61+ Top T-shirt Brands of the World

You can wear T-shirts when you are going to a party, or you want to relax in your bed. The most striking feature of the t-shirt is you fill comfortable wearing it. In modern-day, t-shirts are the most famous form of clothing worn by people of all gender and age. Here, we bring to you a list of some of the well know T-shirt brands in the market

Top T-shirt Brands


Country: Japan

This company is a Japan-based company founded by Tadashi Yanai in 1949. This company manufactures and designs casual wear for both men and women. Fast retailing Co., Ltd fast retailing co. lt is the parent company of Uniqlo. They used a strategy of selling their product, which says that they will be the sole producer and seller of their clothes. The company has a total of 44424 workers working under them.


Country: United States

It is a US-based company founded by John Wesley Hanes with its headquarter in Winston Salem, mat Karo Lena US. The company produces a t-shirt for both men and women of all ages. The main motto of the company is to provide comfort to its customers. Hanesbrands is the parent company of Hanes. Other than producing Kishore the company also produces underwear, hosiery, and shocks.


Country: United States

The company is an American company with its headquarter in New York City founded by Andy Dunb and brand spally in the year 2007. Walmart is the parent company of Bonobos. They are the designer and retailer of men’s clothing. On 16 June 2017, a 310$ million deal was made bye bonobos which allowed Walmart to be its parent company. Besides shell name t-shirt they also sell show their names and Sweatshirts. 


Country: United States

It is an American based retailer that sells its cloth through online shops. The company was founded in the year 2010 by Michael and Jesse Farmer with its headquarter in San Francisco, California, United States. The company focuses on selling quality clothes with a low price tag. Michael Priestman has been awarded in the year 2015 for his work on the phone of e-commerce and reinventing retail.   

Busk Manson 

Country: United States

Sasha Cohen and Eric Allen started this company in 2013 manufactured the backgrounds collection of their names and t-shirts while Sasha started the website. They combined traditional and modern manufacturing techniques to make the most comfortable but of a T-shirt with high quality. One is sure to be looking good if he is wearing a Busk Manson t-shirt as the company mainly focuses on style

Banana Republic

Country: United States

Two Californian people inspired by exploring spirit formed this company. The travel far and also near to find the finest material for innovation to combine style with quality. The company has a belief that it should make their customers believe that their t-shirt opens a world of new possibilities with the life which has no boundaries. Today the company has almost 465 companies operated and also franchise retailers worldwide and online.

Standard Issue Tees

Country: United States

This brand is military-inspired but it evolved to be much more than that. The equipment that the soldiers are given when they join the training is said to be their “standard issue” equipment the brand name is derived from this. At present-day manufacture t-shirts which symbolize urban culture to street style. Demanufacture suits shirts and sweaters and each piece of the clocks have a unique flavor with a sophisticated vibe.


Country: United States

This company has led the textile industry for almost 35 years. They infuse district heritage with modern design and fabrication technology. They have a vast selection of colors as the belief in the theory that their customer feels good in color. They also collaborated with some of the great brands of the textile industry because according to them creativity is contagious. This company also shows respect to nature as they have chosen eco-friendly fabrics.


Country: Argentina

This is a business venture with the sole goal of saving the planet. The company was founded in the 70s buy a group hoover Hereford and also a self-proclaimed dirtbag climber. Their products are highly durable as they use high-quality materials to make their items of clothing. Other than t-shirts this company also produces packs, bags, and luggage. Clotting for sports like cycling, snowboarding, climbing, paddling, and hiking are also available in this brand.

Calvin Klein 

Country: United States

It is an American based company founded 52 years ago in the year 1968 with its headquarter in New York. Besides making underwear and denim this company is also focused on making some excellent T-shirts. Calvin Klein focuses on making perfect products and their T-shirts are of no difference. The t-shirts are available all around the globe. This brand t-shirt is comfortable and always has the brand logo imprinted on them. 

Polo Ralph Lauren 

Country: United States

American based company with its headquarters in New York City founded by theRalph Lauren who was a fashion designer by profession in the year 1967. This company sells a t-shirt with a huge price range from low to High. This company manufactures and markets products in the category which are namely Apparel, home, fragrances, and accessories. A total of 493 directly operated stores are run by this company 

Hugo Boss

Country: Germany

It is a German-based textile company with its headquarters in Meztigen, Germany. In the year 1942, the company was founded by Hugo Boss. Other than producing extremely good looking and durable t-shirt this company also manufactures accessories and footwear. This company has also made uniforms for the Nazis during World War 2.  Hugo Boss manufactured product can easily be understood by the word BOSS which is written in a capital letter with large text size.  


Country: United States

It is a US-based company that was started in the year 1889 by Hamilton Carhatt hire who started his business venture with some sewing machine and five employees. This company makes clothes for men, women, and kids that are highly durable. Their products are a bit costly but investment in buying a T-shirt of Carhatt is worth it. the manufacturer of the product in such a way that this is the team for a long time in any kind of weather even if you use them every day they remain as it is.


Country: France

It is a French-based company by Rene Lacoste and Andre Gillier. The brand logo of Green crocodile gives recognition to the Lacoste company. The company works with the vision of having a single brand, with a single voice and a single team which they use for controlling the growth based on operational excellence along with customer satisfaction and talent development. 

Reigning Champ

Country: Canada

This company has mastered the art of manufacturing and designing premium athletic wear.  The company is run by following their basic motto of “Respect the detail. Master simplicity”. This company is a Canadian based company which was founded in the year 2007. This company synthesizes its signature fabrics which makes the cloth look extraordinary and also comfortable to wear. This company has a free shipping unit to Canada and the USA.  

Todd Snyder 

Country: United States

This company infuses traditional style with modern techniques to make a t-shirt for modern gentlemen. The company has been awarded the best new menswear designer and also Vogue fashion fund finalist. Everywhere around the globe departmental stores of Todd Synder are available. In December 2016 the company’s first flagship store was opened its New York’s Madison Square Park.


Country: United States

Chris Muller who was the founder of Woodland it is an American based company. This company believes that good taste and quality are what drive their sell not trend hence this company does not go with trends. This company manufactures their product with the best material infused with classic style. It is said that a good life just does not manufacture classic products rather they take them to a different level. 

John Elliott

Country: United States

The company runs with Motto that interesting people live outside their comfort zone. John Elliott and his partner Aaron Lavee started this business venture during the month of spring in the year 2012. They manufacture their product with unique fabrics that are synthesized and developed in Japan. Though the company has reached great heights they still focus constantly on improving and innovating new products. 


Country: United States

Anthony Thomas Melillo is the expanded term for the brand ATM. The brand started its career with only manufacturing t-shirts but has now evolved into a full-scale clothing retailer and manufacturer. They make use of the finest fabric, pure cotton with the coolest cashmere and the most luxurious silk to manufacture their product. ATM attracts its customers with less complicated and not so overdesign clothing. 

Aime Leon Dore

Country: United States

It is an American based fashion company with its headquarter in Queens, New York founded in the year 2014 in March. The company was founded by Teddy Santis. Classic Hip Hop, village life of Southern Mediterranean, basketball and fine heart are combined in their product designs. On Mott St.in New York neighborhood the brand opened it’s a very first retail shop in the year 2016.  


Country: Great Britain

It is an age-old British company established in the year 1860. The founder of the company is Thermo steel who owns a textile factory in Nottingham. Tunics and undershirts where some of the first products manufactured by this company are even the first t-shirts ever made on Earth. The company has its retail shop in Soho sorry beach and most recently in Notting Hill. its largest written store in the Noting hill which has a collection of both men and women’s clothing.

Rag and Bone

Country: United States

It is an American based company founded in the year 2002. This company infuses British Heritage with modern design. They manufacture their product with supremely skilled manufacturers present in the oldest factories of the country who use time-honored techniques. The company focuses on making products of the highest quality their behavior with the sense of manufacturing tells that.  Besides maintaining a perfect quality the brand also focuses on sale house inherent integrity with continuous effort to define an urban style.


Country: United States

Set up (New York) in 2013, håndværk is a little, craftsman mark that offers a mindfully curated assortment of top-notch ordinary fundamentals. Produced using the best normal materials and imaginative textures, they have practical experience in especially sumptuous works of art that structure the foundation of an advanced and immortal wardrobe. Ethically created with an unfaltering duty to uncommon quality. They offer free shipping in the US. 

Tom Ford

Country: United States

Thomas Carlyle Ford (brought into the world August 27, 1961)[1] is an American style originator and producer. He propelled his eponymous extravagance brand in 2006, having recently filled in as the imaginative chief at Gucci. Ford propelled a line of menswear, magnificence, eyewear, and extras in 2006, named after him, “Tom Ford”. The Tom Ford client is, refined, all around voyaged, and having discretionary cash flow.


Country: Italy

Cucinelli is the ace of super-top of the line materials and keen development. This brand manufactures its product in Italy with additional layers at the edges to give it some profundity. Brunello Cucinelli is an Italian extravagance style brand that sells menswear, ladies’ wear and extras in Europe, North America, and East Asia. The brand has profoundly established virtues, for example, being a “humanistic venture” and utilizing craftsmanship to loan moral poise to both the craftsman and the owner.

Bottega Veneta 

Country: Italy

Bottega Veneta is an aggregate revolved around thought about humankind. They have confidence in quality, certainty, and singularity. Sustaining our way of thinking of a comprehensive brand with elite items, they keep on building our reality with the assistance of unprecedented people. Supported by consolation, shared trust, joint effort, and straightforwardness, we make a structure wherein, motivation and consistency flourish. 


Country:  United States

Levi Strauss and Co. is an American dress organization known worldwide for its Levi’s brand of denim pants and T-shirts; it was established in May 1853. Levi’s has been worn by individuals from varying backgrounds, from diggers to entertainers to Nobel Prize beneficiaries, from Marlon Brando to Albert Einstein himself. As of 2019, by far most of Levi’s are made abroad in various creating nations, for example, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Indonesia, because of the accessibility of modest, exploitable work and crude materials. 

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