50 Best Singapore Brands Roar in Global Markets

In Singapore, a bustling global hub known for its innovation, diversity, and economic strength, stands a range of well-known brands. 🌏

These brands haven’t just conquered the local market but have also left a mark on the world stage. They shine in various fields – technology, finance, hospitality, and consumer goods. 💼

Committed to quality, innovation, and sustainability, these brands blend tradition with modernity, making them leaders and ambassadors of Singapore’s dynamic business scene. 🚀

Let’s delve into the achievements and contributions of these top Singaporean brands, earning recognition and trust globally. 🏆

10 Top Singapore Brands With Its Brand Value

RankBrand NameBrand Value (in $M USD)
1DBS Bank9,032
3OCBC Bank4,425
4UOB (United Overseas Bank)4,063
5Wilmar International3,396
8Singapore Airlines2,187
9Keppel Corporation2,014
10Genting Singapore1,963

50 Top Singapore Brands

Aalst Chocolate

A top food retailing company of Singapore, the company manufactures amazing and yummy chocolates, cacao ivory, pastries, rolls, and many other such eateries.

The firm has been supplying its products to all parts of the country, and they are in high demand.

Banyan Tree Holdings

The company regulates and manages hotels, restaurants, SPA, salons, pubs, and many other places in Singapore.

It makes sure that the places have the best facilities and services for their customers without any compromise.

The company is a worldwide famous brand that attracts a lot of tourists and travelers.

Charles & Keith

The company is a luxury brand that manufactures and sells footwear in the country.

This brand has been designing different kinds of footwear like official leather shoes, sports shoes, sneakers, heels, pump shoes, and many other such products. The products made in the company are highly expensive and fashionable.

DBS Bank

The company is an economic institution that was launched in the country of Singapore.

The company’s main agenda is to achieve all the economic goals and help its customers by providing sufficient economic help like loans, buying and selling of shares, insurance, safety schemes, and many other such facilities.

Eighteen Chefs

This Singaporean company regulates a series of hotels, motels, lodges, and restaurants in the country.

The company provides all the necessary and basic facilities to the customers. The company under its control are all 5-star hotels with all premium facilities. Units are spread in several parts of the nation.

Lazada Group

This company was launched in Singapore in the 2010s. The company was launched with the intention of making online services easier and quicker to access.

This company makes online deals and investments through e-commerce undertaken in the country. The company is responsible for employing talented workers.

The Ascott

The company was introduced in Singapore as an accommodation agency. The company provides shelter and hospitality to travelers and tourists in the country.

The facilities furnished to the visitors are of high class and overwhelming; they deliver standard service at quite an affordable price. The company has been operating more than 100 such hotels.


CapitaLand is a company built in Singapore and is owned by a private institution.

The company renders facilities like financial assurance, capital management, private possessions, infrastructure, exchange of real inheritance, and many more such services. The company has been managing all this for the country.


The company is a globally famous and acknowledged company established in Singapore. The company is a game developer, updating, and graphic designing company.

It has been launching several world- and nation-famous games that have become a trend and have made a lot of profit from that.

Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies

The company has been managing various agencies in the country of Singapore.

The company was established initially to manage the electricity supply in the country, but gradually, after a hard-earned success, it began to expand its wing.

The company manages electric cells, fuel supply, natural energy, and many more such services.


The company is the country’s most famous and prospering banking institution.

The role of this bank is to provide every banking facility and assistance to the account holders, from providing security to their deposits to offering the loans they undertake for every service.

The company has been a great source of employment in the country.

Boustead Singapore

The company is an engineering and tech-based service-providing company that was established in Singapore.

The company looks after all the development and reforms that are needed in the engineering domain.

Services include power, water, and waste-related engineering and real property remedies.

Cathay Organisation

The company, established in Singapore, is an entertainment and production company.

The company is committed to producing, launching, and financing movies, music albums, anime, cartoons, and such stuff that promises to entertain audiences.

The company has been giving back-to-back hits that are loved and cherished by the audiences.

Bee Cheng Hiang

The company is a Singaporean company that came into existence a long time back in the 90s.

The company is a food retail company that serves Chinese-style foods in the country. The food made in the company is truly a treat to eat for its amazing spices and exclusive taste. The company has employed Chinese chefs.

Certis Group

The company is known for providing security services. The company has a reputation for providing extra secure and highly advanced security systems to companies and countries. The company has its base in all the major cities of the country.

Dnata Singapore

The company was situated in Singapore for almost 44 years. The company is an airline company that transports commercial and domestic goods and commodities to different parts of the country and world.

The company has been sticking deals with many major companies to transport their assignments to the desired locations.

Esco (Singaporean company)

The company was launched in order to manufacture the products and services related to the Academy, pharma, industrial, and many other sectors.

The company undertakes research and laboratory experiments on its behalf, and then it supplies the company with the desired products and services.

Keppel Corporation

This Singaporean company was established to carry out coalition services in the country.

The company handles services like marine and water merchandise, telecom services, transportation and tax services, capital and asset boarding, and many more. The company is famous throughout the country.

Aspial Corporation

The company is a famous ornament and property manager and dealer in Singapore.

The company had been manufacturing expensive and rare jewelry for men as well as women in the country.

The company has not restricted itself to just jewelry manufacturing but also makes the capital and properties of people.

Creative Technology

The company is a famous tech-based company that was built in Singapore. The company’s sole function is to develop and launch various IT-based products and software in the country.

For years, the company has been delivering mass media and patron electronics services. The company is an international company.

Bengawan Solo (company)

This prestigious and A-listed company was launched in Singapore. The company is a famous bakery shop that runs a series of shops that sell baked eateries.

These include products like bread, cake, doughnuts, apple pie, mango pie, and many more delicious eateries.


The company was established in Singapore as a smartphone and many other electronic gadgets developers and exchangers.

The company has been updating and reforming the software of phones and computers to make the features more attractive to people. The company also exchanges old phones with new ones.

The Cocoa Trees

The company is famous all around the country, Singapore. The company regulates and guides small shops and malls selling chocolates and other baked eatables.

The company manufactures different flavored chocolate and chips, which top the list of fast foods in the country. Confectionary products are best available there.

Fraser and Neave

This famous company manufactures and supplies different and delicious foods and drinks in the country.

This Singaporean company has been hiring well-trained and experienced cooks to bring about the best eatables for the consumers.

Singapore Press Holdings

The company is a media and magazine-based company established in Singapore. This prestigious company has the role of managing and printing media, business, and digital data and records.

The company has been rendering services with utmost sincerity and dignity, to date, no major scams are alleged to the company.


The company manufactures and supplies electronic products in the country of Singapore.

Its products are best for domestic usage, plus people have been going for the commodity for its quality and for its guarantee terms. Products like speakers, amplifiers, and sound boxes are best available with the company.


The company is an outstanding industry that manufactures and sells delicious food and different kinds of beverages.

This Singaporean company was launched around ten years ago to launch delightful and savory fast foods like burgers, sandwiches, tacos, and many other such demanded food items. The drinks, too, are of different types.

Courts Singapore

The company has been allowed to manage the development of electronic gadgets and manufacture fine furniture.

This company was launched in Singapore to make the region self-sufficient and advanced in the fields of electric gadgets and furniture. The furniture manufactured here is of excellent quality and composition.


The company was established around 20 years ago in Singapore as a telecom and hospitality industry. The company provides superb network and data plans for its users and subscribers.

The company also manages several hotels in the country, which deliver warm and standard accommodation facilities to its visitors.

Biosensors International

The company is a pharmaceutical agency in Singapore. The company regulates and manages various hospitals and clinics in the country.

It provides different medicines and antidotes for diseases and viruses in the country and many other medical types of equipment for the smooth function of medical agencies.


This famous Singaporean company was established in the early 2000s. The company is a global conglomerate company that carries out both advertisement and communication services.

The company promotes various goods and institutions for the corporation in exchange for money. It also looks after the transportation.


This is a media and entertainment industry that was established by a famous business icon of the country.

This Singaporean company focuses on delivering authentic news and headlines broadcasted through television and radio. The company has been franchising many good movies and theatres with social issues.

Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Almost 20-21 years ago, this company was launched to take care of wildlife sanctuaries and zoos in the country.

The company has been looking after hundreds of zoos in the country with a notice to protect wildlife and make money out of there.

United Overseas Bank

This is an international banking agency that was launched in the country.

The company has been rendering various financial services in the country, like deposits, loans, investments, currency flow, capital management, etc. Many foreign countries and corporations have their accounts in the bank.


The company is a telecommunications and broadcasting company that is established in Singapore. The company provides excellent network and roaming packs with uninterrupted facilities.

The company has been employing a lot of workers in the country to carry out the function smoothly. The company provides services to half of the population.


The company is an airline company that was launched by a famous group in Singapore.

The company is an international airline that is well-connected to all the major ports and cities of the country and the world.

Long Beach Seafood Restaurant

The company is a food merchandising colony established in Singapore.

The company sells packed and stored food items from Chinese to Indian food; everything and anything is available with the company.

Foods like noodles, seafood, ramen, canned fish meats, and Indian spices. The company has been rising with the passing years.

Tera Capital

The company is a famous and most profit-making company. The company is a tech, investment, media, and information-based company.

The company’s sole purpose is to make the country technologically advanced and provide factual data to the country and its people. Bases are spread throughout the entire nation.

Surbana Jurong

The company is semi-state-owned in Singapore. The company carries out the consultancy and planning of the country’s industries and agriculture sectors.

It helps the government figure out and draft strong plans and data to develop the country’s commercial sector. It earns more than 35% of the profits.

Tiger Beer

The country is a prestigious company that manufactures and sells beers in the country. This Singaporean company brews exotic beers and other hard drinks with a lesser amount of alcohol in it.

Beer of several unique tastes and flavors are sold. It has supplied more than 20,000 bottles in 2019.

Wilmar International

The company is a commercial company that deals with food and food processing ingredients.

The famous company manufactures and supplies foods like mustard seeds, oil, spices, sauce, sugar, salt, and many other such ingredients. The company has been supplying to many industries and countries.

Tower Transit Singapore

The company manages the traveling and shipping services of the country. The company is reputed because of the service it constantly provides.

The company runs buses and taxis in every city and county of the country. It is known for its punctuality, cleanliness, and low cost.

Sparky Animation

The company is a famous movie and series-producing company in the country.

This company is very reputed and has been making and launching animated movies and series which have won several awards in the country. It is reputed for the amazing profits it is making.


The airline-based company runs in the country to make traveling easier and faster for people.

This company is chosen by the people for its warm staff behavior and the cheap cost of the tickets. Loads of job opportunities have been created.


This Singaporean colony is a social app that was launched by the country’s app-developing company.

The company has a maximum number of users, and it has been providing a medium to interact with people and make friends through this app. The app also provides authentic news about the country and world.

AIBI International

The company is a medical-beaded international company based in the Singapore region.

The company provides medication and other pharma products in the country and the world.

The company was started with a vision of making medical facilities easily available and affordable to every section of society.

Brotzeit (restaurant)

The company regulates and manages a series of restaurants and motels in the country.

The company takes care of furnishing restaurants with essential goods and staff for the smooth running of the company.

Food Republic

This Singaporean company is a good retail company that was originally formed in Singapore.

The company manufactures and sells different kinds of eateries and snacks that are loved by all the people of the country and abroad.

The company has been supplying snacks, beverages, canned food, noodles, and many other things.


The company is an e-commerce company that runs a food business in the country.

It was launched by a famous business class whose sole intention was to make everything and anything available on the net.

The company does home-to-home delivery services to its customers and has been receiving positive reviews.

Maestro guitars

The company is well known for manufacturing and trading guitars in the country.

The company has gained a lot of name and fame in the last five years for its marvelous and high-quality guitar manufacture. The company has been importing its guitars to various companies and countries.

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