatever may be the reason for you to be stuffing into the business of a Thai Restaurant, you would need a name for it, and we are here to provide you with just that. 

If you keep reading through this article, you will find names that we have presented you in the various list to choose the absolute perfect and appropriate name that your restaurant goes with. Our job is to make your Thai restaurant look the coolest on the entire block. 

We are using this chance to present you with the most dropping names and ideas that one can come out with for their Thai restaurant names.

 Cool Thai Restaurant Names

We are sure you want to make your restaurant the coolest on the block. You can take care of the building and the restaurant’s food while we take care of making the name of your restaurant the coolest on the block. Here, take a look at the following names for reference.

Premier Inn London Sutton

Thai Heaven

Cha Bai Thai

Bangkok Place

Hungry Asians

Thai Green Papaya

Noodle House Thai Cuisine

Popular Thai Restaurants

Pho VT Vietnamese aan

Siam Square Thai

Thai Was My Dream

Bangkok Broiler

Ekkamai Thai Restaurant

Nakhon Thai Restaurant

Thai Or Not Thai

La Terrazza Islamabad

Savour Foods

Dancing Thai

Aromatic Thai

Stuck In Thai

Baan Dank Fai Mai

Sorn Thai Restaurant

Bangkok Pad Thai

Me And Thai

Every Day Thai

The Faltering Fullback

Bite In Bangkok

Thai Namite

Khmer Thai Restaurant

Papa’s Papaya

The Luscious Laab

The Curry Club

101 Thai Kitchen

Boran Thai Restaurant

Thai Spice

Bangkok Rose

Tasty Thailand

Imm Thai Kitchen

Little Lime

Red Thai Curry House

Kiss of Fire

Dating A Thai

Simply Thai Cuisine

The Food Monster

Giti Thai

Thai Restaurant Islington

Casa Thailand

Jade Siam

The Thai Lord

Thai Green Curry

Simply Thai Cuisine

The Thai Fork

Lamphu Thai Rice Noodle

Street 1 Café

Ko-Woon Thai Restaurant

The Garden Thai

Lao- Thai Restaurant Lao-Thai

East Street by Tampopo

Krung Siam Thai Restaurant & Bar

The Thai Fun

Smile Café Restaurant

Chao Heng

Curry Canteen

Nam Thai Restaurant

Kinnara Thai Las Vegas

Thai Oh Thai

Patara Thai Restaurant Soho

Finding Thai

Silom Thai Food & Drink

Indra Restaurant

The Red Devil

All That Thai

Nine & Nine Thai Kitchen

Dieing For Thai

The Red Thai Curry

Season Thai Cuisine

The Pork Mama

Goodbye Thai

Thai Square Richmond

Krua Thai CCuisin

Kinnara Thai


Ravishing Ruam Mit

Tasty Thai

The Thai Tales

The Butter Thai

Soo Raa Thai-American

Peek Thai Cuisine

Awesome Thai #Barnes

Chuan Chim Thai Café

Thai Select NY

Bangkok Bites

Busaba at the O2


Thai Taste

Thailand Eatery

Thai’s Thai

Hammer Smith

Pork On A Fork

Thai Potpie

Catchy Thai Restaurant Names

Your restaurant’s name should instantly catch people’s attention, and that is why it will be known as the most catchy name that a restaurant can have. The type of names that we have sorted out for you in this partition of the article, so just keep reading through them.

The Floating Market

Entrecôte Steak House

Pad Thai This Way

Green Curry

Foody Thailand

Arawan Thai Bistro and Dessert

My Thai Partner

The Thai Parlor

Thai Crunchy Roll

Khoka Khola

Thai My Style


Sweet Basil

Thai Don’t Lie


St Christopher’s Place

The Thai Galley

Dancing Thaiger


Bangkok Knockout

Khanh thong Song 

Fung Khong

Palms Thai Restaurant.


Coconut Garden

Holland Park

Oh! Thailand




Dine With Thai

Thai Food Express

Rice’s Rise

Pa Ord Noodle

The Clerk & Well Pub

Patara Thai Restaurant 

Knights Bridge

Culinary Thai

Thai House Express

The Corner Deli

Bangkok Bagel and Deli

Rincome Restaurant

Royal Thai Restaurant

Flavors Of Thai

Pleasant Pad Thai

Coolie Cuisine

Thai Tacos

The Elephant Thai

The Black Thai Café

Lemon Grass

Noi’s Thai Restaurant

Ginger & Jasmine

Thai On Yonge

The Good Thai Lady

Ramen Station


Howdy Islamabad

Tawan Thai Cuisine

Thai House

Sweet Rice

Passport to Thailand

Pungent Pad Thai

The Phuket Crab Club

Thai In Phuket

Curry Collective

Panang Thai Restaurant

Food Weera Thai Kitchen – China

Thai Rice Maida Vale

Mid-July Thai

Lord Of Spices

The Dining Canal

Restaurant Las Vegas Food

Six by Nico Canary Wharf

Thai Mint

Lotus of Siam


Hollywood Thai Resturant

Liverpool Street Station

Thai Riffic

Thai Organic

Thai BBQ

The Elephant Inn, Finchley

Hot Chilli Thai Restaurant

Khon Thai

It’s Thai Time

Pesto Chicken Thai

Bad Thai

Phuket Happiness

Curry Cookhouse

Chinatown Gate

The Pearl of Papaya

Tara Thai Restaurant

Baan Thai Restaurant

Som saa thai restaurant

The Taste Of Thai

Si Lom Thai Bistro


La Montana Restaurant

Siam on the Go

The Thai Island

Mango Tree Asian Bistro

SATAY Thai Bistro & Bar

Amazing Thai Restaurant Names

Thai cuisine is beyond amazing, and we know that you will ensure that your customers are served amazing food and customer service. While you keep track of doing that and ensuring that, we have collected all the amazing names that you can use for your restaurant, and here they are.

The Gourmet French-Thai Cuisine

Banana Tree

Clean Thai

Chao Krung Thai Restaurant

Spoon Thai

Fresh Thai Restaurant

Little Thai kitchen

Cholada Thai ‘Beach Cuisine

Thai Organic

Khanom Corner

Royal Thai Cuisine

The Playful Pork


Every Thai Khun

Pin Kaow Thai Restaurant

Charcoal Wok Cooking

Thai Food Puns

Teak Thai Palace

Pumpuang Duangfah

Khao San Road

Chill Out Thai

Hello Thai

Thailand Express


Give us a Thai

Bangkok Siam Chan Restaurant

Thai ”Thai“ Thai

Bangkok Bridge

Royal Elephant Thai Restaurant

Heart On The Griil

Salad King

Pure Thai Cookhouse.

Le Thai

Thai Delight

Spawn Thai Food

Spooning Thai

Hot Tamale


The Oz

Ocha Classic Restaurant


Plumeria Thai Café

The Thai Nama

Mr. Noodle


Thai Food To Go

Casa do Trango London Bridge

Thai Food

Thai Arts

The Thai Blinders

Suki Sushi Japanese

Bangkok Garden

Kraving Kuai Chap

Lettuce Not Beets Café

Nittaya’s Secret Kitchen

Khao Phat Up to BBat

Siamese Garden Rooms

Express Thai

Pailin Thai Cuisine

Deep Fry Thai

Thai In Krabi

Unique Thai Restaurant Names

Nothing should stop you from bringing out all the unique less that you can through your restaurant’s name. We are here to channel all the help that you need to come up with such names, and we have also collected a few that you can use to portray your uniqueness which you will find down below.

Mengrai Thai

Cooking in Thai

Ayara Thai Cuisine

The Little Coconut

Kraving Khao Soi

Bamboo Thai

LA Vegan

Pad Thai Palace

The Original Hoy-Ka Thai Noodle

Asian Flavors

Jitlaða Restaurant


Just Caught

Thai street


Aroy Thai

May 1 fave Som Tam

Thai Of Thailand

OBAO Noodle & BBQ.

Banana Tree Bayswater

Siam Square

Little Saigon Grill

Modern Thai Restaurant


Chili Thai Grill

Taste Of Hua Hin


Phatty Phat Si-Io

Thai On The House

Star of Siam

Thai Tango


Northern Thai Food Club

Isaan Station Thai Street

The Thai Date

Spicy Pad Thai

Bolan Thai Cuisine

Thaifoon Restaurant

Ramakien Restaurant

Dining in Bangkok

Rosa’s Thai Café Blackwall

Momos Thai Kitchen

Oh So Thai!

Love For Thai


Bodhi Kosher Thai

Komol Restaurant

Thai Street Café

Latest Thai Restaurant Names

To ensure that you do not sound too old-fashioned or cringy, we have collected all the latest names available for use in the field of Thai restaurant names and neatly sorted them into this list that he will find below here. Please find below the names we are mentioning.

The Latymers

All Bar One Tower of London

Have A Thai

Tantawan Thai Cuisine

Laki Kane Cocktail Bar

Jungle Thai

Thai Us Together


Taste of Thailand

Chaophraya Thai

Food In Phuket

Thai Dippin’

The Thai Pod

Siam Delight

Beverly Hills Thai Kosher Bintang

Thai Princess Restaurant


Peekaboo Thai

The Great Tuk Tuk

Bangkok Kitchen


Must Thai Harder

The Folly


The French-Thai Diner

Little Lime.


Cooking Monsters

Thai Family Place

Noree Thai on Beverly

Dine On Thai

The Great Thai Restaurant

Tampopo Trafford Centre

Khao Thai Restaurant


The Adam & Eve

Chiang Rai Spice

Kiln of West


Shanghai Wok

Entrecôte Steak House & Café

Craving For Crepe

Thai Original BBQ & Restaurant

Ocha Thai Cuisine

Hollywood Thai Resturant

Thai In Ko Bulon Lee

Royal Orchid

The Fruits of Thailand

Spicy Thai Kitchen


Evergreen Thai Restaurant

The Thai Sea

Curry Up

Poke-In Thai

Daisy Mint

Pao Pak Noodle Bar

Boston Cream Thai

The Bamboo Bowl by Petit

Delicious Thai Curry

Thai Country Kitchen

1969 Restaurant

The Thai Town

Bangkok Beef

Crab In Krabi

Otus Thai Kitchen & Coffee

Natalee Thai

Big Bowls of Goodness

Nipa Thai

Bow Thai

Thai Lotus Restaurant

Baang Kai Baht Thai Food

The Thai Senpai

Ruen Pair

Chinatown Thai

Bangkok West Thai

The Queen of Korean Restaurant

The Lotus Garden

Siam Garden

Shah Dara Valley Restaurant

Sanam luang Café N. Hollywood

Esarn Kheaw

Siam Kitchen

Blue Sky Thai Food

Small Fry Thai

Aromas of Thailand

Eatery In Thai

Satay All Day

Thai Please!

Khaosan Thai Street French Try Thai

Galanga Thai Tusion

Thai Bubble Tea All Day

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