Top 42+ Best Rim Brands in the World

A rim is an outer shell or surface that restrains the tire encompassing the wheel of a cycle or vehicle. It is composed of metal and designed in a spindle-shaped attached with the tire. Its purpose is to enable the wheel to withstand against the friction with leverage to the transports.

Rim Brands in the World


Country: Germany

It was invented in 1970 in Germany. The brand uses the initials of the inventor which stands for Baumgartner Brand Schiltach. BBS Rim is made from aluminum and magnesium alloys using the process of die-forging. It is created as a strong and lenient rim with high fulfillment and a substantial look.


Country: USA

It is a brand that highly focuses on creating advanced rims with greater looks, shades, and designs best suitable and compatible with any transport. It is handcrafted in Florida. Vossen is more recognized for its looks rather than fulfillment. 

It is made from aerospace-grade and aluminum. It is bulky and costly.


Country: U.S and Japan

It is an international brand involved in rim production for a prolonged year since, 1950. It persistently creates new and advanced features of rims to withstand confidently in the race of wheels. It delivers marvelous wheels for high brands of automobiles sector and aftermarkets. It is made from aluminum.

OZ Racing

Country: Italy

It was produced in 1971 by OZ Group. It uses alloy for cars and motorbikes. They supply the manufactured goods to other companies for further production of supplying it as finished product including the aftermarkets. OZ Group is the real equipment manufacturer (OEM). It is strongly constructed with exceptional Italian designs.


Country: Thailand and Taiwan

It is a brand that forges rim of a wheel from any available wheels in the marketplace. They make a wide variety of wheels out of which their mainline wheels are newly cast and up to the mark. They outline old-fashioned wheels but some of the wheels are uniquely designed.


Country: Japan

It creates light-weighted, strong, and endurable 3-piece wheels using alloy for Japanese automobile sectors since, 1971. It later reformed by the government to create wheels using aluminum of high quality and security with no flaws. It was made for the racetrack. 

It was the first to use a 3-piece wheel for the aftermarket.


Country: Japan

It is a brand with distributors across U.S and Canada for speedy accessibility. It was created with a perspective to produce and supply of high implemented rims of a wheel. The wheels are designed and engineered specifically to assure with the toughest and leniently weighted wheels without any hindrances.


Country: U.S

The brand is located in Los Angeles since, 2006. It is composed of American parts while built in house. It is created with designs for fulfillment cars. An occasion is held every year for the exhibition of Forgiato wheels. It is made from the materials of aerospace quality and aluminum alloy.

TSW Wheels

Country: U.S

It is a brand for rims that creates a wheel made from alloy for aftermarkets. It provides a wide collection of wheels. It focuses on providing good quality products with high implementation for vehicles. It is engineered with higher security and careful consideration given on weightage rather than good looks.

Fuel rims

Country: U.S

It is a brand of MHT wheels Inc. It creates rims for off-road adventurers including advanced wheels for the lorry. It is designed in black and protective finishes. It is produced in a variety of fitments. It uses different styles of forging. Every design and engineering is done in California.

HRE Wheels

Country: U.S

This brand uses FMRTM, 3-piece forged, and aluminum alloy. It manufactures wheels for racing, lavish cars with efficiency, and efficacy. It is under the “Product Safety Act”. It provides personalizing features and designs for the wheels. It is supplied by branded automobile companies including high implementation cars across the world.

Wheels Pro

Country: U.S

This brand was started with the production of an efficient wheel in 1996. It gained recognition as a trusted branded of the most sophisticated critics in terms of efficacy and conventional products of aftermarkets and automobile sectors. From this point, it transformed into a stock house and then, a company.

Moto Metal Wheels

Country: U.S

It was established in 2002 for much noise especially for those distinct personalities who wish to shield themselves with a broad range of skills and knowledge as a revolution despite society. It is not for the ordinary one but the savage. Moto wheels signify and demonstrate the characters of an inexcusable personality.

American Racing 

Country: U.S

It is a brand for rims of a wheel designed specifically for sophisticated automotive with precise structures for the upcoming generations. It was introduced in 1956 with the efficacy of fulfillment and then represented as a swag. They have been inventing new features for a prolonged period in a persistently.

Lexani Wheels

Country: USA

It is a brand of the wheel based on the traditional concept. It gives immense pleasure to drive on custom wheels of simplicity. It is not focused on being a sophisticated one but a wheel that could be reliable and flawless. These traditional wheels are deliberately made for global lavish cars.

Mercedes Benz

Country: Canada

It is a brand of wheel produced using the technology of Rotary Forged. It is a light-weighted product deliberately made for the aftermarkets engaged in the supplies of Mercedes equipment.

It uses metals of alloy for manufacturing their wheels. It is purposed to serve an elevated and genuine product with good service.


Country: Canada

It is a brand of Ultra Wheel Company. It is a tuner rim that is styled and constructed by engineers precisely and with the efficacy of fulfillment for compact cars. It is designed and crafted using cutting edge methods and advanced technology. Also, their products are supplied with long-term surety.

Drag Wheels

Country: U.S

It is a brand engaged in the production of designing a high-end quality rim with greater implementation for classic racers as well as street machines. It is a cost-effective product. It uses aluminum for the manufacturing of wheels. It provides a good firmness on a drive and holds with a higher grip.

TRD Wheels

Country: USA

It is a brand involved in the case studies of the original production and designing of the wheels and simultaneously, using the modern technology of the CAD design to produce the best wheel. It consolidates a compatible weight, well-balancing, and brake clearance to certify of being trustworthy and proper finishing with fitment.

WELD Racing 

Country: U.S

In 1967, this brand was developed in Kansas City garage, to chase an endless velocity with substantial long-lasting wheels and security. 

It was made to provide firmness along with fulfillment. It is implemented by the engineers to sustain the racing application with the usage of magnificent well-crafted designs and simulated results.

Platinum Wheels

Country: South Africa

Since 1987, it has been in the automotive industry to craft wheels with captivated style and creative technology of tire with an exceptional fulfillment and lower price.

It has a variety of distinct PLATIN WHEELS accompanied by alloy rims. It comes with a collection of automotive tires including summertime and wintertime.


Country: U.S

It is a brand founded in Los Angeles to involve in the production of the rim by modifying or interchanging in the quality of the wheels with greater implemented rims, tires, and packages.

They have a huge collection of optimal rim brands worldwide. They can customize any sort of wheel.


Country: U.S, Canada

It is a brand since 1995 that has creatively restated and reevaluated the implementation of wheels on-road and off-road with unique designs and a persistent desire to chase and challenge likelihood.

It breaks the fence like a potential game-changer to transform conventional thoughts with its innovative wheels that consist of great features.


Country: U.S

It is a brand engaged in the production of wheels for on-road. It developed in 1975 and since, then its engineers are deliberately producing and crafting the superior, trustworthy, and security quality of wheels of greater efficiency. It is an independent entity that aims to provide good customer service with honesty.

ION Wheels

Country: Canada

ION wheels are made up of alloy metals. It is more focused on superior quality rather than pricing. It is a trusted brand that guarantees genuine support with greater efficiency of fulfillment. It is a stylish wheel with exquisite looks. It has been in the industry for about two decades.


Country: U.S

It is one of the tremendous sole proprietors of OEM replacement rims factory in the U.S. It is concerned with the production of conventional wheels made of steel for any conveyance. They have a wide collection of replacement and wheels and also, ready to supply products according to one’s needs.


Country: U.S

This brand delivers automotive wheels and assemblies of superior quality at an affordable rate. It assures and stands to the expectations of customers. It is a production unit alongside being a service provider. It is in the business line for a decade with a motive to serve customers with loyalty.


Country: U.S

This brand offers inventive and modern attributes of styles and craft with a superior quality rim of a wheel. It creates exceptional and premium quality products with the latest finishes. It persistently establishes new standards for its production. It successfully meets with the set criteria in designing a well-structured wheel.

Weds Sport Carbon Fiber Wheel

Country: North America

The brand is concerned with the production of 100% carbon fiber wheels. It is overly-priced but not more than some of the forged racing wheels who charge exceedingly.

It is based on conventional techniques of producing wheels and best suitable for any application without any flaws. It distributes applications worldwide.

Work Wheels

Country: Japan

It is a brand by Japan since 1977. It is involved in the production of a premium wheel for motor racing and street roads and supplies across the world. It is most recognized and well-known for its collection of wheels which includes “WORK Equip” and “WORK Meister”. It uses metals of alloy.

Volk Racing Wheel

Country: Japan

It is a brand for rims made and supplied within the territory of Japan specifically for Japanese customers since, 1996. Its functioning and designs are led by outsiders of Japan to determine the anticipated quality types of RAYS.

It undergoes forging methods using high technology that solely engineered by Rays.

Nutek Wheels

Country: USA

This brand uses conventional forged wheels produced by Gene Howald best known for its Howald Enterprises. It is a well-known brand recognized for its superior quality products of a wheel. Every wheel has been designed with superior grade products using the newest advanced technology by engineers. It creates magnificent and proficient wheels.

Rev Wheels

Country: USA

This brand is a revolutionized product of wheels that have been producing inventive features of wheels using the superior quality of products with brand new designs. It presents a complete portfolio of wheels while demonstrating the different categories of wheels.

This first-class rims of the Rev wheel showers with an aesthetic drive.

Coventry Wheels

Country: USA, UK

It is a brand purposed with a deliberate cause to produce Jaguar wheels specifically for aftermarkets. It has aesthetically become the expert in designing the Jaguar wheels. It works efficiently with the real bolts and caps of Jaguar. It is also, styled with exquisite offset as per the Jaguar conveyance.

Foose Design Wheels

Country: USA

This brand is certified to and produced by MHT as well as Motorcycle wheels. They are the wholesalers to different suppliers. It produces one of the invigorated rims on the planet. It is crafted and designed with complete perfection by engineers along with some skillful professionals. It uses alloy for manufacturing wheels.


Country: Switzerland

It is a brand by the Ronal Group as a pioneer producer in the global markets for the production of light-weighted wheels made from the metals of alloy. The entire manufacturing process to the finishes of the products is exclusively executed by the company itself. The company’s product uses superior-tech manufacturing amenities.

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