List of 111+ Best Tuberculosis Slogans

Slogans are one of the effective ways to draw attention to the Event and their things. Slogans have been used in marketing for a very long time but today they’re everywhere, used by all kinds of brands and businesses. The role of a good slogan is to point towards the benefits of a product or Campaign. Here are some Best and Catchy Slogans for Tuberculosis

We all are well acquainted with the term Tuberculosis or TB. TB is basically a severe infectious disease. It is generally considered to be contagious. It is said to be spread by the bacteria named as “Mycobacterium tuberculosis” by means of air particles, or tiny droplets sneezed out by an infected person.

When a healthy person inhales such air, he too gets infected by the disease. However, Tb has a cure. But it requires a prolonged period of treatment. Some significant symptoms of TB are chronic cough which usually lasts a week or two, coughs accompanied with blood, severe pain in the chest, chest pain while coughing or breathing, sudden weight loss, fatigue, etc. Though, basically, it is lung disease.

But a chronic disease can affect some other parts of your body as well, namely kidney, brain, spine, etc. However, it is always recommended to take preventive measures to stay away from TB before it attacks you. Some measures to prevent TB are, cover your mouth while coughing or sneezing, take vaccinations properly, wash your hand properly after sneezing and coughing, etc.

Here are some slogans regarding the disease Tuberculosis:

Bid TB goodbye before it bids you one

Punch it out, before it punches you!

Wake up! Before it kills you.

When proper care is vaccination in on, fear of TB is gone.

Let’s join had to kick TB out.

Fight the Battle… cuz TB is fatal.

Say No to flu.. cuz TB can spoil you.

Let’s fight TB… keep yourself safe!

Get rid of TB with proper vaccination!

Be safe… keep safe…

TB is no joke. So it is time to revoke.

Say No to Tuberculosis. Say yes to life.

Join hands to fight TB.

Beware of germs. Beware of TB.

TB is contagious. Stay away from infections.

Show your back to TB.

You have got to survive the Flu. The battle is between TB and you!

Don’t make a TB patient feel unwanted! Rather fight it!

TB has no age. Yes, it is that savage!

Make yourself a cure. Keep your lungs pure!

Challenge TB. Stay healthy.

TB definitely has a cure! Just keep yourself healthy and pure.

TB is not fun… just get your vaccinations done!

Stop TB. Start healthy living.

Say Good-Bye to TB. Embrace a better life.

Fight TB. Fight germs. Happy living!

Stay away from TB… Embrace a better world.

Say yes to prevention. Say no to Tuberculosis.

TB is dangerous. Time to eradicate it!

Let us join hands to create a world without TB.

Let us not just fight TB. Let us eradicate it!

Prevention is better than cure. Fight before it starts.

Hit is hard! Kick it out!

Help a TB patient to fight the disease rather than pushing him aside!

Healthy living… happy living… say no to TB

It is the time to fight with all your might!

Take a test and be sure. TB has however a cure!

Let’s fight TB and make this world a better place to live in.

TB can spread anywhere from everywhere. BEWARE. BE SAFE!

A kiss affection can cause you infection. Beware of TB.

TB: detect it, fight it and remove it!

Don’t just fight it. Remove it.

Healthy living every day, keeps TB away.

Time to stop TB. Because all your breath count!

You can win the fight before it starts. Take the test.

No more TB… no more sickness.

Make a better world. A world devoid of TB!

Kick away TB. Not the person. Join hands!

A TB patient needs treatment. Not ignorance.

Time to join hands. Time to bid TB Adieu.

Hasta- La- vista Tb… see you never!

TB needs to be kicked out. Not the patient. He rather need cure!

Proper prevention can save your life. Say no to Tb.

Fight Tb…… live longer…

Let us call for a TB free world.

Let us transform the fight for elimination of TB.

Don’t let yourself down with TB.

Create a better world! A world free of TB.

Fight TB before it attacks you.

Let us take a step towards a healthy living!

Punch it hard! Kick it far!

A healthy life is a happy life. Fight TB. Fight germs!

Maintaining proper cleanliness every day, keeps TRB bacteria away.

Don’t let the killer kill you. Rather kill the killer.

A step toward eradication of TB can take you closer to a better life!

TB spreads and it causes dread! Fight it and end it!

A single infected person can infect many. Cure the one out there, if any!

Instead of being sick, let us fight and kick.

Let us join hands to move forward towards a world free of TB.

Stop TB. Stop infections.

Bacteria free air… Tb free world…

Say yes to cleanliness, say no to infection!

Tb is chronic. It needs to be stopped.

We can create a better world by joining hands to fight against Tb.

Take proper safety measures, because TB is of no pleasure!

Being uninformed and remaining uncared, can lead you become unsafe and unalive!

Let’s fight the war against Tb and let’s win.

Experience life, not diseases! Take proper prevention and cure!

The spread needs to be fought, the dread needs to be stopped!

Join hands to fight the battle against Tuberculosis and let’s put an end to it.

Know your disease, and cure it before it infects someone else.

Use hankie and keep it all safe and clean.

Spread love, Not TB.

Be sure to make it cure. Take the test and live the best!

Destroy the TB bacteria before it destroys your body!

Start curing. Start caring!

Taking some safety measure can make your life longer!

One sick can turn everyone sick. Save one… save all!

It’s time to open your eyes. Don’t let TB close them forever!

Start caring before it is too late!

A healthy person makes a healthy environment!

Stop regretting. Start protecting.

Proper medication can make you cure. Keep yourself and your environment pure!

Love yourself… protect your surroundings.

You have got only one life. Start caring from now!

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