List of 36+ Top Serum Brands in the World

Serums are applied before moisturizing and after cleansing. They are used to target skin problems. With so many serum brands in the world, it is not easy to choose one.

Serum Brands in the World 

Tata Harper Skincare

Country: United States of America 

Tata Harper Skincare was launched in 2007. It is a vertically joined corporation.


Country: United States of America 

This US-based cosmetics label wholesaler works in body, hair, and skincare items. Kiehl was begun in 1851 in Manhattan as a single pharmacy. They have over 250 commercial marts globally. 

Ole Henriksen 

Country: United States of America

The commodity chain is accessible in more than 12 nations and has earned many awards. Henriksen performs as the corporation’s Creative Director after he traded the commodity chain in 2011 to LVMH.


Country: United States of America 

This American factory of perfumes, toiletries, cosmetics, and skincare items is usually traded in high-end studio shops. Clinique is associated with the Estée Lauder Companies. Evelyn Lauder created this brand in 1968.

Estée Lauder

Country: United States of America 

This worldwide factory and marketer of hair care stocks, perfumes, make up, and skincare is situated in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. The firm acquires many portfolios of labels.


Country: United States of America 

Since the opening of this company in 1958, they have been utilizing green practices and sustainable farming to produce Biodynamic®, organic, and natural items.

Insta Natural

Country: United States of America 

This is a label of personal care items with a modest goal to produce effective and natural skincare commodities. A chain of clean beauty commodities is created mainly for the modern customer.



Country: United States of America 

It is an indulgence chain of high-performing, holistic skincare items produced with sustainably grown, wild crafted, and organic botanicals for beautiful all-natural skin. Their ingredients are delivered from America.


Paula’s Choice 

Country: United States of America

Paula’s Choice was created in 1994 by Paula Begoun. Research-based, effective skincare items are offered by them.


Country: France

It is one of the leading skincare brands in European pharmacies. It is the popular and notable cosmetics label in France.

The Inkey List

Country: United States of America 

The INKEY List was created from a presumption that better proficiency strengths better determinations. The serums from this brand are amazing. 

Meaningful Beauty

Country: France

Cindy Crawford created this skincare system. Superoxide Dismutase (“SOD”) is featured by them.  

Pestle & Mortar

Country: Ireland

It is a skincare label of Ireland. Sonia Deasy created this label. 

La Prairie

Country: Switzerland 

It is the ruler in extravagance skincare, providing a quest for timeless elegance. La Prairie is considered as the most innovative, aspirational, and exclusive skincare label in the globe.


Country: France

Since 1957, it has been revolutionizing skincare. Each of their items is scientifically tested and crafted to confirm the highest quality. 


Country: France

Russell Moon and Sheldon Pinnell, M.D. created this skincare chain in 1997. It trades its commodities through a supply network including spas, cosmetic surgeons, and dermatologists.


Country: France

This is a French luxury fragrance, cosmetics, and skincare firm, which produces and trades products, mainly through particular pharmacies and high-end studio mart counters. Jacques Courtin-Clarins launched the family corporation in 1954.


Country: Australia

Their commodities are simple cosmeceuticals, linking the gap between cosmetic and skincare methods. Concentrated skincare solutions are provided by Alpha-H.

La Roche-Posay 

Country: United States of America 

They are passionate about producing dermatological skincare products. La Roche-Posay is dedicated to providing highly effective commodities.


Country: United Kingdom 

This multi-level trading firm works in personal care, household, and beauty categories. They also have a serum line, which is spectacular. 

Dr Barbara Sturm 

Country: United States of America 

Based in New York, Dusseldorf, Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Spas and Boutiques were built to provide clients the opportunity to experience luxury facials. 


Country: France

This global merchandiser of home stocks, perfumes, face, and body commodities is situated in Manosque, France. Olivier Baussan established this brand in 1976. 


Country: Germany 

Besides face and body care items, this company provides cleansing and sun protectant commodities. Eucerin was launched in 1902. 


Country: France

This French brand of skincare items is engaged in Vinotherapie. Caudalie is mainly notable for its skincare items.

La Mer

Country: United States of America 

The Estée Lauder Companies acquired this label of skincare items.


Country: United Kingdom 

Boots UK developed this label of cosmetics, skincare, and anti-aging creams. Boots created this brand in 1935 as a choice of eleven skincare items. 

Sunday Riley

Country: United States of America 

They use clinically proven and advanced ingredients mixed with balancing botanicals, for fast-acting, non-irritating formulas. They concentrate on ingredients and supplier integrity. 

Is Clinical

Country: United Kingdom 

Effective and technologically advanced skincare is provided by Is Clinical for anti-aging. Their creative Skincare’s technologically-advanced skincare item chain is notable for long-term and exceptional results. 


Country: United States of America 

It is a household controlled and managed firm created on sustainable precepts to offer outstanding quality personal care commodities.


Country: United States of America

This US-based cosmetics label was launched by Leonard Lauder in 1990. Origins are one of the primary labels of The Estée Lauder firms.


Country: United States of America

With studios in Los Angeles, California, this US-based company’s items are delivered over 70nations. Emanuel Stolaroff launched this cosmetics, hair care, and skincare brand in 1930.

E.L.F. Cosmetics 

Country: United States of America

This US-based cosmetics company is situated in Oakland, California. Scott Vincent Borba and Joseph Shamah created this brand in 2004. Stocks include professional tools, mineral-based makeup, and skincare and bath items.


Country: Canada

This trademark of hair and skincare items is acquired by the US-based pharmaceutical and consumer goods firm Johnson & Johnson. 

L’Oréal Paris

Country: France

With head studios in Clichy, Hauts-de-Seine, this French brand is the biggest cosmetics company in the globe. They have expanded movements in the field focussing on fragrance, skincare, sun protection, hair color, hair care, and make-up.


Country: Greece

Pharmacist Georgios Korres created this brand in Athens in 1996 from the island of Naxos. Korees manufactures beauty merchandise with natural ingredients for men and women.

Kora Organics

Country: United States of America 

It is an expanse of 100% Australian-made beauty commodities produced partly from certified organic and natural ingredients. KORA Organics commodities are marketed in more than 400 marts in Australia.

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