List of 61+ Top Hospital Brands in the World

In the modern age health of an individual is a primary concern no matter how much we have progressed in our life. There are various hospitals all around the globe providing extraordinary medical services to heal human beings. Some hospitals are also doing miracles bringing life to a person who merely had any chance of survival. We bring to you the top Hospitals serving mankind all around the globe. 

Top Hospital brands in the World

UnitedHealth Group

Country: United States

It is an American based company that is a nonprofit organization serving human health since the year 1977. Besides providing healthcare service the company also provides insurance service and health care products. a company has a total revenue of 240 2.2 billion dollars in the year 2019. 


Country: United States

It is an American based company with its headquarter in Indiana, United States.  which provides health insurance and also health care services. According to the cross Blue shield, the association anthem is the largest for-profit managed healthcare. 40 million members worked for the company in the year 2018.  


Country: United States

It is an American based company with its headquarter in Hartford Connecticut United States which provide healthcare services and it is also a retailer for consumer-directed healthcare services and insurances. The company has a huge network in the healthcare field having 22.1 million medical staffs working in almost 5700 hospitals

CVS health

Country: United States

An American healthcare company that provides health services and also is renowned for its pharmacy and your maker. Healthcare company has its headquarters in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Stan Lee Ralph Hogland and Sidney Goldstein founded this company in the year 1963. It has a total of 300,000 employees working under them. 

McKesson Corporation

Country: United States

It is an American based company that is also a distributor of pharmaceuticals medical supplies and also healthcare management tools. 200 8.4 billion dollars is the annual revenue of the company as of the fiscal year 2018. This company also a member of the fortune global 500 company and In the United States the company has the seventh-highest revenue generation


Country: the United States and the United Kingdom

It is a drug wholesale company that provides acute health care hospitals and health systems in North America and the United Kingdom. The goal of the company is to provide low-cost service with improved patient outcomes. The company has an annual revenue of 167.93 billion US dollars. The company has over 19 hospitals in 5 different states 

The Mayo clinic

Country: United States

The company is serving its patients for over 150 years now. This organization provides services to more than 1.3 million people annually. 57 research centers and also a Mayo clinic Alix school which helps the organization to make vital innovations in the medical community. It has got extraordinary patient support which attracts its customers.

Cleveland Clinic

 Country: United States

It is the place where the first transplantation of total facial was done. The company serves almost 7.6 million patients in the year 2017. The company has served in the United States, Arab Emirates and Canada. The company is also specialized in Cardiac problems and Cardiac surgery.

Singapore General Hospital 

Country: Singapore

It was founded in the year 1821 and is the oldest hospital in the country. The company started its career on the bank of the river, Singapore and is now one of the largest hospitals in Singapore. This hospital has a record of serving almost 1 million people in a year.

Johns Hopkins Hospital 

Country: United States

The hospital was founded in Baltimore during the period of late 1800s. Johns Hopkins University School of medicine is hiring medical school in the United States coming just after Harvard medical school. Many advanced clinical types of research are occurring in this institution. This company soap almost 3 million people over a year. 


Country:  Germany

This organization is located in Berlin which mostly focuses on research on medical science. This organization has collaboration with Humboldt University and Freie University. A total of 13700 employees works under this company. Almost a thousand projects are available in the organization which is solely devoted to patient-oriented research.

Massachusetts General Hospital

Country: United States

The company is located in Boston, MGH. It is among the oldest hospitals in the United States. The physician working in the hospital serves as professors at Harvard medical school. The organization has an annual research budget of nearly 912 million US dollars. The hospital conducts nearly 1200 trials on mass general at any given time.

Toronto General Hospital

Country: Canada

This organization is one of the biggest and also highly funded research organizations. It is the largest center for transplantation in North America. It is in this Hospital that the world’s first triple organ transplant occurred in the year 2015. Nine places together form the Canada University health network Toronto General Hospital is one among them

University of Tokyo Hospital

Country: Japan

It is the leading medical center in Japan which provides research and practices to doctors and researchers throughout the country. Studies show that the company has treated more than 1 million patients in the year 2017. The research department of the organization has recently completed 35 trials in research practices. 

Lausanne University Hospital

Country: Switzerland

The hospital is situated in between snow-capped peaks around Lake Geneva in Switzerland. This organization educates people in medicines especially to those people who speak French. WHO gave the hospital in Switzerland permission to conduct e trials for the Ebola vaccine in October 2014. The organization also publishes a free magazine in French and English. 

Sheba medical center at Tel HaShomer

Country: Israel

This organization is one of the leaders in biotechnological innovation and medical sciences in the Middle East and also throughout the world. It has also collaborations with many organizations that have advanced Hospital systems and innovative medical practices. This organization works on almost 25% of Israeli medical and clinical researches taking place.

St Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Country: United States

The company moves to intend to find a cure for children who have light fitting diseases like cancer with the help of research and treatment. The company urges for talented and diverse staff and faculty who will help the organization to provide high degree care and also great results to its patients.

University of Maryland medical center

Country: United States

The organization has almost 798 beds downtown Baltimore and an additional 177 beds in the Midtown campus which is one mile further north. The organization has nearly 1200 physician working for them who works also as a professor at the University of Maryland school of medicine. The organization was established in the year 1823.

MD Anderson

Country: United States

The organization moves with the sole goal of eliminating cancer from Texas and also throughout the world with the help of extraordinary programs that combines prevention, research and patient care with the help of education for graduate and undergraduate student, training, employees, public and professionals. Very soon this organization will be a premier Cancer center in the world. 

NewYork Presbyterian

Country: United States

In the United States, it is the most integrated and also comprehensive academic health care service provider with the sole goal of providing the highest quality of healthcare service. It has collaborated with some pronounced medical schools like Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and Weill Cornell Medicine.


Country: United States

Providence is continuously trying to innovate new ways to transform healthcare so that their patients can be kept healthy easily. This organization provides quality healthcare services to each of its customers regardless they can pay or not. They have a total of 51 hospitals and 1085 clinics.

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre

Country: United States

This organization is working for almost 130 years to provide extraordinary healthcare services along with research and outstanding educational programs. 51 National institutes are run by this organization on today’s date. a very close connection between scientist and physician has helped this company to strengthen its role in health care service

Maryland Department Of Health

Country: United States

The company moves with the sole goal of giving lifelong wellness and health to all the Marylanders. They strive towards their goal with the help of disease prevention access to care community engagement and quality management. The organization has been divided into four major divisions so that each of the divisions flourishes equally.

Aurora Health Care

Country: United States

The company runs with the motto of putting people first and that is the reason their customers are at the heart of everything they do. Good Samaritan Medical Centre and St.

Lukes Medical center collaborated to establish this company in the year 1984. It has a total of 15 hospitals. 

Advocate Health care Chicago

Country: United States

It is a nonprofit organization that holds the largest health system in Illinois. This organization believes in giving easy access to all a patient’s needs to be healthy. A total of 6300 top doctors work in this Hospital day and night to cure their patients and to give them a better life.  


Country: United States

It is a renounced healthcare provider and insurance located Pennsylvania’s. At present 87,000 employees working in 40 hospitals with the help of 700 doctors. The company is driven by inspiration for innovating new things. Four major operating units work together to run this organization smoothly. The organization has interesting programs in transplantation, cancer neuroscience, orthopedic running under them. 

Bringham and Women’s Hospital

Country: United States

Bringham and women’s hospital together forms the bring health. The company is a global leader in the health industry Vah king passionately to cure the health of masses. This organization also teaches medical students at Harvard medical school. The organization has 1250 physical working for them in 120 different countries. The organization is specialized in treating complex cases. 

Hartford HealthCare

 Country: United States

The organization was founded in the year 1854. It is also the largest teaching hospital in New England the company has worked in the health servicing field for over 160 years. If you’re searching for a place to do surgery in New England then this is the place you should visit.

Heidelberg University Hospital

Country: Germany

It is the first German university founded almost 600 years ago in Heidelberg. In modern-day, this organization is well known for its specialty in medicine and life sciences. A total of 400 Specialist departments are present in this hospital to offer medical care of the highest quality. Complex diseases are treated here with care.

Erasmus MC

Country: Netherland

This company is known for its singular organization and identity. The different departments of this organization share common House style, name, and logo. Erasmus MC Cancer Institute and Erasmus MC Sofia children’s hospital are parented by Erasmus MC. Besides treating patient this organization is also known research studies in medical. 

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Country: United States

It is the nation’s first hospital that focuses completely on the care of children. The company is a visual company founded in the year 1855. The best thing about this hospital is that it provides high-quality family-centered care. Many new technological innovations and medical discoveries have occurred in this hospital.


Country: United States

This hospital is specializes in providing cancer treatment. They make use of advanced medicine and predict predictive modeling to understand and change a tumors path. Listen as also worked in the field of genomics and immunotherapy. This organization works with cell therapy named CAR t-cell therapy this allows the body’s immune cells to attack tumor 

Children’s Mercy hospital and clinic.

Country: United States

This organization believes that some love can create a healthier world for children. The organization has served the medical industry for almost 120 years. Leading specialty and innovative research are provided by children’s mercy. Almost half a million patients are treated at this hospital every year this fulfills the mission of being nonprofit.

Leiden University Medical Center

Country: Netherland

Research, patient care, and teaching are the three departments that run this hospital. The hospital is known for its innovation and new applications. The sole goal of the company is to provide improved Health care to improve people’s health besides curing they also believe in the prevention of any disease.

Arizona state hospital 

Country: United States

Over 193 acres of land, the Arizona State Hospital is located in Phoenician, Arizona. The Organization treats patients with emotional disorder mental disorder and personality disorder. If a patient cannot be treated in a community then they are admitted in the hospital. A patient treated in this hospital is under the highest and restrictive care. 

Hopitaux University De Geneva

Country: Switzerland

In case your friends and family will be admitted to the HUG. All the clinical, nursing, inn and authoritative staff bend over backward to guarantee that you get excellent consideration and if your condition allows, a couple of days before avoiding the crowd in a busy hospital

National Hospital Organization

Country: Japan

The flying “wings” speak to the strength of every resident and the improvement of Japan’s clinical consideration and were drawn with a brush that shows adaptable mindfulness reform. In expansion, Health, Hospital and is an abbreviation of Hospitality, which implies fastidiously patient’s genuine goal communicated in the “H”, drawn as a solid establishment, set the “Wings” was together.

Seattle Children’s Hospital

Country: United States

We battle determinedly to ensure there’s nothing of the sort as “out of choices” and to ensure kids who “didn’t get an opportunity” can have the childhoods they merit. They convey unrivaled patient consideration, advance new disclosures and medications through pediatric research and fill in as the pediatric and immature scholarly clinical community.

University Of Chicago Hospitals

Country: United States

The University of Chicago Medicine, with a history dating to 1927, is a not-revenue driven scholarly clinical wellbeing framework dependent on the grounds of the University of Chicago in Hyde Park, and with emergency clinics, outpatient facilities and doctor rehearses all through Chicago. The organization is also known for its research work in medicine.

Royal Children Hospital

Country: Australia

The RCH files and assortments structure a huge and significant record of the historical backdrop of a significant Australian pediatric establishment. Traversing 150 years, the different assortment involves photos, movies, materials, and gear, which pass on the clinic’s beginnings, development and advancements. Everyday encounters of RCH staff and patients are rendered by these memorable materials.

Peking Union Medical College and Hospital

Country: China

Perking Union Medical College Hospital (PUMCH) is a Class A tertiary far-reaching emergency clinic focused on conveying cutting edge clinical consideration, inventive logical research, and thorough clinical instruction. National Health Commission assigned it as one of the national referral habitats offering demonstrative and restorative consideration of the intricate and uncommon issue.

University Of Virginia Health System

Country: United States

UVA Health incorporates a medical clinic, level I injury focus, broadly perceived malignancy and heart focus and essential and forte facilities all through Central Virginia. Through research and clinical preliminaries, we remain at the main edge of the medications we offer. They are positioned among the country’s top medical clinics due to their talented physicians.

Texas Health Resources 

Country: United States

Texas Health Resources is a religious, not-for-profit wellbeing framework that thinks about a larger number of patients in North Texas than some other supplier. We serve North Texas through Texas Health Physicians Group, medical clinics, outpatient offices, Neighborhood Care and Wellness Centers, home wellbeing and preventive and wellness administrations.

Institute of Psychiatrii I Neurology

Country: Poland

 Making new methods for curing and recovery of patients with mental and neurological problems is the sole goal of the organization. They collaborate for the production of innovative work consortia. Their idea of clinical administrations in the field of mental and neurological medical issues – emergency clinic, facilities, assessments, affirmation room.

Northwestern Medicine

Country: United States

Northwestern Medicine is an incorporated human services framework that unites doctors and specialists from grant winning offices in the Chicago zone. Every one of the Northwestern Medicine emergency clinics has an interesting story, yet the framework has a similar vision. Northwestern Medicine is focused on unrivaled quality, scholarly greatness, logical revelation, and patient security.

Mercy Hospital

Country: United States

Mercy framework was established by the Sisters of Mercy in 1986. Across four expresses, a group of more than 2,100 Mercy essential and claim to fame care doctors, 600 propelled experts and supporting staff together works here. Mercy serves an assortment of unique needs, especially for low-salary patients, in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas.

Hospital For Sick Children

Country: Canada

The Hospital for Sick Children, otherwise called SickKids, is situated in downtown Toronto at 555 University Avenue, among Gerrard and Elm roads. SickKids is one of the world’s biggest and most regarded pediatric scholastic wellbeing sciences focus, offering far-reaching administrations over a wide scope of clinical strengths.

The Royal Berkshire Hospital

Country: England

The Royal Berkshire Hospital is a National Health Service emergency clinic in the town of Reading in the English region of Berkshire. It gives intense medical clinic administrations to the occupants of the western and focal segments of Berkshire. The clinic gives around 813 inpatient beds, together with 204-day beds and spaces.

Guys and St. Thomas Hospital

Country: England

They work with precession at the core of all that they do, giving you high caliber and individual care. We are guided by our qualities: putting patients first, investing wholeheartedly in what we do. As part of King’s Health Partners, a scholastic wellbeing sciences focus, they pioneers in wellbeing research, and give top-notch instructing and training. 

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