176+ Catchy Vegetarians Slogans and Sayings

Veganism or vegetarianism means the avoidance of consumption of meats, seafood, or in some cases, even avoiding the consumption of eggs or animal by-products. People adopt veganism for many reasons.

Best Vegetarian Slogans

  • Vegan to life
  • Eat green, stay healthy
  • For a better health
  • Think about future
  • Stay fit, eat vegetables
  • It’s great for the gut
  • Vegetables you can trust
  • 100% organic
  • The vegetables for life

Like health consciousness, religious faith or respect for all living lives, or even a will to eat in a way that avoids extreme use of environmental sources, etc. And some people follow the vegetarian lifestyle because of the lack of money to afford to eat meat. 

The reason behind vegetarian slogans is to create awareness and to show non-vegetarians about the benefits of being vegetarians.

List of Catchy Vegetarian Slogans and Sayings

Eat healthy. Go vegan.

Your non-veg burger kills a living animal.

Your non-veg meal stops a heartbeat.

Be a vegetarian. Live longer.

No living creature deserves to be murdered.

Eat green. Eat vegetarian food.

Stop killing innocent lives for your foods.

Being vegetarian means being healthy.

Non-veg foods are unhealthy. Go vegan.

Go vegetarian. Save lives.

Being vegetarian doesn’t affect any life. Being Non-vegetarian do.

Feed animals. Do not eat them.

Study says vegetarians live longer than non-vegetarians.

Hug animals. Don’t grill them.

Being a vegetarian saves money.

Shoot animals to click photos, not to eat them.

Only monsters eat the dead.

A lot of your health problems are b’coz of eating non-veg.

We save lives by not eating them.

I don’t eat meat. I am a vegetarian.

vegetarian slogans

Be kind to animals. Or at least don’t eat them.

I got vegetables.

I don’t see food; I see bloodsheds on your plate.

No flesh on my plate.

I’m anti-non-vegetarian.

That is blood what is on your plate.

Vegan Life… Good Life.

I have sworn not to eat any living life.

We are proud of being vegetarians.

Being vegetarian will change your Life.

Learn to respect all animals. Stop killing them.

You can live without eating animals. Eat vegan food.

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Don’t put slous in your bowls.

Eat beet, not meat.

I choose a fork over a knife.

Keep calm and eat veggies.

Refusing eating meat will save a lot of lives.

I refuse to eat any food with faces.

There are so many other options other than meat.

Being a vegetarian is my personal choice.

No religion forces you to eat innocent lives.

Eat veggies and let them live.

Peas, not blood.

Keep calm and support vegetarians.

Plants will grow again. Dead won’t.

Beet saves lives; meat kills lives.

Eat a carrot every day to keep the doctor away.

Hug the vegetables.

If you ask me to eat animals, then I’ll have to eat you too. 

Eat veggie. Live healthy.

Vegetarian and proud.

Let there be peas.

I don’t have blood on my hands. I am a vegetarian.

Eat green and live green.

Be a vegetarian- save a life.

You can save a life by not eating one.

Be vegetarian- free animals.

Keep calm and go vegan.

Earth is for every living creature. So go vegan.

I am a vegetarian. And you?

Animals are my friends, so I don’t eat them.

I am a vegetarian; why not you?

Vegetables taste better.

Vegetables are healthy. Meats are not.

I am an animal lover; I just don’t like them on my plate.

Animals are our friends, not foods.

Think vegetarian- go vegan.

We are vegetarians and proud. 

Kick meat of your lives.

Animals don’t deserve to die b’coz of your tummy.

Animals love vegans.

I choose beet over meat.

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Bite of a carrot.

We are against non-veg foods.

Peas for peace.

Hear their screams. They also want to live.

Live and let them live. Go vegan.

My plate is green.

Your plate is blood red.

Be vegan and save millions.

Vegan foods are the best.

Vegans foods are pocket-friendly.

Vegan foods are eco-friendly.

Vegan foods are tasty.

Vegan foods save lives.

Vegan Life is the Best Life.

My Life is a vegan life.

We are vegans.

Vegans and kind.

Vegans and proud.

Vegan foods are more delicious.

Vegan foods are healthy foods.

You have a choice. Don’t choose meat.

Veganism proves that you are kind.

Veganism makes you a better person.

Go vegan. Live longer… Love longer…

Vote against knives.

Vote for the forks.

Animals cry; still, you fry.

I had a choice. I chose veggies.

Some nutritions are found in vegetables only.

God made wings for flying; not frying.

Be non-vegetarian and get cholesterol for free.

Be vegetarian and get a healthy life.

Save the planet. Don’t eat meat.

Think beyond meat.

Vegetarians are ecofriendly.

I am a vegetarian because I respect all living creatures.

Eat animal, and you act like an animal.

Why streaks? Why not beets?

Go vegan because your health is important too.

Ask yourself, how many lives you have killed to feed yourself.

Stop asking us why we don’t eat meat. Ask yourself why you do.

This earth needs all living creatures. So go vegan.

Vegetables… Healthier… Tastier… Better…

I may be short-tempered, but at least I don’t kill animals to eat.

Your barbeque parties are stupid.

Eat veggies. Let them free.

Go vegan and eat green.

Every bite you take counts.

Eat veggies and love animals.

Say no more animal killing.

Say no more streaks.

Say no more hamburger.

Say no to red meat.

Refuse to eat every food that has blood.

I’m a proud vegan.

Vegan family… happy family…

Go vegan and fight for animal right.

I got veggies on my plate.

I don’t want to eat anything that supports killing.

Murdering animals for your meal?

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Killing animals for food is murdering.

I would like to have a healthy fruit salad.

Be vegan. Be kind.

Their lives are not ours to take.

Being vegetarians… Think about it.

Be a part of the vegan community.

Our style, Vegan style.

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