List of 65+ Top Hair Salon Brands in the World

Hair salons offer males and females with services to style, cut, strengthen, condition and clean their hair. There are a lot of hair salons in the world that choosing one is not easy. Given below is a list of the best hair salons in the world.

Top Hair Salons in the World

Vangelis Hatzis

Country: Greece

This salon is popular because of its dry haircutting process, and celebrities are attracted by this posh salon and extroverts for top-notch gatherings too.

The Lounge Hair Salon,

Country: Thailand

Two hairdressers and a Thai supermodel established this hair salon. Both men and women fashion insiders approve this private hair salon.

Salón de Belleza

Country: Spain

This salon is located on the highest floor. The salon is a mysterious gem, counting the most popular fashion designers of the city as customers, along with a large art-world group.

Tony Studio

Country: China

This hair salon was founded by Tony Li for stars and fashion groups and also provides makeup services on many regional magazines’ portrait shoots.


Country: UAE

Inventive Director and the ‘Queen of Colour’ of Middle East Maria Dowling is the founder of this award-winning hair salon. It is hard to get an appointment with the professional hairstylist in this hair salon.

Josh Wood Atelier

Country: England

This hair salon offers a trendy celebrity hair color. The salon is organized using professional knowledge that shows off some of the most demanded elegance skills in the city.

Silvia Galván Image Studio

Country: America

The occupied salon is popular for offering not just outstanding hair color and cut but also for eyebrow shaping with resident specialist Hugo Álvarez.

Area Numero Sei

Country: Italy

This hair salon is founded by Stylist Alessandro Lisi who has boosted the best in this trade. He presently owns a court in a discreet area that attracts recognizing clients.

Salon Pure

Country: Canada

This hair salon is noticeable for the quality of their hair color, hair cuts and the special services they provide.

World-famous hairstylists Daniel Benoît, and Anna Pacitto are the co-founders of this amazing place. At this hair salon, artist experts give a very special touch to elegance, providing a variety of styles and statements of fashions.

Aldo Coppola

Country: Russia

This hair color is the first option for elegance editors and VIPs who go to this salon for “all-in-one” pedicure, manicure and facial therapies in an hour.

Barnet Concept

Country: Germany

The specialists for inventive ideas for makeup and hair also see themselves as an elegance agent, salon and studio. Each client is provided the excellent cut, separately, according to their personality and type. 

David Mallett

Country: France

Famous with best fashion stylists and photographers. Mallett invents flawlessly tousled, perfectly fashionable Frenchwoman hair.

Libor Sula the Salon

Country: Czech Republic

This expensive salon, with three dozen 

very thoroughly skilled stylists have faithful customers coming in from Europe. This extraordinary hair salon has received its brand appreciation for its personal approach, amazing service, and a friendly and comforting atmosphere that makes this salon a famous place of comfort and hair care for customers.

Studio W

Country: Brazil

World-famous stylist Wanderley Nunes founded this hair salon in 1988.  Presently they have seven departments, placed in the primary shopping malls in the State of São Paulo. For the purpose of always providing incredible services, they have the basic items and a group of world-famous experts ready to boost the self-esteem of their clients. The hair salon is well known for following trends and bringing up new ideas.

Barney Martin

Country: Australia

The Salon is globally famous and has a status for generating gorgeous hair and unique styles. At this hair salon, they incorporate celebrity trends and catwalks to create something that’s motivated, perfectly arranged and modified uniquely to be wearable for every customer. Only the best hair items and medications are used by this salon.


Country: Japan

More than 50 models and fashion editors attend this sunny sanctuary for its detailed cutting method. The organic products of this hair salon have cult-like followers. This is one of the best salons in Tokyo, possibly all Japan.

Eye Catchers

Country: India

This expensive hair and beauty salon is one of the top salons in India. The team encompasses trained hair stylists and professional beauticians. They provide services like pedicure, manicure, bridal packages, hair makeover, hair cutting, hair styling and a lot more.

Vurve Signature Salon

Country: India

This is an amazing beauty salon. Photoshoot, party makeup, hair extension, and bridal make up are the special services of Vurve Signature Salon.


Country- United Kingdom

The rule book of this salon is torn up by Hershesons with their outstanding product, and idea on Berners Street. Besides hair color, cuts, and styling (the salon is recognized for ‘cool girl’ hair that’s suitable for wearing with an advantage of the manageable luxury,) they also provide all elegance services. 

Hari’s Fulham Road

Country: United Kingdom

This hair salon has been a well-known portion of the salon setting of London since the 70s. Hair Stylist and Creator Hari Salem gained his skill by operating with Twiggy’s stylist and his first hair salon was opened by Hari Salem in 1976. The best products and ideas of this salon on Fulham Road mixes everything that was the reason for the permanent success of Hari Salem. In this soothing and nicely relaxed hair salon, they offer modern haircuts and creative, non-damaging color methods.

Trevor Sorbie Covent Garden

Country: United Kingdom

Popular stylist Trevor Sorbie MBE owns seven namesake hair salons. In the contemporary and elegant Covent Garden space, a slick ship is run by them. Outstanding for styling, color, and cut the personalized service is provided by this hair salon.

GA Salon

Country: United Kingdom

They mainly focus on natural therapies and all of the ingredients of hair color are hand-made, utilizing flowers, roots, and herbs. The inside of the salon is perfect, with natural products and colors lined up like inside setup appliances, and gold decorations. The organic and natural essence of their therapies chimes nicely with the regional, cheerful feel of its departments, which have a soothing atmosphere.

Jo Hansford

Country: United Kingdom

Initially well-known for excellent hair color services, Jo Hansford provides revenue for the best hair services in the world. The hair salon is specially built so customers don’t have to shout over the noise of hairdryers when conversing with the stylists.

Larry King Notting Hill

Country: United Kingdom

Curled up within a friendly staff the wonderful, boutique stylists have again been outfitted by the renowned hairdresser’s skillful wife. They provide the best hair color and cut to their customers. 

Hershesons Harvey Nichols

Country: United Kingdom

This department of Hershesons is a representation of contemporary hairstylists at its best. Wonderfully built, the colorful, open area hosts amazing colorists and hairdressers for short-term living as well as its core group of world-famous talent. 

Four London

Country: United Kingdom

This is the swish Mayfair salon that provides a comfortable and friendly service. They have the best hair color experts (with over 40 years background) The salon is popular among influencers and editors for its smart technique to both haircuts and colors. 

Charles Worthington

Country: United States

Charles Worthington is one of the most popular hair salons in the UK. The hair salon was founded 30 years ago and presently there are three departments of this brand. The salon has become compatible with skillful and imaginative hair, gaining itself incomparable fame in British styling A-listers, hairdressing, and teaming with the top brands in custom and elegance.

Taylor Taylor London

Country: United Kingdom

The hair salon has the best product and idea. With 12 hair cutting locations, it’s a sizable area with incredible ornament – from a sprinkling of traditional liberty prints to statement chandeliers throughout the beautiful furnishings. This extravagance hair salon provides an extraordinary hair styling service.

Josh Wood

Country: United Kingdom

This hair salon is undoubtedly one of the top colorists, focusing on the locks of stars including Laura Bailey, Elle Macpherson, and Kylie Minogue. And the secret of Josh Wood is a remarkable talent for evaluating a customer’s style, personality, and coloring to build an excellent color for them. 

Windle & Moodie.  

Country: United Kingdom

The hair salon has been one of the lively and exciting salons in London for nearly 30 years and now it isn’t hard to discover the reason. The classy scenery, with shady leather seats and wooden grounds, has never courted, while the real creator of this salon is still cutting hair. 

Hare & Bone

Country: United Kingdom

The well-known salon of Sam Burnett is a must-visit. Hairdressers are greatly trained mainly to focus hair cutting. This is a natural hair salon that provides its clients with the best strictly implemented wearable hair with skillful and professional flair.

Bleach London

Country: United Kingdom

All of the hair color and vegan dye kits of this salon have been improved and reviewed in the Bleach London salon. Their top-selling products are Super Cool Colour in Rosé and the Bleach London White Toner for blonde hair. They achieved multiple awards for excellent products. 

Percy and Reed

Country: United Kingdom

One of the top hairdressers of London Adam Reed and Paul Percival founded the brand. The team of this salon is created with top stylists. The creativity, proficiency, and input of the team guarantee all items are of experienced quality and provide stunning outcomes every time.

Blue Tit London

Country: United Kingdom

Counted, receptive and progressive, the talented team of this hair salon provides the best bespoke treatments, colors, and cuts in wonderfully built spaces. Delighted to advance new talent, the hair salon is a wide academic outlet providing credentials in many techniques with a creative method. 

Larry King

Country: United Kingdom

There are a lot of features that make this hair salon unique like a  rose gold cocktail setting, an Instagram-ready powder space with a huge image background, and a strictly Dyson-only hairdryer policy. They have been at the lead of the retrieval of twists with their Curly Hair process and think to serve with and comprehending your natural texture is the most delightful way to attain elegance.

Metropolis Salon

Country: USA

Amazing grooming is always trendy and fashionable and fun should always be a part of the procedure. It doesn’t matter if someone is a fresh or returning customer, all the employees of this salon are greatly experienced hairdressers who are always prepared to provide the absolute best look to their client.

Jet Rhys Salon

Country: USA

Jet and Rhys, who were Vidal Sassoon hair experts founded this hair salon in 1992. The whole group of hairdressers at Jet Rhys salon focuses on their respective fields of styling, coloring, cutting, and a lot more. They have extraordinary proficiency to individualize the new styles and fashions to fulfill the needs of their clients.

Capture Salon

Country: USA

One of the biggest full-service hair salons in America that offer precious assistance and elegance care products to their customers. Their elegant and grand salon is placed in CT. They are dedicated to a seamless fusion of conventional and contemporary methods with excitement for inflexible service to build a familiarity that is really memorable. Capture Salon provides limited services that specialists of this salon are dedicated to fulfilling the needs of their customers.

The Factory Salon

Country: USA

This is one of the leading Aveda Lifestyle salons of America. They believe in improving the elegance through outstanding client service, environmental awareness, and progressive education. 

Twisted Hair Salon

Country: USA

This hair salon has been giving outstanding and various hair services their clients since 2002. Their goal is to provide a service that uncovers the elegance and glamour in every customer and always appreciates and welcomes their customers. They try to improve the different features of each customer.

Adae Salon

Country: USA

In this hair salon, they are committed to offering extraordinary service in a receptive, comforting atmosphere. Their purpose is to offer the greatest level of fulfillment to their customers. This hair salon will always be a spot where they provide their customers with the service to feel and look their best.

Bowie Salon and Spa

Country: USA

At this hair salon, they take huge gratification in introducing the outstanding standards in this industry. As the leaders of this business, they committed to providing their customers with the greatest value products and services. They are associated with academies and regional groups such as City of Hope, NW Chron’s & Colitis Foundation, Hedgebrook, Wigs for Kids, Landessa, and many more impactful helpful groups.

Jairus Noble Salon

Country: USA

This is a charming modern and extraordinary gem among contemporary hairstyling associates. A space within 550 square feet of the two-seat hair salon was created by Jairus. 

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