Top 51 Best Soft Drink Brands of the World

Soft drinks are very popular among youngsters and kids. There are a lot of soft drink brands in the world and choosing one is not easy. Given below is a list of top soft drink brands in the world.

Top Soft Drink Brands of the World


Country: United States

It is a global firm, and marketer, retailer, and manufacturer of syrups and nonalcoholic drink concentrate of America. Coca-Cola is produced by this company. Pharmacist John Stith Pemberton invented this beverage in 1886 in Atlanta, Georgia.



It is a global manufacturer of drinks, snacks, and food. The company has head offices situated in Harrison, New York, in the city of investment. The company specializes in the distribution, marketing, and manufacturing of drinks, grain-based snack foods, and other items.  The company was established in 1965 with the consolidation of the Frito-Lay, Inc and Pepsi-Cola Company.

Red Bull

Country: Austria

It is a non-governmental corporation in America. Red Bull is popular for its expanse of energy beverages. In 2019, an estimate of 7.5 billion Red Bull cans was traded in the world in more than 171 countries. The company has head offices situated in Fuschl am See, Austria.


Country: Switzerland

It is a manufacturer of coffee brought by Nestlé. Nestlé originally launched their flagship coffee trademark in Switzerland in 1938


Country: United States

It is a factory of food products and sports-themed drinks in America. Presently PepsiCo manufactures Gatorade. Gatorade supplies its products in more than 80 countries. A group of researchers operated by Robert Cade originally formulated this drink in 1965.  


Country: Germany 

Sprite is a lime-flavored, lemon, and colorless soft beverage established by The Coca-Cola Corporation. In 1959, the beverage was originally formulated in West Germany and was launched in America under the present trademark name Sprite in 1961.


Country: United States

It is a drink corporation of America that produces energy beverages including Burn, Relentless, and Monster Energy. The corporation was initially established in 1935 in Southern California, initially trading beverage products.

Mountain Dew

Country: United States 

It is also a popular PepsiCo soft drink.  It trades in the market in the flavors of Kickstart Flavors, international Variations, The Energy, Dew Slurpee, and Mountain Dew Soda. The actual preparation procedure of this soft drink was originally formulated by Tennessee drink bottlers Barney and Ally Hartman in 1940.

Dr. Pepper

Country: United States 

It is a carbonated soft beverage. Pharmacist Charles Alderton formulated this drink in 1880 in Waco, Texas, and originally traded around 1885. It was first nationwide retailed in America in 1904 and is presently also traded in Australia, South and North America, Asia, and Europe, as well as South Africa and New Zealand as a foreign product. 


Country: United States 

It is a global corporation of America which mainly produces fruit-based drinks.  Anthony T. Rossi established this corporation in 1947 in Bradenton, Florida. Since 1998, PepsiCo has owned this company. The head offices of this brand are situated in Chicago. The corporation mainly focuses on the manufacture of orange juice.


Country: Germany 

It is also another popular soft drink produced by The Coca-Cola Corporation and with a German abstraction. Currently, there are over 100 different types of flavors in the globe. This beverage is one of the most famous soft drinks for youngsters and Kids. 


Country: United Kingdom

It is a tea brand of the United King held by Unilever. It was also a supermarket business in England before the company was traded to Argyll Foods, to ensure the corporation to concentrate fully on tea. The corporation is titled after the creator of this company Thomas Lipton. 


Country: United States 

It is a manufacturer of lemon-lime-flavored caffeine-free soft beverages. Keurig Dr. Pepper owns the right to the corporation in the United States.


Country: United States

It is a manufacturer of coffee manufactured in the United States, and retailed there, in Mexico and in Canada. Since 1990 Folgers has been the biggest retailing ground coffee in America. 

Diet Coke

Country: United States 

Diet coke is manufactured and dispersed by The Coca-Cola Industry. Diet coke has artificial sweeteners as a replacement for sugar. Disclosed on July 8, 1982, and present formally in America on August 9, Diet Coke was the first completely new soda brand since to utilize the Coca-Cola label.

Diet Pepsi

Country: United States

PepsiCo manufactured this soft beverage, given an introduction in 1964 as an alternative to Pepsi without sugar. In 1963 it’s the first trial traded in the assuming name Patio Diet Cola, in the next year it changed its trademark in Diet Pepsi and came to the market as the first diet Pepsi to be dispersed nationwide in America.

Coke Zero

Country: United States 

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is a zero-calorie coke. In many countries, coke zero is traded as Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. This soft drink was originally introduced in 2005 It was the biggest producer of the coca-cola company that was introduced in 22 years.


Country: United States 

It is a manufacturer of carbonated drinks in the United States. Augustin Thompson created this brand in 1876 and was developed in Lowell, Massachusetts. 


Country: France

It is a global food-products company of France established in Barcelona, Spain. The corporation is named on Euronext Paris. Some of the items of this corporation are imprinted on Dannon in America.

Blue Sky Beverage

Country: France

It is a manufacturer that offers all-natural drinks. The company manufactures a wide choice of energy drinks and natural soft drinks. It is an entirely held associate of the Monster Drink Corporation. The corporation was founded in New Mexico, in 1971.


Country: United States

It is popular informally as Ale-8 is a citrus-flavored soft beverage and regional ginger- supplied mainly to mortar and brick traders in Kentucky. 


Country: France

It is a global corporate organization located in Nieder-Olm, Germany. The organization has nearly 1750 employees. They mainly focus on the sale and production of non-alcoholic fruit drinks.


Country: France

It is a British manufacturer of soft beverages situated in Hemel Hempstead, England. Soft beverages are produced by this company under its own brand.


Country: South Africa

It is a brilliant fruit beverage produced by mixing fruit beverages with carbonated water.  French-Italian foreigner Edmond Lombardi invented this beverage in 1966 in Western Cape, South Africa.


Country: Switzerland

It is a Swiss drink company that is traded around the world. The brand includes a variety of ginger ales, carbonated waters, and lemonade.

Pepsi Max 

Country: United Kingdom

The drink is also recognized as Pepsi Black in some nations. It is a sugar-free, low-calorie, cola traded by PepsiCo as a variation to their beverages Diet Pepsi and Pepsi. It is retailed mainly in Asian and European markets.


Country: France

It is a lightly carbonated drink prepared from, 12% citrus juice, carbonated water, and 2% orange pulp. The brand was first introduced in 1936.

Pibb Xtra

Country: United States

It is a soft beverage produced and traded by The Coca-Cola Brand, originally launched to strive against Dr. Pepper. The drink has many variants. 


Country: Italy

Ferrero company manufactured this iced tea. Estathé is a component of the drink distribution business. The brand was originally introduced in 1972.


Country: Italy

It is a bitter and non-alcoholic beverage that is utilized to make cocktails. San Pellegrino formulated this beverage in 1961 under the title “Bitter San Pellegrino” and retitled it “Sanbittèr” in 1985.

Acqua Sant’Anna

Country: Italy

It is mineral water that trickles from two unique references situated in the hamlet of Vinadio (CN), in high Stura Valley. The brand was first launched in 1996.

San Benedetto

Country: Italy

It is a global soft beverage brand of Italy situated in Scorzè and involved in the department of non-alcoholic drinks. It manufactures and retails non-carbonated and carbonated drinks and mineral water in Italy and globally.

Big 8

Country: Canada

It is a soft beverage corporation situated in the hamlet of Stellarton, Canada. Founded in 1986 and the Sobeys line of supermarkets owns this brand which has also head offices located in Stellarton, the corporation manufactures fizzy soda beverages of an extensive range of flavors.


Country: Canada

It was a beverage combination of Canada that was a prominent choice to Kool-Aid in the national marketplace from the year of 1950 to 1980.


Country: China

This brand was founded in 1992 and has head offices located in Beijing. It is the largest non-governmental beverage manufacturer in China. It is involved in the trade and exchanges of juice and other drink items. The products of this brand include dairy drinks, tea, bottled water, vegetable juice, and fruit juice.


Country: China

It is a soft beverage manufacturer situated in Foshan, Guangdong, China. The brand was founded in 1984. The beverage was one of the top merchants in China in the 1990s, on an equal footing with Pepsi and Coca-Cola. 

28 Black

Country: Germany

It is an energy beverage company of the Luxembourgish Splendid Beverages AG. The original two energy beverage items were known as White can 28 and Black Can 28. 


Country: Germany

It is an organic carbonated and fermented and non-alcoholic drink in Germany. The drink is produced in the Bavarian city of Ostheim vor der Rhön. Retails began in 1995 and presently it is available in maximum countries of Europe. 


Country: France

It Is a lemon soft beverage from France. Perrier first produced this drink in 1971 and Cadbury Schweppes purchased it in 1989. Gini has been produced by Suntory for several years.


Country: France

It is an orange soft beverage in France. German Mineralbrunnen Überkingen-Teinach AG produced this beverage, it is the same corporation, which manufactures the popular Afri-Cola.

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