Twitter – History, Brand Value, and Brand Strategy

Twitter is an open, ongoing, worldwide stage where any client can make a Tweet, and any client can follow different clients. The stage is interesting in its effortlessness: Tweets are constrained to 140 characters of content.

This imperative makes it simple for anybody to rapidly make, appropriate and find content that is steady over our foundation and streamlined for cell phones. Thus, Tweets drive a high speed of data trade that makes Twitter particularly ‘live.’

Twitter History

Twitter was founded by Evan Williams, Biz Stone, Noah Glass, and Jack Dorsey in March 2006. Headquartered in San Francisco, USA, Twitter was assembled utilizing Ruby on Rails, a particular Web-application structure for the Ruby PC programming language. Its interface permits open adjustment and combination with other online administrations.

The administration was planned in 2006 by Evan Williams and Business Stone, every one of whom worked at Google before leaving to dispatch the podcasting adventure Odeo. 

Williams, who had recently made the well-known Web composing device Blogger, started exploring different avenues regarding one of Odeo’s side activities—a short message administration (SMS) at that point called Twttr. Seeing a future for the item, Williams purchased Odeo and began Clear Corp. to additionally create it.

Designer Jack Dorsey joined the supervisory group, and the finished rendition of Twitter appeared at the South by Southwest music meeting in Austin, Texas, in Walk 2007. The next month Twitter, Inc. was made a corporate element because of a mixture of funding. 

Initial days

From its beginning, Twitter was fundamentally a free SMS with a person-to-person communication component. Thusly, it came up short on the unmistakable income stream that one could discover in locales that got paid from pennant promoting or enrollment expenses.

With the number of remarkable guests expanding somewhere in the range of 1,300 percent in 2009, clearly, Twitter was in excess of specialty interest. In any case, in a year that saw the person-to-person communication juggernaut, Facebook turned a benefit for just the first occasion when it was not satisfactory whether Twitter could accomplish money-related autonomy from its funding financial specialists.

In April 2010, Twitter uncovered “Advanced Tweets”— ads that would show up in query items—as its expected essential income source.

Twitter Brand Value

The company’s income for the quarter finishing December 31, 2019, was around $1 billion, a nearly 10 % increase year-over-year. It saw an income for the year finishing December 31, 2019, of around $3.5 billion, a 14% increase year-over-year. Twitter’s annual income for 2019 was approximately $3.5 billion, a 12% rise from the previous year, i.e., 2018.

It’s yearly income for 2018 was $3 billion, a 25% increase from the year 2017. Twitter’s yearly income for 2017 was around $2.5 billion, a 3.5% decrease from 2016. As per reports, the company’s operating income in 2018 was $ 450 million. 

The net income of Twitter touched a mark of $1.5 billion. With a total assets value of around $10 billion and total equity of around $ 7 billion, Twitter is one of the most profitable ventures to date. It has 4,700 employees working under its umbrella. Twitter is one of the most visited websites on the internet, and currently, it has over 350 million active users worldwide. 


Twitter has gotten progressively famous with scholastics, just as understudies, policymakers, lawmakers, and the overall population. Numerous clients attempted to comprehend what Twitter is and how they could utilize it, yet it has become the web-based life foundation of decisions for some. The smart idea of tweets implies that Twitter is generally utilized by cell phone clients who prefer not to peruse long substance things on-screen. 

Twitter is undoubtedly one of the most well-known internet-based life stages accessible today, with 100 million daily dynamic clients and 500 million tweets sent daily. Twitter can be utilized to get news, follow prominent big names, or keep in contact with old secondary school companions.

Twitter Brand Strategy

Twitter has come up with several brand strategies and facilities which have been marketed from the beginning and since then, the platform has been used by several brands and individuals for a wide range of activities and purposes. Major features of using Twitter and their benefits are listed below.

Twitter for Advertisers 

Twitter can be an exceptionally accommodating stage for growing an after and giving your crowd significant substance before they even become clients. As far as possible can likewise assist you with making snappy and-convincing ads, similar to a whoop to an online course your business is leading or a free digital book. It is critical to note, that you can utilize Twitter to promote your items or administrations. However, you ought to do so sparingly. 

Like any online networking promoting procedure, your essential spotlight should be on pulling in a crowd of people with valuable substance and developing brand mindfulness. Furthermore, a brand can utilize Twitter to interface with your crowd in close-to-home and significant ways.

In the event that somebody makes reference to one of your items or administrations, you can like and retweet their remark. On the other hand, if a client grumbles about your administration on Twitter, you can contact correct the circumstance progressively.

Twitter for Journalists 

Twitter has regularly been utilized to spread breaking news rapidly – now and again, it is significantly quicker than customary news sources at spreading noteworthy data rapidly. As a journalist, you could store up an enormous after by tweeting short depictions to alarm your crowd of day-by-day occasions.

Furthermore, numerous big names, competitors, and lawmakers decide to post on Twitter straightforwardly instead of talking through news sources when they need to impart data to their fans – so Twitter is regularly a supportive road when you\’re searching for insider data or direct statements to use for an article.

Twitter for PR Groups 

Twitter can likewise help you rapidly make sense of what your client’s rivals are talking about to guarantee your customer is forward-thinking on industry inclines and taking an interest in the bigger discussion. Last but not least, Twitter permits you to connect with experts or influencers who may have an enthusiasm for working with your customer.

Development purpose

Twitter is perceived as having one of the most open and ground-breaking engineering APIs of any significant innovation organization. Engineer enthusiasm for Twitter started quickly following its dispatch, inciting the organization to discharge the primary variant of its open Programming interface in September 2006.

The Programming interface immediately got notable as a kind of perspective usage for open REST APIs and is generally referred to in programming instructional exercises. 

Crisis uses 

A reasonable use for Twitter’s ongoing usefulness is as a successfully accepted crisis correspondence framework for breaking news. It was neither expected nor intended for elite correspondence; however, the possibility that it could be utilized for crisis correspondence was not lost on the makers, who realized that the administration could have wide-arriving impacts at an early stage when the organization utilized it to convey during tremors. 

For educational purpose 

Twitter has been embraced as a correspondence and learning instrument in instructive and looks into settings for the most part in schools and colleges. It has been utilized as a back channel to advance understudy communications, particularly in enormous talk courses.

Research has discovered that utilizing Twitter in school courses assists understudies with speaking with one another and the workforce, advances casual learning, permits bashful understudies a gathering for expanded investment, builds understudy commitment, and improves by and large course reviews.


witter can be a gigantically integral asset for associations that need to have any kind of effect on the planet. The key is learning the best method to utilize the ongoing data system to meet these points.

It has been investigated how any association can best exceed expectations on Twitter by utilizing a clear and viable structure. The crucial Twitter—to advance open data—is at the core of cause-based work, and my expectation is that my model will assist you with arriving at these points. Twitter works since it is straightforward to utilize. The obstruction to the section is low, and the potential for sway is high.

In that capacity, it makes everything fair for change initiation. Thus, the T.W.E.E.T. system is designed according to the very stage it.

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