100+ Top Cruise blogs and Pages names

There are open bars in the cruise which attracts more and the entertainment is unlimited. Also, cruises offer one-stop-shopping in the port which is all new to you and hence you can buy all new goods.

Top 15 Cruise Blogs of the World

Cruise Maven- The blog is owned by Sherry Laskin Kenndey. She is one of the famous cruisers and has not taken a flight since 1995. If you dislike flying or have a fear of flying you can look up to this blog for some amazing ideas about cruises, river cruises, and train travels. 

Cruise Hive- The blog is owned by Emrys Thekkar and was started in 2008. If you are looking for some helpful tips about the cruise, information about the ship, cruise forum, and other such things, this is absolutely the right blog to look at. 

Avid Cruiser- The blog is owned by Ralph Grizzle. He has a lot of experience and handles a lot of websites. If you are looking for some expert opinion as well as want to have a look at some blog posts, videos, ship reviews, and more such things, this blog should be followed by you. 

Cruise Addicts- John Shallo owns this great and popular cruise blog. If you are looking for reviews about cruises, tips, cruise forums, and other such things, have a look at their blog. 

Eat Sleep Cruise- The couple has been running this blog for more than 10 years now. Both have very different personalities but their love and passion for cruise and vacations made them stick to one another and bring out the best content, honest reviews, and much more. 

Cruise Miss- The blog is owned by Danielle. She went on her first cruise in 2007 and is passionate about it since then. In this blog, you are going to discover important and interesting blog posts based on her travel schedules. 

Chris Cruises- The blog is owned by Chis Owen. He is a legend and is a certified Master Cruise Counsellor and writes for a number of online websites. He is one of the best bloggers about the cruise. 

CruiseReport- The blog is owned by Chris Dikmen and Rickee Richardson and was started in 2002. This is one of the oldest sites so if you are planning a trip, this has a lot for you. 

Cruise Fever- The blog was started by two brothers Ben Souza and Jonathan Mark in 2011. The blog has plenty of articles and information on the ship, port details as well as reviews. They have a very wide and strong community over different social media platforms. 

The Cruise blogger- The chief blogger of this blog Anna has worked as a crew member on a cruise ship and so is her husband. Hence she knows all the little tiny details and tips that will help you. She pens down the details of her experiences.

AllThingsCruise- The blog was started in 2009. Presently it is run by Heide Allison-Shane, Cynthia Boal Janssens, and Renee Goyeneche with some guest writers too. You will find a lot about cruises like reviews and information on ship and destination. 

Ship and Champagne- The blog is written by Flavia. She loves elegance and long, insightful conversations. Her blog is written from that point of view. 

John Heald’s Blog- He has been writing the blog for some 30 years now is very experienced and funny. His articles are detailed, real, and will inspire you to travel. 

Captain Greybeard- The blog is owned by John Honeywell is also the senior editor of World of Cruising which is the leading cruise publication in the UK. On this blog, you will find detailed posts on destinations and information about cruise operators. 

Cruise Diva- The blog is owned by Linda Coffman who is an award-winning writer of a cruise travel guidebook. On her blog, you will find about her cruise experience around the globe. 

A blog is a webpage which let the user share their opinions online and get comments on it. As a profession, blogging allows users to earn money through it and hence blogging has become popular. Blogging is also useful for business people as they can market their product online through blogs. Since a blog is updated regularly, people on the internet can always get all updated information. A blog name is important for a blog.

brilliant Cruise blog names here for your traveling interest

Travel Boat

Cruise Fly

Sea Tours

Sea Beach

Trip Station

Visit Tours

Visit Journey

Traveling anchor

Explore Port

Stay Vacation

Guide Pack

Boat Trips

Destination Inn

Guide Swim

Guide Resort

Shore Map

Coast Guide

Voyage Travel

Tent Port

Holiday Tours

Core Cruise

Rest Drive

Leisure Away

Earth unplugged

Leisure Stay

Cabin Booking

Tourist Beach

Cruise Port

Baggage Hotel

Souvenir Tours

Backpack Stay

Cab Resort

Return Tourism

Lodge Sea

Journeys Trip

Ferry Ticket

Book Wander

Arrive Guide

Station Vacation

Swimsuit Train

World Cruise

Blues Cruise

Visit Landing

Visit Embark

West Shift

River Wonder Tours

Drive Wander

Destination Go

Sail Expedition

Tourism Fares

Leisure Plane

Voyage Funs

For various reason people prefer traveling by cruise. To enjoy a vacation, cruise travel is perfect. The cruise offers you with all good food.  There are parties arranged every day on the cruise. You will get quality time for family as you don’t have to do housekeeping.

Top Cruise Pages Names

You can try all the new food. You can unplug yourself from the earth for a few days. The gambling inside the cruise, exploring historic places passing by, and you can view the world not by flying but by sailing.

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