485+ Best Towing Service Business Names

Mainly a tow truck service can be a profitable venture. So, this type of venture requires a serious commitment of time and money. You will also have to spend time planning your business and finding ways to spread the word about your towing services.

Likewise, you will mainly have to invest money in tow trucks and commercial space from which to run your business. So, in addition, you will have to pay for licensing to run a tow company.

Try to make a business plan for your towing business. Always include the types of towing you will offer, such as post-accident, breakdown and illegal parking tows as well as details about how you will fund and operate your business. So, add your plans for marketing and expanding your towing business as well.

Purchase tow trucks for your business. You will mainly need at least one tow truck to start this business, but you may eventually need additional trucks to maximize your business potential. While hook-and-chain tow trucks can be used in this business, flat-bed and and wheel-lift tow trucks are considered less damaging to vehicles. In addition, a flat-bed tow truck can tow large vehicles you cannot move with a traditional hook-and-chain tow truck.

So, apply for a business license by contacting your county clerk’s office or the department of licensing and inspection.

Always secure a special license or permit to operate a tow truck company if this is required by your state. Mainly contact your secretary of state’s office to learn whether this is necessary and how to apply.

Obtain insurance for your towing business. You will always need business auto insurance and liability insurance to cover property damage and injuries caused by your business.

Mainly rent or buy commercial space for your tow business. You will also need basic office equipment and a phone line for your business. Purchase a cell phone for your tow business as well to make it easy for customers to reach you no matter where you are. So, in addition, you will need a place to park your tow trucks.

Promote your business through ads in newspapers, telephone directories and fliers. Mainly contact gas stations, vehicle repair shops, car dealers and police departments to let them know about your services. They may refer potential clients to you. Radio ads will also help you to gain notice for your business as well. So, becoming a AAA certified tow company may also attract potential clients.

Mainly hire tow truck drivers when you have enough business to warrant help. Train them to tow vehicles safely.

Always hire a receptionist or dispatcher to take tow requests and send your drivers out to complete the jobs.

Tips: Some states mainly require special licensing for tow truck operators in addition to tow company licensing. Check your state’s laws before you hire help. Put effort into creating a thorough business plan. So, lenders may review it if you apply for a business loan to purchase tow trucks.

The following list of Towing Service Busines names is from existing businesses around the United States.

A to Z Service

 A Toe Truck

A9 Towing Company

All City Towing

 All Star Towing

Redlight Wreckers

 Reliable Automotive

The Auto Doc

 Towing Scale

US Auto Connection

 Victor Towing

 Towing Smith

 Towing Star

 RPM Express Inc.

Cascades Towing

Marx Towing, Inc.

 Maximum Towing

 Midnight Auto

Joes Towing

 KC Auto Recovery

 Keystone Towing

 Kingdom Towing

 Cash Call Towing

Greenwood Recovery Inc.

 Heavenly Towing

 Heavy Duty Towing

Express Road Service

 Fast Towing

 Fat Boy Towing

Dakota Towing

 Dealers Towing

 Dependable Tow Inc.

 Dixie Offshore Transportation

Batmen Towing Inc

 Best Towing

 Blue Diamond Towing Service

 A-Plus Towing

 ABC Towing, Inc.

 Able Towing

 A-1 Express Towing

Catchy Towing Company Names Ideas

Many entrepreneurs just loves to take the things on how they work, even if they are not broken.. Well we are just saying! When it comes to owning a towing company with cars, there is always more often to know and learn. Well, if you have your own towing company or you are planning one to make of your own, then perhaps this can be the best option for you!


When it comes to owning a tow truck business a funny tow truck names is one of the most essential thing to consider. A good and tricky name can make a difference by scoring new potential customers over your business listings.

Well, we hope you might have understood by now that, how important is to take out extra time for getting a right name which can help you for your future business. Here are few pointers we are listing down, which can help you to make your own good tow truck names!

Rhymes: Rhymes are always fun and memorable. Whether, you are dealing with any sort of business, significantly with a towing firm.. Choosing a rhyming name won’t hurt anyone!

Puns: Speaking of choosing and making out a funny towing company names, you can use a pun in your business as it can help you drive some new customers on your way. Though, it is always easy and fun to remember too!

Owner’s name: If you yourself own a towing business, you must be proud of it! You can use the initials of your first and last name, or even your whole name. Choosing out your own name for your business can be easy and remembered too for your clients.

So, choose a right name for your startup business.

Here are Best Towing Service Business Names Ideas for your Next Startup

Terrific Towing

Top Notch Towing

City Towing

Urban Towing

Streetside Towing

Main Street Towing

Town Hall Towing

Tow In Town

Hometown Towing

Efficient Towing

Ready Road Towing

Speedy Service

Speedy Streets Towing

Tow To The Rescue

RIghtRescue Towing

Day Savers Towing


CatchIt Towing

AutoTrail Towing


Victor Towing


Reliable Retrieval

Tow And Transport

Ready Riggs

Here Tow Help

Helping Tows

Auto Savers

Ready Rescue

Auto Rescue

FestaSafe Towing

SunMotive Towing



Auto Hitch

Well Hitched

Off The Hitch

On The Hitch

Happy Hitches

Tow The Row


Autow Support

CoastPride Towing

PlayBond Towing


Autonext Towing

EliteHook Towing

Towing Support

The Town Tow

Head To Tow

Car To Tow

Trust In Towing

Family Towing

Tom’S Towing

Stick it Towing Co.

Black Titan


RedHorse Towing Co.

Majestic May

Signix Towing Co.

White delta


paperDash Towing Co.



Xing Towing Co.

RedSky Towing Co.

Vintage Towing Co.


NOrthCube Towing Co.





NorthWell Towing Co.


SupraMax Towing Co.


RoddoRex Towing Co.



GoodMayer Towing Co.

Little Ante


Miller Towing Co.

Urban Pride


Aeronex Towing Co.


Scruze Towing Co.

VibeScale Towing Co.

RueFrost Towing Co.







Heliona Towing Co.


Aerona Towing Co.




RapidDots Towing Co.

Urban Dots

BlueBay Towing Co.


Zingdale Towing Co.



Printmore Towing Co.


Signity Towing Co.

signex Towing Co.



FabuCar  Towing Co.

CityGlider Towing Co.

Essen Towing Co.



marvella Towing

Car Bling Towing Co.

MidTown Towing Co.


Encora Towing Co.

Falcon Towing Co.

Tripplin Towing


BlueLine Towing Co.


HexaRide Towing

RoadSpritied Cars

Joyful Journey Towing

CarZest Towing Co.

WheelWest Towing Co.

SuperGreen Towing

SupraStar Towing Co.


Dolobrett Towing Co.

AutoSpire Towing Co.

SpiteShare  Towing


NovaCrew Towing Co.

CircleRide Towing Co.


QuoCross Towing Co.

DriveSpring Towing


Urban Active Towing

WhiteRock Towing Co.


Swuzzu Towing Co.

Qubbon Towing Co.

Lebben Towing Co.

Duefrett Towing

Crysten Track



Vertozz Towing Co.


Riding tales

JoyHub Towing Co.



Twigo Towing Co.


Movemax Towing

Treggen Towing Co.



PurpleEast Towing


TrioLift Towing Co.

CrazyMove Towing


CityStix Towing Co.


Front Towing

Every Towing Service Business entrepreneur should be well aware of its Business and Product naming process and also knows the importance of a good business name. Your potential customers must be able to recognize what your company is selling by looking at the name.

There are many things to know before choosing the right name in branding of your brand like you need a starting point as to What personality you want to project, what type of customer are you seeking. For Towing Service  Business Names, You can Generate Catchy names Online Easily.

Before starting this business, you should study relevant data to towing industry. here is the infographic which covers important stats and trends on Towing industry. Read more

usa towing industry stats trends

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