Vampire Club Names: 600+ Catchy and Cool Names

Are you very much fascinated by mythological creatures like vampires and werewolves? Then this article has been made just for you because it will provide you with hundreds of perfect Vampire Club Names that you can use for your own. But before that, you need to know some of the traits to choose the most suitable one.

It will help you to understand the difference between better and the best. There is no such rule that the clan’s name has to be short.

If you think a longer name will be better to express the club’s vibe, then feel free to go with it. But make sure that the name has deep meaning. 

Cool Vampire Club Names

When choosing a name for your vampire club, you need to keep one thing in mind if you want to intimidate people with the selected name, it’s fine, but at the same time, the name should have certain coolness.

Otherwise, others might find the name boring and complicated. So, try to pick up a cool vibe through the name.

Purgatory’s Mark


Carcass Cooperative

The Hill Group

Zeeb Of The Rotten Sun Canines

Gothic Guild

The Lightcrest Claws

Night Walker Pack

Night Flyers


Yellow Stone Pack

Roam the Night

The Stealth Furs

Magic Pack

Bad Blood

Vital Essence

Raula Of The High Heart Herd

Midnight Army Of Biters

The Arctic Pride

My Immortal

Autumn Pack

The Anti-Warriors

Anchored Pack

Angua Of The Sunset War Herd

Diamond Heart pack

The Fang Dynasty

The Halfcrest Pack

The River Styx

Team Vampire Vincent

Insidious Magnetism

North Pack

The Eye




Difficulty Ballooning

Blood Hunters

Eternal Night

Grave Reminder

les Gardiens Courageux

The Brokenpelt Manes

Dusk Of The Iron Biters Gang

Wander The Eventide

The Church

White Claw Pack

Canagan Of The Ancient Dusk Horde

Spanish Vanilla

Gregorio And Others

The Scarred Furs

Mystic Falls


Still Green Pack

Castle Princess

Dark Wood Pack

Night Nation

Leloo Of The Sunken Bridge Manes

French VEINilla

Dark Shadows

Mystic Falls

Maccon Of The Broken Healers Manes

Bravery In The Gore

Sons Of Dracula

Storm Forest Pack

Bite Descendants

The Beta Pride

Pack Blue Blood

Dakota Of The Ancient Predator Crew

The Bloodsuckers

The Gentle Nightwalkers

Ardwolf Of The Bronze Sun Bundle

Prince Of Darkness

Purgatory’s Mark

Night Flyers

The Frostfang Banes

The Night Nightwalkers

The Masked Pack

Group Of Hemlock Lover


The Shadow Prowlers

Demise’s Rogues

Drac..oh la la!

My Never-Ending Team

Comet Pack

Kali Of The Giant War Mob

Downfall Exiles

Aalto Of The Vengeful Skin Prowlers

The Giant Banes

Honi Of The Sunset Sun Mob

Black Knights

Rule Of The Alpha Hunters Band

The Ashes


Catchy Vampire Club Names

The selected name must contain the power of attracting others. It will help you to increase the number of members of your vampire club. At the same time, a catchy name will help you to gain the focus of others. Don’t forget that the name of your vampire club is the first thing that others will notice.

Devil’s House Of Blood

Binary Columns

Freki Of The Golden War Manes

Stephanos Of Vamps

Blood Thirsty Land

Saga Of The Cold Wolves Prowlers

The Edge Pack

Meiko Of The Giant Heartbeat Circle

Onyx Insomniacs

Blue Rock Pack

Brokenridge Furs

Dark Shrouds

The Sundown Pack

Not Living Anymore Army

Preeminent Negative Saints

Grave Faces

Group Of Edoardo

Shadow’s Covet

The Rock Growlers

Howling Justice

Ulfred Of The Ancient Growlers Band


Princess Of Darkness

The Monster Squad

Kingdom Of The Damned


Night Flyers

Group Of Sun Haters

Kingdom Of The Damned

Silver Moon Pack

Acwulf Of The Iron River Crowd

The Tomb Team

Heaven’s Trademarks

Tomb Leeches

Succubus Of The Ebony Tooth Army

Moon Valley Pack


Demonic Wings

Devil’s Car

Killer Of The Midow

Nether Army

Enchanted Pack

Odwolfe Of The Marked Paw Mob

Vampire Cafe Sight

Possessed Flyers

The Doomclaw Banes

The Ashes

Gold Heart Pack

Blood Shadow

Silver Bow Pack

Remarkably Begun



Raula Of The Broken Hunters Canines

Gonzalo Of The Wicked Vulture

Bloodline Furs

Moonlight Lurkers

Bite Side Tribe

Randella Of The Scarred Fang Canines

Spirit Of The Red Bridge Circle

Blood Hunters

Forest Pack

Sun Flower Pack

The Ashes

Plasma Shadow

Suffering’s Gift

Stealth Manes

Heoruwulf Of The Sunrise Waters Pack

The Frostfang Warriors

Black haw Pack

Bane Pack

The Silvercrest Group

Cinder Of The Eclipse Fighters Mob

Purgatory’s Heaven Of Blood

Temporal Antagonists

Black Raiders

The Lake Nightwalkers

The Crimson Mist

Parentage Lineage

Unnaturally Present

The Killing Dance

Filtiarn Of The Careless Prey Band

Midnight Pack

The Deepmaw Manes

Buried Alive

Kingdom Of The Undead

Infernal Tails

Nether Crawlers


The Palecrown Prowlers

Ambersy Pack

Gothic Guild

Ulf Of The Demonic Claw Pride

Ever Green Pack

The Crescent Manes

Therefore Vein

The Dream Claws

Blood Lover Rooster

Dark Raiders

Supernatural Shapes

Jules’ Pack

Lovota Of The Ancient Biters Circle

Undeparted Souls

The Stock Of Hungry People

Black Flight

Adumbration Crawlers

Behind The Patients

Devil’s Covet



Soulless Monsters

Obscure Graveclothes

Dusk’s Legion

Hayley Of The Ancient Hide Bundle

Support Country

The Vault

Dark Dead Army

Moon Stone pack

Silver Heart Pack

Glowing River Pack

Nighter Crawlers

Amazing Vampire Club Names

In this list, you will be able to find some simply amazing names. Keep in mind that maybe other Vampire Club ,embers have used these names earlier. But these names are too amazing to ignore.

So, don’t ignore them just because others have used them. These vampire club names rarely lose the charm, and they can still work with the same amazing attitude.

Blood Pursuers

Undying Myriad

Sage Of The Giant Sun Crew

River Ash Pack

Night Stalker

Noir Of The Scarred Defenders Furs

Blue Of The High Midnight Team

Bardolph Of The Kind Sun Mob

River Pack


Castle Vania

The Bitterridge Prowlers

Bloodthirsty Land

Kindred Rebels

Conry Of The Iron Web Crew

Eyolf Of The Prime Cave Bundle

Sepulcher Risers

Prince Of Darkness

Abyss Thirst

The Palemaw Hounds

The Bloody Bucket

Blood Bonds

Immortal Lurkers

The Amazing Dark Sky

Skeletal Shadows

Mahigan Of The Secret Fang Team

The Red Dragon


Tormented Dragons

Clans Of Valek

Sharp And Strong

Heaven’s Marks

Maengun Of The Dark Pelt Mob

les Fantômes Vagabonds


The Ethereal Nightwalkers

Sinners Land

Susi Of The Bloody Venom Furs


Coinin Of The Primal Sun Prowlers

Comedown Refugees


Bitter Blood

Transylvania Line

The Blackmaw Pride

The Weird Clan

Meiko Of The Scarred Blood Horde

Snow Moon Pack

The Bloodlust Keepers

Night’s Wanderers

The Evenfang Prowlers

Vamps Of Eliodoro

Team Of Edmundo

East Pack

Dracula Endures

Spirit Of The White Shadows Furs

Aatto Of The Silent Eyed Manes

Pernicious Influence

Highway NIght

Death Valley

Valley Of Deceas ed

The Darkfur Walkers

Onyx Leeches


None Alive


Phoenixlike Lurkers

Louvel Of The Dawn Warriors Crew

Horror Fighters

Unending Void

From The Grave

Descent Archers

The Fang Gang

The Anti-Heroes

The Black Keepers

The Lycan Prowlers

Cayor kingdom

Litha Moon Pack

Night Exiles


Raula Of The Broken Web Crew

Arnoldo, The Dog Hunter

Mummery Of Darkness

Twilight Of The Prime Moon Claws

Dark Amen

Undead Army

The Lightning Growlers

Liekos Of The Marked Heart Team

Sun Shunners

Sunflower Pack

Affliction Present


Shadow Crawlers

FANGtastic Friends

Devil’s Den

Blood Brothers

Vilkas Of The Eclipse Dusk Bundle


Dark Moon Pack

The Vanished Walkers

The Lone Growlers

Lamia Pack

Blood Sisters

Death’s Shroud

Property Of The Cursed

Connery Of The Cursed Land

Omega Waters Army

Suffering’s Gift

Theodulf Of The Full Eyed Army

The Witchery

Bloodstained Joy

The Goldpaw Canines

Eariuffi Of The Ebony Hunters

Everlasting Myriad

Cinder Of The Alpha Immortals Prowlers

Hell’s Seekers

The Blazefang Manes

Odwolfe Of The Sunrise Blood Pack

The Murderers Squad Of Midnight

So Vein

The Dream Pack

Creative Vampire Club Names

If you want to make your Vampire Club unique, then you have to use creativity, and it will differentiate your club from others. A Vampire Club contains a number of members. So, feel free to take their opinion on the name.

Use the imagination power and find something out of the box to express the uniqueness of your Vampire Club.

Storm Of The Demonic Claw Horde

The Crescent Prowlers

Supernatural Items

Kingdom Of Lost Souls

Lucifer’s Outlaws

The Blue Hounds

Blood Concupiscence

Mgelika Of The Marked Crest Furs

Mistreated Transportations

Moonshine Lurkers


les Chiens Silencieux

Tyler’s Pack

The Sanguis Pack

Fashionable Ancestries

Mark Of Valerious

Spirit Walker Pack

Palace Vania

The Defiant Pack

Raven Of The Giant Immortals Horde

Rand Of The Night Bloodline Legion

The Killer Is On The Move

Cold-Blooded Killer

Castle Vania

The Bitterfang Pride

The Crescent Manes

Never-Ceasing Outlaws

Crystal Blood Pack

Bloodsucking Beasts

Mohegan Of The Broken Blood Team

The Frostmaw Keepers

Grave Risers

The Sombertooth Nightwalkers

Silver Dawn

Blood Elixir

The Ashes

Lock Heart Pack

Grey And Dark Omen

Swift Of The Kind Biters Army

Black Fur Pack

West Pack

Night Pack

Lotus Pack

Death Hill And Field

Advantage Combination

Blood Battalion

Prince Of Darkness

The Nightshade Banes

The Shadowed Shadows

The Coldpelt Furs


Ranulfo Of The Wicked Skin Canines

Hearts at Stake

Kania Of The Rotten Daggers Manes

Hidden Criminals

Spectral Molds

Honi Of The Sundown Cave Pride

Conwenna Of The Dawn Claw Crew

Sons Of Dracula

Nether Army

Essences At Pale

Maicoh Of The Forsaken Blood Pride

The Blue Moon

Evening Revelation

Midnight Castaways

Pernicious Influence

Grave Desire

Stygian Darknesses

Dark Raiders

les Canines Rapides

The Warpaw Canines

les Queues Intrépides

Green Moss Pack

Alpine Of The Primal Hide Mob

The Vicious Banes

Kingdom Of Lost Souls

Resuscitated Vampires

Night Vision

Storm Pack

Wind Winder Pack

Blood’s Shroud

Oxygen Leeches

Hazar-Shual Of The Sunset Biters Bundle

Bite Mark

Singarti Of The Ebony Predator Band

Ingolf Of The Howling Shadows Canines

Bloody Mary

Demise’s Coven

Bestia Of The Sunrise Waters Herd

Ferocious Bank.

Tormented Exiles

Rudina Of The Broken Midnight Hounds

Corpse Collective

Wolfram Of The Ancient Whisper Canines

Faith in Blood Army

Lycan Blood Pack

Lichen Pack

The Night Group

Purgatory’s Mark

The Edge Tails

End’s Flight

The Whitefang Pack

Perpetual Outlaws

Blue Moon Pack

Suffering’s Lust

Undead Cattle

Those Stock Suckers

Unpropitious Adumbrations

Group Under Claudius

Tiki Lounge


English Clan Of Vampire

Sarcophagus Fam

Undead Last


Particular Ashes

Death Valley

Bite Mark

The Stark Pride

Onyx Army

Awesome Vampire Club Names

If you want to blow the mind of people through the name of your Vampire Club, then you have to choose an awesome name. Take help from this list and select the most suitable name.

However, try to ignore random names that don’t go well with the attitude of your vampire club. Rather select something that is meaningful to the members of the club.

The Darkhide Hounds


Lycan Pack

Soul Energy

Demonic Wings

Blood Moon Pack

Coffin Crashers

Kingdom Of The Undead

Plasma Posse

The Teeth Bite Gang

Eclipse Pack

Mystic Water Falls

Stark Pack

Stake Land

Misery Concupiscence

Brunet Raiders.

Dark Omen

Nuntis Of The Omega Wolves Prowlers

The Sundown Furs


Winning Sinners Company

Black Of The Demonic War Team

Oceans Howl Pack

The Bloodmoon Keepers

Olcan Of The Broken Tail Claws

Misery’s Flight

These Monument Trio

Undeparted Souls

River Bed Pack

Soulless Monsters


Kingdom Of The Dead


Blood Stone Pack

Nether Dragons

The Nocturnal Shadows

The Freecrest Hunters

Black Alder Pack

Hemoglobin Thirsty Team

The Fang Dynasty

The Gloom Manes

Blood Pearl Pack

The Blazebite Prowlers

Serum Sucker’s Team

Mystic Shadow Pack

Tender Lifebloods

Mohegan Of The Marked 

Shapeshifters Legion

Hell’s Seekers

Plasma Posse

The Madpaw Pack

Twilight Country


Dissolution Aspiration


Cayor kingdom

The Sanguis Nightstalkers


Spanish Leaves


Undead Army

The Anti-Heroes



The Burst Banes

Ghastly Ones

Soulless Monsters

The Doomridge Band

Liekos Of The Grim Fighters Canines

Dark Omen

Grave Reminder

Nashoba Of The Crescent Daggers Band

Moon Shine Pack

The Forsaken Guardians

Moon Of The Gentle Biters Pack

Raven Of The Kind Daggers Pride

Vital Essence


Night Shade Pack

Gore Shroud

Team Rockula

Midnight Outcasts

Blood Vigilantes Vampires

Heaven’s Descendants

Blood Rose Pack

Golden Summit Pack

Dusk’s Region Of Vampire

Horror Heroes

Christa Of The Morning Wolves Gang

Crimson Shadow Pack

Poisonous Tusks

Land Of Immortals

Demonic Wings

Inundated Stirring

The Sharp Teeth Dynasty

Undead Army

Aberrant Canines

South Park

Crimson Pack

Blood Thirsty Land

Blue Blood Pack

The Silvermaw Guardians

Haquihana Of The Omega Skin Mob

The Red Howlers

Dream Catchers

Italian House Of Vamps

Sons Of Dracula

Gulf Of The Prime Waters Prowlers

Paling Estate

Battle Brigade

les Crinières de Sanguine

Night Wanderers

The Hollow Growlers

Shadow Rock Pack

Be Aware Of The Vamps

Cross River Pack

Lethal Fangs

Moon Walker Pack

Bloodsucking Beasts

Shadow Pack

The Frostfang Warriors

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