Casino Branding: 20+ Tips to Build Brand from a Scratch

The concept of a casino hotel is much more prevalent in the USA  and other European states, Near East, and Far East Asia than in South Asia. It can be truly stated that it is more present in countries where gambling is very much a part of the social fabric.

powerful Tips to Build Casino Branding Strategies

A casino hotel is a combination of a gambling casino together with food and lodging in the hotel, which shares the same premises as the casino. The highest casino hotels are in the USA, followed by North and Latin America and Europe respectively. Las Vegas in Nevada, the USA, is internationally acclaimed to be the hub of casino hotels globally, followed by France, a distant second. 

Composition of a casino hotel – 

A casino hotel consists of a gambling slot machine, poker, blackjack, and sports betting. Apart from this, one can have food, lodging, car parking, and valet services as normal hotels offer. The food and lodging rates are cheaper in a casino hotel because the income of these casinos is primarily from gambling, shows, and other sorts of entertainment.

The target audience of a casino hotel –

Demographically and psychographically, it is seen that people with extra income who want adventure and who want to make ‘big” in finances in the shortest possible time in the easier way are the people who throng the casinos. Young people in the age group of 25 years to 35 years are the primary TG group. 

This TG group also takes gambling as a source of excitement, friendship, and socialization and flaunts their money. Since the TG has shifted to a much younger crowd now, casino hotels are coming up with posh upscale shops, trendy nightclubs, the latest spas, and the finest connoisseur restaurants. No longer are the grey-haired people the main target audience of the casino owners. 

Branding nomenclature –

Logo – Since the sector falls under entertainment and hospitality, the logo design and the brand presentation is very critical. The logo should be designed that it must keep a strong impression in the minds of the target audience and a lasting impression.

Brand name and tagline – Like the logo, the brand name has to be classy and trendy, keeping in mind the tastes and preferences of the target audience. If the brand name comes attached with big names, it is all the better. 

Logo color – Very attractive color scheme with fluorescent color should best go with the logo. The logo color should signify a youthful, vigor, and fun-loving environment.

Positioning strategy – The industry type being such, customer relationship management or CRM is the ideal key to the positioning strategy. The customer or client must feel at home and relaxed, and an amiable ambiance is the main essence of the casino hotel that the customer looks for. The ideal positioning strategy is very important for retaining clients who are crucial in the entertainment industry.

Pricing strategy – Since the main attraction of a casino hotel is the gambling options along with all other related entertainments, prices for the other facilities like food, lodging, and car parking should be very reasonably priced.

Brand message 

The casino industry is related to customer loyalty, so the message should be on the customer-centric point only. The satisfaction of the customer/client who all are visiting the casino is the most important factor keeping in mind that this sector is a service-oriented entertainment industry.

The message should emphasize utmost customer satisfaction at unbelievable prices and the fact that, apart from gambling, customers can enjoy many other allied facilities too.

Brand Voice 

Depending upon the brand message, a brand voice needs to be created, and both should be in perfect sync. The brand voice should place in written and verbal communication all the facilities at the casino hotel, the details on the gambling, subsidized food lodging, and car parking facilities.

Communication can be in any other hardcore form, also. But the voice should be able to convey the message.

Brand Personality 

Brand personality plays a very significant role in the brand-building exercise of a casino hotel. Based on brand message and brand voice, brand personality is evolved.

Utmost customer satisfaction coupled with revisit intentions is the two goals of the brand. The brand personality should be evolved in that line only. 

Advertisement and promotion 

Advertisement of casinos and its branding is somewhat different from mainline advertisement. Let us look at some of the options –

-Offering raffles to visitors at a much lower price. This will entice the customers to go in for more and more raffles which means more revenue for the casino hotel

-For the loyal customers who throng the casinos and for those who have an intention to revisit, bonus offers can be given to them, alluring them to start gambling. Later on, the players will pool in their own money.

-Announcing that the jackpot money is too impressive, many customers would come in thinking of hitting the jackpot.

-Announcement of complimentary drinks along with other freebies and adult entertainment is a sure lure for prospective customers and revisitors. Revisitors’ footfalls are also important to retain the client base.

-Allure for low pricing of food and other drinks is also one of the temptations to visiting a casino hotel.

The option of playing with digital credits after the actual real cash is finished is also an important strategy for the big players. The bigger stakeholders are more than welcome.

Brand Integration

Inside the Casino –

  • The Casino hotel interior should be decorated extravagantly and lavishly as if it were a dreamland. It should be ensured that oxygen inside the gambling floors is more than sufficient since, at any given point in time, a huge number of people are always inside. 
  • The car parking, valet service, food, and lodging should be at par with any good-star hotel.
  • The advertisement billboards, neon signboards, and other outside lighting should be a class apart. 

Social media –

  • Uploading on YouTube of customers winning shots.
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook 

Website –

  • Right at the onset, an online gambling license is required 
  • A suitable iGaming provider needs to be finalized
  • The site should be very user-friendly so that even a layman can understand it. 
  • Several payment gateways should be integrated.
  • The website design should be very attractive and responsive
  • 24×7 customer support should be provided
  • Security of prize money should be a very important concern
  • Several languages  and several currencies support should be there
  • A suitable flexible bonus system should be there to induce more and more customers

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