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101+ Top Healthcare Blogs and Pages Names

In this modern era, it is difficult to decide on which health care we need to opt for. Hence many medical practitioners have created blogs which are useful in determining the suitable health care provider for you. These practitioners not only help people with healthcare information but also earn money through these blogs.

Top 10 Healthcare Blogs of the World

Healthcare Design Magazine

Based in Cleveland, Ohio this blog offers insights into interior designing and specialized architecture plans for healthcare facilities like clinics, hospitals, pathological laboratories, and other buildings related to the healthcare industry. The blog posts thrice daily on an average and is a huge hit on Facebook with more than 3.7 thousand Facebook fans.

Healthcare IT News

This is also an American blog that focuses on IT news related to healthcare. The blog is a dependable source of news regarding technology, people, and policy that drives the next generation of American healthcare. The blog has been operating since 2009 and puts up several posts each month on an average. The blog has more than 120 thousand followers on Twitter.


This blog is based in Stamford, Connecticut. The blog serves as a global community that is dedicated to exploring new ideas in the field of health and medicine. Interesting people from all over the world interact with each other through this blog and come up with innovative new ideas related to healthcare.

Healthcare Economist

As the name suggests, this blog is concerned with the economic aspects of the healthcare industry. The author of the blog Jason is interested in issues related to value-based purchasing, economics, the market for health insurance, and Medicare and healthcare policy research. He covers these topics extensively in the blog which has been operating since 2006.

Modern Healthcare

This blog is one of the most credible, trustworthy, and dependable sources of news in the healthcare industry. It analyses the most important issues related to healthcare and offers healthcare officials with the necessary information. The blog is of great help to professionals and organizations and has been named a ‘must-read publication’.

The Health Care Blog

Based in San Francisco, California, this blog deals with a mixed bag of topics including technology, business, and healthcare. The blog is concerned with the latest innovations in the world of healthcare and technological advances that help in the growth of the healthcare industry. It has more than 37 thousand followers on Twitter and posts daily.

Healthcare Informatics Magazine

This New York blog is a CIO level publication that specializes in topics of project management, change management, system selection, enterprise integration, and budgeting. Professional articles related to business rules are regularly posted on the blog for helping out healthcare professionals.

HHS Blog

Based in the capital of the United States, this blog is a part of the principal agency of the Government of the United States concerned with the help of all American citizens, The department of HHS (Health and Human Services). Being directly linked with a government agency, the blog offers the latest updates and credible healthcare news.


This is a healthcare insurance blog that offers the latest news regarding the health insurance market for interested buyers. This is also a government blog and hence offers reliable and trustworthy updates.

MedCity News

This blog offers the latest updates about new technologies and medical innovation that has come up in the healthcare industry. It also posts several articles on hospitals, pharma, Meditech, and other related issues. The blog has more than four thousand Facebook fans and thirty-two thousand followers on Twitter.

A blog is an online page where an individual can share their hobby or views and get comments from the readers. Blogging is not only a hobby but also an awesome way to earn money. Therefore, these days blogging is getting popular. Businessmen use blogs for promoting their business online. A blog is updated with good contents every now and then. The blog name is as important as the contents.

Unique healthcare blog names for your healthy interest

Life Care

Bio Care

Health Medicine

Medical Fix

Health Repair

Doc Medicine

Specialty Scope

Medical Clinic

Doctors Wards

Healing Take

Nurses Clinic

Patients Clinic

Radiology Medical

Patients Wards

Active Hospitals

Surgeons Medical

Radiology Doctors

Knowlege Care

Clinics Software

Patients Clinics

Bio Healthcare

Green Doctors

Health Ability

Life Medical

Health Burn

Fit Yoga

Doctor Med

Pure Healthcare

Beauty Wellness

Organic Life

Healthy Spring

Natural Pulse

Natural Therapy

Healthcare Blog Names

Fitness Doctors

Care Trainer

Wellness Life

Heart Beauty

Flex Fitness

Sports Healthcare

Vital Care

Diet Healthcare

Spring Recovery

Medic Fit

Strong Body

Clinical Life

Herbal Wellness

Patient Health

Medicine Health

Count Med

Treat Fit

Heart Healthcare

Wellbeing Med

Medic Earth

Shape Hospital

In the healthcare industry, there are various health communities such as hospitals, clinics, and other health agencies. The healthcare types include patient care, insurance, health care providers and some legal documentation. These work together to achieve good health of a patient.

Trending Healthcare Blog Names

Top Healthcare Pages Names

It is critical to choose universal health coverage as the health services offer health service delivery systems that are safe, accessible, high quality, people-centered, and integrated. The healthcare for children, teenagers, seniors have different levels and we need to carefully choose it according to the needs.

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