51+ Top Ice cream Brands of the World

Ice cream is mainly eaten as a dessert mostly in summer. This frozen food is popular for its flavor. It is a sweet pleasure for kids and grown-ups of all ages. There are a lot of ice cream brands in the world and choosing one is not easy. Given below is a list of top ice cream brands in the world.

Top Ice cream brands

Zanoni & Zanoni

Country: Austria

A fabulous spot to come for ice cream. Zanoni & Zanoni serves amazing and tasty sweets, cakes and breakfast but this place is popular for ice cream. They have been running this business since 1971. They offer a vast option of colorful and fresh flavors of ice cream.

Roxy’s Ice Cream Social

Country: Oklahoma

Roxy’s Ice Cream Social prepares ice cream regularly in their spot. Hand-dipped ice cream, sundaes, floats, and freshly baked cookie sandwiches are the special items of this place.

Ice Cream Lab

Country: UAE

This ice cream brand is popular for the unique style of preparing made-to-order ice cream quickly.

They utilize liquid nitrogen to quick-freeze raw ingredients to make ice cream. The conclusion? Customers will be amazed as liquid nitrogen trickles into the container and leaves a delightful ice cream behind.

Elephant Grounds

Country: Hong Kong

This popular coffee shop has some incredible items, but their focus on the ice cream sandwiches and ice cream makes them noticeable. They offer ice cream cookie sandwiches in a combination of inventive flavors.  

Gelateria Da Vinci 

Country: Belgium

Gelateria Da Vinci has been running its business ice cream presently for almost 18 years. Customers can sit there and eat a “coupe” or a cone and go and roam this incredible city.


Country: Israel

This ice cream company provides hand-made ice creams made from natural ingredients. They offer more than 150 variations of sorbets, frozen yogurt and calorie-free, organic sugar-free, real cream-based and soy-based ice cream with some tasty and flavorful toppings, including homemade jams and fresh fruit.

Classic Ice Cream Parlour

Country: India

Classic Ice Cream Parlour serves all the conventional favorites, they also offer some unique treats. They have cups and cones in a vast range of flavors at an affordable price.

Gelato & Latte Este

Country: Bulgaria

This ice cream company is so impassioned about their items that the milk of their own cow or Buffalo is produced by them. The farm of this company is organic.

Andrés Carne de Res

Country: – Columbia

This is a quite famous eatery in Bogotá that has it all, from dancing and arepa to shockingly delicious ice cream-based desserts. They offer creamy ice cream, tasty sauces, and fresh fruits.


Country: Czech Republic

An amazing choice of actual gelatos with a huge emphasis on berries and fresh fruits. Angelato is also a lovely shop with neat lines that feels like stepping into an Apple store. They make the ice cream very tasty and favorable.

Taos Cow

Country: New Mexico

This company only utilizes the purest and best ingredients. That includes original cane brown sugar, organic egg yolks and all-natural essence such as Madagascar vanilla bourbon. The conclusion? A delicious, pure and rich ice cream.

Go Coffee & Ice Cream

Country: Thailand

This lovely bakery offers homemade ice cream and wonderful waffle cones. This company is very inventive with their ice cream flavors. Mayongchid sorbet and Breakfast Cereal ice-cream are their special items.

Glace Bachir 

Country: France

Glace Bachir was the first company that made 100% organic ice cream in Paris. Two Lebanese siblings founded this ice cream brand. They combine the conventional procedure with some odd unique twists and flavors.

Baires Ice Cream

Country: Taiwan

Baires Ice Cream is one of the best Argentinian creative ice cream companies. This company is all about extremely inventive and tasty flavors. They offer Kinder Bueno ice cream and Whiskey Praline Pecans with refreshing Mojito sorbet or Nutella. 


Country: United Kingdom

Three siblings (Cleo, kitty, and Hannah ) opened this ice cream company. The company has developed to the level where individuals come from miles around just to eat the remarkably fresh delicious ice cream. A whopping 300,000 scoops were served by them in the previous year alone.

Casa Leone

Country: Russia

This ice cream brand serves different Italian ice creams utilizing original Italian gelato methods. They alter the ice cream flavors every season to attract attention to the newest ingredients. In summer they offer peach, watermelon or raspberry while they serve beets or pumpkin in autumn.

True & 12 Handmade Ice Cream

Country: Germany

The builders are impassioned ice cream fans who toured the world to research the most delightful varieties. What the founders have invented and what they presently offer, is their service on every cup and cone Ice cream that tastes very delicious.

Creole Creamery

Country: Louisiana

Presently they have three companies in the area.

They serve seasonal flavors depending on their availability. They also offer an incredible choice of sorbets if anyone prefers something lighter.


Country: Ireland

Even though the company expanded in the past few years it is the actual store in Dun Laoghaire that has been running its business there since 1950. A visit to the store in the summer months with classic 99s is one of the most amazing feelings anyone will ever have.

Milano Ice Cream

Country: India

This company does scoops in Italian standard – creamy, rich and full of flavor. They serve their scoops on cups, waffle cones with topping on crepes. They offer some delicious ice cream flavors including indulgent dark chocolate, tempting Whiskey Irish Cream. This store is a dream parlour of an ice cream fan.

Eat Darling Eat 

Country: Hong Kong

This is a new Chinese dessert store that offers most liked childhood Hong Kong desserts and other sweet items. They also serve egg tarts, tong sui, and pineapple buns but the ice cream is a true twinkling star. A unique Sichuan pepper ice cream with candied bacon and Taro Ice cream is the special item of this ice cream parlour.

Gelateria La Carraia

Country: Italy

They have been running this business since 1990. There are some incredible choices for eating but the most amazing way to do it is to pick a large double pot or cone and step out and be seated in the sun taking in this wonderful town in all her treasure.

Heladeria Buffalo 

Country: Argentina

They prepare their ice cream with 100% premium and natural ingredients, with a mixture of buffalo and cow milk for more creaminess. They have banana split and local Samboyon flavor.

Il Massimo del Gelato 

Country:  Italy

II Massimo del Gelato offers many unique flavors but if anyone is a chocolate lover and an ice cream lover it wouldn’t be regrettable to travel across the whole world to try their items. They have a lot of unique combinations and subtly various chocolate choices. They prepare smooth, silky and fresh ice creams.


Country: Denmark

Ismageriet is an amazing ice cream store with both outdoor and inside sitting arrangements and some of the most unique flavors and standards anyone will ever find. They offer both soft serve and gelato and a lot of wonderful treats, sauces, and toppings with the ice cream.

Mary’s Milk Bar

Country: Scotland

This is one of the most liked ice cream parlors in the city center where ice creams are made by the Marry every morning. They always serve ever-changing flavors and fresh ice cream. The invention of the flavors, the truth that they don’t use any chemical and the creamy ice cream will keep their customers visiting back as a routine.

Mr. Krean 

Country: USA

This is the first ‘Hip Hop ice cream parlour’ in the world and an extremely entertaining place to hang out.

Pumping music, slick decoration, and bright colors but most of all the most delicious, flavorsome and colorful ice cream anyone will ever have.


Country: Netherlands

 Luciano is an extremely famous set of ice cream stores. The company opened in 1996. They offer awesome creative toppings and flavors means customers will enjoy different flavors of ice cream every time.


Country: Australia

This incredible Italian style ice cream parlor knows that there is no amazing Italian style ice cream without wonderful ingredients, so they make their ice creams only with the freshest ingredients. The flavors of this company are the ultimate bomb: a sweet apple crumbles, banana milk, salted chocolate, or blackberry. Simply one of the most delightful ice cream companies in the world.


Country: Spain

This ice cream company only makes pastries and Italian ice cream according to the greatest level for real gastronomist scoops. They prepare their ice creams with 100% organic ingredients and seasonal flavors. Prefer to have your ice cream in water cups or crunchy waffle cones.

Milkcow Cafe

Country: Canada

This ice cream store provides outside-of-the-box ice cream. They offer their ice cream in some lovely rad flavors. Watermelon ice cream sandwiches are a special item of this ice cream company.

Luculus Ice Saloon

Country: Slovakia

This famous ice cream company has been running its business since 1954 and is still one of the most loved ice cream companies. They serve ice creams in cones with substantial scoops, with flavors such as plum sorbet, French macaron, ricotta, and fig and lavender. Also, they offer over 170 ever-changing varieties of ice creams from conventional sorbet, flavors and organic ice cream to lactose-free and gluten-free cream.

Suzukien Asakusa 

Country: Japan

The brand is popular for offering the most strong matcha tea flavored Italian style ice cream in the world. They started the business in 1853, the tea store is popular among natives and the ice cream of this company has shown far and wide indebtedness to social media.

They offer seven unique strengths of matcha ice cream. 

Momo Gelato

Country: Brazil

The best thing about Momo Gelato is they always focus on the flavors of ice cream. That is the reason why they alter their flavors depending on the season. The classic invention of this company is must-try.

Shiraishi Shinsaibashi

Country: Japan

The company offers “nama ice” that is made with natural ingredients. Even though they don’t use any fresh additives or cream, it is still very similar to soft-serve ice cream. They serve their items with a topping of natural brown sugar.

Apsara Ice Creams 

Country: India

The ice cream brand has been developing its business since 1971 because of its devotedness to organic ingredients and different flavors. They offer popular Sancha ice creams in a colorful sprinkle cone and also serve sorbets, kulfis, and milkshakes.

The Lost Bread 

Country: Philippines

The company offers intense funk to Manila with outstanding desserts and ice creams. They also claim to offer French toast cubes, milkshakes, and soft-serve ice cream. There is milk tea with a shot of fresh honey and Blue Vanilla with caramel and chocolate Popcorn in soft serve flavors.

Gelarto Rosa 

Country: Hungary

This is an elegant independent business of imaginative ice cream companies. They prepare their ice cream with popular Italian procedures and the items of this company are all made with organic ingredients. Gelato Rosa serves their items in the beautiful little rose shapes.

32 Parfait 

Country: South Korea

The 32 cm-tall cone is their special item. They make their ice cream very creamy and quite delightful. One of the most delightful and amazing ice cream parlors in the world.

Shubert’s Ice Cream & Candy

Country: USA

The company started its business in 1938 and has been developing ever since. Exceptionally, the exact original machines are used by them to this very day. It is known by the locals that ice cream of this brand is one of the most delicious ice creams in the world. Shubert’s Ice Cream & Candy have received many national awards. 


Country: New Zealand

This ice cream company is one of the must-try ice cream stores in the world. They always push the limitations of what customers guess ice cream can be –from Māori Fry Bread with chocolate-flavored ice cream to wearable ice cream ‘lips. The colossal squid is one of the most liked items of Giapo.

Emilia Cremeria 

Country: Italy

This is a lovely ice cream shop with amazing Instagrammable cones. They prepare their items only with extraordinary ingredients, such as cane sugar, fresh fruits, and high-quality milk. The imaginative ice cream is real excellence, with flavors of semifreddo in a tiny container. 

Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique

Country: Singapore

This ice cream brand offers various unique flavors so it wouldn’t be regrettable to travel the whole world to have their ice cream. Sea-Salt Hojicha and White Chrysanthemum in their special fragrant Thyme Cone are the special items of this store. They only offer fresh smooth and creamy ice creams.


Country: USA

This company only uses fresh and natural ingredients. They never add any chemical or extras in their product.

Chum serves their ice creams with some traditional flavor. It is always a wonderful place to be.

Gelato Messina Circular Quay 

Country: Australia

The company is very impassioned about their products that they prepare ice creams with the milk of their own Jersey cow. The flavors of the ice creams are different and new.


Country: Sweden

The ice cream range of this company develops its seasonal choices of berries, fruits, and playful interest. Clearly, what’s the most delightful at that moment in time. Accept the truth that they are real experts at preparing one of the best ice creams in Europe.

Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery 

Country: Canada

The company introduces the inventiveness of offering ice cream in Toronto. It enables that the company is also a bakery because they prepare the tastiest and delightful ice cream sandwiches.


Country: United Kingdom

They have over 150 flavors of ice cream. The flavor display refrigerator is stocked forever with a lovely ice cream range  – rich chocolates, classic nut varieties, the whole fruit spectrum and the most liked jelly bean and bubble gum flavours.

Unframed Ice Cream

Country: South Africa

This is a creative ice cream company. They prepare fresh ice cream from sustainable and real food. The company has availability of vegan flavors and the “Blue Coconut” prepared with Blue Spirulina is popular for valid reasons. They make remarkable and unique ice creams with passion. Unframed Ice cream parlour is one of the best ice cream brands in the world.

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